Les médias juifs désignent Obama comme bouc émissaire du scandale d’écoute électronique par la NSA, pour faire pression sur lui et son administration afin que l’option militaire soit envisagée dès maintenant en Syrie et en Iran

Et hypocritement, qui plus est, puisque c’est Israël qui est derrière ce programme d’écoute électronique de la NSA… Et cela dure depuis des décennies (voir Inslaw, Verint), bien avant que Obama devienne président.


Il apparaît évident que les médias ont décidé que cette nouvelle allait sortir au grand jour, alors qu’ils se sont tus pendant toutes ces années..


U.S. should be the world’s policeman

When there is no effective alternative, democratic countries have an ethical and humanitarian duty to threaten to use military force and, if there is no other option, to actually use it.
HAARETZ By | Sep. 23, 2013 | 6:08 AM | 15
The United States should not be the world’s policeman, or so U.S. President Barack Obama argued in his address to the nation on September 10, in which he explained his position on military intervention in the Syrian civil war. The president is wrong. In light of the history and doctrine of the use of force and military intervention, the United States, along with other enlightened democracies in possession of military might, should and must be the world’s policeman.
The horrors of World War II taught us certain lessons. One led to the formation of the United Nations, for the purpose of preserving world peace and creating a mechanism for dialogue among states. Another resulted in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which eventually gave rise to binding international treaties meant to protect human rights. But some questions remain: Do the lofty goals that inspired the establishment of the United Nations mean that the international community has a duty to intervene and raise the alarm in the event of the commission of war crimes or the use of weapons of mass destruction? (…)
It is legitimate to question whether intervention might lead to international escalation. Nevertheless, isolationism in cases where intervention is a moral necessity is supposed to be a thing of the past, of a time when states did not want to get bogged down in distant countries even in the event of war crimes. If this attitude becomes prevalent once again, it will be to the detriment of the entire world. It goes without saying that diplomacy, itself a form of intervention, is preferable as long as it is effective and not a kind of Munich Pact, as U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry noted in reference to Syria.
At the end of the day, America, together with other strong democratic countries, is indeed supposed to be the world’s policeman – insofar as it is acting on behalf of the fundamental principles on which the United Nations was founded, even when political exigencies preclude obtaining UN approval. When there is no effective alternative or pressure must be exerted to kick-start diplomacy, democratic countries have an ethical and humanitarian duty to threaten to use military force and, if there is no other option, to actually use it. Proportionally, of course, but also effectively, in compliance with the two leading criteria of military law.

The writer is a former legal adviser to the Defense Ministry.

The Ugly Truth Broadcast June 15, 2013

Tonight–the latest ‘Obama is spying on Americans’ scandal as an Israeli operation meant to pressure a reluctant and recalcitrant American president into moving forward with the next phase of Eretz Israel–the destruction of Syria. 2nd hour–continued reading of USS LIBERTY survivor Phil Tourney’s book ‘What I Saw That Day’.


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Editor Roundtable AFP Radio Network’s Editor’s Roundtable 
June 27, 2013   AFP

Check out the latest AMERICAN FREE PRESS Radio Network’s Editor’s Rountable broadcast where AFP’s  editors and reporters discuss the week’s top stories.  Catch last week’s show where Chris Petherick, Michael Collins Piper, Victor Thorn, Pete Papaherakles and Dave Gahary discuss the paper’s top stories, including a lively discussion on Alex Jones, starting at 57:25
Live and archived shows are available here.

TUT Broadcast July 1, 2013

On the eve of America’s Independence Day, we recall that it was the alliance with the French that led to the defeat of the British, underscoring the similar need on the part of all people of good will, irrespective of race or color, to align themselves against their common enemy today.
Also–the reaction on the part of organized Jewish interests to Putin’s recent statement concerning the Jewish character of Bolshevism in the early days.
Also–the Snowden leaks and how they are being used by the Jews against Obama and to aggravate tensions with Russia.
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TUT Broadcast July 3, 2013


Michael Collins Piper joins the program to discuss the recent NSA spying ‘revelations’ and how this is an Israeli operation aimed at pressuring Obama into launching military actions against Syria, Iran and Russia.



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Why real whistleblowers can no longer exist

Sott.net — This NSA-whistleblower-government-spying scandal is hard for many to digest. On one level, I am an idealist too. I would like to believe that a lone whistleblower can pull a fast one on the NSA/CIA/Mossad axis. But I know that it cannot be. People find it hugely difficult to accept that the world is now so unrelentingly corrupt that the true extent of this corruption cannot be exposed and overturned by any whistleblowing.

Venerable leftist weekly demands president’s impeachment over mass surveillance

VIDEO – Mark Glenn: Snowden’s Leaks are ‘Political Atomic Bomb’ for Obama

NSA Blackmailing Obama? | Interview with Whistleblower Russ Tice

ed note–pay attention to the discussion that begins at the 9 minute mark, underscoring what we have said here from the beginning–THE SNOWDEN CASE IS NOTHING NEW–so WHY NOW has the JMSM decided to push this big time?

The ‘Guardian’ would never print something this sensitive without U.S. approval, which means also U.K. approval.      NSA leaker: are there serious cracks in Ed Snowden’s story?

