L’homme le plus puissant à Washington DC (bien que récemment détrôné), le juif orthodoxe Eric Cantor, accuse les États-Unis de tarder à réagir à la menace iranienne comme ils ont tardé à réagir à la « menace nazie » et failli à éviter l’Holocauste des juifs…

Mise à jour:

Depuis juin 2014, Cantor n’est plus l’homme le plus puissant à Washington. Le journal américain American Free Press se félicite pour son rôle dans l’éviction de ce maître manipulateur hors du Congrès.

Le juif orthodoxe et un sioniste inconditionnel Eric Cantor dirige la majorité républicaine à la Chambre des représentants (partie du Congrès des États-Unis). Aussi bien dire qu’il règne suprême sur le pouvoir législatif américain.

Dans toute l’histoire des États-Unis, aucun juif n’a tenu un poste aussi élevé et aussi puissant dans l’appareil d’État américain. (Dans la liturgie juive, le « cantor » désigne le chanteur attitré, c’est-à-dire qui dirige les prières chantées à la synagogue.)


C’est un homme politique extrêmement puissant et dangereux: cet opposant farouche à la politique d’Obama et fanatique supporteur d’Israël est à ce point déterminé à en finir avec la « menace iranienne » qu’il est prêt à déclencher une troisième guerre mondiale!

After Auschwitz trip, Cantor warns against dangers of isolationism House Majority Leader Eric Cantor spent much of a recent foreign policy speech assailing President Obama, but between the lines some Republicans saw a rebuke to isolationists in his own party.

Cantor cites pre-WWII isolation in pressing for greater U.S. engagement

U.S. House majority leader links Holocaust, Iran sanctions Representative Eric Cantor says U.S. must counter Iran’s ‘determined march’ to produce nuclear weapons. Representative Eric Cantor, the Republican House majority leader, cited the lateness of American actions against the Nazis in critiquing President Obama’s foreign policy.

Cantor cites Auschwitz in warning against US inaction on Iran

Cantor: US Enemies ‘Emboldened’ by Obama’s Weak Foreign Policy

Cantor: US must not become complacent on Iran Même le gouvernement israélien n’est pas aussi belliciste que Cantor. Cela parce qu’Israël craint d’être marginalisé par la communauté internationale et de subir les répercussions de la campagne contre l’Iran (menaces de guerre et sanctions).

Cantor n’est au fond qu’un clone politique de Netanyahou, ce belliciste ultra, aligné sur le mouvement des colons, le c’est-à-dire sur le sionisme le plus extrémiste et dangereux, pour lequel la fin justifie tous les moyens!

Netanyahu says Iran remains ‘brutal’ and ‘aggressive’ Il ne pourrait même pas citer un seul exemple concret de cette « agressivité » et de cette « brutalité »! L’Iran n’a pas initié la moindre petite guerre au cours des 70 dernières années.

Netanyahou compare l’Iran à l’Allemagne nazie

Netanyahu’s message on Iran arms ship: It’s the world against Israel

Iran accuses foreign agencies in new sabotage plot

Israel said to be budgeting billions for Iran strike


Iran Accountability Week taking place under Cotler’s gavel

Israeli nuclear expert: Netanyahu using Iran threat for political gain

AIPAC in Disarray After Iran Sanctions Setback

VIDEO – AIPAC Policy Conference 2014 (Humour) Vidéo pro-boycott censurée par youtube

Is AIPAC Doomed?

Un échec cinglant de l’Aipac Le lobby pro-israélien a-t-il présumé de ses forces ?

Israel: A significant shift in U.S. public opinion…? And what if the answer is “Yes”?

Kerry: Israel’s security is ‘illusionary’, boycott around the corner

AIPAC campaign backfires Promotional initiative for upcoming Policy Conference hijacked by anti-Israel activists

AIPAC’s Convention Starts as Iran Sanctions Debacle Still Looms Large

AIPAC’s Lousy Timing The timing ain’t great for AIPAC. The Israel lobby’s annual convention opens Sunday with the group still licking its wounds from a major defeat on Iran sanctions.

AIPAC conference to focus more on Iran than US peace efforts between Israel, PA L’AIPAC démontre que c’est pas la résolution du conflit entre Israel et la Palestine qui les préoccupe, c’est l’Iran et tous les autres prétendus « ennemis des juifs ». Le lobby sioniste se préoccupe moins de la « menace palestinienne » que de la prétendue « menace iranienne, » de la « menace islamique antisémite », etc.

