Yitzhak Shamir, le terroriste devenu président d’Israël qui joua un rôle central dans la conspiration contre JFK

Dans Final Judgment: The Missing Links in the JFK Assassination Conspiracy (1994) l’auteur Michael Collins Piper accuse Yitzhak « Shamir » (Yitzhak Yezernitzky, qui a non seulement été terroriste mais premier ministre d’Israël!) d’avoir trempé dans le complot pour assassiner JFK, alors qu’il était en fonctions à la tête de l’escouade d’assassins du Mossad. Il aurait assuré l’embauche de tireurs d’élite étrangers (grâce à un ami dans les services secrets français), pour mener ainsi à bien l’opération de camouflage de l’identité véritable des conspirateurs, qui auraient été nuls autres que: le Premier ministre israélien d’alors David « Ben-Gurion » (David Gryn), le chef de l’escouade d’assassins du Mossad Yitzhak « Shamir » (Yitzhak Yezernitsky) ainsi que leurs alliés à l’intérieur de la CIA et de la pègre chapeautée par Meyer « Lansky » (Meyer Suchowljansky).


« Yitzhak Shamir – A long-time Mossad officer (based largely at the Mossad’s chief European office in Paris), Shamir headed the Mossad’s assassination squad at the time of the JFK assassination. A former French intelligence officer has charged that Shamir himself arranged the hiring of JFK’s actual assassins through a close ally in French intelligence. (See Chapter 5 and Chapter 16)
Georges deLannurien – High ranking official in the SDECE, the French intelligence agency; pinpointed by a former French intelligence officer as the individual who (at the behest of Mossad assassinations chief Yitzhak Shamir) contracted the hit team who killed JFK in Dallas. (See Chapter 16)(…)


We know precisely who would have coordinated Mossad participation in the assassination on John F. Kennedy, working in concert with Israel’s allies in the CIA and in Organized Crime (about more of which we shall discuss in these pages.)

Israel’s respected Ha’aretz newspaper reported on July 3, 1992 that it was former Jewish underground terrorist-turned-Mossad operative Yitzhak Shamir (later Israeli Prime Minister) who headed a special Mossad hit squad during his service in the Mossad.

The Israeli newspaper reported that Shamir headed the assassination unit from 1955 until 1964—the year after JFK’ s assassination. « The unit carried out attacks on perceived enemies and suspected Nazi War criminals, »(147) according to an account of the newspaper’s report.

« In February 1963 Mr. Shamir dispatched squads on two unsuccessful attempts to assassinate Hans Kleinwachter, a German scientist suspected of helping Egypt develop missiles. Another German scientist working for the Egyptians, Heinz Krug, disappeared mysteriously in September 1962. »(148) Shamir‘s operatives were suspected of having been responsible.

According to the Israeli newspaper, Shamir had recruited members for his Mossad hit squad from former members of the Stern Gang, the underground terrorist group that Shamir led during Israel’s fight for independence. The Stern Gang was responsible for the murder, in 1944, of Lord Moyne, Britain’s resident Mideast minister, and for the slaying of U.N. mediator Count Folke Bernadotte in 1948. (149)


In a private communication to this author after he read the first draft of Final Judgment—sent to him by no less than former U.S. Congressman Paul Findley (R-Ill.)—former French intelligence officer Pierre Neuville stated (based on his own inside knowledge) that a French team—professional assassins—were among the actual shooters in Dealey Plaza, committing the crime at the behest of the Israeli Mossad. (In the Postscript to this volume we review the remarkable story of this Frenchman and his own astounding experiences with the Mossad.)

In Neuville’s judgment: « Never the Prime Minister of Israel would have involved Mossad people, American Jews or CIA personnel in the execution part of the conspiracy. Even the CIA contract the services of other members of the intelligence community (they like the French style) to wash dirty linens. The right hand does not know what the left did. The cover-up team doesn’t know who execute. And the executioners are not interested in the aftermath of their mission. They don’t care less. »(652)

According to Neuville’s sources, then-Mossad assassination chief Yitzhak Shamir (later prime minister of Israel) arranged the hiring of at least one of the assassins through the deputy chief of the French intelligence service (the SDECE), Colonel Georges deLannurien.

