Les politiciens se taisent et les médias n’osent pas trop lever la voix quand Colin Powell mentionne les « 200 bombes nucléaires » qu’Israël garde « pointées vers l’Iran ».

On comprend aisément que Powell puisse en avoir gros sur le coeur depuis qu’il a servi injustement de bouc émissaire dans le scandale des mensonges de l’administration Bush au sujet des prétendues « armes de destruction massive » irakiennes…

Ce genre d’aveu semble indiquer le début de la fin du mutisme américain concernant les capacités nucléaires israéliennes.

Powell wrote:

Negotiators can’t get what he wants. Anyway, Iranians can’t use one if they finally make one. The boys in Tehran know Israel has 200, all targeted on Tehran, and we have thousands. As Akmdinijad (sic) [said], “What would we do with one, polish it?” I have spoken publicly about both nK and Iran. We’ll blow up the only thing they care about—regime survival. Where, how would they even test one?

Selon des e-mails de Colin Powell, Israël possèderait 200 bombes nucléaires Pendant un échange sur le nucléaire iranien, l’ancien secrétaire d’État aurait révélé l’ampleur supposée de l’arsenal nucléaire

Piratage de mails de Colin Powell : Israël possède « 200 armes nucléaires tournées vers l’Iran » Des mails du général Colin Powell ont été piratés et rendus publiques mercredi. Dans ses conversations, l’ancien secrétaire d’Etat de l’administration Bush indique qu’Israël aurait « 200 bombes nucléaires, toutes tournées vers Téhéran ».

Colin Powell Leaks: «Israël» dispose de 200 missiles nucléaires L’ancien secrétaire d’Etat américain et général quatre étoiles Colin Powell a suggéré qu’«Israël» disposait de 200 missiles à tête nucléaire, dans un e-mail dévoilé par des hackers russes.

Powell Acknowledges Israeli Nukes

Israel, US mum on Powell’s assessment that Israel has 200 nukes After leak of email in which he gauges size of Jewish state’s alleged atomic arsenal, former secretary of state stresses it was sent 10 years after he left office

In leaked emails, Colin Powell says Israel has 200 nukes While discussing Iran nuclear deal, former secretary of state apparently reveals extent of Jewish state’s alleged atomic arsenal

Colin Powell in Leaked Email Says Israel Has 200 Nukes

Colin Powell leaked emails: Israel has ‘200 nukes all pointed at Iran’, former US secretary of state says The detail is the latest revelation to emerge from a cache of leaked communications which has set Washington on edge

Israel has 200 nukes pointed at Iran, according to Powell emails

In Leaked Email, Colin Powell Says Israel Has 200 Nukes Pointed at Iran Former U.S. Secretary of State discusses Netanyahu’s March 2015 speech to Congress, in which the PM opposes the deal proposed by Obama to curb Tehran’s nuclear weapons program.

Powell discussed Israel’s nuclear capacity in leaked emails

‘The Boys in Tehran Know Israel Has 200 Nukes Pointed at Them,’ Says Former Secretary of State Colin Powell in Leaked Email

Colin Powell brushes off Iraq Chilcot report, admits Israel has 200 nukes


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Neo-conservatives have not made many inroads at the State Department, except for John Bolton, an American Enterprise Institute hawk and Israeli proponent who is said to have been forced on a reluctant Colin Powell as undersecretary for arms control. Bolton’s special assistant is David Wurmser, who wrote and/or co-authored with Perle and Feith at least two strategy papers for Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu in 1996.(Michael Collins Piper, The High Priests of War, p.12)

Initially, Secretary of State Colin Powell seemed to be the one wellknown figure in the Bush administration who stood in the way of an American imperial policy hinging on a war against Iraq. Joined by the military’s Joint Chiefs of Staff in urging a cautious approach to the crisis, Powell was being confronted inside the Bush administration by a tightly-knit group of hard-driving warmongers trying to run roughshod over the administration’s stated policy and determined to subvert it for their own ends. (Michael Collins Piper, The High Priests of War, p.21)

However, the Post pointed out: “High level civilians in the White House and Pentagon vehemently disagree.” Those un-named “high-level” civilians were the neo-conservative warhawks such as Perle and his longtime associate and closest ally inside the Bush administration, Deputy Secretary of Defense Paul Wolfowitz and his lieutenant, Douglas Feith. The Washington Post also reported that while “active duty members of the military have not publicly questioned the direction of Bush’s Iraq policy [in] private some are very doubtful about it.” The Post added:

Retired officers and experts who stay in touch with the top brass, and are free to say what those on active duty cannot, are more outspoken in supporting the containment policy and questioning the administration’s apparent determination to abandon it.(80)

Secretary of State Colin Powell—who served two tours of combat duty in Vietnam—was, in fact, initially aligned with the military brass in opposition to the Iraq war. Quite notably, General Tommy Franks—who ultimately led the American war against Iraq—also opposed the war. (Michael Collins Piper, The High Priests of War, p.49)

Les néocons avaient peur que Colin Powell ne suive pas leur plan… ils l’ont non seulement forcé à se soumettre, ils ont fait de lui le porte-étendard et le bouc émissaire de ce plan !

