Yasser Arafat, ou « Haman l’Amalécite », assassiné par le Mossad?

Palestinian investigators: Israel is ‘the only suspect’ in Arafat’s death

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Le Cabinet israélien a ordonné l’assassinat de Yasser Arafat: « Nous choisirons la bonne façon et le bon moment pour tuer Arafat. »

Arafat : à qui profite le crime ?

Swiss team: Arafat poisoned to death with abnormal amounts of polonium

Arafat Confirmed Poisoned: Who Else Could Have Done it but the Israelis? The news from a Swiss laboratory that scientists have found at least 18 times the normal levels of radioactive…

Israel Murdered Arafat

It wasn’t accidental. It wasn’t natural. Credible evidence points to assassination.

Killing Arafat by Justin Raimondo (Anti-War.Com)


Arafat empoisonné au polonium?

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Palestinian Authority agrees to exhume Arafat’s body over new poison claims

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Is the Arafat poisoning story a provocation to incite a Third Intifada? L’auteur pose la question: « La récente nouvelle sur l’empoisonnement d’Arafat est-elle une provocation pour inciter une Troisième Intifada? » Laquelle justifierait bien sûr, des « représailles » meurtrières d’Israël contre ses voisins hostiles, « islamistes terroristes ».

The Assassination of Yasser Arafat had been Ordered by the Israeli Cabinet By Prof Michel Chossudovsky

According to British journal the Lancet, Arafat was poisoned with the radioactive element polonium 210

Israeli Cabinet Voted to Assassinate Arafat Year Before He Died. “He Will be Gotten Rid Of”

Arafat assassiné par le Mossad?

En tous les cas, il était perçu comme la « réincarnation » de l’ennemi éternel des juifs: Amalek/Haman!

« Le jour de la mort de Yasser Arafat doit être un jour de réjouissances. » Il était « l’Amalek et le Hitler de notre génération »

Une déclaration signée par 200 rabbins.


After the death of Yassir Arafat, a declaration was issued by 200 rabbis of Pikuach Nefesh asserting that the anniversary of the death of ‘this Amalek of our generation’ should be celebrated as ‘a day of rejoicing’.[27]


Right-wing groups welcome Arafat’s death

By Haaretz Staff | Nov.12, 2004 | 12:00 AM

Right-wing organizations were unanimous yesterday in welcoming Yasser Arafat’s death.
The Yesha Council of settlements said Arafat was « a hater of Jews who sowed bereavement in thousands of Israeli homes. » It expressed hope that with his passing, « the false idea that withdrawal and uprooting will bring peace and security will also vanish from this world, creating an opening for diplomatic agreements based on real peace, on construction and settlement, rather than on delusions and `partners’ who were and remain terrorist leaders. »
National Religious Party Chairman Effi Eitam said: « Today a heavy cloud has been removed from the values of life, freedom and liberty .. [Arafat] is gone, but his teachings have sunk like poison into the hearts of his people, and it will take many years to heal this wound … The Palestinians must now strive to return to a culture of life, justice and compassion, so that in the future, we will be able to speak together to achieve peace and quiet. »
The Jewish Leadership faction of the Likud urged the government to rescind its consent to « Arafat’s burial within the borders of Israel » (i.e. the West Bank). The government, it said, should follow the precedent set with Adolf Eichmann: « We scattered Eichmann’s ashes outside Israel’s territorial waters. »
The Pikuach Nefesh organization, an association of rabbis who oppose territorial concessions, said that « the day of Arafat’s death should be a day of rejoicing, » as Arafat was « the Amalek and the Hitler of our generation. »



The history of the Jewish people dramatically demonstrates that, from the moment God told Abraham that He would bless the world through his offspring, Satan earmarked his descendants for destruction.
Indeed, hatred of Abraham’s children through Isaac and Jacob dates back to the very calling out of this special nation. Long — from the Jewish prespective, never-ending — has been the list of those who have sought to annihilate the Jewish people.
Some of the more well-known antisemites have been Pharoah (who, in Moses’s time, ordered the killing of all Jewish baby boys) Amalek, Haman, Antiochus Epiphanes, Nero, Hitler and Arafat.


Jews and enemies go together like peanut butter and jam. Or perhaps hummus and falafel. On the Shabbas before Purim we recite the infamous injunction to “Remember what Amalek did to you… as you came forth from Egypt, how he encountered you on the way and cut down all the weak who straggled behind you.” (Deuteronomy 25:17-18) Amalek, the prototypical enemy of the Jews, is a direct ancestor of Haman—and both of them get compared to Hitler. But while the memory of Amalek provides a chance to remain aware of genocidal evil, it can also turn into a certain myth: that we are plagued by an eternal enemy, the perpetual anti-Semite who takes different forms in every generation. Contemporary secular Jews may throw out everything biblical, spiritual, and Talmudic about Judaism—but they will hold onto the myth of the enemy and the memory of victimhood. The nice thing about being persecuted is that it proves that you are extra special. But the idea that our enemies are linked—that they turn into one another, is mythic baloney. Amalek turns into Haman turns into Hitler turns into Arafat, turns into Osama bin Laden turns into Ahmadinejad.

Haman n’est pas mort…
Par Gérald Fruhinsholz

Nous prions qu’Israël et le peuple juif en diaspora passent de bonnes fêtes de Pourim, sereines et joyeuses.
Pourim, c’est l’histoire de la reine Esther et de son cousin et père adoptif Mardochée ou Morde’haï, et c’est aussi celle d’un grand criminel, Haman. Haman est le descendant spirituel d’Amalek, qui a eu d’autres descendants, tels Pharaon, Antiochus, et dans les derniers temps, Hitler, Arafat, et Mahmoud Ahmadinejad qui a comme prétention de rayer Israël de la carte.


Continuing to Remember
Danile Luria, Executive Director, Ateret Cohanim
Almost two weeks ago, on a Friday evening (Shabbat), we were reminded of the seeds of Amalek that still prey on the Jewish People in the Land of Israel. A beautiful family from Itamar – Ruth and Udi Fogel and children Hadas, Elad and Yoav – were brutally murdered by Arabs after a serene family Shabbat meal, punctuated by Divrei Torah, and Shabbat songs. It is hard to comprehend such hatred and “animal behavior”, that included the horrific stabbing of young children as they slept. But if one remembers who we are dealing with in this region – Hamas, Hizbollah, PA, El Aksa Brigades, Iran, Syria and millions of surrounding Arabs who want to see the end of the Jewish State of Israel, then such actions are indeed comprehensible.
Sadly, since we returned home on masse, over 200 years ago, we have been witness to waves of violence, pogroms, riots, murders, suicide bombers, missiles and a series of wars of annihilation.
The truth must be said – Amalek is alive. The legacy of Agag (King of Amalek), Haman, Hitler, Grand Mufti Husseini, and Arafat, is seen clearly in today’s leaders from many Arab countries and in the PA/Hamas. (…)


