Bébé palestinien brûlé vif par des colons israéliens: Israël forcée de dénoncer le terrorisme juif, tente hypocritement de nous faire oublier le massacre de milliers de civils palestiniens, incluant femmes et enfants, commis par l’armée israélienne dans les dernières décennies. Des politiciens israéliens condamnant le racisme et le terrorisme juif menacés de mort par des juifs extrémistes.

Un bébé palestinien meurt dans un incendie provoqué par des colons

Ce député anglais rappelle qu’on fait plus de titres sur le lion mort que l’enfant palestinien brûlé à mort par un terroriste israélien

VIDEO – RyanDawson-Presstv interview Palestinians baby burned

VIDEO – Moualek: Merci Netanyahu d’avoir qualifié ce meurtre d’enfant Palestinien d’acte terroriste!

VIDEO – François Hollande copie Benjamin Netanyahu vs terroristes juifs

Bennett : N’utilisez pas les terroristes juifs pour ternir l’image des résidents des implantations

Bennett: Don’t use Jewish terrorists to tarnish settlers

Rivlin : Israël n’a pas assez fait pour lutter contre le terrorisme juif

Right-wing MKs boycott special anti-Jewish-terror meeting No members of religious parties attended session, initiated by center-left parties after murders of Jewish teen, Palestinian child. Min. Erdan: ‘I don’t remember anyone being outraged because of Arab incitement.’

Ya’alon vows ‘uncompromising’ fight against Jewish terror

Rivlin tells firebombing victim Israel will ‘stop’ terrorism

Le président israélien menacé après avoir dénoncé un « terrorisme juif »

Israelis Threaten Their President With Death For Condemning The Burning Alive Of A Palestinian Baby

The mutant-alien Jewish terrorists who have nothing to do with the Israeli right Citing overwhelming empirical evidence is an old leftist ploy aimed at harming political rivals and weakening Israel itself.

Probe into fatal stabbing at gay parade calls for dismissal of 3 senior cops

Why Jewish Terror Is Different This Time The suspect in the gay parade stabbing, Yishai Schlissel, is a self-appointed anti-gay vigilante who was known to the police — in fact, he’d just been released from prison a month earlier after serving 10 years for a nearly identical attack in 2005. He’s a member of Jerusalem’s Haredi or ultra-Orthodox community, which generally rejects Zionist nationalism. Most Haredi Jews believe Israel is not the promised Jewish commonwealth because the ancient kingdom can’t be restored until God sends the messiah. The West Bank arson is believed by authorities to be the work of a group of religious nationalist militants from a nearby Jewish settlement. The settler movement historically grew out of the religious wing of Zionism, which takes the opposite view from Haredim: It holds that the founding of modern Israel is itself evidence that the era of messianic redemption is either underway or imminent. The West Bank arson comes at a time when incidents of settler unrest are very much in the Israeli headlines, heightening the sense of crisis. On Wednesday, July 22, two brothers ages 19 and 21 from the large urban settlement of Beitar Illit, south of Jerusalem, were sentenced for the torching last November of a progressive Jewish-Arab school in the capital. They were members of a far-right organization, Lehava (a Hebrew acronym for Stop Assimilation in the Holy Land), founded by a former aide to the late Meir Kahane, which aims to prevent marriage, dating and fraternization between Jews and Arabs. The brothers were sentenced to two and two-and-a-half years, prompting protests from parents and school officials that the sentence was too lenient.

New, extremely dangerous Jewish fanaticism

Israeli racist settlers, burning toddlers and ‘price tag’

Israel’s meekness in the face of Jewish extremism carries a heavy price The terrorists who murdered Palestinian infant Ali Saad Daobasa have exacerbated the situation in the territories to its most dangerous since the last Gaza war.

How Israel handcuffed itself in the fight against Jewish terror

Comment Israël s’est piégé dans sa lutte contre le terrorisme juif

What Israel’s dehumanizing occupation has wrought When the Israeli army repeatedly kills young Palestinians in non-life-threatening situations, should we be surprised by the emergence of Jewish terrorism?

Israel’s dismal record of arresting and convicting Jewish terrorists While authorities vow to crack down on settler violence against Palestinians, studies by rights groups show Israel has a poor track record in bringing Jewish terrorists to justice.

Settler terror underground seeks to overthrow Israeli government, say investigators Assailants have more ambitious aims than in the past, such as destabilizing the country and establishing a new regime to be based on Jewish law.

Grandson of ultra-nationalist Kahane arrested for involvement in extremist Jewish underground

Meir Kahane’s grandson arrested for far-right activity

Far-right activist Meir Ettinger to be kept in detention

Israel court extends detention of extremist Jewish leader

In ‘rebel manifesto,’ Meir Kahane’s grandson calls to bring down state

Kahane’s grandson’s plan to spark a revolt and bring down Israel Grandson of Rabbi Kahane arrested by Shin Bet allegedly had program to destabilize Israel.

We’re no better than our enemies Op-ed: Jewish terrorists are just the messengers; there is a well-oiled system of incitement behind them which starts with the person who says the High Court should be razed with bulldozers, with those who stand on balconies and encourage lawbreakers and with those who reward violence.

Why Israel is suddenly owning up to its terrorism

U.S. Jewish groups call on Israel to rein in its Jewish extremists

Cabinet okays jailing Israelis without charge in crackdown on Jewish terror

Israel okays administrative detention for Jewish extremists as crackdown continues

Takes courage to deal with Jewish terrorists

Terrorisme juif : Le cabinet valide une nouvelle mesure

Will the Israeli right finally come to its senses? The terrifying burning of the baby in Duma is a symptom of a much deeper illness: It signals to us Israelis how very serious our situation is, and indicates – in letters writ in fire – that the path to a better future is closing before us.

Settlers took over abandoned army base – and IDF provided them with electricity Army evacuates dozens from ‘outpost’ in Mevo Shilo base, again.

Most wanted Jewish terror suspect arrested by Shin Bet Meir Ettinger, a grandson of Meir Kahane, denies existence of a Jewish terror underground, but calls for fighting the ‘idol worship’ of the existence of mosques and churches in Israel.

Under Netanyahu’s rule, all racists feel at home Someone who wins power through racist incitement should not be surprised that he is drowning in a sea of incitement, both in his government and among his supporters.

Make ‘racist’ Lehava illegal, says MK

Police seek public’s help in murder of Duma toddler Move marks a change in police policy after terror attacks in which radical settlers are suspects.

2 hurt in firebomb attack in Jerusalem We will defend Israel against Iran attack — top US defense official; far-rightist arrested for ‘extremist activity’

Une bombe incendiaire lancée en plein cœur d’un village palestinien

A firebomb hurled into the heart of a Palestinian village Amid the lingering stench of burning, mourners fill a tent in the center of Duma to bewail attack on family, and note that the alleged Jewish terrorists didn’t choose a target on the edge of town

Cisjordanie: Silence, on tue les bébés en Palestine

Illegal settler threatens to kill international activists

Liberal social justice group alerts police over death threats

New Israel Fund files complaint in wake of death threats Head of the human rights group calls on justice minister to take action to ‘prevent the next political murder.’

Bébé palestinien assassiné : Pourquoi la Palestine ne juge-t-elle pas les coupables ?After fatal firebombing,

Palestinians file ICC report over deadly Duma firebombing

Palestinian Authority presents file documenting ‘settler terrorism’ to ICC prosecutor

Un député arabe israélien dénonce les « néo-nazis juifs »

‘Terror must be dealt with’: Thousands protest spike of violence in Israel (PHOTOS)

Thousands attend anti-violence protests across Israel Speaking in Tel Aviv, uncle of slain toddler asks: ‘What did Ali do?’; Herzog calls Duma terror attack a ‘Jewish pogrom’; rallies too in Jerusalem, Haifa, Beersheba.

Slain Palestinian toddler’s parents, brother still fighting for lives Father in critical condition while mother and 4-year-old suffer from life-threatening injuries; sporadic clashes between Palestinians and IDF, police continue.

Palestinian baby’s killers believed to come from nearby settler outpost Gag order imposed on probe of Friday’s firebombing of Dawabsha home, in which Ali was burned to death, parents and brother were gravely hurt.

Israeli Terrorists, Born in the U.S.A.

Mother of baby killed in Duma attack is clinically dead

How to stop Jewish jihad Analysis: They are no different than ISIS; there may only be a handful of these Jewish terrorists, but it is enough to divide Israeli society and lead to war with the Palestinians and the rest of the Arab world.

Settlers, Palestinians clash at disputed West Bank site With tensions already high following killing of Palestinian baby, IDF troops called to site to separate the two sides.

Thousands across Israel protest violence, incitement Uncle of murdered 18-month-old Ali Saad Dawabsheh speaks at Rabin Square: Before Ali there was Mohammed Abu Khdeir, and we don’t know who will be next. We want the fires to end.

Slain Palestinian baby’s uncle: Israeli government part of incitement Dawabsheh family remain in critical condition; Palestinian officials, including PM Hamdallah, visit family members at hospital.

After Beit El, settlers learn violent threats pay off How do you get Netanyahu to approve new housing units? You threaten soldiers. That is the lesson learned this week from the demolition saga of two West Bank structures.

Like the Newtown massacre, the Palestinian baby’s murder won’t change a thing Israeli right-wing leaders and NRA supporters in America view calls for change as cynical ploys by political opponents.

EU urges Israel to show ‘zero tolerance’ for settler violence

The burning of Palestinian toddler: not an exception, but a result of Zionism

How Israel protects its settlers who burn Palestinian children alive

Analysis: This time, Israelis may have to pay the price tag

Dozens of West Bank settlers treated for smoke inhalation after suspected arson by Palestinians

Deadly West Bank arson surprised no one in Israel’s defense establishment The arson on Friday morning in which a Palestinian infant was burned to death was preceded by attempted attacks, which miraculously failed.

