Chavez n’est plus: les nationalistes et les socialistes du monde entier savent à qui profite la mort de ce grand homme

S’il n’a pas encore été démontré qu’il s’agit d’un assassinat politique (célébration tardive de Pourim?), il ne fait aucun doute que Chavez était férocement détesté, voire menacé de mort (s’il faut croire ses déclarations publiques à cet effet) par le pouvoir juif international et ses laquais occidentaux.  Soyez attentifs à ceux et celles qui se délectent de sa mort et vous pourrez ainsi identifier plus facilement les nuisibles, à mettre hors d’état de nuire (façon de parler).

VIDEO – Mort d’Hugo Chavez – Une liste de chef d’Etat malade qui défie les lois de la probabilité

Chavez vient de mourir du cancer. Cristina F. Kirchner (Argentine) est atteinte d’un cancer de la thyroïde…



ISRAELVALLEY: Israël l’a détesté. le Vénézuela pleure la mort de son président Chavez

Bernard-Henri Lévy: The Idiotic Posthumous Cult of Hugo Chávez Leaving aside his anti-Semitism and his dictator allies, why would the left celebrate a man who repressed his people and wrecked the economy? It’s an insult to Venezuelans, says Bernard Henri-Lévy.


Chavez Fought New World Order

By Michael Collins Piper
American Free Press Newspaper
Hugo Chavez—the colorful Venezuelan strongman, a popular figure throughout Latin America—is dead.
Although the controlled media contrived to mislead Americans into perceiving Chavez as “anti-American,” the truth is that the bombastic South American icon was actually a forthright nationalist critic of the internationalist and imperialist forces often referred to as the New World Order.
Like many who oppose the privately-owned Federal Reserve money monopoly which operates un-Constitutionally on American soil, Chavez was a critic of rampant global super-capitalism, which Chavez called “the demon.”
There is no question Chavez knew the source of his high-powered opposition.
In 2000, announcing a trip to Iraq, Chavez taunted his critics, remarking: “Imagine what the Pharisees will say when they see me with Saddam Hussein.” On another occasion he asserted: “The world has wealth for all, but some minorities, the descendants of the same people that crucified Christ, have taken over all the wealth of the world.”
All of this is something of which even otherwise well-informed American patriots are unaware.
Should there be any doubt Chavez was perceived as a roadblock in the way of the New World Order, consider the warnings issued by David Rothkopf, front man at Kissinger Associates, the secretive pressure group of Henry Kissinger, one of the foremost advocates of the New World Order.
In Superclass: The Global Power Elite and the World They Are Making—which acknowledges the influence of such New World Order institutions as Bilderberg, the Trilateral Commission and the Council on Foreign Relations—Rothkopf spoke approvingly of what he called the new global “superclass” (that is, the New World Order elite) and said that, in his words, the “political fault line” for the 21st century is the battle of “Globalists vs. Nationalists,” that an emerging “global network of antiglobalists” stood opposed to the “superclass.” He wrote:
At the core of the “anti-network”
is a small group of leaders, linked by many shared characteristics and attitudes though they come from widely different regions of the world.
They might be characterized as “nationalists,” or opponents of the United States, or critics of Western-led globalization. . . .
In their view, globalization is old Western imperialism dressed up in new clothes, and they are reacting
to it much as they were trained to react to such incursions. . . .
Whether you characterize it as nationalist vs. internationalist, populist vs. globalist, or anti-neo-imperialist vs. pro-American globalization, the fact is that the battle lines are drawn.
Specifically naming three figures among that “small group of leaders” challenging the New World Order as
Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Russian leader Vladimir Putin and Chavez
, Rothkopf candidly confirmed the primary underlying conflict in our world today is—as it has always been—the fight by nationalists worldwide to preserve their nations’ sovereignty in the face of the concerted drive by cosmopolitan internationalists to erect a global imperium. Rothkopf’s admissions were a clear sign the New World Order schemers recognized serious forces were aligning against them.
Unfortunately, groups such as the John Birch Society parroted the New World Order crowd and the war-mongering pro-Israel neo-conservatives by attacking nationalists such as Ahmadinejad, Putin, and Chavez.