Purim and the Book of Esther

The Book of Esther, one of the books of the Jewish Bible, is a story of palace intrigue centered on a plot to kill all Jews which was thwarted by Esther, a Jewish queen of Persia. Instead of being victims, the Jews killed « all the people who wanted to kill them. »[96] The king gave the Jews the ability to defend themselves against their enemies who tried to kill them.[97] numbering 75,000 (Esther 9:16) including Haman, an Amalekite that led the plot to kill the Jews. The annual Purim festival celebrates this event, and includes the recitation of the biblical instruction to « blot out the remembrance [or name] of Amalek ». Scholars – including Ian Lustick, Marc Gopin, and Steven Bayme – state that the violence described in the Book of Esther has inspired and incited violent acts and violent attitudes in the post-biblical era, continuing into modern times, often centered on the festival of Purim.[98]
  • Lustick, Ian, For the land and the Lord: Jewish fundamentalism in Israel, Council on Foreign Relations, 1988. pp ix-xi.
« Of decisive importance to Jewish fundamentalists is their belief that contemporary political developments are part of an unfolding cosmic drama that will determine, depending on the willingness of Jews to act decisively on its behalf, whether God’s redemption of his people Israel, and of the whole world, will or will not soon reach its completion…. The massacre in the Hebron mosque on the Jewish holiday of Purim is a tragic, but telling, example. Preceded by a rash of killings of Jewish settlers by Muslim fundamentalists … it is not in the least a coincidence that the massacre took place on the Jewish holiday of Purim. For most Jews Purim means listening to .. the Book of Esther .. .It is an occasion for merry-making, games, charity and the exchange of gifts. But as Goldstein sat reading that same book on Purim even in 1994, it is almost certain he identified Yasir Arafat with Haman, the arch-enemy of the Jews of ancient Persia, and the killing of Jewish settlers over the previous months with Haman’s murderous designs. Accordingly, he [Goldstein] focused on often-ignored verses at the end of the book [of Esther] which, for Jewish fundamentalists, capture the essence of the story under contemporary circumstances and contain a divine imperative to act. According to the Book of Esther the Jews are saved by the king who reverses Haman’s evil decree and declares instead that Jews may do unto their enemies what their enemies had intended to do unto them ‘to stand up for themselves, to destroy, to slay, and to annihilate any armed force of any people or province that might assault them, with their little ones and women’ (Esther 8:11)….By mowing down Arabs he believed wanted to kill Jews, Goldstein was re-enacting part of the Purim story. »


This War is for Us

by Ariel Natan Pasko

Arutz Sheva

March, 26 2003

Stop and think for a moment: the last Gulf War in 1991 ended erev – just before – Purim. This Gulf War began motzei – just after – Shushan Purim. Get the picture?

Of course this war against Iraq and Saddam Hussein is for us …

… this war is for us – i.e., the Jews and Israel. Chazal – our sages – throughout the ages have explained the Torah, telling us that everything that happens in the world is for the benefit of the Jewish People.

Simply put another way, if all the world is a stage, then the Jews – and especially those in the Land of Israel – are the lead actors on the stage of history, and the goyim – the nations, i.e. the gentiles – have supporting roles, while the evil-doers are props and background scenery. As our tradition states, G-D – the great playwright – created the world for the sake of the Jewish People, and it is our responsibility to implement the Torah – absolute morality and the blueprint of creation – in it.

Stop and think for a moment: the last Gulf War in 1991 ended erev – just before – Purim. This Gulf War began motzei – just after – Shushan Purim. Get the picture? In between, « The Jews had light, and gladness, and joy, and honor. » (Book of Esther 8:16)

Read the Purim story in Megilat Esther again, it is a rags to riches story on a national scale. Haman, the proto-typical anti-Semite, plans mass murder of the Jews and in the end pays with his life, the life of his ten sons – all hanged – and the Jews kill 75, 800 members of the anti-Semitic – i.e. Nazi – party of the time.

… As I said earlier, of course this war is for the Jews and Israel, and instead of hiding from the accusation, or crying, « anti-Semitic slur », we should gratefully acknowledge what the Master of the Universe is doing to our enemies for us. Saddam Hussein, Yasser Arafat, Bashar Assad, Osama Bin-Laden, and the other dictators, terrorists and mullahs of the region, are the modern day Hamans


The Amalekites And Yasser Arafat
I was asked, and don’t know the answer behind the story, so I’m hoping you can explain; why did God (and why would he) command Saul in 1 Samuel 15:3 “Now go and smite Amalek, and utterly destroy all that they have, and spare them not; but slay both man and woman, infant and suckling, ox and sheep, camel and ass.”
If children are innocent, why the children? I’ve heard other commentators suggest that Agag’s family-tree eventually led to Yasser Arafat and that if Saul had followed God’s command, today there would be no Palestinian issue haunting the Jews.

A. In Exodus 17:8-16 the Amalakites attacked the Israelites and were defeated, but the Lord swore vengeance on them and said He would completely blot out the memory of them. The fact that it took supernatural power to defeat the Amalekites and the severity of the Lord’s pledge to destroy them indicates there was more going on here than the text reveals.
When Saul was chosen as Israel’s first king he was told to completely destroy the Amalekites as an instrument of the Lord’s vengeance (1 Sam 15:3). He botched the assignment which cost him his position. Although Saul later killed King Agag, he allowed others from the Amalekites to escape (1 Chron. 14:43). The descendant of one of these was Haman the Agagite who almost succeeded in destroying the Israelites in the time of the Persian Kingdom. The Book of Esther records this story which is memorialized in the feast of Purim.
Since then, evil men who have in mind the destruction of the Jews are often said to be Amalekites. Adolph Hitler, Saddam Hussein, Yasser Arafat, and Iranian Pres. Ahmadinejad are the ones most often mentioned. I think the association is more based on the similarity of their intent than on actual blood lines.