Matrix: Who is Edward Snowden?
By Jon Rappoport
July 8, 2013
This article is a compilation of a number of pieces I’ve written about Ed Snowden and the NSA. It doesn’t replace them, but it hits the high points…
Let’s begin here: If you absolutely must have a hero, watch Superman movies.
If your need for a hero is so great, so cloying, so heavy, so juicy that it swamps your curiosity, don’t read this.
If you can’t separate Snowden’s minor revelations from the question of who he is, if you can’t entertain the notion that covert ops and intelligence-agency games are reeking with cover stories, false trails, and limited hangouts, you need more fun in your life.
NSA? CIA? These guys live for high-level bullshit. They get down on their knees and worship it. They fall into a suicidal funk if they aren’t lying on at least three or four levels at once.
Okay. Let’s look at Snowden’s brief history as reported by The Guardian. Are there any holes?
Is the Pope Catholic?… (read the rest)

FLASHBACK 2008:  Is Israel’s booming high-tech industry a branch of the Mossad?
Author of ‘The Shadow Factory: The Ultra-Secret NSA from 9/11 to the Eavesdropping on America’ says the NSA thinks so.

FLASHBACK 2013: NSA shares raw intelligence including Americans’ data with Israel

Lest We Forget–Companies With Ties to Israel Wiretap the U.S. for the NSA

ed note–remember as we go through all the media induced convulsions over ‘Obama’s spying program’ that it was ISRAEL that was primarily involved with this.

NOW, a mere few days after this story ‘broke’ (despite being old news as far back as 9/11) suddenly the US government has ‘decided’ that Syria–the country Israel is screeching for the United States and NATO to invade and destroy–used chemical weapons against its citizens, thus crossing the ‘red line’ which Obama set months ago.
‘By Way of deception, thou shalt do war…’

PRISM for your Mind: NSA, WikiLeaks and Israel

prism (przm) n.

1. A solid figure whose bases or ends have the same size and shape and are parallel to one another, and each of whose sides is a parallelogram.
2. A transparent body of this form, often of glass and usually with triangular ends, used for separating white light passed through it into a spectrum or for reflecting beams of light.
3. A cut-glass object, such as a pendant of a chandelier.
4. A crystal form consisting of three or more similar faces parallel to a single axis.
5. A medium that misrepresents whatever is seen through it.


prism noun ˈpri-zəm


4. a medium that distorts, slants, or colors whatever is viewed through it

The ongoing ‘NSA surveillance scandal’ has many parallels, and some direct links, with the disclosures made by WikiLeaks, the organisation its leader Julian Assange described as the « the intelligence agency of the people ».

While we took satisfaction in seeing government and corporate crimes come back to haunt their perpetrators, SOTT.net remained cautious about lauding Assange or the WikiLeaks organisation as heroic. What did any of the ‘Iraq War Logs’ or U.S. State Department ‘diplomatic cables’ reveal that was not already publicly available information? Obviously some details were new, but they didn’t change the fact that the U.S. invasion and occupation of Iraq was illegal under international law and that everyone involved had either committed or were ancillary to war crimes. Nor did anything so damaging come out to bring the perpetrators to justice or to catalyse real political change that would actually improve ordinary people’s welfare.

Things, as you may have noticed in recent years, have only gotten worse for the masses.

So is Edward Snowden, the U.S. National Security Agency whistleblower currently ‘on the run’ after disclosing ‘top secret documents’ to major media outlets, a hero or traitor? Is he neither? We discussed this and more in last Sunday’s SOTT Talk Radio show on the NSA leaks. Have a listen:

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(Video) (Comments)
Read More…

PRISM pour votre esprit : NSA, WikiLeaks et Israël 

Traduction SOTT

Prisme : [przm] – nom

1. Une figure solide dont les bases ou les extrémités ont les mêmes taille et forme et sont parallèles, et chacun de ces côtés est un parallélogramme.

2. Un corps transparent de cette forme, souvent fait de verre et généralement avec des extrémités triangulaires, utilisé pour séparer la lumière blanche qui passe à travers le spectre ou pour refléter des faisceaux de lumière.

3. Un objet de verre coupé, comme un pendentif ou un chandelier.

4. Une forme de cristal qui consiste en trois faces parallèles à un seul axe ou plus.

5. Un médium qui déforme tout ce qui est vu à travers.


Prisme : [pri-zəm] – nom


4. Un médium qui déforme, biaise, ou colore tout ce qui est vu à travers.


© Inconnu

Le « scandale de la surveillance de la NSA » en cours a plusieurs parallèles, et quelques liens directs, avec les révélations faites par Wikileaks, l’organisation que son leader Julian Assange a décrit comme « l’agence de renseignement du peuple ».

Bien que nous ayons été satisfaits de voir les crimes gouvernementaux et corporatifs revenir hanter leurs auteurs, SOTT.net est resté prudent pour ce qui est de qualifier Assange ou Wikileaks d’héroïque. Qu’est-ce que les « Journaux de la guerre d’Iraq » ou les « câbles diplomatiques » du Département d’État américain ont révélé qui n’était pas de l’information déjà disponible au public ? Évidemment, quelques détails étaient nouveaux, mais ils n’ont pas changé le fait que l’invasion et l’occupation américaine de l’Irak étaient illégales selon la loi internationale et que tous ceux qui ont été impliqués ont soit commis ou ont été impliqués dans des crimes de guerre. Il n’y a rien eu non plus qui soit sorti qui était assez nuisible pour traduire leurs auteurs en justice ou pour catalyser de vrais changements politiques qui pourraient réellement améliorer le bien-être du peuple.

Les choses, comme vous l’avez peut-être constaté ces dernières années, n’ont en fait qu’empiré pour les masses.

Israeli high-tech firms Verint and Narus have had connections with U.S. companies and Israeli intelligence in the past, and ties between the countries’ intelligence agencies remain strong.