Palestinian seriously wounded by IDF in West Bank clashes after infant’s death Man shot after he threw a firebomb at Israeli army pillbox near Ramallah, army says; clashes break out across West Bank after deadly arson attack.

Invoking Holocaust, minister urges soul-searching after arson attack

Ya’alon: We will not allow Jewish terrorists to harm Palestinians

Jewish terror draws Netanyahu’s focus homeward

Netanyahu ‘shocked and outraged’ after visiting hospital bedside of Palestinian burn victim

PM condemns ‘horrific, heinous terror attack’ on Palestinians Army beefing up West Bank presence in fear of riots after baby burned to death; politicians denounce attack; Lapid: We’re at war with an enemy within.

Netanyahu condemns fatal West Bank arson attack, calling it ‘terrorism’ Israeli PM tells Palestinian President Abbas that ‘it’s upon us to together fight terror, no matter which side perpetrates it.’
After Palestinian baby killed in firebombing, Abbas condemns settler groups as terrorists

A Shameful Day for Israel We have been lax in tackling Jewish terrorism, said the president. We Jews should know better, said a minister. Well, we had better wake up fast.

‘I saw two masked men standing by as they burned’ A relative of the Palestinian family that lost their infant son in a firebomb attack on their home relates his attempts to rescue the victims.

Palestinian infant killed in arson attack laid to rest

Palestinian Infant Burned to Death in West Bank Arson Attack; IDF Blames Jewish Terror’

Jewish Extremists Kill Palestinian Toddler in ‘Price Tag’ Horror

Palestinian infant killed in apparent Jewish arson attack

Palestinians file ICC report over deadly Duma firebombing

Grandson of ultra-nationalist Kahane arrested for involvement in extremist Jewish underground

2 hurt in firebomb attack in Jerusalem We will defend Israel against Iran attack — top US defense official; far-rightist arrested for ‘extremist activity’

Une bombe incendiaire lancée en plein cœur d’un village palestinien

A firebomb hurled into the heart of a Palestinian village Amid the lingering stench of burning, mourners fill a tent in the center of Duma to bewail attack on family, and note that the alleged Jewish terrorists didn’t choose a target on the edge of town

Bébé palestinien tué par des extrémistes juifs : à mon tour, je dis « pas d’amalgame » par Gilles William Goldnadel Pathétique tentative de sauver l’image de sa communauté…

Israël voudrait nous faire croire que l’assassinat du bébé palestinien brûlé vif est l’acte d’extrémistes

Le petit-fils du fondateur de la LDJ, soupçonné d’être mêlé à la mort d’un bébé palestinien

Israel places three right-wing extremists under administrative detention One of the suspects was sent to six months in prison for alleged involvement in a terror group.

Jewish extremist put in administrative detention 

At least one Jewish suspect in Israeli administrative detention has U.S. citizenship 

Fatah official: Israelis’ condemnation of arson attack didn’t fall on deaf ears

Working behind the scenes to confront Israel boycotters In a farewell interview, Israel’s outgoing ambassador to Britain and next anti-BDS czar reflects on leftist media outlets and the ‘chill factor’ of the delegitimization campaign.

Jibril Rajoub Fatah official: Netanyahu is founding father of Jewish underground terrorists in W. Bank

American Parents of Jewish terror suspect decry arrest as ‘undemocratic’ Normalement, les villages d’où proviennent les terroristes sont bombardés (châtiment collectif selon la loi de vengeance juive), alors ces parents juifs devraient se considérer chanceux de ne pas être châtiés de la même façon.

Who is Meir Ettinger, the Shin Bet’s No.1 alleged Jewish nationalist? Meir Kahane’s grandson is being held in the wake of a rash of extremist attacks, including the fatal firebombing of a Palestinian home; his lawyer says he’s never been involved in violence

Qui est Meir Ettinger ? L’extrémiste de droite n°1 selon le Shin Bet Le petit-fils de Meir Kahane a été arrêté suite à une série d’attaques extrémistes ; son avocat dit qu’il n’a jamais été impliqué dans la violence

The Problem With Netanyahu’s Response to Jewish Terror That’s right: Israeli streets named after Jewish terrorists. Don’t let anyone tell you different.

A l’abri du parapluie occidental, Israel brûle les Palestiniens


THE HILLTOP YOUTH: A monster “Golem” turning on its creator?

La violence des colons est partie intégrante de la société et de la politique israéliennes

Bad weeds in our back yard   Op-ed: Jewish terrorists are an evil within us. We need to be remorseful, but we also need to be reminded we grieved this murder.

Father of slain baby dies   Saed Dawabsheh, 31, dies after fighting for his life for over a week since the deadly arson attack.

Father of Palestinian infant killed in West Bank arson attack dies Hamas calls for ‘open and comprehensive confrontation against the occupation’ after Sa’ad Dawabsheh of Duma succumbs to wounds in Israeli hospital; he was laid to rest Saturday.

Israeli Crimes against Humanity: Palestinian Mother Dies from Israeli Settler Inflicted Immolation

Palestinians in Duma are angry that no one has been charged for murders, after 38 days

Israel Clamping Down on Jewish Terror – but Not Tightly Enough  Israeli security services have cracked other cases involving arson attacks by Jewish extremists, but those who set fire to a home in Duma, killing a baby and his parents, are apparently still at large.

A Yitzhar, le cœur de l’extrémisme juif, l’hostilité envers l’Etat d’Israël n’est pas un secret

Jewish terror state already upon us, ex security chief warns In scathing missive, Yuval Diskin says crackdown on Jewish extremism too little too late to stop creation of ‘State of Judea,’ fed by rabbis no longer in control of their charges and years of weak efforts by Shin Bet.

Rivlin in wake of threats: Political assassination possible President tells Ynet he is not deterred by opponents, but political assassinations are now a risk due to the current violent discourse in Israeli society, while laying out his vision for peace and effective governance.

Rivlin is diregarding threats on his life 

Ex-Shin Bet chief: Government does not want to deal with Jewish terror Lawless State of Judea is forming in the West Bank, warns Yuval Diskin, who says extremists are most dangerous than many think and law enforcement is ‘shockingly weak’ against them.

Meet the Jewish extremist group that seeks to violently topple the state Members of ‘The Revolt’ meet only at night, move from house to house and know how to maintain an alibi. And their violent tactics make ‘price tag’ attacks look like child’s play.

Jewish hate crimes and vandalism are NOT terrorism

Israeli Army Raids Mourning Family Homes Following Death of 18-Month Old Ali Dawabshe in Arson Attack

VIDEO – Jerusalem Online: Jewish extremism expert discusses radicalism 

VIDEO – Aug 9, 2015 News from Israel Two radical right-wing suspects placed in administrative detention

Think about it: What can be done about Jewish terrorism?  The battle against Jewish terrorism cannot be fought exclusively on formal, legal grounds. There is also the level of public opinion and education. And here the issue is much more complicated.

Gaza Disengagement: When Israel Lost a Slice of Its Sovereignty Over Settlers  Israel’s evacuation of settlements in 2005 formed the bedrock of mistrust between the religious Zionist community and the state.

Bennett backs death penalty for Jewish terrorists Education minister also stands by use of detention without trial, albeit ‘with great caution,’ for terror suspects

B’Tselem slams approval of administrative detention for Israelis

Justice Minister: Jewish Extremists Who Killed Palestinian Infant Should Face Death Penalty

Nine Arrested in Crackdown on Suspected Jewish Terrorists A week after deadly West Bank arson, Shin Bet and Israel Police raid two outposts in northern West Bank; Ya’alon signs administrative arrest order for two Jewish extremists.

2 far-right Jewish activists to be held without charges Defense minister signs order to incarcerate suspects Meir Ettinger and Eviatar Slonim for 6 months without trial

Israel places two radical right-wing suspects in administrative detention  Police raid West Bank outposts in crackdown on ‘hilltop youth,’ as part of recent efforts to curb Jewish violence against Palestinians in wake of the deadly arson attack on the Dawabsheh family last month.

‘Religious Zionism taking over Israel,’ ex-Shin Bet chief warns

I Stand With Israel’s Threatened President Rivlin. Where Does Netanyahu Stand?  In this nightmare time, no one has to remind anyone here, that the monsters we’ve made are killing the Israel we love.

Israel Makes Arrests Following Arson Attack in West Bank

9 suspected Jewish extremists arrested after second arson death

Israel frees suspects in Palestinian toddler’s death

Extrémisme juif: Israël relâche les individus arrêtés dimanche

Israel releases suspects held in raid linked to deadly firebombing

Israel raids settler outposts over attack that killed Palestinian toddler

Haredi school disinvites pres.   President Rivlin’s visit canceled after pro-LGBT statement and condemnation of terror attack against Palestinians.

Phony Israeli Crackdown on Violent Settler Zealots

Palestinian arson victims not recognized under Israeli compensation law

Shin Bet issues 10 restraining orders to far-right activists  Orders exclude the extremists from West Bank outposts from which Shin Bet claims the activists carried out attacks; attorney Ben-Gvir states: ‘there are no indictments and no due process by which they can receive answers and defend themselves’.

IDF Issues Administrative Orders Against Some 10 Jewish Extremists  Some settlers ordered to leave West Bank, others placed under nighttime curfew.

Hold Israel, the Israelis and American Zionists Responsible for Terrorism

Des extrémistes juifs présumés interdits d’entrée en Cisjordanie et à Jérusalem Après l’incendie criminel, les services de sécurité ont délivré des ordonnances d’interdiction administrative à 10 extrémistes

Hundreds protest Israeli separation wall in Beit Jala
Israeli forces begin construction of Wall through monastery

The Hebrew State Is Disappearing, the Jewish State Is Taking Over  We are witnessing a mutation of Judaism, a new Judaism – fanatic, violent and now murderous as well. It is liable to bury the state, just as it buried the Second Temple.