Our Biblical Command: Obliterate Evil and its Memory

Moshe Ben-Chaim

Watching the news last night, I further admire President Bush on how he expressed his condolences to the “Palestinian people”. I applauded his denial of any talks with Arafat, viewing him as an unfit partner in peace due to his known terrorist activities and support of Hamas and Hezbulla. Then I heard Clinton’s condolences, and a clear distinction was noticed:
“Bill Clinton offered his condolences to Arafat’s family, to his partners in the PLO and to the Palestinian people.”
President Bush stated choice words, not recognizing Arafat at all or even mentioning his name, addressing the “Palestinian people” alone:
“We express our condolences to the Palestinian people. For the Palestinian people, we hope that the future will bring peace and the fulfillment of their aspirations for an independent, democratic Palestine that is at peace with its neighbors. During the period of transition that is ahead, we urge all in the region and throughout the world to join in helping make progress toward these goals and toward the ultimate goal of peace.”
The President in no way addressed or recognized Arafat [« MAY HIS NAME BE OBLITERATED » ; « QUE SON NOM SOIT EFFACÉ À TOUT JAMAIS »], only the Palestinian people, as his concern is to assist a people who have long been misled by this terrorist leader. The President desires to see all mankind benefit from a democratic government, guided by God’s Biblical morality. As President Bush views Palestinians as a people who are comprised of both – terrorists and those who are not – he sees this nation as possibly embracing moral and just codes, while eradicating terror. This is the President’s view and vision.
The President has again earned my respect in his unwavering commitment to identify terrorists, and not conceding to any emotional sentiments, even when “death” evokes these feelings in others. The President has displayed a praiseworthy character. This is no small point, and one, which must be valued by us all. Many times our emotions sway our logic, and when one of the most powerful emotions is awakened, I mean “pity”, most people succumb, abandoning true values. The President has remained firm, consistent, and committed to his clear perception of a just morality. It is disheartening that a majority of Jews do not recognize this, even suggesting the unthinkable: that Arafat deserved medical attention. In contrast, no excuse is available for Bill Clinton and Kofi Anan, both expressing condolences for Arafat’s family, as if some loss exists, thereby displaying some value for this known terrorist. This contrast is the point I wish to commence with.
The Amalekite Nation: God’s Response to Evil:
The Bible contains precise, consistent definitions, including who is categorized as evil, and how evil must be viewed and treated. The Bible is a system of absolute truths and values formulated by God – the first and last word.
In Deuteronomy 25:17-19 we read of the Amalek nation. They sought to destroy the Jews, not based on national or military concerns, but due to their opposition to the philosophical role Jews possess as Bible leaders, and thus, their identification with God. Verse 18 says, “and they did not fear God”. We learn that Amalek is not defined through lineage, but through their deadly values. Therefore, all those who embody the Amalekite personality are equally defined as “Amalek”, and eventually, must be obliterated. Arafat, more than anyone, embodied Amalek’s trait of denying the Jews’ role of Bible recipients and its teachers. His desire for the Palestinian capital in Jerusalem denied God’s Biblical oath that Israel and Jerusalem are gifted to Abraham and his descendants. Our receipt of the Bible on Mount Sinai was for the express purpose of studying God’s word and teaching all mankind in His ways. Arafat saw to it that far fewer Bible scholars exist to address God’s mission. Arafat was truly one who “did not fear God.” This defines the Amalek personality.
Remembering and Not Forgetting Amalek
So essential is the identification and uprooting of evil, that the Bible’s 613 Commandments include the remembrance of Amalek as one of those commands: (Exod. 17:14) “And God said to Moses, ‘Write this remembrance in a book, and place it in the ears of Joshua, for you shall utterly blot out the remembrance of Amalek from under the heavens’.” In this very command, God instructs Moses to “place these words in Joshua’s ears”. Why Joshua? The reason is because Joshua will next lead Israel, thus, God’s command hints to the ‘successive’ need to address new incarnations of Amalek throughout time. Identifying and uprooting evil will always be a leader’s chore. But we may ask why Amalek is a recurring phenomenon.
This idea of “not forgetting” is an essential aspect of wiping out those who oppose God, and His Bible. “Don’t forget” is addressed to a part of the human psyche that wishes such supression. How do we explain this phenomenon? Why would one wish to forget the evils perpetrated by terrorists and evildoers? One answer may be man’s self image. Man wishes to be liked, and this is an understandable need. But man may feel that rejoicing in the death of the wicked, as King Solomon demands, is not morally correct. A person might feel poorly of himself for harboring such sentiments. However, the Bible teaches (Kings I, 3:12) that God granted King Solomon wisdom, unparalleled by any of his predecessors or followers:
“Behold I have done according to your words, behold I have give to you a wise heart, and understanding, that none were like you before you, and after you, none will rise like you.”
Knowing Solomon’s wisdom is of unmatched, Divine origin, we must now read his words on the death of evildoers: “and with the destruction of the wicked, [there is] song.” (Ecclesiastes, 11:10)
If we allow any pity for Arafat to resonate, as expressed by Clinton, Anon and France, we then initiate a journey down a dangerous and self-destructive path. For when we lack a clear definition of evil, we cannot identify and eradicate it: certainly when we show pity for evil. Evil will then most certainly thrive.
This view is what both Clinton and Kofi Anon expressed. They identified with Arafat, in some respect. It is one thing to identify a praiseworthy character trait in Jacob’s twin brother Esau, without praising the entire person. But it is dangerous and foolish, when one recognizes the ‘person’ of Arafat, and worse, suggesting he sought peace, and then mourning his death. However, King Solomon makes it clear: one must be on guard of his emotions of remorse that might be expressed at the death of the wicked. Therefore, King Solomon states we must sing: we must actively realign our emotions with God’s Biblical philosophy to deplore evil in death, just as in life. The bodily “action” of song is required to get our emotions back in line with truth: abstract opinions do not work here. Solomon knew how the emotions work, manipulating the mind by embracing remorse: normally a good emotion. One might also feel remorse at ALL deaths. Death is usually looked at as a sorrowful event. Therefore, this uneasy but Biblically mandated, “celebrative” view of Arafat’s death requires us to follow God’s reasoning and not our knee-jerk emotions. We cannot allow this emotion of pity and sorrow to monopolize our minds, and mitigate our view of “evil”. We must now rejoice in the death of this vicious murderer, this slayer of babies.
So evil was Arafat, a true Amalekite, that not only is his existence an evil, but even his remembrance must be blotted out. This is also a Biblical law. For as long as his name is recalled by humanity, the danger exists that man might be attracted to some element of his personality. But even more derailing of God’s goal that man learns the truth, is that God’s name is obscured, so long as evil exists. This is what is meant when Moses said, “For the hand is on the throne of God, warring with Amalek, from generation to generation.” (Exod. 17:16) Moses stated that God’s “hand” (as it were) is raised in pledge of an eternal war against Amalek – any individual who opposes God will be warred with. (Nachmanides) The word for throne in this verse is in an incomplete form, thereby teaching that God’s very name in the world is yet obscured and incomplete, as long as evil has followers. God’s Biblical laws and philosophies must be the exclusive guidebook for all mankind. There mere memory of Arafat is intolerable. President Bush was correct not to mention his name.
“From generation to generation” means that each generation must wage a war on terror, as it can always return. The very germs of Amalek have human personality as their origin, and we are all human. The real chance exists for Arafat’s philosophies to gain ground with others, and murder more innocents. Neo Nazis and other hate groups are proof. Allowing any recognition of evil to go unchallenged, allows the Arafat/Amalekite philosophy to fester, enabling atrocities to once again become commonplace. This cannot be. The evildoers must always be recognized and repudiated, and those who soften the blow, also must be censured: Clinton, Anon and France included.
In addition to God’s Flood and destruction of Sodom, the Bible is replete with instances condemning evildoers, and what our correct sentiments must be:
“God protects all those who love Him, and all the wicked He will destroy.” (Psalms, 145:20)
“God is only merciful to the merciful.” (Talmud Sabbath, 151)
“Because King Saul had mercy on Agag (the Amalekite) there came from him Haman who pained the Jews.” (Path of the Righteous, Gate VIII)
As recipients of God’s Bible, His Torah, which demands a clear identification and sustained condemnation and obliteration of evildoers and their memory, we must be thankful, praising President Bush for not wavering at all from his committed war on terror, as he expressed by not recognizing Arafat, even in death.

Arafat’s Terrorism – Partial List (Courtesy Arutz Sheva News)

Fichier:Mechiyat Haman.jpg
English: Ancient custom of deleting Haman’s name during the reading of the Esther scroll on Purim
Qafár af: Coutume ancienne de l’effacement du nom de Haman lors de la lecture du Rouleau d’Esther à Pourim

Tuesday, March 06, 2012
Purim 2012: Kill the “Anti-Semites”