Can AIPAC Get Its Groove Back? For years, Israeli leaders visiting Washington have been boosted by America’s main pro-Israel lobby, its influence on U.S. Middle East policy long accepted as a matter of conventional wisdom.
But when Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu addresses an annual convention of Israel’s U.S. supporters next week, he will find the group trying to show it has not lost its touch after the White House blocked its push for Congress to impose new Iran sanctions.

Are Americans Really Pro-Israel? A new article in the Jewish Supremacist Tablet magazine has claimed that the reason why the Jewish lobby…

Israel is losing its grip on evangelical Christians

La guerre d’Obama contre Israël

juif.org Obama considère Israël comme « une Puissance Hostile »
Le silence du Judaïsme américain et la conspiration des médias libéraux dans le sacro-saint du Parti Démocrate sont assourdissants et choquants de pure hypocrisie, manque de conscience et absence d’intégrité intellectuelle.
Au milieu de tout le battage médiatique et d’une campagne de désinformation contre Israël, beaucoup de Juifs américains – pour des raisons difficiles à expliquer – sont soit furieux, soit indifférents, ou tout simplement antisionistes, voire antisémites !

U.S. Jews are more Obama than Netanyahu

U.S. Rep. Bachmann: American Jews sold out Israel Israël est toujours la victime, même des juifs eux-mêmes.

Op-Ed: Beating back the assault on Israel’s legitimacy
The Jewish community is mobilizing a coordinated response to the BDS threat, write Jerry Silverman of the Jewish Federations of North America and Steve Gutow of the Jewish Council for Public Affairs.

The use of name-calling like “anti-Semites” and “delegtimizers” is problematic for a number of reasons, not only because its claims are untrue, but also because it takes the focus off the real issue at hand – whether and how Israel is, in fact, violating international law and basic human rights principles – and, instead, recklessly impugns the characters of those advocating for Israel to be held accountable.

‘NY Times’ and ‘LA Times’ run op-eds by an AIPAC board member without telling readers

Historic Defense Cuts

« Countries in the Middle East will likely think about following the recent example of the Egyptian government in moving closer to Russia at the expense of their ties to the United States. Israel’s neighbors, in addition to the Palestinians and Hizbullah, will make what they will of an America no longer able to provide Israel with the kind of qualitative and quantitative military backing the Israelis and their enemies have come to take for granted. (…) But equally at issue here is the kind of robust presence the U.S. will maintain around the world, as well as the responses the military would be able to muster given any number of potential crises. (…) But we cannot help but be uneasy with a White House that seems to be signaling a weariness with America’s traditional role in the world and a wish to unburden itself of the responsibilities of leadership. « 

Bref, l’article se termine sur la peur des juifs que les USA abandonnent leur rôle de POLICE MONDIALE…

Israel denies EU request to meet with Palestinian prisoners

Thousands denied water in Jerusalem as California Gov signs energy pact with Netanyahu

Israel cuts off water supply to 45,000 Palestinians

War on innocents in the Middle East is a war on Islam


It is the abhorrent “theft” which Richard Falk, United Nations special rapporteur on human rights in the Palestinian territories described on March 21 as “unacceptable characteristics of colonialism, apartheid and ethnic cleansing”.

Racist supremacist Jew Lieberman planning to transfer Arab-Israelis, seeking secret legal advice on how to do it

Chris Christie Apologizes to Sheldon Adelson for ‘Occupied Territories’ Remark, but wll it cost him the nomination?

Christie, Walker court Jewish Republican donors in Las Vegas = Adelson

Sheldon Adelson expands Israeli media empire, buys Makor Rishon and NRG

Sheldon Adelson, le milliardaire qui veut acheter la Maison Blanche, la Knesset et bombarder l’Iran

Le gangster qui a acheté les Républicains états-uniens

Israeli spy minister warns Kerry over ‘surrender’ to Iran

Leno: Anyone who’s not Kerry is welcome in Israel right now 

Hardline rabbi named Shas spiritual leader

Why is the US Honoring a Racist Rabbi?

Shalom Cohen, a rabbi known for his hostility toward modern Orthodox and secular Israeli Jews, was appointed spiritual leader of the Orthodox, Sephardi Shas Party.