Israeli Terror and “Justice”: Palestinian Family Victimized by Immolation Ineligible for Compensation

Former Head of Shin Bet Says De Facto Jewish Terrorist State Being Formed On The West Bank

Roger Waters (pro-BDS) à Bon Jovi : «Vous êtes solidaires avec le colon qui a brûlé le bébé»

If That’s ‘true Judaism,’ I Don’t Want a Bar of It Anshel Pfeffer got it wrong: true Judaism is not the same as the fundamentalist Judaism that burned a Palestinian baby to death; the latter ignores thousands of years of development and interpretation of our Torah.

Jewish-Arab School Hit by Hate Crime Targeted on Waze ‘May God obliterate their name’ was added to the location of the Max Rayne Hand in Hand school.

Un militant d’extrême-droite s’attaque à la voiture de Yaalon à Hébron

Bébé palestinien tué : Christiane Taubira incite à la haine du Juif (Pour eux, condamner l’inexcusable, c’est de la haine du Juif!)
Antisémitisme encore à l’AFP
Antisémitisme encore à Euronews
juif.org – L’AFP et Euronews accusent les « extrémistes juifs » sans preuves (Sans preuves, vraiment? Ce journal extrémiste juif n’est sûrement pas biaisé. MDR.)

Les juifs sont-ils cinglés?

US must take action on Israeli settler violence
‘There is no Jewish terror’: Conspiracy theory spreads among Israelis that Palestinians committed Duma firebombing Voyez: un grand nombre de théories du complot sont de la merde dangereuse et doivent être combattues énergiquement.
Ya’alon: Detention without trial of far-right activists prevented series of attacks on Arabs
Ya’alon: No Arrests in Duma Arson Due to ‘Difficulty’ in Putting Attackers on Trial
Ya’alon: Administrative detention used on Jewish extremists to prevent future attacks
Le ministre de la Défense nie savoir qui a tué les Dawabsha
‘We know Duma attackers’   Ya’alon claims to know who perpetrated arson attack in Duma, says no arrests had been made in order to avoid exposing intelligence sources.
Israeli Authorities Know Who Burned Palestinian Family Alive, Defense Minister Says  Ya’alon says suspects not being identified to protect the sources; since attack that killed members of Dawabsheh family, three Jewish assailants have been detained.
Israel Has Identified Duma Arson Suspects but Won’t File Charges Yet, Says Defense Minister
Une minute de silence pour les victimes de Duma à la Mostra de Venise
West Bank Holocaust: The Holocaust of the Dawabsheh family Bébé brûlé vif, parents tués
Tsahal : Il ne fait pas de doute que l’attaque de Duma est un acte de ‘terrorisme juif’ Un militaire de haut rang a rejeté les spéculations selon lesquelles l’incendie criminel de juillet ait pu avoir été commis par des Palestiniens
Ya’alon: Tough measures necessary for Jewish terror suspects
UN official blames Israeli settlement activity for Duma deaths
Aux racines de l’extrémisme juif en Israël, une affaire de famille

‘Let the People of Israel Enter the Gates and Kill Arabs’
Good Jews Roam Through Jerusalem Attacking Palestinians, Screaming “Death To Arabs!”
VIDEO – Death-chanting Israeli mob rejoices as Palestinian teen is executed
Far-right Activists Chant ‘Death to Arabs,’ Assault Passersby in Jerusalem After Terror Attack  Several violent incidents reported as hundreds march through capital, block traffic.
‘Let the People of Israel Enter the Gates and Kill Arabs’  Racist violence has erupted following terrorist attacks in the past, but this time it seems that the Jewish mob which took to the streets was accepted by Jerusalemites with understanding, if not downright approval.
The Right-wing Loonies Bully Me, and So Does Facebook  I got suspended from the site for criticizing ‘armed pagans.’ Too bad they didn’t suspend all the people who wished for my murder.
KING BIBI is ‘the leader of the Jewish world,’ says top aide
Temple Mount is the issue, not terror
A Jérusalem, la « guerre de religion » masque un colonialisme pur et dur
Benjamin Netanyahu: A Prime Minister Detached From Reality  This week’s series of terror attacks is another warning written on the wall: A third intifada is on the way.
Netanyahu: Israel Will Expedite Demolition of Terrorists’ Homes  Day after two Israelis stabbed to death in Jerusalem’s Old City, prime minister orders measures to curb terrorism; meanwhile, violence resumes in East Jerusalem.
Netanyahu : « Pas de limites » dans la lutte contre les terroristes palestiniens Le Premier ministre réitère son engagement en faveur du « combat à mort de la terreur palestinienne » annoncé à son retour de New York
Netanyahu ordonne d’accélérer les démolitions des maisons des palestiniens

Israeli settler to Palestinian farmers: “You will all be our slaves if you’re worthy”

Settlers, Palestinians clash near Yitzhar settlement in West Bank
Palestinian Christians scuffle with Israeli police over divisive wall
Palestinian Christians clash with Israeli police over separation wall

Haaretz op-ed declares ‘It is time to admit it – Israeli policy is what it is: Apartheid’

True Judaism will kill us if we don’t reject it in time This religion did not survive by remaining true to its roots. It deliberately lost its authenticity and assimilated and adapted and evolved.

‘Bennett, your hands are stained with blood’ – Bayit Yehudi alleges incitement by leftists

“Israel has not changed for the worse, it’s always been bad”

Protests against homophobia and Jewish ‘terror’ take place throughout Israel

Un Daech juif?Jacques Benillouche a consacré sur le site « Slate.fr » un excellent article à cette extrême-droite politico-religieuse, dont le développement a été protégé par le laxisme de plusieurs gouvernements israéliens.Comme il l’écrit, l’idéologie de ces « jeunes des collines », inspirée par le petit-fils du rabbin raciste Meïr Kahane, vise à renverser les institutions du pays : « ils jugent illégale l’existence de l’État d’Israël parce qu’ils ont pour objectif de rétablir le Royaume, de reconstruire le Temple, d’expulser les non-juifs du pays, même s’il faut passer par la rupture des relations diplomatiques avec l’Occident. »

Who are the radical rabbis inspiring Israel’s most violent Jewish settlers?

Two Jewish Terrorists Charged In Historic-Church Arson

Tous les Israéliens sont coupables d’avoir brûlé une maison palestinienne

Palestinian officials: Jewish extremists have committed 375 ‘price tag’ attacks in 2015

Arson Suspect in Galilee Church Torching Charged With Sedition  Rishon Letzion court adds new charge against Moshe Orbach, who allegedly set fire to the Church of the Loaves and Fishes.

‘Administrative revenge’ — settlers are believed responsible for arson targeting family on outskirts of Duma

Jewish terrorists and the dilemma of administrative detention

How Hilltop youth plan hate-crime attacks, evade capture Two weeks after fatal arson strike on Palestinian home, former member of Jewish far-right settler group details how raids are organized

Jewish nationalism and ‘the settlements’

Jewish Terror Slow-Growing “Cancer” in Israel. “Acute Deficiency of Leadership”. Former Shin Bet Head
Zionists Finally Admitting Wave of Hatred That’s Consuming Israel

Is U.S. Taxpayer Money Subsidizing Jewish Terrorism Against Arabs?

Far-right extremists backed by ‘new Sanhedrin’ rabbis  Following the administrative detentions of right wing radicals, the new Sanhedrin issued a statement of support of the radical right wing for ‘risking their lives for the holiness of the nation and the Land.’
Far-right rabbinical group pens letter calling Jewish terror suspects ‘praiseworthy’


Israel’s Arrogance Will Be Its Comeuppance  The Jewish State has always been somewhat condescending toward Diaspora Jewry, but its recent retreat into itself has become a destructive, dangerous solipsism.

Un abri de bédouins incendié en Cisjordanie: une ONG accuse des extrémistes israéliens

Deux extrémistes juifs inculpés pour l’incendie d’une tente de Bédouins


An Orgy of Violence
 and Closed Cases

Jewish worshippers ‘driving tourists away’ from David’s Tomb Tour guides file a complaint with Tourism and Public Security ministries, claiming ‘radical ultra-Orthodox activists’ are disrupting their work by interfering in Christian tourists’ visits to the Jerusalem holy site.

Israel’s Chief Rabbinate blasts ‘spiritually dangerous’ Christian event in Jerusalem 

Un juif orthodoxe poignarde 6 personnes dans un défilé de la fierté gaie à Jérusalem

Six stabbed at Jerusalem pride parade by same assailant who attacked parade in 2005 Marchers, media round on Jerusalem police for failing to thwart Yishai Schlissel, who’d just come out of jail publicly declaring his malicious intent.