By Michael Hoffman
On Purim 1994 Brooklyn-born Israeli settler Baruch Goldstein slaughtered 40 Palestinians while they prayed in Hebron.
On Purim 2003 the U.S. invaded the sovereign nation of Iraq, officially to eliminate illicit weapons of mass destruction but in reality to neutralize a possible Iraqi threat to the Israeli government. Nearly 5,000 dead Americans and a trillion dollars later and Iraq has been totally neutered, just as the Israelis and their American agents had hoped, notwithstanding the damage to the US economy and our service men and women.
In the run-up to Purim 2012, which begins on Wednesday evening March 7, Senator John McCain has called for a deficit-ridden America to undertake a multi-million dollar bombing of Syria, while Senator Joseph Lieberman, speaking at the Israeli lobby’s AIPAC conference, demanded a U.S. attack on Iran if the government of that Persian nation will not stop its non-existent nuclear weapons program. The German philosopher G.W.F. Hegel observed that the only thing we learn from history is that we learn nothing from history.
Ancient Race War Revived
J.D. Longstreet on the website of the “Save America Foundation: Patriots in Action” states: “Before Iran was renamed Iran it was Persia. The rift between the Jews and the Persians is not new. It goes back many centuries…It is impossible to read the book of Esther this week, especially, and not see the parallels between an ancient Jew approaching a great potentate asking for help to save the lives of the Jewish people. One can only hope Obama reacts as did King Ahasuerus and that Obama and Netanyahu can both enjoy a few of those famous “Haman’s Ear” cookies in celebration of the special occasion when the Jews were saved and Haman, the evil prime minister of Persia, did not succeed in his plot to kill all the Jews… » 
On Sunday March 4 Herb Keinon wrote in the Jerusalem Post: “Netanyahu…will meet with US President Barack Obama on Monday to discuss how to stop a Persian tyrant interested in killing Jews. The meeting is just two days before Purim, a holiday retelling a similar tale, involving a Persian tyrant intent on killing Jews thousands of years earlier. Do not be surprised if Netanyahu somehow connects those two dots during public comments he will make in Washington.”
Why are we not surprised that, according to Israel National News, during the three hours that President Barack Obama spent with Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu in the White House on March 5, “Netanyahu took the opportunity to draw a parallel between the narrative in the Book of Esther – wherein the wicked Haman seeks to destroy the Jewish people throughout the Persian Empire – with Israel’s modern day conflict with Iran…Iran is geographically Persia and the Iranians are descendants of the ancient Persians.”
A race war thousands of years old is invoked in deliberations of the President of the United States concerning our nation’s war policy. The modern nation of Iran is identified with the ancient nation of Persia by the Israeli Prime Minister and his supporters in the Zionist press and American “patriot” right wing. The high Persian official Haman is likened unto the officials of present day Iran. This would be little more than Grade B schlock movie fare were it not invested with international gravitas before our very eyes. The ancient racial stereotyping against which the rabbis and the media howl when applied to “the Jews,” is freely applied to the Iranians in the name of Israeli national survival and self-defense.
This contemporary racial targeting becomes more ominous when we consider that Haman was identified as part of the nation of Amalek which God ordered annihilated. In Christian teaching, the nation of Amalek is no longer mentioned. This belief is in accordance with the Bible at Deuteronomy 25:17-19 “to blot out the memory of Amalek from under Heaven.” Since Amalek is gone from the face of the earth and Bible-believers are to blot out his memory, those who keep the memory alive are in violation of God’s prophetic will. This defiance emanates from the Babylonian Talmud, which envisions an on-going war with Amalekites who are defined by 21st century rabbis as the anti-semites among us, meaning anyone who thwarts Zionism or Judaism.
In addition to the grave threat of extermination that this warped belief presents to the dehumanized people of Iran, it is also a warrant for the murder of all the opponents of Talmudic Judaism and the apartheid “State of Israel” who are classed as “anti-Semites,” whether or not they are Iranian.
“Amalek was the first anti-Semite”
Rabbi Eliezer Melamed is a leader of the violence-prone Israeli settler movement and the head of Yeshivat Har Bracha in the occupied West Bank of Palestine. He is esteemed as an authority on rabbinic law. His major works include his legal treatise, Pininei Halacha. Melamed uses his weekly column in the Israeli newspaper Basheva to advocate attacks (“vengeance”) on Palestinians by the Israeli government and the military: « We don’t aspire to private vengeance, but to state vengeance led by the Israel Defense Forces and all the systems of government. » (Cf. Haaretz, March 18, 2011).
Rabbi Melamed has declared that those who worship Jesus Christ are idolaters: « …they (Christians) still embrace idolatry, believing that ‘oto ha’ish’ [Jesus] is god and the messiah, who will be resurrected to redeem the world… This delusion that Jesus is the mashiach (messiah) is indeed a false belief. As we learned from the words of the Rambam (Moses Maimonides, Laws of Kings 11:4): ‘Jesus the Christian, who thought he was the Messiah… was the subject of a prophesy in the Book of Daniel (11:14): ‘…also the renegades of your people will exalt themselves to fulfill the vision – but they will stumble.’ Could there be a greater stumbling block than this [Jesus]?” (Emphasis supplied).
For Purim 2012, Rabbi Melamed has made the following declaration: 
“Although the main mitzvah of wiping-out Amalek rests upon the community in general, every individual Jew is also obligated to fulfill this mitzvah. Therefore, if one comes upon an Amalekite and has chance to kill him, but does not – he has annulled this mitzvah (Sefer HaChinuch, 604). Amalek was the first anti-Semite…Today, the seed of Amalek has been lost; however, if (it) becomes clear that a certain person is an Amalekite, following in their ways, it would be a mitzvah (blessed deed) to kill him (see Kol Mevaser 2:42)…Only after evil is eradicated from the world can there be complete joy. Thus on Purim, after the obliteration of Haman and his sons, happiness is especially great.” Cf. Rabbi Eliezer Melamed, « Amalek: War Against the Root of Evil, » Israel National News, Feb. 28, 2012 (emphasis supplied). 
Rabbi Melamed then creates an escape clause in case some people might be horrified at the notion of killing anyone labeled an “anti-Semite”: “…if an Amalekite decides to take upon himself the fulfillment of the Seven Mitzvoth of Noah’s Sons, according to Jewish law, there is no longer an obligation to kill him…” 
The “Seven Mitzvoth of Noah’s Sons, according to Jewish law” (i.e. Talmudic law and successive halachos derived from it), decree death for idolaters. In Judaism worship of Jesus Christ is defined as avodah zorah (idol worship). « Anti-semitic » Amalekites and those who worship Jesus are subject to death. They can only escape capital punishment by accepting the Seven Mitzvoth of Noah’s Sons and denying that Jesus is God. This is what it means to “take upon” the “Seven Mitzvoth of Noah’s Sons” (Noachide Laws): the messiah status and divinity of Jesus Christ must be denied. The U.S. Congress is on record (Public Law 102-14) recommending the enactment of these misnamed “Noah” laws (in Orthodox Judaism the patriarch Noah is derided as a low character; cf. Judaism’s Strange Gods [2011] p. 108). 
Purim Bacchanal: Judeo-Dionysiac debauchery
Like other pagan religions based on concepts derived from the ancient worship of strange gods which Yahweh abominates (Exodus 20:2-3), the pagan anti-Yahweh religion of Judaism venerates the god Dionysus in his incarnation as Bacchus, during the drunken Bacchanal conducted during Purim, when intoxicated Judaic men dress up as women, Arab terrorists (complete with mock suicide bomb belts), clowns and various animals.
Dionysius’ most common cult name in Greek was Bakch(e)ios; in Latin Bacchus, from which is derived the name of a drunken revel, the “Bacchanal.” The rites of Dionysus feature wearing masks, cross-dressing, impersonation and illusion. Walk the streets of Mea Shearim in Jerusalem or the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn, New York during Purim and you will observe these rites being enacted. Dionysiac festivals in ancient times were accompanied by public drunkenness. Alcoholic intoxication is condemned by the Bible in Proverbs 20:1; 23:20; Romans 13:13; Ephesians 5:18; I Cor. 6: 9-10. Everyone from Rick Santorum to Patrick J. Buchanan refers to the civilization that originally gave rise to Europe and the United States of America as “Judeo-Christian.” They apply this term out of blatant disregard for the fact that Purim, one of the religion of Judaism’s holiest days, commands alcoholic intoxication and is marked by masquerading and cross-dressing. 
In the Babylonian Talmud (BT) we read:
Rava said: One must become so intoxicated on Purim that he cannot distinguish between “Cursed is Haman” and “Blessed is Mordechai.” Rabbah and Rav Zeira celebrated the Purim feast together. They became intoxicated. Rabbah arose and slaughtered Rav Zeira. The next day, Rabbah prayed for mercy on Rav Zeira’s behalf and revived him. The following year, Rabbah said, “Let master come, and we will celebrate the Purim feast together.” Rav Zeira answered, “Not every time does a miracle occur.” (BT Megillah 7b).
In the preceding Talmudic account, a great « sage » of the Gemara declares that Judaics must get blind drunk on Purim. Another « sage » obeys and becomes so intoxicated that he slaughters another rabbi, and yet the killer merits having his resurrection wish agreed to by God: the rabbi who was killed by the drunk comes back from the dead. What part of this Judeo-Dionysiac debauchery and nonsense rightfully comprises a hyphenated partnership with Christians as represented by the term “Judeo-Christian”? (2 Cor. 6:14).
The “positive” side of Purim drunkenness: “Basic happiness is revealed”
“Although in general drunkenness is disgraceful, nevertheless, its positive sides cannot be ignored. As a consequence of intoxication, basic happiness is revealed, expressing physical, unrestrained joy, filled with power and vitality. Normally, however, the lust and depravity of drunkenness obscures its positive side, and as a result, it causes wildness and numerous obstacles. But on Purim, when we drink and take joy in the salvation of Hashem, remembering the miracle that was done by means of the feast, the positive sides of drinking are revealed.” –Rabbi Eliezer Melamed (Israel National News, March 3, 2012).
Alexander Hislop penned a best-selling book, The Two Babylons, which is a staple volume in some Protestant households. It is full of quotes and illustrations purporting to show that Roman Catholicism is allegedly a religion imbued with paganism. Most of these same Catholic-despising Protestant households are stubbornly yoked to one degree or another with the Talmud of Babylon and its rabbis, and will not acknowledge or seriously consider books that document that Judaism is a Babylonian belief system which uses the Bible only as a cover for its heathen madness and occult delusions.
As in 2003 under the administration of Republican President George W. Bush, in 2012 under the administration of Democrat President Barack Obama, pagan Purim continues to set the agenda for our nation’s foreign policy.