Considering all of this—quite naturally—from the time Chavez was elected president of Venezuela in 1999, the tightly-knit interlocking network of Rothschild dynasty-linked plutocratic families and Federal Reserve-connected financial interests who dominate the American military-industrial-media complex never spared any fervor in denouncing Chavez at any opportunity.
That international Zionism and the interwoven forces of the New World Order were disturbed about Chavez was (at first) largely kept under wraps. Zionist hatred of Chavez was confined to small-circulation—but nonetheless influential—journals read almost exclusively by supporters of Israel and in elitist circles.
For propaganda purposes designed to manipulate more broad-ranging concerns of freedom-loving Americans, the media regularly stoked up the theme Chavez was a “socialist” or a “communist” under the thumb of Fidel Castro.
That Chavez was friendly toward
Castro as virtually all Latin American leaders—even “conservatives”—have been (not to mention leaders worldwide)—was hardly “proof” Chavez was a communist.
Even The New York Review of Books admitted on Oct. 6, 2005 that “a great many businessmen have prospered under [Chavez’s] rule, and he has made it clear he sees a significant role for the private sector and, most particularly, for foreign investment.” So Chavez was no “communist”—media lies notwithstanding.
In truth, Chavez modeled himself after Simon Bolivar—liberator of the Andean colonies from the Spanish crown—who, in even traditional American history texts, was called “the George Washington of South America.”
The simmering secret war against Chavez took a new turn when, on the August 22, 2005 broadcast of his 700 Club, pro-Israel television evangelist Pat Robertson—suggesting Chavez was a new communist threat—openly called for the United States to assassinate Chavez, then emerging as a forceful critic of the global warmongering of the George W. Bush
Americans would have never heard of Robertson’s provocation had it not been for the big media loudly publicizing the evangelist’s remarks and, as such, Chavez and his supporters correctly saw Robertson’s outburst as part of a carefully-crafted high-level scheme to direct American popular ire against Chavez and set the stage for military action against him.
In fact, the call for killing Chavez came just days after the Bush administration’s foremost voice of support in the media—the neo-conservative Weekly Standard—slammed Chavez claiming he was “a threat to more than just his own people,” a danger to the tiny but wealthy Jewish population in Venezuela, bemoaning the fact Venezuelan state television speculated Israel’s intelligence service, the Mossad, may have been linked to the assassination of a local official in Venezuela.
Asserting “hostility to Jews” was “one of the hallmarks of the Venezuelan government,” the Standard cited a State Department “Report on Global Anti-Semitism” that purported to document, in the Standard’s words, “how openly anti-Semitic the Venezeulan government now is.”
Of particular concern was that one of Chavez’s closest advisors, the late Norberto Ceresole, was “infamous” for “conspiracy theories about Jewish plans to control the planet” and that Ceresole was a “holocaust denier”—that is, he questioned official accounts of World War II history, a “crime” punishable by imprisonment in many Western nations calling themselves “democracies,” and which, at the same time, hypocritically accused Chavez of suppressing freedom of expression in Venezeula.
Within a short time, though, Jewish opposition to Chavez went public in a big way. On Feb. 5, 2008—in a commentary in The Washington Post (a newspaper that most definitely directs opinion among movers and shakers in the nation’s capital)—Abe Foxman, chief of the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) of B’nai B’rith, launched a full-force attack on Chavez. Headlined Chavez’s Anti-Semitism,” Foxman’s inflammatory broadside alleged a “rising wave of anti-Semitism” in Venezuela traceable to Chavez.
Foxman charged Venezuelan officials and media were “rehashing the ancient canard about Jewish control, vilifying Jews and Israel as agents of imperialism, and adopting anti-Semitic stereotypes about Jewish financial influence,” and expressed concern Chavez was friendly to Iran’s Ahmadinejad and Syrian President al-Assad, among others the ADL called “a verifiable threat to Israel and world Jewry.”
Chavez is gone, other leaders in South America and worldwide—with the support of many good Americans—still carry on his fight against the New World Order.