Shas party’s new spiritual leader: Deputy religious services minister is ‘crazy’ Rabbi Shalom Cohen fires the latest salvo in the battle between ultra-Orthodox and religious-Zionist leaders.

The Jerusalem question: Will a U.S. court case trigger WWIII? If the U.S. decides to list ‘Israel’ as the country of birth of an American born in Jerusalem, the consequences are potentially huge.

The New York Times wrestles with Israel’s gag orders Two senior editors at the newspaper say they were unaware of The Times ever agreeing to abide by gag orders in Israel.

New York Times Admits It Agreed to ‘Gag Orders’ in Israel

ADL Director Foxman slams ‘unfounded’ US fears of Israeli spying Il croit vraiment qu’on va gober ça?

How the Holocaust tripped up Kerry’s peace process


Netanyahu issues Iran warning in Holocaust memorial speech Toujours des menaces…

Iran Accountability Week taking place under Cotler’s gavel

Israeli nuclear expert: Netanyahu using Iran threat for political gain

Cantor visits Shanghai shul, touts religious freedom Et depuis quand c’est le rôle du leader de la majorité républicaine au Congrès de visiter les synagogues partout dans le monde et de promouvoir la liberté de religion*? (*fait drôlement penser à ce par quoi Harper a remplacé « Droit et Démocratie »: le Bureau de la liberté de religion du Canada.)

Budget-strapped Israeli military banks on future US aid Future funding for IDF purchases of American weaponry to be discussed next week during Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel’s visit to Israel.

Kantor: European leaders need to ‘wake up’ to spike in anti-Semitism across continent

‘EU does not consider MEK a serious alternative to Iranian government’ Quoi?  Les USA et l’UE sont pas censés être anti-terroristes?

Rabbi Shore’s Clarion Project backs MeK

Cantor’s loss leaves Jewish Republicans bereft With Rep. Eric Cantor’s surprise primary defeat, Congress loses its only Republican Jewish lawmaker and the highest-ranking Jewish elected official in American history.

Slain by His Own Hand Eric Cantor spent years spoon-feeding the Tea Party a diet of extreme, hateful rhetoric. Now the monster he helped create has caused his own political demise, Jay Michaelson writes.

Cantor vs. Cantor Feud Liberal Dan Cantor crowed that the downfall of the GOP power guy is not ‘a referendum on Cantors everywhere — only on right-wing ones.’

Jewish politicians and commentators react to Eric Cantor’s shocking defeat by Dave Brat.

Eric Cantor to quit as House Majority Leader

Tonight’s Biggest Losers: Meet Eric Cantor’s Largest Donors

Eric Cantor Defeated: Rising Awareness of Jewish Influence behind “Shock” Primary Defeat

Hear Dr. David Duke on the Meaning of Eric Cantor’s Primary Defeat

With Cantor departure, Republicans have no Jews in Congress

Was Eric Cantor’s loss a Jewish thing?

Did Eric Cantor Lose Because He’s Jewish? You Betcha.

Thought You Had a Choice? Jewish Lobby Has Servile Goyim “Cantor Replacements” Ready

Victoire du Tea Party en Virginie, tremblement de terre sur la planète républicaine

NeoCon ‘reality-creating’: Paper published in 1982 by Israeli journalist describes exactly what’s going on in Iraq, Syria and across the Middle East

Did Christians Kill Cantor? Did Eric Cantor lose because he’s Jewish? Instead of tiptoeing around the question, J.J. Goldberg says let’s just come out and say it: Of course he did.

Eric Cantor’s defeat, and bringing Hitler into it…
Getting weirder and weirder by the minute…

Could Cantor have lost because he’s a Jew?
Pundits, Jewish Virginians deny anti-Semitism played part in ‘evil twist of fate’ that brought down House majority leader in primary
Ed note–in light of the thesis put forward the other night by yours truly and MCP concerning Cantor’s loss being engineered by anti-Netanyahu forces within the pro-Israel community,  please pay attention to the sections highlighted in red.

Eric Cantor’s Defeat Is Also Netanyahu’s

Jewish Media Awash in Speculation: Did Eric Cantor Lose because he is a Jew?

The Elephant in the Room
The Republican Party has shifted so far to the right that even Eric Cantor is hounded out. That’s bad for the GOP, bad for America — and bad for the Jews.