Were Israeli companies Verint and Narus the ones that collected information from the U.S. communications network for the National Security Agency?
The question arises amid controversy over revelations that the NSA has been collecting the phone records of hundreds of millions of Americans every day, creating a database through which it can learn whether terror suspects have been in contact with people in the United States. It also was disclosed this week that the NSA has been gathering all Internet usage – audio, video, photographs, emails and searches – from nine major U.S. Internet providers, including Microsoft and Google, in hopes of detecting suspicious behavior that begins overseas.
According to an article in the American technology magazine “Wired” from April 2012, two Israeli companies – which the magazine describes as having close connections to the Israeli security community – conduct bugging and wiretapping for the NSA.
Verint, which took over its parent company Comverse Technology earlier this year, is responsible for tapping the communication lines of the American telephone giant Verizon, according to a past Verizon employee sited by James Bamford in Wired. Neither Verint nor Verizon commented on the matter.
Natus, which was acquired in 2010 by the American company Boeing, supplied the software and hardware used at ATT wiretapping rooms, according to whistleblower Mark Klein, who revealed the information in 2004. Klein, a past technician at ATT who filed a suit against the company for spying on its customers, revealed a “secret room” in the company’s San Fransisco office, where the NSA collected data on American citizens’ telephone calls and Internet surfing.
Klein’s claims were reinforced by former NSA employee Thomas Drake who testified that the agency uses a program produced by Narus to save the personal electrical communications of ATT customers.
Both Verint and Narus have ties to the Israeli intelligence agency and the Israel Defense Forces intelligence-gathering unit 8200. Hanan Gefen, a former commander of the 8200 unit, told Forbes magazine in 2007 that Comverse’s technology, which was formerly the parent company of Verint and merged with it this year, was directly influenced by the technology of 8200. Ori Cohen, one of the founders of Narus, told Fortune magazine in 2001 that his partners had done technology work for the Israeli intelligence.
International intel
The question of whether intelligence communities outside the United States were involved has been raised. According to The Guardian, the Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ), Britain’s intelligence agency, secretly collected intelligence information from the world’s largest Internet companies via the American program PRISM. According to a top secret document obtained by The Guardian, GCHQ had access to PRISM since 2010 and it used the information to prepare 197 intelligence reports last year. In a statement to the Guardian, GCHQ, said it “takes its obligations under the law very seriously.”
According to The Guardian, details of GCHQ’s use of PRISM are set out in a 41-page PowerPoint presentation prepared for senior NSA analysts, and describe a “snooping” operation that gave the NSA and FBI access to the systems of nine Internet giants, including Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Apple, Yahoo and Skype.
Given the close ties between U.S. and Israeli intelligence, the question arises as to whether Israeli intelligence, including the Mossad, was party to the secret.
Obama stands by spies
At turns defensive and defiant, U.S. President Barack Obama stood by the spy programs revealed this week.
He declared Friday that his country is “going to have to make some choices” balancing privacy and security, launching a vigorous defense of formerly secret programs that sweep up an estimated 3 billion phone calls a day and amass Internet data from U.S. providers in an attempt to thwart terror attacks.
Obama also warned that it will be harder to detect threats against the United States now that the two top-secret tools to target terrorists have been so thoroughly publicized.
“Nobody is listening to your telephone calls,” Obama assured the nation after two days of reports that many found unsettling. What the government is doing, he said, is digesting phone numbers and the durations of calls, seeking links that might “identify potential leads with respect to folks who might engage in terrorism.” If there’s a hit, he said, “if the intelligence community then actually wants to listen to a phone call, they’ve got to go back to a federal judge, just like they would in a criminal investigation.”
Tapping thwarted terror attack
While Obama said the aim of the programs is to make America safe, he offered no specifics about how the surveillance programs have done this. House Intelligence Committee Chairman Mike Rogers, R-Mich., on Thursday said the phone records sweeps had thwarted a domestic terror attack, but he also didn’t offer specifics.
U.S. government sources said on Friday that the attack in question was an Islamist militant plot to bomb the New York City subway system in 2009.
Obama asserted his administration had tightened the phone records collection program since it started in the George W. Bush administration and is auditing the programs to ensure that measures to protect Americans’ privacy are heeded – part of what he called efforts to resist a mindset of “you know, `Trust me, we’re doing the right thing. We know who the bad guys are.’”
But again, he provided no details on how the program was tightened or what the audit is looking at.
Obama: 100% privacy is impossible
The furor this week has divided Congress, and led civil liberties advocates and some constitutional scholars to accuse Obama of crossing a line in the name of rooting out terror threats.
Obama, himself a constitutional lawyer, strove to calm Americans’ fears – but also remind them that Congress and the courts had signed off on the surveillance.
“I think the American people understand that there are some trade-offs involved,” Obama said when questioned by reporters at a health care event in San Jose, California.
“It’s important to recognize that you can’t have 100 percent security and also then have 100 percent privacy and zero inconvenience,” he said. “We’re going to have to make some choices as a society. And what I can say is that in evaluating these programs, they make a difference in our capacity to anticipate and prevent possible terrorist activity.”
Obama said U.S. intelligence officials are looking at phone numbers and lengths of calls – not at people’s names – and not listening in.
The two classified surveillance programs were revealed this week in newspaper reports that showed, for the first time, how deeply the National Security Agency dives into telephone and Internet data to look for security threats. The new details were first reported by The Guardian and The Washington Post, and prompted Director of National Intelligence James Clapper to take the unusual and reluctant step of acknowledging the programs’ existence.
Obama echoed intelligence experts – both inside and outside the government – who predicted that potential attackers will find other, secretive ways to communicate now that they know that their phone and Internet records may be targeted.