The Ultra-Orthodox Hatred Behind the Gay Pride Stabbing

Israeli Attack on Al-Aqsa Mosque, 10 Wounded

Israel Attacks Islam’s Third Holiest Site

La Jordanie critique la ‘violation’ d’Israël du mont du Temple Des heures après les affrontements, le royaume hachémite dit que la visite par 1 200 Juifs le jour du deuil de la destruction du temple « visait à déclencher de l’hostilité »

Update: Jewish Arsonists sing ‘praise God’ after jail sentence

Amos Gitaï rouvre « la plaie » de l’assassinat de Rabin Les colons sont vraiment pas contents de ce film! CAr on voit bien les liens du tireur de Rabin avec le mouvement des colons et les rabbins extrémistes qui l’ont poussé à l’acte.
Rabin film won’t end conspiracies theories but it does highlight hate campaign, filmmaker says

Which Comes First: Messiah or the Temple?
La destruction de la mosquée al-aqsa à Jérusalem est le but ultime de groupes israéliens
Les Etats-Unis fustigent la critique de l’ONU « unilatérale » sur le mont du Temple
Jerusalem’s mayor warns Palestinians in holy site clashes: ‘if they use violence we will hunt them’
Israel Desecrates Islam’s Third Holiest Site for the Third Day
Raw Footage: Israeli forces storm Al-Aqsa Mosque
Jewish snipers inside Al-Aqsa mosque on third day of clashes
Video: Why is Israel attacking Jerusalem’s al-Aqsa mosque?
Saudi king urges Obama to stop ‘Israeli attacks’ on Temple Mount
Mont du Temple : la France exprime sa « vive préoccupation »
Des milliers de Jordaniens manifestent contre les « violations » israéliennes à Al-Aqsa
US Calls on Israel to Maintain Ban on Jewish Temple Mount Prayer
Palestinian Journalists Say They Were Beaten by Israel Police During Jerusalem Clashes
L’archevêque Hanna: Nous sommes tous unis face aux agressions israéliennes

Wipe Out the Jewish Terrorist Nest? Nah, We Can’t Reveal Our Sources

Netanyahu Escalates War on Palestine. Israel’s War on Self-Defence “Terrorism” and Stone Throwing

Israel’s Convoluted Legal System: “Administrative Detention” and Israel’s “Moral Imperative”

Israel’s Collapse Imminent Due To Lack Of Diversity According To “Jews For Social Justice”

No Room for Dissent in Israel’s Schools  Right-wing ideas permeate Israeli schools, and an educator who disagrees risks a witch-hunt.

Israel Rejects Compensation For Burnt Historic Christian Church

Third Jew arrested on Temple Mount for insulting Prophet Muhammad
Woman who called Muhammad a pig after Temple Mount visit: I could no longer stay silent « If we continued to hide our heads, we would be like the Jews in exile who are afraid of non Jews, » says the 20-year-old who has received death threats.
Far-right Israeli won’t apologize for calling Muhammad a pig In 2012, Morris spat at Arab MK Ahmad Tibi during a debate at Bar-Ilan University, and in 2013 was arrested on suspicion of involvement in vandalizing Jerusalem’s Monastery of the Cross. Vandals spray-painted “price tag,” “Happy Hanukkah, victory for the Maccabees” and “Jesus — son of a whore” on a wall of the monastery. She was later released without being charged.
4th Jew arrested on Temple Mount in 1 month for slandering Prophet Mohammad

Israel’s Culture Minister says Unarmed Palestinian Protesters “Should have Been Shot”

VIDEO – Israeli soldiers hitting Muslim Palestinian women!

Jewish High Court Demands Pope Francis Apologise for Recognising Palestinian State

Education in Israel Is Based on Separation  Between Jews and Arabs, rich and poor, center and periphery, and between outstanding students and slow learners.
Dispute with Israel govt keeps Palestinian Christian schools shut
Dueling claims of racism, discrimination after kindergarten boycotted Government says children kept home as parents protested enrollment of Ethiopians, but city and Chabad group says refusal to open religious preschool sparked outcry
Israël : grève des écoles arabes en solidarité avec les chrétiens
Arab state school students join Christian schools’ strike
With Schools Starved of Funds, Christians Question Their Future in Israel
Christian Schools On Strike in Israel Over ‘Discrimination’

Three-year-old ultra-Orthodox Jewish children told that ‘non-Jews are evil’ in worksheet produced by London school Sympathique, n’est-ce pas?

VIDEO – Techniques de manipulations d’Arno Klarsfeld et complicité journalistique, par Scady « C’est toujours la fôte à l’extrême-gauche amie des terroristes et du Hezbollah! » dixit le sioniste.

Burning the Palestinian children alive and its religious roots!!

Les dix commandements de la terreur promise

Netanyahu: Israel determined to be ‘world power’

Netanyahu arrest up for debate as UK petition hits target
Netanyahu Visit: Britain Prepares Major Security Operation in Face of Protests

Masked Israeli youth attack Palestinian in Hebron  IDF soldier detains Palestinian who is wanted for questioning by police, but before the cops could get there, a group of settlers arrived on the scene and attacked him. 

The Doctrine of ‘Superior People’: The Bond between Israel and World Zionism by James Petras

Israeli forces attack Palestinian women at Aqsa mosque

Gaza water shortage catastrophic: ‘We can’t drink, cook or wash with it’

France backs labeling settlement goods, but not boycotting Israel C’est déjà plus que ce qu’Israel est disposé à tolérer…

Why Murdoch Pushes for War Israel Grants Oil Rights in Syria to Murdoch and Rothschild  Israel has granted oil exploration rights inside Syria, in the occupied Golan Heights, to Genie Energy.

Over 100,000 Brits Want Netanyahu Arrested. He is Scheduled to Arrive in London on September 9

Netanyahu: Israel determined to be ‘world power’
Likud aims to build ties with conservative parties abroad

Est-ce-qu’Amnistie Internationale a perdu la tête ? Par Norman Finkelstein
Shooting Children Becomes Israeli Policy

Israël menace de détruire 13.000 structures palestiniennes en Cisjordanie

Rivlin: Labeling of settlement products an ‘obstacle’ to peace
Who’s Behind Website Targeting Pro-BDS Activists?
SodaStream chief says boycotters are anti-semitic

Sheldon Adelson Is Ready to Buy the Presidency

Police probe nuclear spy Vanunu over Israeli TV interview
Vanunu jailed after television interview
Nuclear secret-leaker Vanunu arrested for giving TV interview
Nuclear whistle-blower Vanunu arrested over Channel 2 interview

Israel re-arrests nuclear whistle-blower over TV interview

President says he is no longer speaking to Netanyahu ‘I think we’ve said everything that can be said,’ Rivlin explains, again criticizing prime minister’s handling of foreign policy

Visite de Netanyahu à Londres: manifestations devant Downing Street

A New Unofficial Boycott Against Israeli Academics May Be Underway Academic told participation in conference conditioned on her denouncing the occupation.

Sanhedrin Passes Judgement Against Obama on Mt. Zion

Pointing Finger at Americans for Settler Violence Shirks Israeli Responsibility  Despicable criminals are only a fraction of Jewish-American immigrants to Israel, most of whom are law-abiding citizens.
‘The Gatekeepers’ Director: Netanyahu Is the Greatest Danger to Israel  Film director and producer Dror Moreh says the prime minister is doing everything he can to undermine Israeli democracy.
Bibi’s Plan for Next Elections: Israel’s Own Republican Party  Though he’s occupied with Iran, the U.S. Congress and the gas deal, the prime minister is also thinking about the next elections – and a large right-center bloc he would lead to victory.
The Man of the Year Is King Bibi’s Nemesis, President Reuven Rivlin  Rivlin has turned out to be the people’s president, a seeker of peace and an impregnable wall against the forces that threaten to destroy Israel’s democracy.
Netanyahu rebuffs UK chief rabbi’s concern over settlements Ephraim Mirvis says settlement expansion troubles Israel supporters in the UK; ‘settlements are not the issue,’ PM responds.
Le déni de réalité n’est jamais un choix avisé, Bibi!
Netanyahu « La haine d’Israël mènera l’Europe à sa perte. Nous sommes les gardiens de la civilisation. »
‘We will prevail against militant Islam,’ Netanyahu vows in 9/11 tribute

Labeling settlement products gets further push as European Parliament backs move
Netanyahu compare l’étiquetage des produits des colonies à l’époque nazie
PM: EU vote to label Israel settlement products echoes Nazi era

L’AFP publie un article sur un terroriste qui voulait faire un attentat le 11 septembre…mais aucun média français n’en veux. Devinez pourquoi?
Florida Jew arrested for posing as online jihadist, encouraging terrorism
Le djihadiste australien était un troll juif américain

Israel critic heads UK Labour   Jeremy Corbyn was elected head of the Labour Party with more than 60% of the vote, in light of friendly relations with Hamas and Hezbollah.
Corbyn may say he’s not anti-Semitic, but associating with the people he does is its own crime

Israël déclare illégaux les groupes musulmans qui manifestent au sujet des lieux saints de Jérusalem

VIDEO – CAIR Surveys Islamophobia at Tea Party Capitol Hill Rally Hosted by Ted Cruz and Donald Trump: « Is Obama a Muslim? » « What would you say to muslims? »

Netanyahu Says Will Fast-track Legislation on Minimum Sentences for Stone-throwingNetanyahu to convene emergency meeting on harsher punishment for stone-throwing

Israel Is Destroying Its Own Freedom  If there is a symbol of the reality of Israeli rule in the occupied territories it is the photograph from Nabi Saleh.

Bayit Yehudi MK proposes bill to keep boycotters from entering Israel

Israeli gov’t used my image for propaganda purposes without my consent

Jimmy Carter gets cancer for hating Israel!

Israel’s ‘Jewish Majority’ Obsession  What can we say about the Jewish majority if it’s a majority for fascism, racism and hatred of Arabs and foreigners?

Des fanatiques israéliens poussent à la prise d’assaut et à la profanation de la sainte mosquée d’al-Aqsa
Les policiers israéliens sont entrés dans la mosquée al-Aqsa, troisième lieu de l’islam, et ont provoqué des dégâts.