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L’empire judéo-maçonnique combat toujours le national-socialisme!

Viva Chavez! Le national-socialisme est la seule alternative à la dictature du capitalisme

Le Venezuela suspend le dialogue avec les Etats-Unis

Hitler, ce socialiste… (Le lien est vite fait, mais pas tiré par les cheveux!)




03/19/2013 11:39


Perilous times lie ahead for Venezuela’s Jewish community, beset by the ghost of dictator Hugo Chavez, who died March 5




Once one of the proudest and most vibrant communities in the Americas, until 1999, when Hugo Chavez, El Comandante, (as he was and is still termed by his followers) became president, more than half of the country’s 20,000 Jews have since emigrated, mostly to Florida, Mexico, Spain and Israel.But the exodus from Chavez was not only Jewish. Hope, freedom and jobs all disappeared as the economy was systematically destroyed – unemployment is now almost 10 percent and inflation is a resounding 25 percent (the average in Latin America is less than 5 percent).The private sector has been crippled by sudden and arbitrary expropriations.

Venezuela boasted some 14,000 private companies when Chavez came to power; only half of them survived him. One of the wealthiest nations on earth, Venezuela used to export a wide variety of products, but today less than 4 percent of exported goods are non-oil products.
El Comandante’s blustering almost-daily appearances on radio and TV couldn’t change this grim reality. And, on top of everything, Jews had to endure his unabashed and unpredictable hatred.

Judeophobia or anti-Semitism is a European export product that never thrived in the Americas – with the possible exception of Argentina, where anti-Jewish sentiment surfaced in a novel published after the 1889 stock exchange collapse, and where Nazi-type groups have been active at times.

Until 15 years ago, an article on Judeophobia in Latin America would have focused on Argentina, without mentioning Venezuela, which was almost free of Judeophobic myths at the time. But then Chavez came onto the scene. What started as sporadic slurs, which fitted in with Chavez’s radical anti-US rhetoric, slowly but surely became government policy. And when police raided the country’s main Jewish school in November 2004, it became clear that Chavez’s Judeophobic outbursts were not incidental. Pynchas Brener, the community’s chief rabbi, called it “the first-ever direct aggression against the community.”

The pretext for the assault was the search for evidence connected to the murder of a prosecutor. Allegedly, weapons were being smuggled into the school building from a nearby shooting range. By means of this fabrication, the government created a smokescreen of paranoia to hide the cesspool into which the country was sinking.

No weapons were found at the school, and the raid only stupefied hundreds of pupils and their teachers. But the venomous stories about the eternal conspirators had started to feed the imagination of the Venezuelan people. In his Christmas message for 2005, Chavez lamented that “the descendants of the people who crucified Christ have taken over the planet’s resources.” The national television channel echoed this libretto when an entire program in January 2006, was devoted to an attack against the Jews as “owners of the media.” Chavez encouraged such programs and never had to account for this, as he didn’t have any official contact with the Jewish community. He labelled his non- Jewish opponents “wandering Jews.”

The Judeophobic threat in Latin America has indeed shifted to Venezuela, and its mask is now less nationalism or Catholicism, and more Islamism and socialism. When Chavez was awarded the Gaddafi International Prize for Human Rights in Tripoli in 2004, he promptly dedicated it to Palestinan leader Yasser Arafat. Chavez’s hatred of Jews can be traced to his advisor since 1994, Norberto Ceresole, a neo-Nazi, who died in 2004. Described as “an authentic revolutionary against the Yankee-Zionist World Order,” Ceresole trained at the Soviet Union’s School for War. Upon his return to his native Argentina, he zigzagged between the extreme left (the ERP guerrilla movement) and the extreme right (a group of officers led by Colonel Aldo Rico who plotted a fascist coup). Ceresole blended both extremes in his books, “The Caudillo, The Army and The People: The Venezuelan Model or Postdemocracy” (1999), in which he advises the people to delegate all power to a national-military leader; and “National Judaism: Post-Zionist Messianism” (1997), the prologue of which was penned by his mentor, Roger Garaudy. Both were Holocaust deniers, and Ceresole took this a step further by claiming that the 1994 terror attack against the AMIA in Buenos Aires had not taken place.