Michael Hoffman is the author of the 1100 page textbook, Judaism Discovered, and a condensed paperback version intended for the general reader, Judaism’s Strange Gods. He is a former reporter for the New York bureau of the Associated Press and the editor of Revisionist History, a hard copy newsletter published six times a year. 

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Procés de Nuremberg

I-a) Souccot (Fête des Tabernacles) 1946 : 16 octobre 1946 -Pendaison de dix dignitaires nazis :
Suite au procès de Nuremberg le 16 oct 1946 /21 Tichri 5707, 10 nazis furent pendus. Ceci accomplissait une demande faite du temps de la Reine Esther (chap 9: 7-9). En effet, elle avait demandé au roi de Perse Assuérus/Xerxès, de pendre une seconde fois les 10 fils d’Haman. Pourtant ils avaient déjà été pendus le jour d’avant 13 Adar. Cette seconde demande était faite un 14 Adar, jour de Pourim (généralement en mars) : Le roi dit à la reine Esther : «Les Juifs ont tués et faits périr dans Suze, la capitale, cinq cents hommes et les dix fils d’Haman.» Elle lui demande : «S’il plait au roi, qu’il soit donné aux Juifs de Sused’agir encore demain selon le décret d’aujourd’hui, et que l’on pende au bois les dix fils d’Haman. » (Esther 9:12).

– Chaque fois que l’on parle du roi, s’il est précisé « le roi Assuérus » il s’agit bien de lui, mais lorsque le mot « Roi » seul est écrit, cela fait référence à Dieu. Or la demande d’Esther est faite au Roi… sans le nom d’Assuérus. Cette demande est par conséquent adressée à Dieu lui-même. «…Qu’il soit donné aux Juifs(…) encore demain (mahar en hébreux) »
Les sages juifs enseignent qu’il faut comprendre dans le mot mahar, non pas le lendemain, mais un futur éloigné. Voir aussi « le livre caché » :
Nous savons qu’Haman est un descendant d’Amalek, l’ennemi juré d’Israël, comme il est écrit , « Haman fils d’Hamedata, descendant d’Agag le roi d’Amalek» L’enseignement des rabbins précise que «la Germania descend d’Amalek… »

I-b) Nuremberg et Pourim 1946

Plus de 2400 ans après au procès de Nuremberg, c’est précisément le septième jour de Souccot 5707, le 16 Octobre 1946, dans la nuit d’Hoshaana Raba, que furent pendus les dix «dignitaires» nazis à l’issue du procès de Nuremberg ! Sur 24 accusés, 12 sont condamnés à mort, mais seulement 10 seront exécutés… et par pendaison ! L’un parvint à s’échapper (Martin Bormann), un autre (Hermann Göring) se suicida la veille de son exécution avec une capsule de cyanure. Or ce 16 octobre /21 Tichri, l’un des 10 nazis, Streicher, avait crié avant sa pendaison : «fête de Pourim 1946 ! » Ainsi il a rappelé le livre d’Esther et l’exécution d’Haman et de ses fils.
Ce 16 Octobre 1946 (21 Tichri 5707) était le 7ème jour de la fête des Tabernacles, (Souccot). Le 7eme jour de Souccot est considéré comme le jour exécutoire du jugement final, figurant le «Jugement dernier».
En 1946, le Pourim cité par Streicher tombait théoriquement le 17 Mars /14 Adar II 5706. *(1)

II)- Libye

1) Pourim 2011 – Attaque de la Libye (19-20/03/2011)
La décision d’intervenir en Libye ( résolution 1973) fût prise à l’O.N.U le jeudi 17 mars 2011 /11 Adar II (1) qui était le jour de la célébration du «Jeune d’Esther»,. L’attaque a commencé 3 jours après, au début de la nuit du 19 au 20 mars 2011 /14 Adar II (1) au moment de la fête « Pourim »

2) Souccot 2011 – Mort de Kadhafi le 20 Octobre 2011
( 8eme jour de la fête de Souccot )
La mort de Kadhafi le 20 octobre 2011 /(22 Tichri 5772 ) Après le «jour exécutoire des jugements» du 21 Tichri, vient le «grand jour de fête» qui marque un nouveau commencement couronnant la fête des Tabernacles, le 22 Tichri. C’est le jour de la fin de Kadhafi, rien d’ennemi ou d’ancien ne peut participer à ce jour-là

III) Irak

1) Pourim 199128/02/91 La Première guerre contre l’Irak nommée «Tempête du désert» débuta le 17 janvier 1991,et se termina au bout de 42 jours, le 28 février 1991 /14 Adar 5751 (Pourim 1991 !), aux portes de Bagdad. Douze ans s’écoulèrent dans le calendrier hébraïque, jusqu’à… Pourim 2003 (18 mars /14 Adar(II) 5763)

2) Pourim 19-20 Mars 2003 -2eme Attaque de l’Irak
Dans la même série de Jugements, en 2003, le «Jeûne d’Esther» tombait le lundi 17 mars 2003 /13 Adar(II) 5763 Ce même jour, un ultimatum de 48h fût signifié à l’Irak de Saddam Hussein !
L’attaque débuta effectivement le 3ème jour après le «Jeûne», la nuit du 19 au 20 mars 2003 /16 Adar(II) 5763 à la fin de la fête de Pourim. Elle dura 8 ans et 9 mois jusqu’au retrait des derniers combattants américains le 18 décembre 2011
Saddam Hussein avait été capturé , près de 9 mois après les premiers bombardements, la nuit du 13 au 14 déc 2003 Il a été pendu après 3 ans d’un long procès, le 30 déc 2006 /9 Tevet 5767. C’était la veille d’un «Jeûne du 10ème mois» (mois de Tevet). Ce Jeûne commémore un malheur : le début du siège de Jérusalem par Nébucadnetsar le 28 décembre -589 /10 Tevet 3172 avant sa prise et la destruction du premier Temple le 29 juillet -586 /9 Av 3174.
.. Or il est notoire que Saddam Hussein se targait d’incarner Nebucadnetsar roi de Babylone (aujourd’hui Hillel en Irak)… inversement dans son cas ce fût lui, son pays et sa capitale qui fûrent assiégés et pris !
*(1) Note: 1946 – 2003 -2011étaient des années de 13 mois lunaires avec 2 mois d’Adar (I et II) pour réajuster les mois lunaires et solaires dans le calendrier hébraïque.
1- Rappel : Le 13 Adar, correspondant à la célébration du jeune d’Esther, est le jour ou Esther a fait sa première demande au roi d’exécuter les fils d’Haman demande accomplie le jour même. La seconde demande eu lieu le lendemain, 14 Adar, jour de Pourim
Dans le calendrier hébraïque, les jours de célébration du jeune d’Esther (13 Adar) correspondent respectivement a l’ultimatum adressé par les U.S.A en 2003 à l’Irak et en 2011 à la résolution de l’O.N.U d’intervenir en Libye
Il ne faut pas oublier que le calendrier hébraïque a été «consacré» par les sacrificateurs et donc «sanctifié» par Dieu : les dates des fêtes ou événements sont sous la souveraineté de Dieu !
Les exemples étudiés montrent clairement que la seconde demande qu’Esther avait faite au «Roi» (Esther 9: 12-14) est toujours exécutoire envers ceux qui veulent détruire les juifs ou plus encore Israël ! La parole «irrévocable» du roi des Perses (ombre de celle du vrai Roi des Rois) est un Jugement divin qui court toujours !