Just How Deeply Split Is Jewish Public on Iran Deal?
NY Times’ Friedman gives Netanyahu a ‘Grade C’ for his part in Iran nuclear deal

Arab Bid to Monitor Israel’s Nuclear Sites Rejected at UN Atomic Agency  In big win for Israel, 61 countries vote against resolution led by Egypt, which also called on Israel to sign Non-Proliferation Treaty.
IAEA rejects proposal on oversight of Israeli nuclear facilities
Echec de l’appel à inspecter le nucléaire israélien

Declassified CIA Report: Israeli Offensive in Six-Day War Surprised US

Les candidats Républicains contre Obama et pour Israël
GOP candidates united in disdain for Obama, support for Israel

Video: Why is Israel attacking Jerusalem’s al-Aqsa mosque?
Saudi king urges Obama to stop ‘Israeli attacks’ on Temple Mount
Mont du Temple : la France exprime sa « vive préoccupation »
Des milliers de Jordaniens manifestent contre les « violations » israéliennes à Al-Aqsa
L’archevêque Hanna: Nous sommes tous unis face aux agressions israéliennes
Palestinian Journalists Say They Were Beaten by Israel Police During Jerusalem Clashes

Israel calls Iceland capital’s boycott ‘pure hatred’
European Jews mull legal action after Icelandic capital boycotts Israel

‘Israel, the Cancer’ causes stir   Italian documentary comparing IDF soldiers to Nazis, screened in municipality-sponsored museum in town of Recanati; mayor apologizes.

A-G approves police use of Ruger rifle against rock throwers in Jerusalem
Netanyahu: Israel Expanding Its ‘War on Stone-throwing’ Beyond Jerusalem  Two days after Israeli killed in car crash caused by stone-throwers, PM reiterates Israel’s new policy in cracking down on suspects.

Israel’s Chief Rabbinate blasts ‘spiritually dangerous’ Christian event in Jerusalem


Ted Cruz Slams Outgoing John Boehner Over ‘Early Reports’ That He ‘Cut a Deal’ With Nancy Pelosi Before Resigning

Jeb Bush Unveils ‘Jewish Leadership Committee’; Members Include Eric Cantor, Michael Mukasey
Mukasey = juge du 11 septembre et du WTC-1993!
Eric Cantor [orthodox zionist jew] almost became first Jewish Speaker of the House, Boehner aide reveals

Boehner’s Resignation Raises Concern Among U.S. Jews  Jewish notables praise speaker of the House’s unwavering support of Israel, while criticizing the Tea Party politics that contributed to his departure.

Bible in hand, Trump woos evangelical Christians
Trump, Carson have Republican Jewish establishment worried

Erekat: New Israeli measures against stone-throwers ‘dehumanize whole nation’

Pro-Palestinian minister speaks in NY state despite death threats

Hotovely : L’étiquetage des produits de Cisjordanie par l’UE est une ‘ligne rouge’
Israel will never hand over parts of the West Bank, says Deputy FM Hotovely

Journalistes de l’AFP agressés par des soldats israéliens en Cisjordanie

Rescapé d’une tentative d’assassinat de l’armée israélienne, le journaliste J.M. Bourget remporte une grande victoire judiciaire

VIDEO – Discours de T. Werlet du Parti Solidaire sur la Palestine

The Dehumanization of the “Arab”: The Media Repeats Small Lies to Make “One Big Lie”
Fête de l’Aid, barbarie musulmane du mouton sacrifié pour être mangé? Comparez avec la barbarie occidentale qui sacrifie des humains…

FLASHBACK: Finkielkraut: son plaidoyer pour la France C’est l’autre versant du même discours de propagande qui dit qu’ Israel est le seul état qui résiste activement par son identité à l’irrésistible dissolution des frontières imposée par le mondialisme: « Quelles sont donc les motivations de cette gauche fétide pour qu’elle manifeste sa hargne, automatiquement et à tous propos, contre l’Etat du peuple juif ?  La première des raisons est, que ce pays aux mœurs occidentales est, à coup sûr, par excellence celui où la religion a droit de cité. Un pays, et donc un peuple attaché depuis plusieurs millénaires à son culte malgré les diverses oppressions subies de par le monde.  Véritable défi pour les gauchistes prônant l’abolition de toutes les croyances !  Le second argument est que l’Etat du peuple juif représente aussi la défense et la mise en valeur de la culture juive. Action qui contre, de fait, le multiculturalisme, ce mélange de cultures si cher à ces gauchistes !  L’Etat hébreu c’est également un état nation avec ses emblèmes, son drapeau, son hymne et sa mémoire du passé évoquant et exigeant la défense des frontières honnies par les gauchistes !  Si l’on ajoute à tout cela l’amour de cette patrie par la quasi-totalité du peuple juif, que ses composantes soient israéliennes ou diasporiques, cela transforme cette nation en pays à abattre ! » (L’antisémitisme a dorénavant un nom: Palestine!)

Pendant ce temps, les crimes de guerre d’Israël sont blanchis…

Et la colonisation se poursuit malgré les condamnations du monde civilisé…

Drowned Syrian Boy Exposes Israeli Hypocrisy 
Children killed by Israel in Gaza, Summer 2014.

Israel troubled by potential conflict with Russians in Syria
« Israel is Europe’s last Bulwark against Islam »
Ex-Stasi Jewish Activist Tasked with Eradicating “Xenophobia” on Facebook in Germany
Jews Call On President Obama To Take In Syrian Refugees
Onfray : «L’Occident attaque, prétendument pour se protéger, mais il crée le terrorisme»
Has Russia Been Right All Along About the ‘Arab Spring’? If so, why is Washington opposed to Moscow’s help in the war against ISIS?
US-Media Misinformation on Russian-Syrian Military Cooperation. Russia is Not Involved in Combat Operations
CIA releases files about Illegal weapons-grade uranium diversions from US to Israel
Selon la DIA, les Etats-Unis ont sciemment soutenu Daesh pour isoler Assad
De l’aide pour Harper en provenance d’Israël

Holocaust survivor: We owe it to mankind to allow Syrian refugees into Europe
VIDEO – Un enfant Syrien : « Stoppez la guerre, nous n’aurons plus besoin de venir en Europe »

Netanyahu refuse qu’Israël soit « submergé » par des migrants syriens et africains
Poll shows few Israelis willing to take in Syrian refugees
Benjamin Netanyahu rejects calls for Israel to take in more refugees – and pledges to build 18-mile border fence instead
Israel Initiates Construction of “Security Fence” along the Occupied Palestine-Jordan Border
Fox “news” Andrea Tantaros: “Taking Islamic Refugees Would Be Suicide”
Limbaugh: European Refugee Crisis Is A “Massive Invasion” Of Muslims
Israel troubled by potential conflict with Russians in Syria
« Israel is Europe’s last Bulwark against Islam »
Ex-Stasi Jewish Activist Tasked with Eradicating “Xenophobia” on Facebook in Germany
Jews Call On President Obama To Take In Syrian Refugees
La bande de Gaza pourrait devenir inhabitable d’ici à 2020 !
Netanyahu Rejects Syrian Refugees. ­ ‘We are not a European country!’
Is Dropping More Bombs on Syria the Way to Solve the Refugee Crisis?
Dans le New York Times, Kristof exploite la crise des réfugiés pour une intensification de la guerre en Syrie
Soros’ NGO Aims to Oust Assad, Not Save Civilians
The ‘Refugee’ Crisis and the Creation of Greater Israel
How Neocons Destabilized Europe. The Prescription of “Endless Regime Change” Now Spreads Chaos in Europe
Migrant, Refugee or Infiltrator? How Our Language Affects Legislation  As long as public discourse remains laden with negative terminology, the common-sense immigration reforms that we’d like to enact – in Israel and Europe – will remain troublingly elusive.
Palestinians to UN: Push Israel Into Letting in Refugees From Syria  Palestinians caught in Syrian conflict must be brought into Palestinian territories, ambassador Mansour writes to Security Council, General Assembly, and UN chief.
Israel Must Deal With Its Own Refugees First: The Palestinians  Instead of bickering over whether it is the Jewish State’s moral duty to receive Syrian refugees, we should consider this: What has Europe learned from the Holocaust, and what has Israel yet to learn?
Israel’s Anti-refugee Attitude Smells of anti-non-Semitism  With the rest of the world taking actions to receive refugees and Israel’s historical success at absorbing them, why won’t it let the African asylum seekers already within its borders stay?
Israel: the only true defense Europe has against radical Islam, Netanyahu says
Mindful of risks, European Jews urge aid to refugees Inclined to help, but some Jews worry that an influx of Syrian refugees may increase the anti-Semitism emptying Europe of its Jews
VIDEO – Les réfugiés, une nouvelle forme de traite humaine légalisée, pleine de bon sentiment…
VIDEO – Moualek: Cessez avec vos larmes de crocodile concernant cet enfant échoué sur la plage !
VIDEO – Moualek: L’immigration Syrienne est une nouvelle arme de guerre

100,000 Palestinians have fled Syria to Europe, official says Ça c’est la preuve absolue que les guerres occidentales pro-sionistes sont derrière l’afflux massif de migrants en Europe.
Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Rejects Call to Take in Syrian Refugees

Lapid: Israel must beware of accepting refugees as it will set precedent that could be applied to Palestinians
Netanyahu refuse qu’Israël soit « submergé » par des migrants syriens et africains
Poll shows few Israelis willing to take in Syrian refugees
Benjamin Netanyahu rejects calls for Israel to take in more refugees – and pledges to build 18-mile border fence instead
Israel Initiates Construction of “Security Fence” along the Occupied Palestine-Jordan Border
Fox “news” Andrea Tantaros: “Taking Islamic Refugees Would Be Suicide”
Limbaugh: European Refugee Crisis Is A “Massive Invasion” Of Muslims
Israel prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu rejects calls to admit Syrian refugees
GOP candidate Kasich: Syrian war ‘could be over’ if Obama had given greater support to terrorists