« It was no coincidence, » Neuville wrote, « that on the very day of the execution of the president by the French team that [deLannurien] was at Langley meeting with James Jesus Angleton, the Mossad mole. »

According to Neuville, « There are no coincidences in the suspicion business—just cover-ups. The case of communist infiltration of the French secret service was an appropriate cover-up to justify the presence of Colonel deLannurien at Langley, Virginia. » (653)

It seems obvious that Angleton and deLannurien were together for a very specific purpose: damage control—making sure that the assassination cover-up fell into place after the crime itself had been committed.

Angleton himself told the House Assassinations Committee that de Lannurien had come to his office for just that purpose: seeking assistance in routing out communist moles in the SDECE. (654)

This controversy—alleged KGB infiltration into French intelligence—was a direct result of Angleton’s machinations. It was Angleton (often prodded by his Mossad allies) who had a history of fingering alleged Soviet infiltrators in other nations’ intelligence services, creating mass disarray, confusion, bitterness and resentment in their ranks.

Following World War II Angleton served as American intelligence liaison with the SDECE and maintained close friendships with a number of French intelligence officials throughout his career. And undoubtedly these were Frenchmen who shared Angleton’s devotion to Israel.


The close connections between a relatively small circle of people and those in their immediate spheres of influence is no coincidence. That all of them, in some fashion, were part of the circumstances surrounding the assassination of John F. Kennedy is also no coincidence.

Critics of JFK assassination conspiracy theories contend that a conspiracy so immense would require a vast number of people involved. In fact, the mechanics of initiating the conspiracy described in Final Judgment involved perhaps no more than 20 people. Most of those ultimately involved in the conspiracy were probably not even aware of the activities of the others who were involved. So then, let us name, for the record, those whom we believe had advance knowledge that John F. Kennedy was going to be killed on November 22, 1963. They are:

  • Israeli Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion;
  • Israeli Mossad assassinations chief Yitzhak Shamir;
  • Permindex chief executive officer Louis M. Bloomfield;
  • Mossad officer and Permindex banker Rabbi Tibor Rosenbaum;
  • CIA Counterintelligence chief James J. Angleton;
  • French intelligence officer Georges deLannurien;
  • Crime Syndicate boss Meyer Lansky;
  • The actual shooters in Dealey Plaza. Evidence strongly points toward French mercenary Michael Mertz as one of those gunmen. In any case, as we have seen, at least one assassin was contracted by the Mossad through disloyal elements in French intelligence, although it is probable that there were several assassination teams in place.
  • CIA contract agent and longtime Mossad asset Frank Sturgis claimed to have played a part in the events in Dealey Plaza. His Cuban exile henchmen, Guillermo and Ignacio Novo, who were with Sturgis in Dallas also played some role, although whether they were actual gunmen has yet to be determined.

Although it is likely (although not certain) that Meyer Lansky’s Mafia lieutenants—Santo Trafficante, Jr. of Tampa and Carlos Marcello of New Orleans—had advance knowledge of the impending assassination itself, it is not clear that they, or, for that matter, Chicago Mafia boss Sam Giancana or the Mafia’s « roving ambassador, » Johnny Rosselli, were actually involved in the planning of the assassination itself. However, we do know today that both Giancana and Rosselli were under the thumb of Mossad-connected crime boss Hyman Lamer—and that opens up a whole new can of worms.

The role of the Italian-American organized crime figures in the JFK assassination is more media-generated myth than reality. At best, they were secondary players in the bigger scheme of things.

In Appendix Nine we will also consider the likely role—at least as an intermediary—that top-ranking Mossad figure Shaul Eisenberg played in the events surrounding the assassination, suggesting that Eisenberg did, in fact, have advance knowledge of the impending assassination.


(…)As far as the Mossad is concerned, Mossad operatives could not have acted without the direct orders of Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion and Mossad assassinations chief Yitzhak Shamir. The Mossad is actually a very small organization institutionally, as former Mossad operative Victor Ostrovsky has pointed out. It is even more tightly knit than the CIA. In fact, according to Ostrovsky there is what one might call an assassinations « board of directors » within the Mossad and no assassination can be  orchestrated by the Mossad without a formal vote of approval by this board.

There’s another important thing to remember here: it is highly unlikely that the Mossad—at least at that juncture in history—would have ever considered killing the president of the United States unless it knew that it had the institutional consent of the CIA, at the very least. Israel’s position was highly precarious in 1963 and for the Mossad—or even so-called « rogue elements » of the Mossad—to attempt the assassination of the American president without the assurance that it had the support of the CIA, for example, would have been a rash move indeed. So there were no « rogue » Mossad elements involved in the assassination of JFK. »

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