L’administration Obama antijuive? Israël dénonce les propos de l’ambassadeur des États-Unis en Israël, Dan Shapiro, qui s’inquiète du « deux poids deux mesures » systématique d’Israël dans son traitement des droits des juifs et des non-juifs dans les territoires occupés. (En référence aux récentes violences de colons juifs envers des Palestiniens.) Le département d’État renchérit en décidant que l’étiquetage obligatoire des produits des colonies illégales est acceptable et n’est pas synonyme de boycott.


Shapiro : Israël a « deux politiques – une pour les Palestiniens, une pour les Juifs » Le bureau du Premier ministre a dénoncé les propos de l’ambassadeur américain en Israël qu’il a qualifiées d’ ‘inacceptables’.

Israel employs double legal standard in West Bank, US envoy charges Furious Netanyahu calls critique from Dan Shapiro, on a day when murdered mother-of-six laid to rest, ‘unacceptable and incorrect’

‘Two sets of laws in W. Bank’ US Ambassador to Israel Dan Shapiro leveled fierce criticism at Israel during a speech at a security conference.

U.S. Ambassador to Israel: Israel Has Two Standards of Law in West Bank – One for Israelis and One for Palestinians Shapiro voices sharp criticism of Israeli authorities, saying ‘too much Israeli vigilantism in the West Bank goes on unchecked,’ with PMO blasting comments as ‘unacceptable and wrong.’

US ambassador: Too much Israeli ‘vigilantism’ in West Bank US Ambassador to Israel Dan Shapiro leveled fierce criticism at Israel during a speech at a security conference, accusing it of adhering to ‘two standards of law’ in the West Bank.

‘Perplexed’ Over Israel’s Double Standards in the West Bank? You Don’t Say, Mr. Ambassador  The U.S. ambassador to Israel has made a historical, if not archaeological, discovery this week. Maybe his country could also do something about it.

A message from the White House US Ambassador Dan Shapiro’s condemnation of the Israeli government on Monday was a rarity, but no accident. It’s no exaggeration to assume that Israel will no longer be able to rely on the US’s veto at the UN or to enjoy the automatic support that we have been used to.

Shaked demands Shapiro recant comments about ‘2 standards’ in West Bank

Netanyahu, US envoy trade jabs over ‘two-standards’ of law in West Bank

‘Little Jewboy’ moment highlights coming divorce between US Jews and Israel
Netanyahu aide calls US ambassador ‘little Jew boy’ in escalating controversy
Former Netanyahu adviser uses Hebrew slur against US envoy Shapiro
Faced with EU and U.S. criticism, Israeli insults fly
Israel’s Right-Wing Comes Out, Slurs Flying, Against US Ambassador Shapiro
NYT Editorial: Israel’s Criticism of U.S. Ambassador Shapiro ‘Unusually Personal and Unfair’  Gray Lady says Shapiro correctly identified a serious problem when he said Israel has a legal double standard in the West Bank.
‘Little Jewboy’ moment highlights coming divorce between US Jews and Israel

Israeli anti-Semites and American Jewboys, From Dan Shapiro to Wyatt Earp  Blasting the ‘unruly mob’ of Gush Emunim protestors that heckled Kissinger and ‘legitimized hatred of Jews,’ Yitzhak Rabin wrote: ‘I was ashamed.’




Obama Joins Israel Boycott? Labels West Bank Goods

‘US doesn’t view EU product labeling as boycott against Israel’ State Department spokesman also backs Ambassador Dan Shapiro’s criticism against Israeli gov’t policies in the West Bank and settler violence against Palestinians.

Obama Admin Backs Effort to Label Products Made by Jewish Businesses in West Bank


Les Etats-Unis soutiennent l’action de l’UE distinguant Israël de la Cisjordanie Le département d’Etat critique les activités “illégitimes” des implantations, et ne considère pas l’étiquetage des produits comme un boycott

EU defends labeling goods made in Israeli settlements but stresses opposition to boycotts

juif.org – L’UE adopte un texte anti-israélien qui ne condamne pas expressément le terrorisme palestinien. Seuls les ministres grecs et polonais se sont opposés au texte

Union européenne: les pays pro et anti-israéliens

Netanyahu: Where’s Europe when Iran, ISIS, Hamas call for another Holocaust?

