Chavez n’est plus: les nationalistes et les socialistes du monde entier savent à qui profite la mort de ce grand homme

S’il n’a pas encore été démontré qu’il s’agit d’un assassinat politique (célébration tardive de Pourim?), il ne fait aucun doute que Chavez était férocement détesté, voire menacé de mort (s’il faut croire ses déclarations publiques à cet effet) par le pouvoir juif international et ses laquais occidentaux.  Soyez attentifs à ceux et celles qui se délectent de sa mort et vous pourrez ainsi identifier plus facilement les nuisibles, à mettre hors d’état de nuire (façon de parler).



ISRAELVALLEY: Israël l’a détesté. le Vénézuela pleure la mort de son président Chavez

Bernard-Henri Lévy: The Idiotic Posthumous Cult of Hugo Chávez Leaving aside his anti-Semitism and his dictator allies, why would
the left celebrate a man who repressed his people and wrecked the
economy? It’s an insult to Venezuelans, says Bernard Henri-Lévy.

Chavez Fought New World Order

By Michael Collins Piper
American Free Press Newspaper
Hugo Chavez—the colorful Venezuelan strongman, a popular figure throughout Latin America—is dead.
the controlled media contrived to mislead Americans into perceiving
Chavez as “anti-American,” the truth is that the bombastic South
American icon was actually a forthright nationalist critic of the
internationalist and imperialist forces often referred to as the New
World Order.
many who oppose the privately-owned Federal Reserve money monopoly
which operates un-Constitutionally on American soil, Chavez was a critic
of rampant global super-capitalism, which Chavez called “the demon.”
is no question Chavez knew the source of his high-powered opposition.
In 2000, announcing a trip to Iraq, Chavez taunted his critics,
remarking: “Imagine what the Pharisees will say when they see me with
Saddam Hussein.”
On another occasion he asserted: “The world has wealth
for all, but some minorities, the descendants of the same people that
crucified Christ, have taken over all the wealth of the world.”
All of this is something of which even otherwise well-informed American patriots are unaware.
there be any doubt Chavez was perceived as a roadblock in the way of
the New World Order, consider the warnings issued by David Rothkopf,
front man at Kissinger Associates, the secretive pressure group of Henry
Kissinger, one of the foremost advocates of the New World Order.
Superclass: The Global Power Elite and the World They Are Making—which
acknowledges the influence of such New World Order institutions as
Bilderberg, the Trilateral Commission and the Council on Foreign
Relations—Rothkopf spoke approvingly of what he called the new global
“superclass” (that is, the New World Order elite) and said that, in his
words, the “political fault line” for the 21st century is the battle of
“Globalists vs. Nationalists,”
that an emerging “global network of
antiglobalists” stood opposed to the “superclass.” He wrote:
At the core of the “anti-network”
is a small group of leaders, linked by many shared characteristics and
attitudes though they come from widely different regions of the world.
They might be characterized as “nationalists,” or opponents of the
United States, or critics of Western-led globalization. . . .
In their view, globalization is
old Western imperialism dressed up in new clothes
, and they are reacting
to it much as they were trained to react to such incursions. . . .
Whether you characterize it as nationalist vs. internationalist,
populist vs. globalist, or anti-neo-imperialist vs. pro-American
, the fact is that the battle lines are drawn.
Specifically naming three figures
among that
“small group of leaders” challenging the New World Order as
Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Russian leader Vladimir Putin and
, Rothkopf candidly confirmed the primary underlying conflict in
our world today is—as it has always been—the fight by nationalists
worldwide to preserve their nations’ sovereignty in the face of the
concerted drive by cosmopolitan internationalists to erect a global
. Rothkopf’s admissions were a clear sign the New World Order
schemers recognized serious forces were aligning against them.
Unfortunately, groups such as the
John Birch Society parroted the New World Order crowd and the
war-mongering pro-Israel neo-conservatives by attacking nationalists
such as Ahmadinejad, Putin, and Chavez.
Considering all of this—quite
naturally—from the time Chavez was elected president of Venezuela in
1999, the tightly-knit interlocking network of Rothschild dynasty-linked
plutocratic families and Federal Reserve-connected financial interests
who dominate the American military-industrial-media complex never spared
any fervor in denouncing Chavez at any opportunity.
That international Zionism and
the interwoven forces of the New World Order were disturbed about Chavez
was (at first) largely kept under wraps. Zionist hatred of Chavez was
confined to small-circulation—but nonetheless influential—journals read