Eric Cantor refuses to rule out political future Defeated Jewish congressional leader won’t rule out run for governor of Virginia, says will continue to ‘be a champion for the conservative cause.’

CNN Asks If Eric Cantor Lost Due To Anti-Semitic Tea Party Voters

Ron Paul: I Never Saw Eye To Eye With Eric Cantor

Why Eric Cantor’s Loss Will Hurt Jewish Democrats, Too

(AMERICAN FREE PRESS Volume XIV • Number 25 June 23, 2014)

Recent victories of tea-party and anti-establishment candidates in primaries across the United States have sent shock waves through the internationalist, prointerventionist, warmongering, tax-and-spend wing of the Republican Party. This is bad news for the beltway GOP, but good news for all of us who have been working to educate Americans about the mess the country is in.
The mainstream media reported on the June 9 defeat ofMajority Leader Eric Cantor by a relatively unknown economics professor, claiming that Republican strategists were in “total chaos” and were “completely blindsided” by the huge upset. Business Week editorialized that it signaled the coming of a “civil war” that was going to tear apart the Republican Party.
The truth is, Cantor represents everything that is wrong with Republicans in Washington today. He claims to be a conservative who supports smaller government, but he never saw a war he didn’t like. Over the years, he has been a fierce advocate of U.S. intervention in the Middle East, which led to one of the most common criticisms voiced by his constituents—that he spendsmore time representing Israel than he does the seventh district of Virginia.
In this week’s issue, on page 5, reporter Michael Collins Piper reports that grassroots activists in Cantor’s district told Mike that AFP’s reporting on Cantor over the years played a part in his downfall.
Voters had been handed past issues of AFP that documented, among other things, his mysterious foreign backers and his backroom dealings on immigration “reform.”
Even better news is that the fall of the establishment has not just been confined to the United States. As we reported in the June 9 & 16 edition as well as in this week’s issue, nationalist parties throughout Europe are on the rise as well.
In this week’s issue, writer Pete Papaherakles updates readers on the plight of leaders of the Golden Dawn Party, who were thrown in jail on trumped-up charges in a feeble attempt to quash growing support for them. It looks like that backfired because Golden Dawn made significant gains in the recent Greek elections.
We may be winning, but this is no time to let the momentum fade. Keep up the pressure on local, state and federal officials. And see our ad for PROJECT FREEDOM USA on pages 14-15 to find out how you can get more involved.

Executive Editor

AFP Plays a Role in Dramatic Ouster of Rep. Eric Cantor

(AMERICAN FREE PRESS, Volume XIV • Number 25 June 23, 2014)
By Michael Collins Piper

Information first developed and brought to national attention by AMERICAN FREE PRESS played a critical role in the effort by grassroots voters in orchestrating the primary election defeat on June 10 of House Majority Leader Rep. Eric Cantor (R-Va.) in a surprise upset the national media describes as “shocking.”
AFP articles by this writer exposing Cantor’s big money connections—published on Nov. 14, 2010, Nov. 29, 2010 and Nov. 4, 2011 and later widely picked up on the Internet—have beenwidely distributed throughout his Richmond-area district by grassroots activists over the past several years and during the recent campaign. This contributed to the perception, among voters, that Cantor’s focus—the interests of big money contributors—was out of touchwith the needs of his constituents.
A Talmud-centered Orthodox practitioner ubiquitously described in almost worshipful terms by the media as “the only Republican Jew in Congress,” and as “the most senior Jewish official in government,” Cantor was repudiated by voters who, by a wide margin, chose David Brat, an economics professor from Randolph-Macon College.
Although Brat only had $200,000 in the bank—whereas Cantor’s campaign coffers held some $5 million, nearly a million of which was spent by Cantor in television advertising and direct-mail hit pieces attacking Brat—Brat reminded voters that Cantorwasmaking noises sympathetic to amnesty for illegal aliens.
Although the major media keeps mentioning the tea party as the force behind Cantor’s defeat, the truth is that many in the tea party actually supported Cantor because they—like Cantor—are strong supporters of Israel.
In fact, Cantor’s basic underlying problem was the fact Cantor was especially crippled by the long-standing feeling of voters that Cantor was not doing enough for those in his home district and was instead focused on the concerns of big money special interests.
Reporting that Cantor is “one of the very few members of Congress who has some of the richest andmost powerful people in theworld bankrolling his political endeavors,” AFP noted that “the fact that billionaires in the global financial plutocracy—all intimately tied to the London-based Rothschild family—are underwriting Cantor’s career is a point that cannot be taken lightly.”
AFP pointed out that Cantor was “unique among House members: While most members rely on campaign contributions mainly from their own congressional districts, Cantor has an unusually expansive array of contributions pouring in from across the country.”
For example, one of Cantor’s federal election filings, recorded at campaignmoney.com, shows he received 146 contributions from New York donors. In contrast, only 36 donations from New York went to Cantor’s ostensible senior partner in the Republican takeover of the House, Rep. John Boehner, who—prior to becoming House Speaker—had been a top-ranking GOP congressional figure for more than a few years. Yet, even Boehner could not rival Cantor in the number of out-of-state cash contributions.
AFP then provided a brief sampling of Cantor’s contributors from New York State alone, demonstrating the real clout—and the big names—who were bankrolling him:

• Kenneth Bialkin, a mob legal mouthpiece, former national chairman of the Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith, former chairman of the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations, and now chairman of the America-Israel Friendship League, s a Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) member. The CFR is the New York-based offshoot of the London-based Royal Institute for International Affairs, the Rothschild empire’s foreign policy arm;
• Gary Cohn, president and chief operating officer of Goldman Sachs, the infamous Wall Street investment bank whose financial schemes are well known to many Americans who’ve seen their pensions plundered;
• Steven Drucker of Charmer Sunbelt, a massive liquor conglomerate that has grabbed control of various facets of the U.S. spirits industry;
• Lewis M. Eisenberg who, as a former Goldman Sachs partner, is perhaps best known for serving as chairman from 1995 to the pivotal year of 2001 of the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey—at which time the authority turned World Trade Center (WTC) ownership over to international wheeler-dealer, Larry Silverstein, who had the WTC twin towers well insured and suspiciously made billions from the 9-11 attacks;
• Henry Kravis, a member of the CFR and Bilderberg group who was one of the famous “junk bond kings” of the 1980s through his Kohlberg-Kravis-Roberts partnership;
• Ronald Perelman, billionaire head of the Revlon cosmetics empire. He also heads a far-reaching network of radio and television stations. At one point he was said to have been the richest man in America;
• James Tisch, another CFR member and a scion of the billionaire Tisch family who bought control of CBS in the 1980s. These were just a few of the powerful out-of-state figures who were channeling funds to Cantor’s political enterprises. Two of Cantor’s other notable national contributors were:
• Jeffrey Epstein of California, chief financial officer of the Oracle Corporation, the fiefdom of Larry Ellison, who rose to fame in the 1970s working on a database for the CIA (named “Oracle”). After 9-11, Ellison offered to donate software to the U.S. government to help set up a national identification database, from which national ID cards for American citizens would be issued;
• Sheldon Adelson of Las Vegas, the modern-day incarnation of the late Meyer Lansky, longtime chief of the Jewish crime syndicate. Adelson, today, is one of the GOP’s biggest (and best known) financial backers.

Growing awareness of Cantor’s unusual big money connections played a pivotal part in his ultimate election defeat. AFP is pleased that the information it brought to light helped play a part.

Michael Collins Piper is an author, journalist, lecturer and radio show host. He has spoken in Russia, Malaysia, Iran, Abu Dhabi, Japan, Canada and the U.S.

Rothschild Influence Deep Within GOP 
American Free Press
By Michael Collins Piper  