– Deux petits + au passage : Jesus-Christ est ressuscité le 3ème jour en l’An 3790 ou l’An 3793 hébraïques (30 ou 33) .. Esther est sortie du Jeûne, le 3ème jour (fêté le 13 Adar) : tout un symbole ! En fait le Jeûne et Pourim présentent beaucoup d’aspects de la Pâque.
Par ailleurs la seconde demande d’Esther contre les 10 fils d’Haman s’est appliquée le jour de Pourim, 14 Adar, le 5ème jour après le début de son jeûne. Souvenons nous que pour Dieu «un jour est comme mille ans» (Ps 90: 4 et 2 Pie 3: 8)… les jugements prononcés ont été exécutés dans les années commençant par 5 du calendrier hébraïque. Effectivement, des Jugements correspondant à la seconde demande d’Esther sont intervenus, comme nous avons vu : en Oct 1946 /5707 pour les nazis. En Irak : Mars 2003 /5763 et Dec 2006 /5767 (Saddam). En Libye : Mars 2011/5772 et Oct 2011/5772 .

Dès lors on peut se demander quel sera le prochain ?Un des candidats évident est Ahmanjnejhad (décomposable en «Ahaman» et «Jihad», lui aussi demeurant en Perse comme Haman). Faudra-t-il attendre une année de 13 mois comme dans les cas étudiés ? Les prochaines seront 2014 et 2016…
2- Observons que les 17 mars ressortent avec insistance dans tous les cas soit pour Pourim, soit pour le Jeûne. Il se trouve que le jour de célébration du jeun d’Esther , correspondant à l’éxécution des fils d’Haman le 13 Adar 3287 qui était un 17 mars en 473 av. J.C. **(2)
– La seconde demande d’Esther concernant de nouveau les fils d’Haman et qui tombait le jour de Pourim, le 18 mars – 473, correspondant à l’exécution des chefs nazis s’est accomplie .à Souccot , le samedi 16 octobre 1946 – un 21 Tichri , jour «d’exécution des jugements» ! De la même façon pour Kadhafi , la résolution d’intervenir eut lieu à Pourim 2011 et sa mort eut lieu à Souccot, le 20 octobre 2011, un 22 Tichri. Des jugements différés qui s’accomplissent à la fin de la fête des Tabernacles… « Jour d’exécution des Jugements«, préfiguration du Jugement Final !
**(2) Note : Haman a été pendu entre le 1er -Pessah- et le 3ème mois (probable comme le vrai temps du jeûne d’Esther); Ses fils le 12ème de la même année hébraïque (Esther 3: 12 entre Pessah et le mois de Juin -23 sivan-, Esther 8: 9)Hitler était mort aussi (30 avril 1945) entre la Pâque et le mois de juin 1945 qui est le mois de Sivan, celui de la Pentecôte)… avant ses 10 «fils idéologiques» en octobre 1946.


Anouar el Sadate avait attaqué Israël le samedi 6 octobre 1973 /10 Tichri 5734, jour sacré du Kippour (Grand Pardon) tombant de plus un sabbat, jour doublement solennel pour les juifs ! C’est une faute très grave d’attaquer Israël un tel jour chargé de sens… Saddate est mort 8 ans plus tard, le 6 octobre 1981 /8 Tichri 5742, justement lors de la commémoration de cette attaque devenue fête nationale en Egypte ! Cette guerre avait de plus inclus la fête des Tabernacles puisqu’elle s’était terminée le 24 octobre /28 Tichri.
L’un des points communs de ce Jugement avec ceux vus précédemment, outre qu’il s’agissait d’années de 13 mois lunaires, est qu’il s’accomplit en Automne (morts naturelles sans de telles «significations spirituelles», comme Nasser 28 sept 1970, Arafat 11 nov 2004…) et plus spécialement au mois de Tichri [NOTE DU GENTIL: MOIS DE TICHRI, COMME LE PROCÈS DE NUREMBERG ET LA PENDAISON DES CONDAMNÉS].

Pourim expliqué aux terroristes sionistes
mars 4, 2013 

Ran HaCohen propose un papier sur la fête juive de Pourim qui est l’occasion pour les fidèles de se déguiser mais aussi de se saouler la gueule, ce qui serait d’après lui une des obligations liées à cette fête.
Toujours d’après Ran HaCohen, La fête de Pourim est intrinsèquement associée à la violence, celle qu’auraient subie les Juifs d’après le Livre d’Esther et celle que les Juifs auraient pour obligation d’infliger à leurs ennemis identifiés à Amalek/Haman.
Cette obligation allant jusqu’à l’extermination, Dieu faisant même le reproche à Saül d’avoir péché en épargnant le roi Agag qui aurait été un ancêtre d’Haman, le vizir de l’empereur Perse qui avait comploté pour exterminer les Juifs.
Ran HaCohen rappelle justement que certains actes de violence contre les palestiniens coïncident avec la fête de Pourim  tel le massacre perpétré à Hébron aux cris de  Joyeux Pourim» par Baruch Goldstein en 1994.
Si vous vous intéressez à ce salmigondis théologique, je pense que vous trouverez pas mal d’éléments sur la toile ou dans n’importe quelle bibliothèque municipale.
Quant à moi, je ne souhaite pas creuser présentement cet aspect mais simplement vous traduire le passage que Ran HaCohen consacre à une vidé éducative produite par le grand rabbinat de l’armée sioniste pour expliquer Pourim aux jeunes recrues.

On comprend mieux pourquoi l’armée sioniste est la plus morale du monde.
Elle [la vidéo] commence par exposer une évidence, c’est-à-dire que la Perse est l’Iran actuel ; parmi les images qui clignotent à certains moments quand le nom d’Haman est mentionné, on voit non seulement Ahmadinejad mais aussi Nasrallah le chef du Hezbollah ainsi que, à plusieurs reprises, Hitler et, oui, Jésus Christ qui fait une brève apparition.
Dans une réécriture sans fondement de la légende, qui vise à clairement les palestiniens d’aujourd’hui, Haman et ses fils sont présentés comme ayant vécu dans la terre d’Israël où ils prêchaient la haine contre les Juifs et exigeaient l’arrêt de la construction à Jérusalem (!) avant de partir s’installer en Perse qui est le lieu de l’action du Livre d’Esther.
En d’autres termes, la vidéo “éducative” de l’armée trace un continuum de Haman à Jésus puis à l’Allemagne nazie et à l’Iran actuel et au Hezbollah ainsi qu’aux palestiniens contemporains. Et Haman, ce que la vidéo ne s’embarrasse même pas à rappeler à son public, est Amalek, l’ennemi éternel des Juifs : «tu effaceras la mémoire d’Amalek de dessous les cieux, n’oublie pas.»