So apparently NSA has been listening to our conversations, and – oy vey! – Israeli companies are involved in this too. Am I surprised? Not one bit. I understand that many, who are still dangerously ignorant and believe that governments have our best interests at heart, find this « revelation » rather shocking and outrageous, but the truth is that this is far from being new. I remember how many years ago I first read about a project called Echelon.

ECHELON, according to information in the European Parliament document, « On the existence of a global system for the interception of private and commercial communications (ECHELON interception system) » was created to monitor the military and diplomatic communications of the Soviet Union and its Eastern Bloc allies during the Cold War in the early 1960s[…]

Bamford describes the system as the software controlling the collection and distribution of civilian telecommunications traffic conveyed using communication satellites, with the collection being undertaken by ground stations located in the footprint of the downlink leg.[…]

The UK/USA intelligence community was assessed by the European Parliament (EP) in 2000 to include the signals intelligence agencies of each of the member states: UK, US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, The Netherlands.[…]

Echelon was created long before the War [of] Terror and prior to the arrival of the Internet, meaning that back then there was no need for thorough « shaping of the public opinion », no need for media to be an overt whore for the military or intelligence agencies. NSA, CIA, Mossad, MI5, etc. just did their bloody thing and didn’t worry much about whistleblowers. Of course, there were always trouble-makers, but everything was manageable (various coup d’états, COINTELPRO projects, assassinations, etc… piece of cake!), not to mention using the wonderfully silver-tongued concept of « plausible deniability« , which came in handy, oh so often. In any event, in the public’s eyes, intelligence agencies still had an aura of mystique about them. Hey, who wouldn’t want to be a secret agent or a spy?




It doesn’t surprise. On June 8, Haaretz headlined « What was the Israeli involvement in collecting US communications intel for NSA? » More on that below.
On April 3, 2012, James Bamford headlined « Shady Companies with Ties to Israel Wiretap for US for the NSA. »