In fact Jewish and Israeli targets were brutally attacked in Argentina in 1992 and 1994, precisely by Chavez’s staunch ally, Iran. More than 100 people were killed in Buenos Aires,
and hundreds more were injured. It is thanks to Chavez that Iran is not ostracized by Latin America (not even by Argentina, which has just signed an agreement with the ayatollahs).

He threw open the doors of the continent to Hezbollah, Iran’s lackey. A tribe of Venezuelan Indians has since converted to Islamism and runs a website promoting its ideology.

Chavez’s revered mentor, Fidel Castro, set a precedent in 1979, when he was the first to support the Islamic Revolution in Iran. Cuba and Iran later joined forces at the UN in a bid to expel Israel. Venezuela broke off relations with the Jewish state in 2009, and Chavez went as far as to curse Israel on TV. He saw himself as a world leader who was set to vanquish the United States and the West, with the help of Islam.

Chavez’s legacy is the deep Iranian penetration in Latin America and support for Bashar Assad’s massacres in Syria.

Venezuela is Iran’s international advocate.

Chavez’s disciple, Bolivian President Evo Morales, has declared his country an “unconditional ally” of Iran. A clandestine Iranian network, similar to the one that preceded the attacks against Argentina, is currently growing throughout the length and breadth of the continent.

Violence can be expected in Venezuela in the coming months, for two main reasons: First, the country has one of the highest inflation rates in the world.

The economy is close to bankruptcy and collapse is being held off by the high price of oil. If it drops, Venezuelans will be further impoverished and turmoil will break out.

Second, Venezuela has already become one of the most violent countries on the planet. The murder rate doubled during Chavez’s reign, mainly due to corruption and the breakdown of law and order. The biggest robberies were carried out by Chavez’s supporters. Two of his brothers have acquired at least 17 ranches at knockdown prices, using concealed names. And his political allies, who have amassed fortunes from confiscated lands and enterprises, won’t allow the rule of law to replace Chavez’s legacy. Drug-dealing generals like Henry Silva Rangel, who was minister of defence, have clearly stated that the army will not allow the “Socialist revolution” to end.

If Henrique Capriles, who is of Jewish ancestry, wins the Venezuelan elections, set for April 14, the phantom of Judeophobia will be a tool in the hands of rebellious chavistas (Chavez supporters). And if he doesn’t, Venezuela is doomed to suffer further corruption and decadence.

The Israel-based author has lectured at universities in 50 countries and penned a dozen books, among them “Judeophobia” (2001) and “To Kill Without a Trace” (2009) about Iranian terror in Latin America.

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Une des raisons pourquoi ZCF (dont le site web a été volé par Prothink alias Problème) est attaqué est son appui à Michael Collins Piper, que plusieurs personnes très naïves,  influencées par le douteux Chris Bollyn, considèrent comme un « agent des juifs ». Dès son entrée dans le mouvement de vérité, Bollyn s’est fait remarquer par sa curieuse manie à raconter des mensonges et calomnier d’authentiques chercheurs qui sont dans le combat depuis des décennies. Bollyn devait rencontrer Chavez lors de son voyage en famille au Vénézuela tous frais payé par son employeur d’alors, l’hebdomadaire nationaliste American Free Press, mais — surprise — il n’a même pas essayé de le rencontrer. Voir le livre de ZCF ici, dans sa version finale. La version répandue est une version non-autorisée, non-revue et non-corrigée puisque qu’elle lui a été volée.