A tsunami warning for Europe Op-ed: Not long ago, Europe condemned Israel for building fences; now they’re learning from us.
Le rapprochement est fallacieux à l’extrême! L’Europe veut empêcher les migrants illégaux d’entrer en Europe, elle veut pas faire come Israel qui enferme une population pour la dominer, lui voler ses terres et se protéger de leurs ripostes légitimes!
Amid Migrant Crisis, Europeans Interested in Israeli Border Barriers
German Media: Bomb The Middle East to Keep Refugees out of Europe
C’est parce qu’on les bombarde qu’ils ont quasiment pas le choix de venir chez nous! Il faudrait d’abord arrêter de les bombarder pour régler le problème à sa source! C’est scandaleux de voir que les médias au lieu d’informer de façon neutre ont utilisé cette nouvelle pour aviver l’émotion des foules, afin que les politiciens viennent récupérer cette émotion d’indignation. La récupération politique et l’émotionnalisme médiatique marchent ensemble, main dans la main.
Crise des migrants : La gauche allemande dénonce le rôle des Etats-Unis
Le Canada rattrapé par la crise des migrants, argument de campagne
Des hommes politiques allemands accusent l’Occident d’être la principale cause de la crise des réfugiés
VIDEO – SKADY: Photo Aylan Kurdi, manipulation par l’émotion !
Holocaust survivor: We owe it to mankind to allow Syrian refugees into Europe
VIDEO – Déferlante migratoire : Kadhafi avait tout annoncé !
En pleine crise migratoire, l’UE relance sa politique anti-juive
Operation ‘Syrian Refugee Crisis’ Accomplished–France to begin Syria reconnaissance flights, mulls air strikes
The Syrian Refugee Crisis and the “Do Something” Lie
VIDEO – Un enfant Syrien : « Stoppez la guerre, nous n’aurons plus besoin de venir en Europe »

Stephen Harper Promotes War in Syria as a “Solution to the Refugee Crisis”: Canadian Government Is to Blame for the Death of Drowned Syrian Child
Les guerres prédatrices occidentales sont responsables de la crise des réfugiés en Europe
Dead migrants and psychopaths in positions of power

West to blame for Europe’s migrant crisis, say Erdogan, Putin

Raphaël Glucksmann, organisateur de la manif’ pro-migrants, avait soutenu la guerre contre l’Irak

Blame America? No, Blame Neocons! By Ron Paul  September 22, 2015

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to receive 2015 AEI Irving Kristol Award
Netanyahu to receive conservative think tank’s award on day he meets Obama

VIDEO – Mark Glenn on Press TV’s The Debate–Islam-bashing big business in US
Frank Gaffney Defends Ben Carson’s Islamophobia

Y a-t-il des djihadistes parmi les migrants ?
HA’ARETZ-The ‘Secret Islamist Plot’ to Take Over Europe  Satire: A Muslim living in the West lays the groundwork for fellow jihadists to arrive from Syria disguised as refugees.
Canal+ de plus en plus à droite, avec Robert Ménard comme invité…

Complotisme : les inquiétantes amitiés de Jeremy Corbyn‏ Une collaboratrice de Conspiracy Watch s’en prend à Corbyn, à coups d’approximations et d’accusations de culpabilité par association… Ça vole pas haut!
British Army would use “Whatever Means Possible” should Jeremy Corbyn become Prime Minister. British General
Caroline Fourest à nouveau épinglée par @rrêt sur images
Corbyn et ses « amis intégristes » : Fourest ou l’art du raccourci
GB : Une baronne anti-israël envisagerait de rejoindre les Travaillistes

Est-ce qu’Amnistie Internationale a perdu la tête ? Sixième partie. par Norman Finkelstein

Israël: la police autorisée à tirer sur les enfants lanceurs de pierres

‘Zionist regime’s insult of al-Aksa foremost problem for Muslims,’ Khamenei says

HA’ARETZ – Time to Exorcise the Racism From Judaism’s Roots  Words meant to comfort us when Jews were weak and victimized have become tools of vengeance now that we have power and weapons.

France to Probe Assad Regime for Crimes Against Humanity
La Russie est de retour au Proche Orient
Robert Parry on Obama’s “crude and deceptive propaganda”
La Russie met en garde contre la désinformation occidentale à propos du raid aérien sur la Syrie
Should US Ally with Al Qaeda in Syria?
Obama Accuses Russia of Going After America’s “Good Guy Terrorists”
VIDEO – CNN says USA in coalition with the Islamic State
US Complains As Russia Bombs its Terrorists
Putin ‘worried’ by Israeli strikes in Syria  Russian leader expresses concern over artillery strikes on Assad’s forces despite security agreement reached with Netanyahu.
Russian air strikes targeted CIA-backed rebels in Syria: Senator McCain
Sen. John McCain: Putin Doing Assad’s ‘Dirty Work’ With Airstrikes
Putin Hints Russia Will ‘Clip Israel’s Wings’ Over Syrian Skies
Netanyahu warns he will not allow use of Syria as Iran base to threaten Israel
Russia in Syria: Doom for Greater Israel
Is Israel Preparing For A Ground Invasion Of Syria?
Syria Is the New Israel: The World Is Bored With Israel-Palestine
The Western Media Is Dying and Here’s Why
NY Times readers protest anti-Putin editorial
John McCain, en réponse aux frappes aériennes de la Russie en Syrie, déclare sur Fox News et lors d’un discours: « Poutine est bien mieux de rester en dehors de notre chemin »!
Obama claims Russian airstrikes ‘strengthening ISIS’
Obama: Putin in Syria ‘a recipe for disaster’
VIDEO – Syrie : la dissi-danse a les mains pleines de sang ! (Moualek VS Assad)
Syrie: Duel Aérien entre des Sukhoi SU-30 SM russes et des F-15 israéliens Pas certain de cette source car personne d’autre en parle.

British PM Cameron slams Russia for ‘backing the butcher Assad’
Middle East would be more stable if Saddam, Gaddafi still in power: Trump Faire dire la vérité par un imbécile redneck… Bonne stratégie pour la discréditer.
« Que vos avions sortent immédiatement de Syrie » responsables russes aux Américains
Surprise, Surprise: Israel ‘thwarts first known ISIS plot inside Jewish state’
Syrie : La Russie prend-t-elle pour cible l’opposition syrienne, en faveur du régime de Bachar el-Assad ?
Tensions entre Israël et la Russie à propos de la Syrie
Israël met en garde la Russie : « Ne testez pas notre armée ! »
L’Otan appelle la Russie à « cesser ses attaques contre l’opposition syrienne”
Israel’s crocodile tears as Putin outmaneuvers and neutralizes Netanyahu in brilliant strategic move
As Russia begins bombing campaign, Israel claims to uncover ‘first suspected ISIS cell’
Pourquoi Israël craint-il la présence militaire russe, en Syrie ?  Adieu le projet de création du Grand Israël et du Grand Moyen Orient si la Russie décide de faire le grand ménage en Syrie et Moyen Orient avec tous ses alliés : l’Iran,  l’Irak, la Chine et Cie !
Courrier International: Vu d’Israël. Poutine seul maître du jeu en Syrie
Rubio calls Russia’s Putin a ‘gangster and a thug’; wants new sanctions on Moscow
New York Times Moving into High Spin Denigrating Vladimir Putin on Syria

VIDEO – Not The Nukes: What Israel fears most about economically robust Iran

Trump, Israel, and the Jewish vote  Analysis: Even though his daughter converted to Judaism and he keeps calling Netanyahu his friend, Jewish Americans will probably keep supporting Democratic candidates.
C’est pas le vote juif qui est important ici!!! Ils parlent de vote juif pour nous faire croire que Trump n’a pas l’appui des sionistes. C’est la puissance du lobby israélien et non le vote juif qui a vraiment une influence dans l’élection du président américain. C’est pas le vote juif qui pourrait faire élire Trump, c’est la puissance du lobby israélien. Quand Bush Jr a été élu, il a eu à peu près 0% du vote juif; les juifs avaient tous voté pour Al Gore! Il a fallu que Bush Jr. vole l’élection pour que ses maîtres (Israel) puissent le mettre au pouvoir. Les juifs américains ont été grandement surpris par l’élection truquée de Bush Jr. Le lobby israélien n’a pas besoin du vote juif, qui est insignifiant aux USA de toute façon, sauf dans quelques États (NY, etc.).

KING BIBI is ‘the leader of the Jewish world,’ says top aide
Benjamin Netanyahu: A Prime Minister Detached From Reality  This week’s series of terror attacks is another warning written on the wall: A third intifada is on the way.
Netanyahu: Israel Will Expedite Demolition of Terrorists’ Homes  Day after two Israelis stabbed to death in Jerusalem’s Old City, prime minister orders measures to curb terrorism; meanwhile, violence resumes in East Jerusalem.
Netanyahu : « Pas de limites » dans la lutte contre les terroristes palestiniens Le Premier ministre réitère son engagement en faveur du « combat à mort de la terreur palestinienne » annoncé à son retour de New York
Netanyahu ordonne d’accélérer les démolitions des maisons des palestiniens

‘Let the People of Israel Enter the Gates and Kill Arabs’
Good Jews Roam Through Jerusalem Attacking Palestinians, Screaming “Death To Arabs!”
VIDEO – Death-chanting Israeli mob rejoices as Palestinian teen is executed
Far-right Activists Chant ‘Death to Arabs,’ Assault Passersby in Jerusalem After Terror Attack  Several violent incidents reported as hundreds march through capital, block traffic.
‘Let the People of Israel Enter the Gates and Kill Arabs’  Racist violence has erupted following terrorist attacks in the past, but this time it seems that the Jewish mob which took to the streets was accepted by Jerusalemites with understanding, if not downright approval.
The Right-wing Loonies Bully Me, and So Does Facebook  I got suspended from the site for criticizing ‘armed pagans.’ Too bad they didn’t suspend all the people who wished for my murder.