American Jews Should Move To Israel And Fulfill ‘End Of Days’ Biblical Prophecy, Says Activist

Israel feels the heat of U.S., EU and U.N. criticism
Netanyahu: « Où est l’Europe » face à la montée de l’antisémitisme
US restates labeling rules on Israeli products from West Bank
US issues telling reminder of labeling rules on Israeli products from West Bank Days after ambassador slammed Israel’s policies, State Department stresses requirement to distinguish between Israel, settlement goods.
Labeling Israeli products to raise awareness of Palestinian plight

Israël accuse Ban Ki-moon d’encourager le terrorisme
Furious Netanyahu slams Ban Ki-moon for ‘stoking’ Palestinian terrorism UN chief: It’s ‘human nature to react to occupation’; PM: There’s no justification for terror, the Palestinians want to destroy Israel Netanyahu Accuses UN Chief Ban of ‘Giving Terror a Tailwind’
Netanyahou accuse Ban Ki-moon d’encourager le terrorisme « Les tueurs palestiniens ne veulent pas de pays, ils veulent tuer des Juifs. Ils ne tuent pas au nom des droits de l’homme »
UN’s Ban in new swipe at Israel over ‘stifling’ occupation

Ban Ki-Moon: “Don’t Shoot the Messenger, Israel”
Ban fires back at Israeli criticism of UN speech: ‘Don’t shoot the messenger’
Polémique Israël-Onu: Ban demande à Israël de ne pas se tromper de cible Victor Perez: Ban Ki-Moon et « l’occupation israélienne »

Danny Danon: « Je vis l’antisémitisme au quotidien à l’ONU »
Israeli envoy Danon: ‘I live with anti-Semitism 24/7 at the United Nations’

Europe-Israel | Etats-Unis: la douane américaine applique les mesures de boycott antisémite sur l’étiquetage des produits israéliens

UN Security Council to Consider defining all Israeli Settlements in Occupied Territories as Illegal

Shaked tells US not to worry about NGO bill US ambassador underlines concern over new legislation, urges justice minister to ‘protect free expression and peaceful dissent.’

NGO law: US ambassador meets Israel justice minister to voice ‘concerns’

Israeli State-funded Settler Group Sent Private Eye to Spy on Human-rights NGOs Haaretz investigation: Pro-settlement group Regavim commissioned and paid for private investigation into prominent human-rights lawyer and the organizations he represents. Breaking the Silence’s Smear Campaign Only Serves Israel’s Enemies The kind of concern the IDF displayed to prevent unintended ‘collateral damage’ in Gaza does not seem to be a high priority in the bombardments being carried out in Iraq and Syria by U.S., French, British or Russian forces.
Gérald Steinberg en faveur d’une action diplomatique Le professeur israélien est le créateur de NGO Monitor qui dénonce les abus des organisations non-gouvernementales. NGO Monitor est ultra-pro-Israel, selon eux les groupes défenseurs des droits de l’homme des groupes antisémites. N’oubliez pas son rôle dans la tragédie de Droits et Démocratie (élimination commandée de Rémy Beauregard par des agents du B’nai Brith nommés à la direction de Droits et Démocratie par nul autre que le cabinet Harper).
Israel Cuts Funding for Jewish Pluralism NGOs, May Give Funds to Orthodox Groups Instead Groups curtail activities as Education Ministry funding earmarked for ‘Jewish Renewal’ fails to arrive and projects are in danger of stopping altogether.
‘Dr.’ Naftali Bennett Wants to Eradicate the Toxic, Highly Contagious Condition Known as ‘Opposing the Occupation’ The education minister attacked the country’s diplomats last week by suggesting they had ‘problematic DNA.’ Israel’s rightist discourse has now moved beyond merely labeling leftists as fifth columnists.
It’s Not Only pro-Palestinian Students Who Use Intimidation to Silence Free Speech The behavior of pro-Palestinian students who disrupted a talk by Ami Ayalon at a London university was inexcusable. But too many British Jews also support shutting down free speech – of voices critical of Israel.
Anti-leftist Sentiments Must Not Be Allowed to Affect Israel’s Justice System Deplorable as their acts may be, the selective arrest of Ezra Nawi and other left-wing activists looks suspicious in light of the draconian conditions imposed, including a gag order and an order barring them from meeting with a lawyer. Israel’s Weak Center Is Letting Radicals Destroy Zionism Outflanked by the chauvinist right and the radical left, Israeli centrists have not proposed the third way that Tony Blair offered the British and Bill Clinton offered the Americans.
‘I’m breaking the silence because I’m Zionist, Israeli and a patriot’