Call it the “War Party,” the “New World Order” or the “Zionist Elite.” However you describe this element—with multiple ties to the Rothschild banking octopus and its predatory tentacles on American shores—its influence reaches the inner circles of key Republican presidential hopefuls who promise to save the republic from Obama’s legacy in 2016.
A reviewof those “advising” these GOP contenders indicates the same old faces are at work ensuring globalist powers will be directing the foreign policy agenda of whomever represents the GOP in the next presidential election.
Those from whom the GOP contenders are—as The Washington Post of April 6 put it—“soaking up guidance” are a disturbing lot.
War-happy internationalist Sen. John McCain (RAriz.)—whose wife’s $150 million beer fortune is owed to the patronage of the Jewish crime syndicate’s Bronfman family, longtime intimates of the Rothschild dynasty—bragged to the Post of the 2016 GOP hopefuls that “They all call, all the time” asking for advice from the failed former presidential candidate. However, McCain—who in 2008 actually raised campaign money in the London home of Lord Jacob Rothschild—was quick to assure the Post that “First, I tell them to touch base with Henry Kissinger—of course.”
That any future president would “of course” first touch base with Kissinger—long a top schemer among the New World Order elite—is of obvious concern to anyone who values national sovereignty.
But others with whom the Republican contenders are mingling are equally of concern. Rep. Paul Ryan (Wis.)—the GOP’s 2012 vice presidential candidate—huddles with his longtime associate, former Education Secretary William Bennett, a founding director of the hardline, pro-Israel, neoconservative “think tank,” Empower America, which once employed Ryan as a speechwriter, helping advance Ryan’s career in official Washington.
A protege of the ex-Trotskyite “godfather” of the neoconservatives, the late Irving Kristol—father of notorious modern-day neoconservative power broker William Kristol—Bennett and his Empower America co-founder, ex-Rep. Vin Weber (R-Minn.), remain influential in shaping Ryan’s worldview.
Today, Weber is a member of the board of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), the New York affiliate of the London-based Royal Institute of International Affairs, which is often referred to as the foreign policy arm of the Rothschild dynasty.
Florida Sen. Marco Rubio—whose foreign policy rhetoric becomes more bellicose and more fervently internationalist as 2016 approaches, has—according to The Washington Post—“become friendly” with Israeli-born Yuval Levin who has elsewhere been glowingly described as “probably the most influential conservative intellectual of the Obama era.”
Also turning to Levin for direction is Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal. But Jindal has his own antecedents that explain, at least in part, the longtime infatuation with Jindal by the Zionist-dominated media, which was promoting his presidential ambitions long before he came on the national stage.
Like ex-President Bill Clinton—who also received inordinate media attention from the earliest years of his own career—Jindal is a former Rhodes Scholar.
He had been trained at Oxford in England in the ideology of the late Cecil Rhodes, the African diamond magnate (financed by the Rothschilds) whose scholarships were established to indoctrinate bright young Americans in the concept that the United States should be reunited with the Rothschild-controlled British empire.
Jindal has been hailed for his sharp critiques of the federal government and his advocacy of rejuvenating state sovereignty in what is hailed as the spirit of the 10th Amendment to the Constitution.
But what many patriots simply don’t know is that New World Order advocates—such as the influential Clarence K. Streit, author of the infamous globalist tract, Union Now With Britain—openly proffered that the 10th Amendment actually provided the very mechanism for dismantling the American national union so the United States could be reunited with “the Mother Country.”
Thus, those enthused by Jindal’s seeming support for states rights might well keep in mind that (in light of Jindal’s Rhodes Scholarship background) another agenda might well be at work behind the rhetoric that seems to reflect traditional Americanism.
Oh yes, Jindal also relies on neoconservative titan William Kristol for advice on foreign policy.
For his part, Texas Gov. Rick Perry, whose 2012 presidential bid ended in fiasco, has kept his name in the offing by making a pilgrimage to Israel to huddle with no less than Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.
Several years ago the pandering Perry said he relied on the editorial page of The Wall Street Journal, published by pro-Israel billionaire Rupert Murdoch, a longtime media front man for the Rothschild family, and what Perry called “the Jewish press” for his foreign policy direction.
Popular among conservatives as a union buster, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker burnishes his foreign policy expertise by relying upon counsel from Mark Thiessen, a former speechwriter for George W. Bush, whose costly Middle East wars on behalf of Israel (carried out under the direction of the neoconservatives who dominated policy under Bush) still torment America. In the same realm, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz—whose wife is an executive with the investment bank Goldman Sachs, a preeminent force in the Rothschild sphere of influence—has actually drafted Victoria C. Gardner Coates, a former aide to ex-Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld (a primary architect of the disastrous Bush-erawars), as his national security advisor. A tea party favorite, Cruz—the son of a Christian Zionist minister—is particularly strident in his advocacy for a pro-war/pro-Israel agenda.
Perhaps most unexpected of all is Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul’s link to the Rothschild dynasty via his advisor, retired diplomat and CFR member Richard R. Burt who—prior to government service—was actually the national security correspondent for no less than The New York Times, the premier media voice of the Zionist establishment. Burt actually launched his career as assistant director of the International Institute of Strategic Studies (IISI), a globally-influential London-based think tank with deep Rothschild connections.
CFR member Lynn Forester de Rothschild—wife of Lord Evelyn de Rothschild—is associated with IISI, as are—among others: Lord Guthrie of Craigiebank, a director of N.M. Rothschild & Sons; Fleur deVilliers, a consultant to the Rothschild-controlled DeBeers diamond cartel (founded by Cecil Rhodes) and Thomas Seaman who chaired the investment committee of the Rhodes Trust, which sponsors the globalist-oriented Rhodes Scholarships.
Add to this—as this newspaper has previously reported—that Paul includes billionaire Peter Thiel, chair of the American steering committee for the Rothschild-financed Bilderberg meetings, as another advisor and one finds the plutocratic linkage comes full circle in Paul’s burgeoning presidential campaign.
—— Michael Collins Piper is an author, journalist, lecturer and radio show host. He has spoken in Russia, Malaysia, Iran, Abu Dhabi, Japan, Canada and the U.S.