He said NSA chief General Keith Alexander’s « having a busy year. » He’s « cutting ribbons at secret bases and bringing to life the agency’s greatly expanded eavesdropping network. »
« In January he dedicated the new $358 million CAPT Joseph J. Rochefort Building at NSA Hawaii, and in March he unveiled the 604,000-square-foot John Whitelaw Building at NSA Georgia. »
It’s for around « 4,000 earphone-clad intercept operators, analysts and other specialists, many of them employed by private contractors. »
It’s located at Camp Williams. It’s a Utah National Guard training facility. Once fully operational, says Bamford, it’ll « become, in effect, the NSA Cloud. »
It’ll receive data from NSA satellites, overseas listening posts, and nationwide multiple No telecom facility monitoring rooms. What’s planned is an unprecedented global spy network.
NSA operatives and hackers will harvest around 2.1 million gigabytes of data per hour. It’ll do so on the world’s most powerful computer.
It’s call Titan Supercomputer. It can handle over 20,000 trillion calculations per second or 20 petaflops. One petaflop = one quadrillion instructions per second.
Supercomputer power will be used to collect and analyze foreign and domestic communications from all possible sources.
Two Israeli companies are involved. High-tech firms Verint and Narus have longstanding US/Israeli intelligence connections. For many years, Verint was a majority-owned Comverse Technology subsidiary.
Both companies have about half their employees in Israel. In August 2012, Verint acquired Comverse. It now operates independently.
It makes security software. It calls itself « a global leader in Actionable Intelligence solutions. »
Narus calls itself a cybersecurity company. It’s an independent Boeing subsidiary. It provides real-time network traffic and analytics software. It does so with enterprise class spyware capabilities.
In 1997, it was founded in Israel. It created NarusInsight. It’s a supercomputer system. A previous article said AT&T uses it at their secret San Francisco facility. It lets NSA spy on its customers.
Verint’s software also is used to do it. Bamford called it « especially troubling that both companies have had extensive ties to Israel, as well as links to (its) intelligence service. »
A previous article discussed Israeli spying on America. The CIA calls Israel America’s main regional spy threat. An Israeli-based CIA operative once found food in his refrigerator rearranged.
Washington knows what’s going on. Publicly it’s ignored. Pre-9/11, the FBI uncovered a massive US-based Israeli spy ring. It remains active.
It betrays America. Numerous Israeli citizens are involved. They have close ties to foreign military, criminal and intelligence sources. They reportedly breach US laws with impunity.
Israel’s featured prominently in annual FBI reports. It actively seeks proprietary/secret US information. It’s mainly on military systems and advanced computer applications.
Proprietary commercial and industrial data are stolen. Israel recruits spies. Sophisticated methods are used. Computers are hacked for information.
Washington’s Government Accountability Office (GAO) said Israel « conducts the most aggressive espionage operation against the United States of any US ally. »
The Pentagon accused Israel of « actively engag(ing) in military and industrial espionage in the United States. An Israeli citizen working in the US who has access to proprietary information is likely to be a target of such espionage. »
FBI whistleblower John Cole said Justice Department officials ordered dozens of Israeli espionage cases dropped. At issue was political pressure.
Washington gives Israel billions of dollars in annual aid, state-of-the-art weapons and technology, and numerous other special privileges. In return, it steals US state and commercial secrets.
Despite longstanding close ties, Washington considers Israel both ally and counterintelligence threat. In terms of technical capability and human resources, it matches America’s best.
It has access to the highest US political, military and intelligence sources. Bamford said NSA-developed advanced analytical/data-mining software was lawlessly given Israel.
An Operations Directorate technical director did so secretly. Apparently Israeli companies got access. Technology they got advanced their own.
Narus once boasted about being « known for its ability to capture and collect data from the largest networks around the world. » Unexplained was that stolen software facilitates is capabilities.
Retired Israeli General Hanan Gefen ran its secret Unit 8200. It’s Israel’s NSA equivalent. He admitted Israeli ties to Comverse.
At the time, it owned Verint. It owns other Israeli high-tech companies. They specialize in eavesdropping and surveillance. They operate globally.
According to Gefen, the « correlation between serving in the intelligence Unit 8200 and starting successful high-tech companies is not coincidental. »
« Many of the technologies in use around the world and developed in Israel were originally military technologies and were developed and improved by Unit veterans. »
Kobi Alexander founded Verint. He formerly served as chairman. He’s a fugitive. FBI accusations include fraud, theft, lying, bribery, money laundering and related crimes.
Two of his top Comverse associates were indicted on similar charges. Both were imprisoned. They paid millions of dollars in fines and penalties.
NSA claims it takes malfeasance and other legitimate complaints seriously. Spying technology and expertise take precedence.
Bamford says take NSA assurances cautiously. « Who’s listening to the listeners, » he asks?
Haaretz asked if Verint and Narus « collected information from the US communications network » for NSA?
Neither company responded when asked. Former senior NSA official-turned whistleblower Thomas Drake exposed fraud, waste, abuse and other lawless agency practices.
They relate to warrantless data-mining practices. In April 2010, he was indicted under the Espionage Act. Charges included « willful retention of classified information, obstruction of justice, and making false statements. »
After a May 22, 2011 60 Minutes broadcast, all charges were dropped. In return, Drake pled guilty to a minor misdemeanor. He was sentenced to one year probation and community service. He lost his high-paying NSA job and pension.
On March 15, 2013, he spoke at the National Press Club. He focused on First Amendment rights. In part he said:
« The threats to the First Amendment by the government is bull’s eye-centered on a free unfettered press designed to suppress and repress speech and political expression in America, create fear through privilege and unilateral authority over what is fit or unfit for the First Amendment. »
« If speech becomes the instrument of crime when revealing government crime and wrongdoing, we are under arbitrary authoritarian rule and not the rule of law. »
« I can make an argument that government increasingly prefers to operate in the shadows and finds the First Amendment a constraint on its activities. »
« And yet, taking off the veil of government secrecy has more often than not turned truth-tellers and whistleblowers into turncoats and traitors, who are then often criminally burned and blacklisted and broken by the government on the stake of national security. »
« I knew too much truth and exposed government illegalities, fraud and abuse and was turned into a criminal for doing so. »
« I was charged under the Espionage Act, faced many years in prison and became an enemy of the state. »
« It was five years of living under the boot of the Surveillance State, and yet I was saved by the First Amendment and the court of public opinion and the free press, including the strength and growing resiliency of the alternative media. »
« Do we really want the government listening in on and tracking the lives of so many others? Have our constitutional freedoms become the latest victims of 9/11? »
« Will national security replace our individual rights? Will fear take priority over freedom? Will government censorship and propaganda triumph over personal choice and disclosure, use suppression repression? »
« If we starve liberty for the increasingly myopic sake of security, what will we have left to defend? »
If truth-telling is criminalized, freedom no longer exists.
Drake corroborated information AT&T whistleblower Mark Klein and others reported. Spies « R » Us reflects US policy.
Drake verified NSA’s use of Narus techology. Britain’s Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) collects intelligence from major US Internet companies. They do it via Prism electronic surveillance.
Officially it’s called US-984XN. It’s used for sweeping domestic and foreign spying. It’s the main source for raw NSA intelligence. It’s top secret for good reason. Now it’s existence is publicly known.
Mossad’s longstanding ties to Verint, Narus, and other Israeli surveillance technology companies assures it access to information they collect.
It’s true wherever these companies operate. America has 16 active intelligence agencies. They operate the same way. Warrantless dragnet spying is lawless.
Freedom pays the greatest price. It’s disappearing in plain sight. It’s heading for the dustbin of history without legitimate resistance enough to stop it. Nothing less has a chance.

Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at lendmanstephen@sbcglobal.net.
His new book is titled « Banker Occupation:Waging Financial War on Humanity. »http://www.claritypress.com/LendmanII.html. Visit his blog site at sjlendman.blogspot.com.

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House Majority Leader Eric Cantor on Monday wouldn’t say whether he knew about the National Security Agency’s PRISM surveillance system , noting there are a number of classified programs the government uses.
Asked by “CBS This Morning” host Norah O’Donnell whether he knew about PRISM before the disclosures, the No. 2 Republican in the House said, “There are a variety of classified programs that exist for us to, again, guard against a terrorist threat. »