almost exclusively by supporters of Israel and in elitist circles.
For propaganda purposes designed
to manipulate more broad-ranging concerns of freedom-loving Americans,
the media regularly stoked up the theme Chavez was a “socialist” or a
“communist” under the thumb of Fidel Castro.
That Chavez was friendly toward
Castro as virtually all Latin American leaders—even “conservatives”—have
been (not to mention leaders worldwide)—was hardly “proof” Chavez was a
Even The New York Review of Books
admitted on Oct. 6, 2005 that “a great many businessmen have prospered
under [Chavez’s] rule, and he has made it clear he sees a significant
role for the private sector and, most particularly, for foreign
investment.” So Chavez was no “communist”—media lies notwithstanding.
In truth, Chavez modeled himself
after Simon Bolivar—liberator of the Andean colonies from the Spanish
crown—who, in even traditional American history texts, was called “the
George Washington of South America.”
simmering secret war against Chavez took a new turn when, on the August
22, 2005 broadcast of his 700 Club, pro-Israel television evangelist
Pat Robertson—suggesting Chavez was a new communist threat—openly called
for the United States to assassinate Chavez, then emerging as a
forceful critic of the global warmongering of the George W. Bush
Americans would have never heard of Robertson’s provocation had it not
been for the big media loudly publicizing the evangelist’s remarks and,
as such, Chavez and his supporters correctly saw Robertson’s outburst as
part of a carefully-crafted high-level scheme to direct American
popular ire against Chavez and set the stage for military action against
fact, the call for killing Chavez came just days after the Bush
administration’s foremost voice of support in the media—the
neo-conservative Weekly Standard—slammed Chavez claiming he was “a
threat to more than just his own people,” a danger to the tiny but
wealthy Jewish population in Venezuela, bemoaning the fact Venezuelan
state television speculated Israel’s intelligence service, the Mossad,
may have been linked to the assassination of a local official in
“hostility to Jews” was “one of the hallmarks of the Venezuelan
government,” the Standard cited a State Department “Report on Global
” that purported to document, in the Standard’s words, “how
openly anti-Semitic the Venezeulan government now is.”
particular concern was that one of Chavez’s closest advisors, the late
Norberto Ceresole, was “infamous” for “conspiracy theories about Jewish
plans to control the planet” and that Ceresole was a “holocaust
denier”—that is, he questioned official accounts of World War II
history, a “crime” punishable by imprisonment in many Western nations
calling themselves “democracies,” and which, at the same time,
hypocritically accused Chavez of suppressing freedom of expression in
a short time, though, Jewish opposition to Chavez went public in a big
way. On Feb. 5, 2008—in a commentary in The Washington Post (a newspaper
that most definitely directs opinion among movers and shakers in the
nation’s capital)—Abe Foxman, chief of the Anti-Defamation League (ADL)
of B’nai B’rith, launched a full-force attack on Chavez. Headlined
Chavez’s Anti-Semitism,” Foxman’s inflammatory broadside alleged a
“rising wave of anti-Semitism” in Venezuela traceable to Chavez.
charged Venezuelan officials and media were “rehashing the ancient
canard about Jewish control, vilifying Jews and Israel as agents of
imperialism, and adopting anti-Semitic stereotypes about Jewish
financial influence,” and expressed concern Chavez was friendly to
Iran’s Ahmadinejad and Syrian President al-Assad, among others the ADL
called “a verifiable threat to Israel and world Jewry.”
Chavez is gone, other leaders in South America and worldwide—with the
support of many good Americans—still carry on his fight against the New
World Order.


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Une des raisons pourquoi ZCF (dont le site web a été volé par Prothink alias Pro-blème) est attaqué est son appui à Michael Collins Piper, que plusieurs personnes très naïves, influencées par le douteux Chris Bollyn, considèrent comme un « agent des juifs ». Dès son entrée dans le mouvement de vérité, Bollyn s’est fait remarquer par sa curieuse manie à raconter des mensonges et calomnier d’authentiques chercheurs qui sont dans le combat depuis des décennies. Bollyn devait rencontrer Chavez lors de son voyage en famille au Vénézuela tous frais payé par son employeur d’alor,s l’hebdomadaire nationaliste American Free Press, mais — surprise — il n’a même pas essayé de le rencontrer. Voir le livre de ZCF ici, dans sa version finale. La version répandue est une version non-autorisée, non-revue et non-corrigée puisque qu’elle lui a été volée.

The Piper Report 2013.03.10

Piper talks about the death of Hugo Chavez and much more.

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