Arrests signal intensifying crackdown on Israeli human rights groups
Prison pour une jeune israélienne objecteur de conscience et pour deux militants anticolonialistes

Mossad-linked Israeli law firm loses anti-BDS against US labour
Mossad-linked group’s case against US trade union thrown out

U.S. Labor Tribunal Rejects Anti-boycott Case by Israeli NGO Israeli NGO Shurat HaDin argued that an American union had violated U.S. labor law by endorsing the anti-Israel boycott movement, but the tribunal disagreed.
The New Frontier for BDS: Targeting Settler Businesses Too many progressive Jews think criticizing Israeli policies on the occupation is enough, but it’s not working. Challenging settler businesses to shut up shop is the new frontier for BDS.

Valls envisage des mesures contre les manifestations pro-boycott de produits israéliens
Roger Waters réagit à la criminalisation en France du boycott d’Israël 

Italie: large appel au boycott des institutions universitaires israéliennes
Slovenia’s biggest supermarket chain takes Israeli products off shelves

Israel Launches Electronic War Against ‘Global Boycott Movement’
Diplomatic cables reveal sharp increase in efforts to boycott Israel
Ex-IDF Intel Chief: Facebook is Greatest Threat to Israel
Israeli Medical Association Says British Doctors Trying to Boot Israel From World Medical Association
British Doctors Accuse Israel of “Medical Torture”
Boycott: Des médecins britanniques cherchent à expulser Israël de l’Association Médicale Mondiale British doctors seek to expel Israel from World Medical Association

Brazilian official: Israel made ‘mistake’ in naming settler as envoy
Brazil: ‘Appointing Dani Dayan as ambassador a mistake’ Brazil closes the door on approving appointment of Dani Dayan as Israel’s ambassador to the country, with a senior adviser to the president calling him ‘a disturbance of the diplomatic protocol.’
Israel Erred in Tapping Former Settler Leader as Envoy, Says Adviser to Brazilian President The fact that Brazil refuses to confirm Dani Dayan’s ambassadorial appointment has caused a crisis in the two countries’ relationships.

Netanyahu: Israel to Permit Settlers to Return to Hebron Houses After They Prove Ownership Prime minister says Israel supports settlements, ‘especially in days like these.’ Netanyahu also thanks Obama for planning to attend Holocaust memorial event at Israeli Embassy in D.C.
FLASHBACK APRIL 2015 Israel’s High Court Blasts State for Giving Palestinian-owned Land to Settlers Court Vice-President Naor: ‘I don’t understand how this could happen,’ when hearing that state in 1990 gave Palestinian-owned land to settlers.
Israeli Forces Evict Settlers a Day After They Illegally Move Into Hebron Homes A few dozen settlers broke into the homes near the Cave of the Patriarchs, claiming they had bought the buildings; Defense Minister Ya’alon: The intruders trampled the law.
Security forces evacuate settlers from Hebron buildings
PM’s Office Officials: Settlers Could Return to Hebron Houses Once Paperwork in Order Netanyahu supports settlements, appreciates settlers who ‘stand bravely’ against terrorism, officials say, following right-wing backlash over eviction of settlers who moved into Hebron houses illegally.
Dozens of Settlers Move Into Two Hebron Homes Near Cave of Patriarchs Jewish settlers claim to have purchased homes in Palestinian neighborhood, challenging borders of local settlement; defense minister expected to reject move due to lack of permits.
Des élus menacent la coalition suite à l’évacuation à Hébron Trois députés ont annoncé qu’ils boycotteraient les votes à moins que les Juifs soient autorisés à revenir dans les maisons évacuées
L’un de ces députés est un ancien terroriste juif reconverti dans la politique radicale droitiste. Hebron Settlement’s Contribution to Terrorism The settlers who lead invasions into Palestinians’ homes and seize their lands will do anything to provoke the Palestinians and Israeli authorities, and foment unrest.