Le Bureau de presse du gouvernement met en garde la BBC à propos d’un titre

Roger Waters (pro-BDS) à Bon Jovi : «Vous êtes solidaires avec le colon qui a brûlé le bébé»

Why BDS should target Saudi Arabia, not Israel  Op-ed: It’s time to give Saudi Arabian authorities an ultimatum: Either you cease exporting religious extremism or you will be served the fare of boycott, divestment and sanctions served to Israel.
C’est ce qu’on entend tout le temps du côté de la « Dissidence »: les méchants sont identifiés vaguement comme étant les « sionistes » mais les seuls qui sont identifiés clairement et reçoivent le blâme concrètement c’est pas Israël c’est l’Arabie Saoudite et le Qatar! Comme si les « Sionistes » c’étaient les Arabes!

WATCH: Trump, Carson Will ‘Have Blood on Their Hands’ if Gunman Targets Mosque, Says Jebreal  ‘In the realm of possibility in a country that is very armed that somebody that will be carrying weapon will go to a mosque tomorrow or after tomorrow and would start shooting people and then these people would have blood on their hands.’

Israeli Cinema Is Finally Tackling Rabin’s Assassination, 20 Years Later  The release of Amos Gitai’s ‘Rabin, the Last Day’ and Erez Laufer’s ‘Rabin in His Own Words’ highlights the contrasting approaches to the former prime minister’s death taken by features and documentaries.
PM Rabin killing « written on wall », filmmaker Gitai says

Former British MP George Galloway expresses support for third intifada

Entretien avec Youssef Hindi Écrivain et historien marocain: « Ce choc des civilisations fabriqué de toutes pièces est le faux nez d’un choc idéologique mondial »
Pour lui c’est pas le judaïsme qui est derrière le choc des civilisations. Il croit que c’est les sabatéo-frankistes f-maçonniques issus d’un mouvement kabbaliste… Manque plus rien que les illuminati et on a une théorie du complot toute garnie.

En Israël, les écoles chrétiennes veulent une égalité de traitement avec les écoles juives

VIDEO – Thomas Guénolé dresse le portrait d’Alain Finkielkraut #ONPC À NE PAS MANQUER! (Émission complète On n’est pas couché)
L’Oraison funèbre d’une France encore vivante.

Aux Temps Bénis du nationalisme Arabe Ce papier est publié à l’occasion de la commémoration du 45e anniversaire du décès de Gamal Abdel Nasser, chef historique du nationalisme arabe contemporain.

VIDEO – Nouveau désordre mondial?

Republicans, AIPAC weigh support for bill ‘fixing’ Iran deal Maintenant qu’ils ont compris qu’ils peuvent pas l’empêcher, ils veulent le « corriger ».
The military option is back on the table
Netanyahu in N.Y.: Daniel in the Lion’s Den or World’s Greatest Nudnik?
Nucléaire iranien : comment le roi des casinos veut contrer Obama Par Vincent Jauvert. Pour faire capoter l’accord historique signé avec l’Iran, le milliardaire américain Sheldon Adelson a plusieurs armes : des dollars et un lobbying intense et très organisé.
Olmert to Al Jazeera: Iran is a ‘done deal,’ Israel mustn’t fight with Obama
Netanyahu’s real message was to Israel’s Jews: “Talk peace but prepare for doomsday”

Obama Pulled John Kerry and Samantha Power From Netanyahu UN Speech

Connections Between Sukkot and the War of Gog and Magog
Le Sanhédrin passe un jugement contre le Pape François et Barack Obama sur le Mont Sion.  Par Adam Eliyahu Berkowitz – Le 10 septembre 2015

Netanyahu attacked by right-wing flank for ‘not doing enough’ against terror

Israel’s New Police Chief Emerges from Shadowy World

Israel Escalates ‘Water-Apartheid’ As Illegal Settlers Contaminate Palestinian Water

Israel kidnapped 562 Palestinians in September: Prisoners’ advocacy group

Olmert blasts Netanyahu’s foreign policy, warns of risk of apartheid in Israel

‘Bon Jovi stands with Israeli settlers who burn Palestinian babies,’ Roger Waters says
Roger Waters to Jon Bon Jovi: “You stand shoulder to shoulder with the settler who burned the baby”
Etats Unis: Les boycotteurs du BDS se plaignent d’être victimes de boycott en vu « d’entraver leur action »
Marginalizing the Momentum of the BDS Movement
Les socialistes du Conseil de Paris refusent de condamner le mouvement antisémite BDS
UK – Government acts to stop local councils boycotting Israel

juif.org – Georges Soros, face moderne d’Amalek, oeuvre à la destruction d’Israël
Gilad Atzmon blâme à tort George Soros pour le projet du Grand Israel…

Why Should Jews Celebrate a Torah That Calls for Genocide and Homophobia?

VIDEO – Mark Glenn: US seeking to undo Iran’s 1979 Revolution

Haim Saban Leaves Pro-Israel Coalition Over Sheldon Adelson’s Right-Wing Push
Billionaire Haim Saban Quits His anti-BDS Initiative With Adelson  Though he gave no reason for pull out, Jewish activists say Saban didn’t like Adelson’s push to the right in initiative meant to counter anti-Israel efforts at U.S. campuses.
Saban said to quit anti-BDS campus initiative he launched with Adelson Entertainment mogul reportedly opposed ‘right-wing tilt’; introducing alliance in June, the pair had made light of their political differences

Jeb Bush’s Jewish team includes brother’s backers, staffers

Obama ‘refused to oppose Palestinian UN statehood bid’ In latest sign of Washington-Jerusalem rift, White House said to have declined repeated request to come out publicly against unilateral PA move
Report: Senior Democrat failed to obtain Obama commitment to veto Palestinian state at UN

British PM David Cameron: “Non-Violent Extremists” Including “9/11 Truthers” and “Conspiracy Theorists” are Just as Dangerous as ISIL Terrorists

Corbyn chahuté pour ne pas avoir dit « Israël » dans un événement pro-israélien A l’issue d’un discours sur la reprise du processus de paix, le leader de l’opposition a été interrompu par un homme criant « Dites le mot Israël »
Corbyn speech confirmed worst concerns, Labor MK says
Siege of Gaza must end, Jeremy Corbyn tells Labour Friends of Israel

Israel a ouvert le feu plus de 700 fois sur Gaza depuis le cessez-le feu d’août 2014

Palestine flag raised at UN headquarters for first time

Israel seeks to legalize controversial settler outpost State asserts Adei Ad doesn’t lie on Palestinian land; defense minister dismisses notion of West Bank construction freeze

Israël : un gouvernement d’assassins patentés

Look Who’s Going to Be Israel’s Police Chief  A Shin Bet agent from one of the most radical settlements in the West Bank, that’s who.

«Les terroristes se sentent libres» : Israël affronte l’extrémisme juif sur fond de heurts à Al-Aqsa

Israel Advocacy Groups Muzzling Dissent on U.S. Campuses, Claim New Reports  Responding to anti-Israel campus activities ‘is also free speech,’ says ADL in refuting the studies issued by two groups critical of Israel.

French cancer group said behind ‘Palestine’ map Distributed to schools in Paris, map labels Israel as Palestine; Wiesenthal Center urges Paris mayor to intervene

Student Leader in California Blasted for ‘Blatantly Antisemitic’ Remarks, Holocaust Denial

juif.org – Mont du Temple : Fabius opposé à la liberté de culte pour les Juifs
En fait c’est qu’il y a le Dome du Rocher musulman (Al-Aqsa) et aucun « Temple juif » à cet endroit que les juifs appellent « Mont du Temple »… Les juifs ne font que semer le trouble quand ils vont sur le Dome du Rocher, ils vont pas là juste pour « prier » mais pour appeler à la destruction du Dome du Rocher afin de pouvoir rebâtir le Temple!
juif.org – Complot juif mondial ?
juif.org – Révisionnisme: Larousse révise l’histoire dédiée aux enfants en faisant disparaître Israël « Les Hébreux vivaient en Palestine’ » Juste dire ou écrire le mot Palestine dans un libre d’histoire pour eux c’est du négationnisme.

How to Get Away With anti-Semitism: A ‘Pro-Israel’ Free Pass for Ann Coulter  If you’re hardline enough, pro-Netanyahu enough, anti-Muslim enough, pro-Trump enough, and therefore ‘pro-Israel’ enough, can you also reap the spotlight with a gut-punch of anti-Semitism now and then?