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CARICATURE DE POURIM., parue sur le site du journal israélien le plus mainstream et conservateur THE JERUSALEM POST. En référence à la tradition de Pourim qui incite à boire comme un trou au point de ne plus pouvoir faire la distinction entre béni soit Mardochée et et maudit soit Haman. Haman étant un peu l’ancêtre du mythique méchant Hitler génocidaire dans la tradition juive.  Ahmadinejad est très souvent assimilé à Haman, comme l’a été Saddam Hussein. De même que de nombreuses personnalités historiques célèbres, incluant certaines dont on n’aurait jamais soupçonné qu’ils aient été à ce point haï des juifs (ex: le clan Kennedy au grand complet fut détesté par le lobby parce que papa Kennedy « conspirait contre eux », et surtout parce que JFK « ne se mêlait pas de ses affaires » c’est-à-dire qu’il voulait pas autoriser la construction de l’arsenal nucléaire israélien avec l’argent des États-Unis.)


Purim. One of the most popular Jewish holidays among Orthodox, traditional and so-called secular Jewish Israelis alike. The streets are packed with children and adults wearing costumes, make-up and all sorts of masquerading, on their way from one joyous Purim party to the next. Happy days. But behind the carnivalesque masks, ominous demons are lurking.
Tel Aviv, Sunday, February 24th
Hanan Usruf, a 40-year-old Arab sanitation worker for the city, was savagely beaten by some dozen Jewish men. The Jerusalem Post reported that Usruf’s injuries
include a fracture in his right eye socket and deep lacerations on his right ear and across almost his entire head. His vision is blurred in his left eye, but he can make out small numbers and letters, doctors said.
The Times of Israel added that the victim – an Israeli citizen, one should add – attacked by “drunken youth” required dozens of stitches and that doctors were doing their best to save his eye; under his horrendous photo in hospital, Usruf is quoted saying that
the youths kicked him and broke bottles on his head while shouting racial epithets at him. “They shouted things like ‘f**kin’ Arab’ and ‘get your own country.’
Jerusalem, Monday, February 25th
Hana Amtir, an Arab woman standing at the tram stop near the central bus station, was attacked by a group of young Jewish women. AFP quotes a (Jewish) eyewitness who took pictures of the attack and documented it on Facebook:
Suddenly shouts were heard, and a group of young religious Jewish women confronted the woman and suddenly a young Jewish woman punched her in the head, […] the rest then joined in, hitting and shoving the Arab woman. The woman tried to fight them off but they shouted at her not to dare touch Jews and they continued as a group to attack her and even forcibly pulled off her head covering, […] the incident was witnessed by a security guard from the rail company and a group of ultra-Orthodox Jewish students who stood by and did nothing.
Both events – the lynch in Tel Aviv and the attack in Jerusalem – were reported widely in the Israeli media (separately or eventogether [Hebrew]), justly framed as hate crimes, sometimes with reference to similar crimes in the recent past. Some public protest followed – a demonstration, petitions and op-eds. However, no report I’ve seen mentioned the fact that both crimes were committed on Purim (24.2), a one-day holiday that lasts a day longer in Jerusalem (24-25.2). At best, one could find the holiday mentioned in passing, for instance in the Times of Israelthat also described the Tel Aviv victimizers as drunken: “Police had yet to make any arrests […] After detaining suspects, the police will determine whether the attack was racially motivated, or the action of out-of-hand Purim revelers,” as if racist motivation and Purim revelry were mutually exclusive. But as a rule, Purim was simply ignored as irrelevant.
Is the Jewish holiday really irrelevant? The notion that the attackers were drunken can be easily traced back to the religious duty to get drunk on Purim. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Purim has been identified with Jewish violence (and with accusations of violence against Jews, true or false) for centuries. Just think of the West Bank town of Hebron for example: it was Purim 1981 when Jewish settlers brought down the roof over an Arab upholstery in “Beit Hadassah”, expelling its owner and taking over the house, a crucial step in what has since developed into a full-fledged ethnic cleansing at the heart of the Palestinian town. The settlers’ Purim parades in that city have become a tradition of provocations, with Jewish violence escalating from year to year – culminating in Purim 1994, when a Jewish settler massacred 29 and injured 125 Muslim worshippers in the Cave of the Patriarchs. The butcher joined the settlers’ hall of fame: “Purim in Hebron after 1994 was like Purim in Hebron since 1981, only more so – with a new Jewish hero for Jewish children to dress up as,” writes Israeli historian Prof Elliott Horowitz in his excellent Reckless Rites: Purim and the Legacy of Jewish Violence (2006, p. 8), that documents the roots and history of Jewish Purim violence (alongside with its anti-Semitic abuses by Christians) from ancient times to the present.
Why Purim?
Like any legacy stretching from the Ancient World through the Middle Ages to Modern Times, Judaism is a multifaceted culture: it can be universal as well as nationalist; egalitarian as well as racist; liberal, even revolutionary as well as ultra-conservative – all these messages can be found in it. Among other things, Purim, however, has always reflected deep genocidal phantasies of revenge. The Book of Esther, the textual basis for this holiday, tells the story of the miraculous saving of the Jews of Persia from their enemies, most notably the evil Haman. It ends with the hanging of Haman by the Persian King. Consequently, the Jews take revenge and kill Haman’s ten sons, murder several hundreds of non-Jews in the capital Susa, and then massacre seventy-five thousand non-Jews all over Persia. That’s how the Book of Esther ends. The (probably non-existent) historical foundations of these events are irrelevant: it’s the myth and the memory that matter.
The genocidal roots of Purim go even deeper: Haman, as the short Book of Esther repeatedly stresses, is an “Agagite”, that is, an offspring of Agag. Agag was the King of the ancient Amalekites, the archetypal enemy of the Jews, on which the Bible commands to inflict genocide: “you shall blot out the remembrance of Amalek from under heaven; do not forget” (Deuteronomy 25,19). When King Saul sins by sparing King Agag’s life, God regrets He had made him king of Israel, and Prophet Samuel “hews Agag in pieces before the Lord” (I Samuel 15,33).
These are not just idle interpretations for the learned or deep secrets known to the few; it’s all anchored in the liturgical practice of Purim. While the public reading of the Book of Esther is at the heart of the holiday itself, the Torah-text on blotting out Amalek is read in synagogue on the “Sabbath of Remembrance”, the last Saturday before Purim.Once the Arabs are seen as Haman/Amalek, Purim turns into a carneval of incitement against them.
Educating Israeli Soldiers
The Chief Rabbinate of the Israeli army has recently produced ashort video (in Hebrew) to “explain” Purim to Israeli soldiers. It opens by stating the obvious, namely that Persia is today’s Iran; among the images that flash every now and then when Haman is mentioned we see not only Ahmadinejad, but also Hezbollah’s leader Nasrallah, as well as (several times) Hitler, and, yes, Jesus Christ, who also makes a brief appearance. In a baseless rewriting of the legend, obviously aimed against present-day Palestinians, Haman and his sons are said to have resided in the Land of Israel, where they were inciting against the Jews and demanding to stop construction in Jerusalem(!) before moving to Persia, where the Book of Esther takes place.
In other words, the army “educational” video draws a line from Haman to Jesus, to Nazi Germany, to today’s Iran and Hezbollah, as well as to the present-day Palestinians. And Haman, as the video doesn’t even bother to remind its viewers, is Amalek, the eternal enemy of the Jews: “you shall blot out the remembrance of Amalek from under heaven, do not forget.”
From Hebron to Tel Aviv
It’s truly amazing that the Israeli media ignored the Purim context of the violent events in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. Jewish Israelis are witnessing a trend of “rediscovering of” and “reconnecting to” their “Jewish roots”. In such an atmosphere, one would expect those “rediscoverers” to be aware the Jewish context of the violence: after all, this is also part of the Jewish legacy they are allegedly so fond of. But no: instead of coming to terms with the lights and shadows of the rich Jewish tradition, non-Orthodox Israelis fall prey to ominous Jewish demons without even noticing them, demons that have enjoyed an uninterrupted existence among Orthodox Jews like the radical settlers of Hebron, but have now sneaked even into “secular” Tel Aviv.