Terror boss Netanyahu reaffirms support for Jewish squatter colonies on stolen Palestinian land
Des colons juifs autorisés à retourner à Hébron, malgré l’opposition palestinienne
Israel to allow settler takeover of Palestinian homes in Al-Khalil
Israel Approves New West Bank Homes, Marking End of Informal Building Freeze  After almost two years, Civil Administration and other planning and building bodies have approved construction of 153 residential units in Samaria and East Jerusalem.
Israël approuve plus de 150 nouveaux logements dans des colonies de Cisjordanie

Bennett Is Building a New Messianic Order – and No One Says a Word

The education minister and his public are restricting freedom, narrowing maneuverability and shattering confidence, in service of shattering democracy. And so far, nobody’s even peeped in protest.

Israel Plans to Seize Large Chunk of West Bank Farmland

Israel destroys homes for Bedouins, builds homes for Jews

Israel Spraying Toxins Over Palestinian Crops in Gaza

Israël : la vidéo du terrifiant lynchage d’un migrant africain (érythréen)

Canadian Student Shot by Israeli Sniper in the West Bank

Comment: Wife of late Meir Kahane addresses hunger-striking grandson’s administrative detention

Chief Israeli rabbi calls for executing Palestinians
Israeli Rabbi Calls for Execution Of All Palestinians
Don’t Celebrate the Israeli Occupation’s Impending Demise Just Yet The world will continue to pay hollow lip service in the form of absurd steps, like marking products from the settlements, for which it doesn’t stop apologizing.

AU NOM DU TEMPLE (Charles Enderlin, France2)

Le dernier jour d’Yitzhak Rabin

RABIN, THE LAST DAY (Amos Gitai, 2015)

Drunk on hate and mad at the world

Detention extended for Kahane grandson; 2nd far-rightist to go free Meir Ettinger to remain in custody for 4 more months; Defense Ministry won’t extend detention order for Eviatar Slonim.
Meir Ettinger to remain under administrative detention Ettinger, considered the leader of radical Jewish group in the West Bank, will remain under Shin Bet custody for 4 more months; Evyatar Slonim will be released under restrictions.
Defense Ministry extends administrative of ultra-nationalist Meir Ettinger

Jérusalem: trois adolescents israéliens inculpés pour des graffitis antichrétiens
Christianophobia – 3 Jewish Teens Charged in Vandalism of Jerusalem Monastery
JERUSALEM – Another Church hit by Jewish extremists

Jérusalem: deux suspects juifs arrêtés après la découverte de graffitis antichrétiens
L’Abbaye de la Dormition vandalisée à Jérusalem, des extrémistes juifs pointés du doigt
Les terroristes du gang « prix à payer » écrivent des slogans injurieux anti-chrétiens à Jérusalem
Jerusalem church defaced with anti-Christian graffiti
Jews spray “Slaughter the Christians” on walls of Jerusalem monastery
Jerusalem church vandalized with crude anti-Christian slogans
Jewish Extremists Vandalize Jerusalem’s Dormition Abbey The vandals wrote anti-Christian slogans such as ‘Death to the heathen Christians the enemies of Israel’ on the walls and doors of the building.
Hebrew graffiti at Jerusalem monastery threatens Christians
A new act of vandalism against Christians in Israel

