Les « Israéliens dansants » du 11 septembre et les preuves de l’implication des services secrets israéliens, en français!

Israel et le 11 septembre (VOSTFR) par Ryan Dawson pt.1pt.2

The Proven 9/11 Foreknowledge of Israel’s Agents

Israeli Settlers, Terror Drills And Israeli Owned Companies
Israël et le 11 septembre : les faits démentent Caroline Fourest


À propos du 9/11 et d’Israël:


If the Holocaust and the creation of the Jewish state jointly marked the first great turning point in the modern history of Anti-Semitism, 9/11 marked the second. Following the attacks, supporters of Israel spoke of a silver lining: The war against militant Islam suddenly was a global one. Now, the whole world would see and understand the sort of nihilistic hatred that Israelis confronted everyday. »

« America’s fight became Israel’s fight. Over the last decade, a period during which Republicans and Democrats have fought over every other subject imaginable, support for Israel has remained one of the few issues to attract virtually unanimous bipartisan support. »

« Among warhawks on the Right in particular, the sudden identification of militant Islam as America’s greatest enemy cast a startling transformation in the perception of the American Jewish community. Whereas Jews might once have treathened the American Right in their roles as Communists, Anarchists, Trade Unioners, Civil Rights leaders and Ivy League intellectuals, no Jew could ever be an islamist. Just the opposite: the Jew was the perfect anti-Islamist, whose zeal and reliability in the war on terrorism was hard-wired into his political DNA, thanks to six decades of israeli warfare against islamic terrorists in the Middle East. For the first time in the history of western civilisation, the Jews’ ‘foreignness’ and mixed-loyalties — to the United States, Israel and world Jewry — became a source of respect and trust rather than suspicion.« 

« The September 11th attacks changed America in a thousand different ways. Perhaps the most ironic, given the terrorists’ intensely Anti-Semitic ideology, was that it cemented the long process leading to the Jews’ full-fledged ascension into the America establishment. « 

— « Among the Truthers », Jonathan Kay

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