The Piper Report 2013.03.10

Piper talks about the death of Hugo Chavez and much more.

Mike Piper



32k CF


L’impérialisme américain est un des plus grands ennemis de l’humanité depuis au moins un siècle. Il est le vecteur principal de la mondialisation ultralibérale à l’échelle planétaire qui entraîne le pillage des ressources des pays du Tiers-Monde par les multinationales ainsi que l’exploitation extrême qui est infligée à leur classe ouvrière dans des ateliers de misère. En alliance étroite et ferme avec le sionisme international, l’impérialisme américain cherche à soumettre sans pitié les peuples qui luttent pour leur indépendance nationale et à détruire progressivement les différentes nations et cultures au profit d’un monde uniformisé et dominé par la civilisation anglo-saxonne.
Plus récemment cette année il y a eu le 11ème anniversaire des attentats du 11septembre 2001. Ce fût bien entendu une tragédie qui a coûté la vie à environ 3000 personnes, sans compter les blessés et nous devons de tout coeur compatir à leur sort. Ceci dit le cortège de lamentations dans les médias au service de l’oligarchie mondialiste qui a suivi ces attentats est parfaitement hypocrite et révoltant. La version officielle de ces évènements est loin d’être convaincante et crédible et ne peut que semer le doute dans nos esprits. Il est tout à fait légitime de se demander à qui ce crime a profité. Mais dès que l’on remet en doute la version officielle des attentats du 11 septembre 2001, les défenseurs du système capitaliste apatride et mondialiste s’élèvent en choeur pour nous traiter de conspirationnistes, antisémites, esprits paranoïaques, etc. Leur volonté d’intimidation est plus qu’évidente, car nous risquons de semer des doutes dans la population et ainsi ébranler le pouvoir immense et démesuré qu’ils exercent sur la conscience des gens.
Ces esprits moralisateurs, qui nous ressassent continuellement le même refrain sur le terrorisme islamiste, deviennent par contre silencieux devant les actes de terrorisme d’État perpétrés par les puissances occidentales depuis plus d’un siècle. La liste est très longue et nous pourrions commencer par les bombardements intensifs anglo-américains sur l’Allemagne pendant la Deuxième Guerre Mondiale, qui ont entraîné notamment la destruction de la ville de Dresde. Des centaines de milliers de civils allemands périrent dans le but de provoquer la capitulation totale du gouvernement allemand. Mais bien sûr c’étaient des victimes « collatérales » et les Allemands étant du « mauvais côté » lors de ce conflit mondial et représentant le « mal suprême », ont mérité leur sort! Le peuple allemand a été littéralement mis à genoux pour les crimes supposés ou réels qui étaient reprochés au régime national-socialiste, alors que les alliés Américains, Britanniques et Soviétiques en ont perpétrés une panoplie et ont eu les mains couvertes de sang. Il y a eu également les bombardements atomiques d’Hiroshima et Nagasaki en 1945, le coup d’État de Suharto en Indonésie en 1965 et celui de Pinochet au Chili en 1973, tout deux financés et orchestrés par la CIA, la guerre du Vietnam, l’invasion du Panama en 1989 qui causé la mort de plus de 3000 personnes, etc. Plus près de nous il y a eu les bombardements israéliens sur les territoires palestiniens et le Liban, l’invasion de l’Afghanistan, de l’Irak et de la Libye l’année dernière. Toutes ces guerres et agressions impérialistes ont causé un nombre de morts infiniment plus grand que les attentats du 11 septembre 2001 sans pour autant suscité l’indignation des médias contrôlés par l’oligarchie mondialiste. Toujours le même deux poids deux mesures! La vie des civils américains et israéliens a plus de valeur que celle des habitants des pays dont les dirigeants s’opposent tant bien que mal à l’hégémonie de l’empire américano-sioniste, que ce soit les Palestiniens, les Irakiens, les Libyens, les Syriens, etc.