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Report suggests Israel behind attempt to hack into French communication networkWas ISRAEL behind the hacking of millions of French phones and NOT the U.S.? Extraordinary twist in spying saga revealed Israel and not America was behind the hacking of millions of French phones, it was claimed today.  In the latest extraordinary twist in the global eavesdropping scandal, Israeli agents are said to have intercepted more than 70 million calls and text messages a month.  Up until now the French have been blaming the U.S., even summoning the country’s Paris ambassador to provide an explanation. But today’s Le Monde newspaper provides evidence that it was in fact Israeli agents who were listening in.  France first suspected the U.S. of hacking into former president Nicolas Sarkozy’s communications network when he was unsuccessfully trying for re-election in 2012.  Intelligence officials Bernard Barbier and Patrick Pailloux travelled from Paris to Washington to demand an explanation, but the Americans hinted that the Israelis were to blame.The Americans insisted they have never been behind any hacking in France, and were always keen to get on with the French, whom they viewed as some of their closest allies.  They were so determined to be friends with the French, that U.S. briefing notes included details of how to pronounce the names of the Gallic officials.  A note published in Le Monde shows that the Americans refused to rule out Mossad, Israel’s notoriously uncompromising intelligence agency, or the ISNU, Israel’s cyber-intelligence unit. Tailored Access Operations (TAO), the branch of the US National Security Agency (NSA) which deals with cyber-attacks, is referred to throughout the note.  It reads: ‘TAO intentionally did not ask either Mossad or ISNU whether they were involved as France is not an approved target for joint discussions.’  Le Monde’s article, co-authored by U.S. journalist Glenn Greenwald, whose main contact is NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden, however, hints that the Israelis were doing the spying.  Both US and French intelligence work closely with Mossad, but there is known to be a great deal of suspicion between all the agencies.  A 2008 NSA note says that the Israelis are ‘excellent partners in terms of sharing information’, but it also says that Mossad is ‘the third most aggressive intelligence service in the world against the United States’.  A spokesman for the Israeli government told Le Monde: ‘Israel is a country which is a friend, ally and partner of France and does not carry out any hostile activity which could pose a threat to its security.’  France has complained in the past about Mossad’s use of its soil to plan so called black operations including the 2010 assassination in Dubai of Mahmoud Al-Mabhouh of the Palestinian movement Hamas.(…)

‘Sarkozy spied on by Mossad’ Le Monde releases secret file noting Americans suggest Israel responsible for spying on France

Report: Israel’s Mossad may have hacked former French president Sarkozy’s communications in 2012

Zionist Mossad Exposed for Massive Euro Phone Hacking: 99% of Zio Media Covers it Up!

Le Mossad a mis l’Elysée sur écoute

U.S. Hinted to France: Mossad Behind Elysee Palace Hacking– Leaked document: France believed U.S. was behind a cyber attack on the Elysee Palace, U.S. hinted Mossad was responsible

BFMTV.COM Espionnage : le Mossad a-t-il mis l’Élysée sur écoute ?

Autre information :

(…) TAO a confirmé que ce n’était pas une opération qu’il menait. TAO a demandé à ses partenaires s’ils étaient impliqués (…). Chacun a nié une quelconque participation. TAO a volontairement évité de demander au Mossad ou à l’ISNU s’ils étaient impliqués car la France n’est pas une cible commune à Israël et aux États-Unis.Pour compléter l’information des chefs de la NSA, la note prend la peine d’ajouter que le Mossad et l’ISNU, également en mesure de mener ce type d’attaque, n’ont, « volontairement », pas été questionnés sur cette affaire. Pour justifier cette retenue, le rédacteur avance, de manière laconique, que « la France n’est pas une cible commune à Israël et aux Etats-Unis ». La NSA ne dit pas que le Mossad a mené l’attaque mais semble, néanmoins, considérer comme nécessaire le besoin de mentionner l’existence d’un doute raisonnable à l’encontre de l’Etat juif. (…)


FBI Investigated Anti-Defamation League (ADL) for Espionage

NSA spying revelations boost calls for Pollard’s release
Disclosures that American intelligence monitored the emails of two former Israeli prime ministers has prompted a new round of calls for clemency for Jonathan Pollard.

Snowden revelations of US spying give Israel golden opportunity to end Pollard saga

Netanyahu said to have offered Lewinsky tapes for Pollard New critical book on the Clinton family claims that Israel tapped White House phones, blackmailed president with recordings of intern

US spying ‘gives ammunition’ to Netanyahu to derail Obama agenda
Netanyahou va récupérer et instrumentaliser les révélations sur l’espionnage américain (Snowden et compagnie). Les révélations de Snowden sont-elles une victoire pour nous? Ou bien est-ce que l’instrumentalisation de ces révélations par Netanyahou n’est pas justement la raison pour laquelle les médias JUIFS ont décidé de donner le porte-voix à Snowden au lieu de l’étouffer comme ils ont étouffé TOUS les autres sonneurs d’alarme avant lui?
Si vous vous demandez pourquoi les médias juifs ont choisi de donner le porte-voix à Snowden, pourquoi ils ne l’ont pas juste bâillonné comme ils font toujours d’habitude, et bien la voilà votre réponse: c’est que ça fait grandement l’affaire de Netanyahou car l’espionnage américain lui donne une occasion en or d’attaquer Obama tout en évitant de se mettre à dos les Américains et tout en mettant le peuple américain pratiquement de son bord, contre Obama… Ça va être le plus beau Noël de Netanyahou.

ln Israel, Greenwald reveals whose agenda he is serving
Speaking to Israel’s Channel 10 — whose biggest shareholder, cosmetics billionaire Ronald Lauder, is President of the World Jewish Congress — Greenwald criticized “the continued imprisonment of Jonathan Pollard,” who was sentenced to life in prison in 1987 after passing more than a million highly classified documents to Israel while working as an intelligence analyst for the U.S. Navy. (Incidentally, Channel 10 owner Lauder is also a supporter of clemency for Pollard.) As reported today by Haaretz, here’s what Greenwald told his Israeli audience about the spy, who, in the words of former CIA officer Philip Giraldi, “did more damage to the United States than any spy in history”