Church Marked with Anti-Christian, Hebrew ‘Price Tag’ Graffiti At Jerusalem’s Dormition Abbey
Israeli police arrest 2 Jewish suspects for church vandalism A 15- and 16-year-old were arrested on suspicion of writing anti-Christian graffiti on the walls of the Dormition Abbey in Jerusalem.
Graffitis antichrétiens: un adolescent arrêté

Israel’s first foreign minister Moshe Sharett–‘IDF troops desecrated Christian holy sites in 1949 by defecating in them and stealing anything valuable’

Négationnisme : la municipalité de Tel Aviv efface le Dôme du Rocher de Jérusalem (photos)

Class-action Filed Against Israeli Supermarket Chain for Refusing Deliveries to Arab Towns Residents in northern Israel sue Shufersal for 450-million shekels for not making online deliveries. Plaintiffs say they discovered phenomenon is nationwide.

American Jews Should Move To Israel And Fulfill ‘End Of Days’ Biblical Prophecy, Says Activist

SWEDEN – Adelson newspaper suggests Swedish foreign minister deserves assassination for questioning Israeli policy
Israeli mayors initiate boycott of Sweden over foreign minister’s criticism
Sweden investigating Israeli death threats against its foreign minister
Lunch With Sweden’s Foreign Minister, the Woman Israel Loves to Hate Margot Wallström bears the brunt of Israeli diplomatic bullying, but one day she’ll make Israel eat its words.
Sweden’s Foreign Minister, the Woman Israel Loves to Hate

Spain ‘deeply worried’ over Palestinian deaths from Israel’s use of force

La Cour suprême a aggravé les peines des pyromanes de l’école judéo-arabe

Poll claims 25% of Israelis fear a second Holocaust

Israel’s deadly restrictions on Palestinian patients

VIDEO – Palestinian Kids Dodge Settler Attacks

Etat palestinien: Israël rejette les propos de Laurent Fabius
Netanyahu: French bid rewards Palestinian intransigence
France: We will recognize Palestinian state if talks deadlock persists
Netanyahu: French threat to recognize Palestinian state undermines peace initiative Pourtant pour E-R c’est Laurent Fabius le plus grand traître de tous les temps! Crypto-sioniste, E-R?? Oui mais très subtilement! Faudrait pas que le monde sache que E-R roule pour la droite israélienne « patriote » que Sora1 respecte tant…
No Netanyahu, Not Every Attempt at Diplomacy Is a Threat to Israel Israeli officials have offered nothing by scorn for France’s new peace initiative when they should be hoping the U.S. will get on board as well.
Netanyahu répond au chantage de Laurent Fabius « Vous donnez à l’avance aux Palestiniens une bonne raison de ne faire aucun compromis »
Netanyahu frustrated over France’s Palestine statehood ultimatum
Israel rejects French ultimatum: ‘This isn’t how one makes peace’ Jerusalem hits back at Paris plan to recognize Palestinian state if talks fail; US official says ‘preferred path’ is negotiated solution.

France : un collectif d’ambassadeurs français antijuifs appelle à un boycott total d’Israël
Des ambassadeurs français réclament des sanctions contre Israël

FRANCE – Resistance to Israel censorship grows
VIDEO – En réponse à Valls, des militants BDS lancent une action dans un supermarché

Israel Rejects French Peace Bid, Saying Threat of Recognition Incentivizes Palestinians Not to Negotiate ‘This is no way to negotiate,’ Israeli officials say, but Palestinians ‘welcome French call to end occupation.’ Resistance to Israel censorship grows in France
Roger Waters love letter to French BDS activists: ‘you have my unequivocal respect and love’