Suite à la destruction des tours du World Trade Center, l’élite dirigeante sioniste américaine a joué la carte de la sympathie auprès de l’opinion publique mondiale et en a profité pour mousser au maximum la fièvre belliciste et militariste en déclenchant la guerre contre l’Afghanistan, soi-disant pour débusquer Oussama Ben Laden et pour renverser le régime des Talibans au nom de la « libération des femmes ». Beaucoup de patriotes américains ont tout de suite reconnu l’influence du lobby pro-Israël dans cette poussée guerrière. Il y avait, et il y a toujours, une réelle volonté de la part des idéologues néoconservateurs de l’administration Bush, et maintenant celle d’Obama, de renforcer la position de l’État sioniste au Moyen-Orient au détriment des régimes arabes, iranien et autres qui veulent conserver leur indépendance nationale face à l’empire américano-sioniste. La convergence de vues entre l’impérialisme américain et le sionisme international a atteint un point extrême et c’est ce qui alarme les patriotes américains qui souhaitent que leur gouvernement se consacrent aux problèmes domestiques plutôt que de jouer au gendarme planétaire.
Aussitôt après la guerre en Afghanistan, les néconservateurs sionistes se lancèrent à l’assaut de l’Irak baathiste et socialiste de Saddam Hussein sous de faux prétextes et qui précipitèrent ce pays dans le plus grand chaos et dans une guerre civile atroce. Ils conclurent même des alliances avec les islamistes qu’ils prétendaient combattre! Saddam Hussein malgré tout ce qu’on peut lui reprocher était un dirigeant laïc, patriotique et socialiste et son gouvernement comprenait des femmes et des chrétiens. Le mouvement d’opposition à cette guerre fût extrêmement large avec des millions de personnes dans les rues, dont une manifestation de 200 000 personnes en mars 2003 dans les rues de Montréal, l’une des plus grande manifestation politique de l’histoire du Québec et du Canada! Mais ceci n’empêcha pas la destruction de la souveraineté irakienne et le pillage éhonté des ressources naturelles de ce pays par l’oligarchie mondialiste. La guerre en Libye en 2011 a été menée sous le prétexte de renverser un dictateur, Mouammar Khadafi, et a mené encore une fois au chaos et au pillage des ressources naturelles dont regorge ce pays.
Cependant il existe des lueurs d’espoir qui sont loin d’être négligeables. Cuba socialiste résiste toujours fièrement à la volonté américaine de renverser son gouvernement pour y restaurer le règne des exploiteurs et des bandits et le Vénézuéla d’Hugo Chavez représente une épine dans le pied des États-Unis qui ont toujours considéré l’Amérique Latine comme leur chasse gardée. En ce moment la Syrie baathiste et socialiste de Bachar El-Assad est au centre de l’actualité depuis plus d’un an à cause de la guerre civile encouragée et entretenue par l’OTAN dans le but de renverser son gouvernement et de le remplacer par une clique entièrement dévouée et soumise à l’hégémonie américano-israélienne sur le Moyen-Orient. L’existence du mouvement indépendantiste québécois inquiète l’impérialisme américain qui le voit comme un facteur de déstabilisation en Amérique du Nord. Dans les années 70, l’oligarchie yankee brandissait le spectre de l’avènement d’un Cuba du Nord si le Québec se séparait. C’est ce qui explique la volonté constante du Parti Québécois de rassurer les investisseurs américains sur les conséquences de l’indépendance du Québec, mais ce souci est loin d’être partagé par l’ensemble des patriotes québécois qui voient plutôt l’impérialisme américain comme un adversaire de leur lutte d’émancipation nationale et sociale. En bref il y a beaucoup de résistances face aux agressions et aux diktats impérialistes du Nouvel Ordre Mondial et les socialistes nationaux ont le devoir de les soutenir dans le but de favoriser la chute du capitalime mondialisé et apatride. C’est ainsi que l’on pourra construire un système politique, économique et social basé sur le socialisme national, seule alternative au chaos mondialiste et à la destruction progressive des nations et des identités nationales.


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