ADL’s Abe Foxman joins Israeli security think tank Former anti-defamation champion joins Institute for National Security Studies to help tackle anti-Semitism, anti-Israel action

VIDEO – Hassan Nasrallah : Israël veut démolir la Mosquée al-Aqsa pour construire « le Temple »


Il y a 15 ans éclatait l’affaire al Durah en France et Pallywood… But what really happened? Our video below is as relevant today as it was when we first posted it in 2008. It chronicles the beginning of “Pallywood” – Palestinian efforts to stage false footage for broadcast in the mainstream news.
Il y a encore ces négationnistes juifs qui croient que la tuerie d’Al-Dura est un fake conçu par les médias contrôlés par les pro-palestiniens.
Goldnadel : misère ordinaire de la gauche antiraciste Toujours la fôte à la gôche…
Marine Le Pen prête à expulser les frontistes qui soutiendraient le boycott contre Israël
VIDEO – L’extrême-droite alliée des sionistes (vidéo Geert Wilders speech) (lien corrigé)

FLASHBACK: The world was right about Iraq– though Israel got its ‘Clean Break’, June 14, 2014
Enter the Bush Doctrine The four pillars of the president’s strategy for winning World War IV. By [ULTRA-ZIONIST NEOCON JEW] Norman Podhoretz Updated Sept. 2, 2004 (Editor’s note: This is excerpted from Mr. Podhoretz’s article, « World War IV: How It Started, What It Means, and Why We Have to Win, » which appears in the September issue of Commentary.) Voir la version française (et résumée) de Réseau Voltaire.
Podhoretz sur les Troisième et Quatrième guerres mondiales: « For these reasons, I agree with one of our leading contemporary students of military strategy, Eliot A. Cohen, who thinks that what is generally called the « Cold War » (a term, incidentally, coined by Soviet propagandists) should be given a new name. « The Cold War, » Mr. Cohen writes, was actually « World War III, which reminds us that not all global conflicts entail the movement of multimillion-man armies, or conventional front lines on a map. » I also agree that the nature of the conflict in which we are now engaged can only be fully appreciated if we look upon it as World War IV. To justify giving it this name–rather than, say, the « war on terrorism »–Mr. Cohen lists « some key features » that it shares with World War III:  that it is, in fact, global; that it will involve a mixture of violent and nonviolent efforts; that it will require mobilization of skill, expertise and resources, if not of vast numbers of soldiers; that it may go on for a long time; and that it has ideological roots.  There is one more feature that World War IV shares with World War III and that Mr. Cohen does not mention: Both were declared through the enunciation of a presidential doctrine. »

Israeli Op-ed–‘Putin is part of the problem, not the solution’
Russia, Assad Forces Launch First Joint Military Operation in Syria
Brzezinski: Obama should retaliate if Russia doesn’t stop attacking U.S. assets
Poutine à l’ONU, par Jacques Sapir
Watch Madman McCain lie about what is going on in Syria
Israel, America, and the West checkmated by Putin in Syria
VIDEO – Marco Rubio Would Risk War With Russia In Order To Enforce Safe Zone In Syria
VIDEO – Comment on Marco Rubio Would Risk War With Russia Over Syria
(ZOG of ) The West Fears Russia’s Success in Syria – Not Its Failure
Why Netanyahu stays quiet on Russian policy  Netanyahu tells CNN Israel does not support Russian policies, but stays silent to avoid unnecessary conflicts; Bibi, Putin share ‘mutual respect’.
VIDEO – Mark Glenn: Israel, America, and the West checkmated by Putin in Syria
Dankof to Press TV–Kerry slams Russia to distract attention from US failure in Syria
Seize the Chaos  Israel, the Neocons, and their Bloody, Blundering ‘Art’ of War
Attali craint une Troisième Guerre mondiale, par Michel Collon

L’antisémitisme des migrants inquiète les Juifs Allemands

UN chief condemns recent killings of Palestinians, without mention of Israeli terror victims

Arab-Israeli TV journalist goes back on air after being hit by stun grenade

VIDEO – FLASHBACK: Donald Trump Endorsement for Prime Minister Netanyahu
Donald Trump, Big In Israel, Endorses Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu
Why Won’t Trump Stand Up to His Anti-Semitic Fans?

Sanders campaign apologizes to pro-Palestine activists threatened with arrest
New foundation will counter BDS by promoting Israeli high-tech

Temple Mount is the issue, not terror
A Jérusalem, la « guerre de religion » masque un colonialisme pur et dur

«Israël se diabolise lui-même chaque jour», par Shlomo Sand

Howard Stern Blasts Roger Waters Over Israel Boycott

Mossad Takes Pride in One of Its Worst Debacles  61 years after the revelation of the Lavon Affair, the original ‘false flag’ operation, Israel’s spooks believe it was more bad luck than embarrassment, if it was embarrassing at all.

Netanyahu veut une enquête pour « incitation » contre Zoabi
Netanyahu’s Own Camp Is Turning Against Him  As unrest intensifies, the prime minister is in the unenviable position of facing the wrath of an impatient international community, an anxious constituency, and members of his party and his coalition.
Alarmed European Jews Want Netanyahu Replaced with a Leader for Peace

Obama’s ex-pastor: Israel is apartheid state, ‘Jesus was a Palestinian’

L’envoyé de l’UE : je ne comprends pas pourquoi Israël fait tout ce tapage autour de l’étiquetage
EU envoy: I don’t get why Israel makes such a fuss about labeling

Safed chief rabbi: Destroy enemy to deter attacks
Safed Rabbi: Terrorists Must Not Be Allowed to Survive Attacks

Palestinians will never have a state and will be ruled by Israel — says Israeli minister

Israeli Intelligence Using Fake Facebook Accounts to Spy on Protesters

Both BDS and Israel supporters feel victimized on U.S. campuses

Israeli Soldiers Surround Palestinian Woman At Bus Station, Then Open Fire (VIDEO)

Settler aggression escalates with army support in al-Khalil (Hebron)
Israeli settlers carry out attacks in East Jerusalem, West Bank
Les Arabes en grève contre « les tentatives d’écarter les Musulmans du mont du Temple »
La France juge la situation en Israël « extrêmement dangereuse »
Le monde pense que tous les politiciens sont pareils, mais je suis convaincu que le FN ou les Républicains (ex-UMP) ne diraient pas ça.

Ad Hoc Israeli Facebook Campaign Battles Hatred of Arabs  But it’s not nearly as popular as the racist posting that spurred the group on.
US Anti-Islam Rallies ‘Fizzle’ Nationwide
Zionist Settlers Kill Palestinian Woman after trying to Remove Her Hijab

Jews only: Arabs facing discrimination in Israeli property market
Redneck rants about ‘Them Moooz-Lums’ and learning Ay-Rabic (sic) numerals

RAPPEL: Le livre « Les nouveaux désinformateurs » de Guillaume Weill-Raynal publié en 2007 analyse la stratégie de désinformation et de conditionnement idéologique réactionnaire en France à laquelle a participé Charlie-Hebdo.

Sur ce blog:

Dans la série des terroristes juifs dont vous n’avez jamais entendu parler… L’organisation terroriste juive Honenu, qui prétend « défendre les Israéliens face aux agressions arabes », a-t-elle mis le feu à l’Église de la Multiplication à Jérusalem? Des suspects interpelés. Imaginez si c’étaient des arabes palestiniens ou des musulmans! Pendant ce temps, la United Church of Christ aux États-Unis rejoint le mouvement de boycott d’Israël

Dans la série des terroristes juifs dont vous n’avez jamais entendu parler: L’incendie criminel contre une école bilingue arabe-hébreu en ville sainte, un attentat politique du groupe extrémiste juif Lehava. Aucune accusation de crime haineux? Et ils retrouvent leur liberté même si leur leader a dit qu’ils n’arrêteront jamais de terroriser les Palestiniens et combattre le étissage

Sionisme et christianisme sont inconciliables et antithétiques: un pamphlet autorisé par l’Église presbytérienne des États-Unis qualifie la « pathologie » sioniste de « suprémacisme » juif

« There Will Be A Hot Time In The Old Town Tonight! » Un projet de film de Michael Collins Piper, en réponse à l’abject « Inglourious Basterds » de Tarantino

Médias juifs antijuifs? Selon Enderlin (France 2 à Jérusalem), cible favorite des extrémistes juifs, Israël tombe aux mains d’extrémistes juifs religieux alliés à la droite radicale pendant que la gauche plie bagage… Israël veut devenir une superpuissance pour conquérir le monde. Le documentaire de Charles Enderlin « Au nom du Temple », basé sur son livre, maintenant disponible sur youtube

Pendant que le gouvernement canadien de Stephen Harper envisage une loi protégeant l’État juif contre les méchants boycotteurs, le milliardaire Sheldon Adelson, soi-disant « juif le plus riche du monde », magnat des casinos connecté au crime organisé, parraine la formation du nouveau gouvernement de Netanyahou comme il parraine (et contrôle) le parti républicain états-unien. Le nouveau gouvernement Netanyahou et le parti républicain d’Adelson sont à ce point identiques – judéomaniaques et anti-arabes, contre l’Iran, la Palestine et l’Irak – qu’on jurerait qu’ils ont été séparés à la naissance… L’Israélienne qui incitait publiquement à « tuer les mères des Palestiniens » est nommée ministre de la justice. Le ministre israélien qui avouait publiquement n’avoir « aucun problème à tuer des Arabes » devient ministre de l’éducation.

Pire que la menace iranienne: la menace du boycott anti-Israël! Après la réunion secrète d’urgence organisée par le milliardaire juif Sheldon Adelson (parrain des Républicains) sur la menace que BDS représente pour les juifs, les puissants milliardaires juifs Adelson et Haim Saban (parrain des Démocrates) mettent en garde contre le « tsunami d’antisémitisme » qui suivra inévitablement la montée du mouvement BDS

Encyclopédies antijuives? Menachem Begin, un terroriste exemplaire, selon Larousse.fr. La série télé « Homeland » antijuive? Elle compare Menachem Begin à un vulgaire terroriste taliban!

ENCORE UNE FOIS… Pire qu’en 2012, la dépopulation de la Palestine va bon train… Châtiments collectifs contre les Palestiniens: conséquence de la culture de haine en Israël et de sa dissimulation par le puissant lobby pro-israélien international. Israel sera-t-il récompensé du Nobel de la paix? Le parrain Netanyahou « prévient » les Français que les terroristes vont frapper chez eux s’ils continuent à tolérer les manifestations « pro-Hamas »… Jimmy Carter, considéré antijuif pour son livre PALESTINE–PEACE NOT APARTHEID (qui a scandalisé la communauté juive pour avoir omis d’y mentionner la divine Shoah!!), accuse Israël de ne pas reconnaître le Hamas comme un acteur politique légitime.

Le sanglant sacrifice rituel de Pourim 2012: la pire attaque contre Gaza depuis Plomb Durci

Recherchés pour crimes de guerre


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