Revelations About NSA Spying on Israel Could Possibly End in Release of Traitor
By Victor Thorn
In a shocking new disclosure that is guaranteed to send the Israeli lobby in the U.S. into apoplexy, Glenn Greenwald of Britain’s Guardian newspaper—the primary recipient of NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden’s leaks—is reporting that U.S. intelligence agencies regularly spied on top Israeli officials in order to keep tabs on its plans for a possible attack on Iran.
After scores of documents leaked by Snowden were made public last year, U.S. surveillance practices conducted by the National Security Agency (NSA) have faced heavy criticism from world leaders.
This backlash won’t be lessening any time soon.
According to Snowden, NSA officials collaborated with the UK’s central spy agency, GCHQ, to directly monitor the email accounts of Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak and then-Prime Minister Ehud Olmert.
An Israeli military intelligence outlet known as Debka verified the NSA’s practices in an October 2013 report.
“[The Agency] had a single narrow focus: to pick up the slightest murmur or clue suggesting that Israel was about to launch an attack on Iran’s nuclear sites,” reported Debka.
The Israeli news agency added that spies were instructed to scrutinize “any orders placed suddenly for large quantities of aircraft fuel, or the import of unusual amounts of emergency medical equipment.”
Although no one can be certain of what materials Greenwald may next release, on Jan. 9 AFP spoke with a source in Boston that requested his name be withheld.
Characterizing himself as a rabbi who has consulted on Mideast peace negotiations in the past, the source told AFP: “In professional circles, intelligence people know that everyone’s trying to get information about everyone else. So, it’s not surprising that the U.S. is spying. Israel does the same thing to protect [its] interests.”
One interesting aspect of the NSA-Israeli relationship that will always be a sore spot involves the latest push to free convicted spy Jonathan Pollard, who in 1987 received a life sentence for committing treason against the U.S.
Since Pollard’s imprisonment, Israeli politicians, especially Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, have made appeals for his release. Although every U.S. president since Ronald Reagan has denied these requests, on Dec. 27, 2013 Secretary of State John Kerry floated the possibility of freeing Pollard in exchange for 26 Arab inmates held in Israeli custody.
Even Greenwald himself seems to be shilling for Pollard’s freedom, claiming that Israeli leaders are correct in their attempts to link NSA spying revelations with this notorious agent’s pardon.
On Jan. 11, AFP contacted Joseph Bishop, an international teacher who has taught English in Russia and the Ukraine. When asked about Kerry offering Pollard as a bargaining chip, Bishop replied:
“This move says that Kerry has no principles. He’d give up anything.”
Expanding further on this thought, Bishop asserted: “Netanyahu is the primary reason why Pollard is even on the table. To me, it seems that talks about Pollard are a gesture of compromise or conciliation by the Obama administration, almost like a quid pro quo since they haven’t invaded Syria or Iran. Pollard’s possible freedom almost seems like an expression of sorrow or guilt that the NSA spied on Israel.”

Was NSA monitoring Israeli spies? (Est-ce pour ça que les médias en parlent enfin de l’espionnage de la NSA? Parce que cela déplaît grandement à Israël et à son réseau international d’espionnage?)

Lawmakers accuse Snowden of being ‘Russian spy’

ed note–it goes without saying, but nevertheless keep in mind as you consider this statement that both of these individuals are in the paid service of the State of Israel, making THEM in effect ‘spies’ as well.
Snowden, un « espion russe »? Il est toujours important de brouiller les pistes. Sauf quand le but est d’intimider… Or ici Israël et son réseau mondial d’espionnage ne cherche pas à nous intimider, il cherche à obtenir notre appui dans son combat contre la NSA, donc il doit brouiller les pistes.

John McCain: Young people upset about NSA spying because we’ve forgotten 9/11

Who’s really afraid of NSA surveillance? Israel does! Peut-être que la NSA était sur le point de sortir publiquement des infos hautement compromettantes au sujet des activités criminelles et/ou d’espionnage d’Israël lorsque le scandale Snowden a été coulé dans les médias juifs, afin que mettre la NSA au centre de la vindicte populaire… Ceci alors que la NSA fait un boulot nécessaire pour protéger le pays contre ses ennemis tels qu’ Israël et l’Arabie Saoudite!

ADL: U.S. refusal to release Pollard borders on anti-Semitism

Abraham Foxman: you can’t call a Jew a traitor, unless you’re an anti-Semite

Former Bush advisor and Iraq war achitect Elliot Abrams says Pollard should go free

Israelis: Obama Withholding Visas to Israeli Security Personnel
Hundreds of Israeli military officers, intelligence operatives, and those working for the country’s defense industry are being denied U.S. visas once routinely approved, the Hebrew tabloid Ma’ariv reported in its Tuesday edition.

Les Américains empêchent les agents du Shin Bet et du Mossad de visiter leur pays

US officials: Extent of Israeli spying ‘shocking’

Report: US Intelligence Officials Say ‘Israel Crossed the Line’

Secret US Intelligence Reports Reveal “Sobering” “Alarming” “Terrifying” Israeli Spying on America!

Newsweek: Extensive Israeli spying in the US kept quiet due to pressure from the lobby

juif.org – « Quelqu’un veut saboter les relations Israël/USA » Le ministre israélien des Affaires stratégiques et du Renseignement, Youval Steinitz, a critiqué samedi le rapport du magazine américain Newsweek accusant Israël de dépasser « la ligne rouge » en matière d’espionnage sur le sol américain, affirmant qu’il s’agit d’une « tentative malicieuse et intentionnelle de saboter les relations entre Israël et les Etats-Unis ».