Behind Israel’s Campaign to Vilify Peace Groups
The ‘Professional Journalism’ Behind the Silencing of Israeli Violence The media is always looking for new exciting ‘stories,’ but when it comes to the Palestinians and to Israel’s rule over them, the threshold of stimulation is constantly rising.
Im Tirtzu Admits Mistake in Campaign Against ‘Left-wing’ Israeli Cultural Figures The right-wing group’s director tells Haaretz, however, that the public has the right to know about cultural figures’ left-wing affiliations.
Benny Begin : ‘Pointer de soi-disant traitres est une vieille technique fasciste qui est à la fois laide et dangereuse’ – Des députés de droite accusent des groupes “fascistes” de “dénoncer” des artistes de gauche Im Tirtzu critiqué après une campagne listant les membres de l’élite culturelle israélienne qui ont exprimé leur soutien à des causes de gauche.
Police Fight Court to Ban Left Wing Activists From the West Bank After court rejects request to bar Nawi and Batuvia from West Bank, police file appeal, claiming ban is not political.
Israeli culture minister to propose ‘loyalty bill’ in bid to control artistic funding
Israël : le monde politique condamne la campagne d’une ONG contre des artistes
Im Tirtzu head suspends self over ‘culture mole’ campaign Matan Peleg blasts his own organization’s move to out left-wing artists and cultural figures, says he needs time to ‘soul-search’.
Israel’s McCarthys Op-ed: As Im Tirtzu’s supporters saw last week, the fervent quest to implicate others as traitors can quickly go too far. Israel’s witch hunters need to stop now, before it’s too late.

Shutting Down a Pinkwashing Event Is a Smart, Legitimate Protest Against Israel’s Occupation We shouldn’t expect Palestinians and their allies to stop protesting for justice or temper their message because of the emotional toll on Jews.

Canada’s answer to J Street aims to fight anti-Zionism from ‘within the left’

A Colonialist Project of Dispossession in the Occupied Territories Israelis’ hardened hearts don’t let them understand that Palestinians are responding to the despair and purposelessness that characterizes their lives.

How Marco Rubio’s Faith Could Lure Jewish Voters

Trump– ‘Good’ relations with Russia, China

Présidentielle USA 2016. Devant la montée de Trump et Sanders, Bloomberg prêt à y aller

Duke Exposes the Scumbay Slimeball Ted Cruz as a total ZioShill !

Likud minister accuses Netanyahu of serving foreign tycoons

Netanyahu, Revisionist Zionism and Nuclear Armed Submarines
Netanyahu, the Hopeless Liar: The Unspoken Objective is to Force Palestinians to Leave their Homeland

Netanyahu: Where’s Europe when Iran, ISIS, Hamas call for another Holocaust?

Bennett Is Building a New Messianic Order – and No One Says a Word The education minister and his public are restricting freedom, narrowing maneuverability and shattering confidence, in service of shattering democracy. And so far, nobody’s even peeped in protest.

juif.org – Suisse: les socialistes s’excusent après avoir diffusé une caricature antisémite

JERUSALEM – Another Church hit by Jewish extremists

Palestinian Woman Kicked in Head as Jewish Mob Debates Whether to Kill Her

Save the Bedouins of the Negev from the Jewish National Fund (JNF) and the Israeli Government

Two IDF soldiers sent to prison for shooting a camel Ils seraient moins sévèrement blâmés si c’était un Arabe au lieu d’un chameau…

Bronfman pulls support from York over mural
Media exec Paul Bronfman stops giving to university over pro-Palestinian mural
Un magnat juif canadien met fin à son soutien à cause d’une fresque ‘antisémite’ Paul Bronfman a mis un terme à sa coopération avec l’Université York en raison d’un désaccord sur une oeuvre politique
Jewish Canadian mogul pulls support over ‘anti-Semitic’ mural Paul Bronfman stops cooperation with York University after request to remove politically charged artwork by Palestinian student goes unheeded
Israeli Spies: ‘Mega Was Not an Agent; Mega Was the Boss’ by Jeffrey Steinberg (À propos de Mega, une grosse opération du Mossad avec du cash des Bronfman et d’autres fortunes juives américaines)

Christie promises to let Israel vent about Obama

Benjamin Netanyahu demande a combattre les forces de l’ISLAM (vidéo)

Un ancien ministre accuse “certains” de propager l’islamophobie pour les intérêts d’Israël


Toute cette histoire de « peuple élu », ça sonne pas un peu népotiste?

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