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Le premier prix de caricature d’ « Occupy » en Iran

Les médiats juifs tels que le New York Times dissimulent les efforts des groupes juifs pour pousser l’Occident en guerre en Syrie pour lsraël; l’AIPAC confirme timidement son rôle de fauteur de guerres la veille de Roch Hachana, dit le « Jour du Jugement »; les groupes juifs craignent d’être associés à de tels efforts et soutiennent que c’est un devoir moral pour eux de prendre la parole, vu qu’ils s’y connaissent tellement en gazage; leur agent John Kerry (Cohn) dit qu’Assad est comme Hitler et Hussein; une victoire de « l’axe Téhéran-Damas-Hezbollah » gênerait fortement lsraël qui cherche à d’établir un précédent en Syrie afin de faciliter une guerre contre l’Iran

Le jeu des devinettes: qu’ont en commun Al Capone et la contrebande d’alcool durant la prohibition, Meyer Lansky et l’armement de tsahal, Jack Ruby et l’assassinat de JFK, la production d’anthrax à Grosse-Ile au Québec et la Seconde guerre mondiale, John McCain et Rupert Murdoch, la guerre contre le nationalisme québecois et le nouveau chef des finances du parti Libéral canadien?

Le jeu des devinettes: qui donc pourrait bien s’être mis en tête qu’il faut briser à tout prix l’unité des peuples nordiques, germano-perses, celtes et scandinaves, c’est-à-dire indo-européens, autrement dit Aryens?

Les massmédias antisémites? Le Washington Post rapporte que le virus Flame serait, comme Stuxnet, une cyber-arme us-israélienne contre l’Iran

Le président Obama presque sur la même ligne que l’ex-directeur de l’Unité de traque de Ben Laden à la CIA, Michael Scheuer: « peu importe qu’Israël survive ou pas »

Le jeu des comparaisons: des ressemblances entre la période actuelle et celle d’avant l’accession d’Hitler au pouvoir

NY Times: Sans ennemi extérieur à combattre, Israël est voué à l’éclatement

Les massmédias anti-juifs? Netanyahou caricaturé le jour de la mémoire de l’Holocauste

« Je suis un sénateur états-unien, pas un sénateur israélien ». Le nouveau secrétaire à la Défense d’Obama, couvert de crachats et de malédictions par le lobby juif

2016 – Obama’s America: le tout dernier film du producteur mormon oscarisé pour La Liste de Schindler

Le devoir de mémoire: source de motivation pour Alex Jones dans son combat, fondement du nouvel ordre mondial pour le B’nai Brith

Élections US 2012: Encore une fois, comme après l’élection d’Obama en 2008, Israël s’en va-t-en-guerre. Après tout, c’est lui le patron

NYTimes: 16 agences US de renseignement confirment que l’Iran n’a pas la bombe // Le général Dempsey refuse d’être complice d’une attaque israélienne

La CIA voit le Mossad comme sa pire menace en matière de contre-espionnage

Paul Ryan, colistier de Romney, est un pur produit du Congrès US sioniste jusqu’à la moëlle

“Ils menacent de sanctions et de représailles militaires tous ceux qui émettent des doutes sur la Shoah et le 11 septembre » — Président Ahmadinejad

L’Iran ne croit pas la fable convenue du 11 septembre ; les États-Unis en mal de casus belli l’accusent d’avoir monté le coup


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