Voir: Haman et les assassinats politiques (HUSSEIN, STALINE, HITLER, LE TSAR, etc.)
Haman associé à la Croix du Christ (symbole de la croix: une « abomination » associée au Christ et à Haman pendu à un gibet en croix.)

Operation Haman comme nom de l’opération visant à tuer JFK… C’est pas prouvé mais vraisemblable. Ce nom illustre bien ce que représentait l’opération consistant à tuer Kennedy, quels intérêts ça servait. Pour comprendre le personnage maudit de Haman dans le drame du peuple juif devant-toujours-se-battre-pour-sa-survie, il faut relire le livre d’Esther.
Voyez ce que le livre de Michael Collins Piper sur l’assassinat de JFK intitulé « FINAL JUDGMENT » révèle concernant cette habitude juive consistant à identifier ses ennemis à Haman pour les faire assassiner. Piper intitule même sa conclusion « Operation Haman? The Theory That Works« :

(…)However, the primary reason behind Ben-Gurion’s departure was the Israeli leader’s inability to pressure JFK into accepting Israel’s demands. According to Hersh: « There was no way for the Israeli public . . . to suspect that there was yet another factor in Ben-Gurion’s demise: his increasingly bitter impasse with Kennedy over a nuclear-armed Israel. » (143) Ben-Gurion had failed. The battle had been lost, but the war between the two men was still to be won.
What was on Ben-Gurion’s mind as he turned over the reins of government to his successor? What was David Ben-Gurion’s final act as Prime Minister of the Jewish State? In light of Ben-Gurion’s explicit comment to John F. Kennedy that « my people have the right to exist . . and this existence is in danger, » we can certainly make a good presumption.
In Ben-Gurion’s eyes, John F. Kennedy was clearly a modern-day Haman—an enemy of the Jewish people. In Jewish folklore, Haman was a descendant of the Amalekites who served as prime minister to King Ahasueros of Persia. It was Haman who sought to convince the king that all of the Jews of his empire should be exterminated forever.
However, according to legend, a beautiful Jewish temptress named Esther used her feminine wiles on Ahasueros and, in the end, it was Haman who was instead put to death. The important Jewish holiday of Purim celebrates the deliverance of the Jews from Haman’s intended holocaust.
In the Bible—Deut 25:19, I Sam. 15:8—the ancient Hebrews were urged to « blot out the memory of the Amalekites » from whom Haman descended.
In Israel—in 1963—David Ben-Gurion certainly looked upon John F. Kennedy as a modern-day Haman, a son of the Amalekites. As he pondered the brutal conflict with JFK, Ben-Gurion no doubt remembered the meditation that is read on Purim:
« A wicked man, an arrogant offshoot of the seed of Amalek, rose up against us. Insolent in his riches, he digged himself a pit, and his own greatness laid him a snare. In his mind he thought to entrap, but was himself entrapped; he sought to destroy, but was himself speedily destroyed . . . he made him a gallows, and was himself hanged thereon. »
With John F. Kennedy lying in a grave in Arlington National Cemetery, Israel was safe—for the time being at least. The modern-day heir of Haman’s legacy had been destroyed. That Lyndon Johnson—a man with a steadfast history of loyalty to Israel and its American lobby—was in line to assume the American presidency was a fact not gone unnoticed. Israel’s messiah had come.
(…) »CONCLUSION: Operation Haman? The Theory That Works« (…)
Was there a code name for the conspiracy against President Kennedy? More than likely. But we, of course, will surely never know its name. Did the Mossad, perhaps, call it « Operation Haman »—naming the conspiracy to kill the American president after Haman, the ancient Amalekite conspirator who desired the destruction of the Jewish people? That code name would be as reasonable as any, considering Ben-Gurion’s hatred for Kennedy—a modern-day Haman in his eyes.
In 1979 when Connally launched a well-financed bid for the 1980 Republican presidential nomination, he publicly challenged the power of the Israeli lobby in a highly controversial speech that, by all accounts, led to the end of Connally’s presidential ambitions once and for all.
But what is interesting is that Connally’ s speech was considered so inflammatory by the Israelis and their Americans supporters that a prominent Israeli educator and philosopher, Emmanuel Rackman, president of Bal Ilan University, actually called for Connally’s assassination.
Comparing Connally to Haman, the ancient enemy of the Jewish people, Rackman—a rabbi—issued his call for Connally’s assassination in the November 18, 1979 issue of The Jewish Week-American Examiner, the publication of the Israeli-government owned Jewish Telegraph Agency, a subdivision of the worldwide Jewish Agency.
Rackman’s vicious attack on Connally was headlined: « John Connally Campaign Seen as Dire Threat to Israel and U.S. Jewry. » Rackman quoted New York Times columnist William Safire as having said that for « the first time, a candidate for President has delivered a major address which he knew would disturb and dismay every American supporter of Israel. »(986)
Rackman commented: « This is true. But does not this observation signify more than it says? Does it not mean that in Connally we have, for the first time, a candidate who in no uncertain terms is telling the American people that he does not want the support of Jews and that he wants to prove that one can be elected president without Jewish support.
« Furthermore, does it not mean that at long last we have a candidate who hopes to get elected by mobilizing support from all who share his total disregard of how Jews feel about him and is this not an invitation to all anti-Semites to rally behind him? I am generally not an alarmist but nothing in American politics in recent years so disturbed me as Connally’s subtle communication to Jews that they can `go to the devil.’ Even the Nixon tapes were not so upsetting.
« The American Jewish community must be alerted. If only we had stopped Hitler early enough, millions of Jews would still be alive. And Connally must be stopped at all costs. He must not even get near the nomination! He must be destroyed, at least politically, as soon as possible.
It is sufficiently early to make Connally look ridiculous and destroy him politically without bloodshed.
« Perhaps I am overreacting, » said Rackman. « But if I have learned anything especially from the rabbinic view of Biblical history it is that we are less fearful and more forgiving of enemies who at least accord us a modicum of respect than we are of enemies who treat us with disdain, with contempt. That makes Arafat more acceptable than Connally. » (987)
Rackman compared Connally with Amalek, another foe of the Jewish people: « ‘Remember Amalek,’ we are told. ‘Don’t forget.’ Eradicate him from the face of the earth. Simply because Amalek had no respect for us. He encountered us in his path and casually sought to exterminate us as vermin.
It is my fervent prayer, » said this Jewish religious leader, « that American Jewry will not minimize the importance of the challenge they have been given and will act speedily and with devastating effectiveness. »(988)
John Connally was not eradicated as Rackman urged. But his political career came to a halt after the major media began a campaign against him.
However, when John Connally died in 1993, the doctors said that Connally’s fatal lung condition was a direct outgrowth of the chest wounds that he had received in the shooting in Dallas on November 22, 1963. So ultimately, in the end, John Connally did prove to be yet another victim of Israel—as much as if he had died on the same day as John F. Kennedy.

Michael Collins Piper, The Confessions of an Anti-Semite

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