Did an Israeli spy hide in Al Gore’s bathroom? Just days after Newsweek quoted senior U.S. intelligence officials as saying that Israeli espionage operations in the United…

Israel assails latest allegations of brazen spying on US In response to ‘Newsweek’ report, Strategic Affairs Minister Steinitz accuses “someone of trying to maliciously harm » US-Israel ties.

A spy in the ointment of U.S.-Israel relations  Israel should be troubled not by the unconvincing espionage allegations, but by their timing.

Espionnage sioniste aux Etats Unis, trop c’est trop!

Israel’s Aggressive Spying in the U.S. Mostly Hushed Up

Spy Revelations Are “Anti-Semitic” Say Zio-Supremacists as Media Blacks Them Out

Israeli spying on US swept under rug, report claims

ADL Director Foxman slams ‘unfounded’ US fears of Israeli spying

Liberman calls accusations of Israeli spying on US ‘false and malicious’ Senior Israeli officials condemn allegations in ‘Newsweek’ of espionage, claim reports are anti-Semitic.

Israel Won’t Stop Spying on the U.S.

Israel rejects US spying allegations as false, ‘malicious’
Newsweek reporter stands by Israeli spying allegation: Facts are facts

Israel denies spying on US

US spies vindictive on Israel

US Officials: Israeli Spying on US has ‘Crossed Red Lines’

Ex-Mossad chief calls Newsweek spy story ‘delusional’

Espionnage sioniste aux Etats Unis, Jeff Stein enfonce le clou!

US State Department does not deny reports of ‘unrivaled’ Israeli spying

Why Snowden hasn’t harmed Israel’s intelligence services There was an expectation that the Snowden documents would yield details on Israel’s electronic surveillance capabilities, yet Glenn Greenwald has barely reported on Israel.

Israel Flagged as Top Spy Threat to U.S. in New Snowden/NSA Document

VIDEO – Former Israeli Ambassador Suddenly Can’t Hear MSNBC When Asked About Spying On John Kerry
VIDEO – Espionnage de John Kerry : Quand l’ancien ambassadeur israélien « n’entend pas » la question Interviewé par une journaliste américaine, Michael Oren, ancien ambassadeur israélien auprès des États-Unis, n’a « pas entendu » la question portant sur de possibles écoutes israéliennes sur John Kerry.

Kerry-Netanyahu call abruptly terminated  Prime minister, secretary of state spoke on Sunday, but the conversation was ended due to ‘communications issue’ according to State Department; Kerry not planning to attend Cairo talks

Hamas executes two men in Gaza as spies for Israel

Report: Egypt uncovers Mossad spy operation

The Daily Mail UK – Was ISRAEL behind the hacking of millions of French phones and NOT the U.S.? Extraordinary twist in spying saga revealed

Sur ce blog:

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À quand une nuit de cristal pour démanteler ce réseau d’espionnage sioniste international?

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L’espionnage comme seconde nature

Autre espion pour Israël arrêté aux USA

Les renseignements britanniques évitaient d’engager des membres de la communauté juive

Le procès d’Alan Gross, espion « américain » dans la communauté juive cubaine, pourrait envenimer les relations Cuba-US

Un jeune agent du Mossad donne vie au mythe d’Al-Qaida

Verint, compagnie israélienne de sécurité : du métro de Londres au métro de Montréal



Washington Post: l’industrie du renseignement lié à la guerre au terrorisme est un monstre qui ne cesse de croître de manière incontrôlable

Les compagnies de surveillance ne cessent de croître et de s’enrichir

Le récent scandale d’espionnage par des compagnies de sécurité israéliennes en Pennsylvanie n’est que la pointe de l’iceberg…

L’utilisation d’armes chimiques en Syrie pourrait être un false flag israélien, selon l’ancien chef de cabinet de Colin Powell sous l’administration Bush

Al-Qaïda et Israël (Joe Lieberman): même combat contre la Syrie

John McCain et les leçons de la Libye: « Bombardez la Syrie! »

« Je suis un sénateur états-unien, pas un sénateur israélien ». Le nouveau secrétaire à la Défense d’Obama, couvert de crachats et de malédictions par le lobby juif

Netanyahou interdit à ses ministres de parler d’Obama…

Moins d’argent juif de New York pour Obama, plus d’argent juif de Las Vegas pour Romney

Encore une fois, comme après l’élection d’Obama 2008, le président nouvellement élu est testé par une guerre israélienne contre Gaza

Après JFK et Obama, au tour de l’Onu de demander à Israël d’ouvrir ses installations nucléaires aux inspections

Le réseau criminalisé Netanyahou-Adelson-Romney

Israël peut bien disparaître, on s’en moque, dit l’ancien directeur de l’unité de traque de Ben Laden à la CIA

2016 – Obama’s America: le tout dernier film du producteur mormon oscarisé pour La Liste de Schindler

La CIA voit le Mossad comme sa pire menace en matière de contre-espionnage

Sous l’admin Obama, coup de filet de l’IRS contre l’évasion fiscale vers les banques israéliennes (mis à jour 20 mai 2013)

Un autre grand comique, propriétaire et éditeur d’un journal juif américain, soutient qu’il ne prônait pas vraiment l’assassinat d’Obama

Le mouvement des Birthers ou Quand les Patriotes font le travail de Netanyahou…

Selon Frank J. Gaffney (PNAC), les Frères Musulmans ont infiltré et contrôlent l’administration Obama

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