Dawdling Diplomacy Emboldens Terrorists By  RON RUBIN FORWARD (Feb 28, 2003) « In politics, as in life, everything is in the timing. Yet the administration’s haggling with the U.N. Security Council over resolutions and its hectoring of the hapless inspectors serve both to embolden Saddam and those opinion elites who sanctimoniously reach for the moral high ground in covering up for the Iraqi dictator. The administration, as identified with prevaricating Secretary of State Colin Powell, seems ill fitted to play the game of cold-blooded power politics. »

Cracks Emerge in Bush Foreign Policy, Defense Teams: Hawks Rallying Behind Rumsfeld To Limit Powell; `Soft Speech vs. Big Stick’  By STEPHEN SCHWARTZ  FORWARD STAFF (Jan 19, 2001) « Colin Powell, the man widely expected to dominate Bush administration foreign policy, appears headed instead into a hornets’ nest of ideological and bureaucratic infighting, according to a growing chorus of well-placed transition-watchers. Observers say he will face an early challenge for dominance from administration conservatives grouped around Defense Secretary-designate Donald Rumsfeld. »

Sur les néoconservateurs derrière les guerres pour Israël au Moyen-Orient

Michael Collins Piper, THE HIGH PRIESTS OF WAR : The Secret History of How America’s “Neo-Conservative” Trotskyites Came to Power and Orchestrated the War Against Iraq as the First Step in Their Drive for Global Empire


Sur les liens entre le nucléaire israélien et l’assassinat de JFK

Michael Collins Piper, FINAL JUDGMENT : The Missing Link in the JFK Assassination Conspiracy



Is America’s Silence on Israel’s Nuclear Ambiguity About to End? Since the Carter presidency America’s turned a blind eye to Israel’s nuclear activities contravening the conditions Congress set for countries to receive U.S. aid. America’s new political volatility may mean that’s about to change.

Israel should ratify nuclear test ban treaty in 5 years: UN

How Israel Stole the Bomb

North Korea’s Understandable Fears

Pentagon chiefs fear the movie Terminator could come true with advanced robot weapons wiping out humanity

Montreal Declaration For Nuclear Fission Free World

Un plaignant affirme que l’aide américaine à Israël viole l’accord nucléaire Une association de Washington affirme que les puissances nucléaires qui n’ont pas signé le TNP ne sont pas légalement éligibles à l’aide américaine

Lawsuit claims US aid to Israel violates nuclear pact

Lawsuit filed in US court claims US aid to Israel violates nuclear pact

Lawsuit Filed Against US Government For Illegal Aid To Nuclear Israel

VIDEO – Grant Smith: A brief history of Israeli foreign agent, smuggling & spy cases.

PDF – U.S. Foreign Aid to Israel, By Jeremy M. Sharp, Specialist in Middle Eastern Affairs June 10, 2015 Congressional Research Service

FLASHBACK: In Bed With the Israelis? : DANGEROUS LIAISON: The Inside Story of the U.S.-Israeli Covert Relationship, By Andrew and Leslie Cockburn (HarperCollins: $25; 401 pp.) September 01, 1991|Dan Raviv | Raviv, a CBS News correspondent based in London, is co-author of « Every Spy a Prince: The Complete History of Israel’s Intelligence » (Houghton Mifflin.)

VIDEO – BOOK DISCUSSION: Dangerous Liaison: The Inside Story of the U.S.-Israeli Covert Relationship, » by Andrew and Leslie Cockburn

Dual Loyalty By Victor Mallet REVIEWS OF TWO BOOKS: The Samson Option: Israel, America and the Bomb by Seymour Hersh and Dangerous Liaison: The Inside Story of the US-Israeli Covert Relationship by Andrew Cockburn and Leslie Cockburn

A Special Relationship By David Schoenbaum Review of DANGEROUS LIAISON The Inside Story of the U.S.-Israeli Covert Relationship. By Andrew Cockburn and Leslie Cockburn. 416 pp. New York: HarperCollins Publishers.

Sur l’accord iranien tant décrié par Israël:

Opposition MKs slam Defense Ministry’s harsh rebuttal of Obama over Iran deal Meretz head says Liberman ‘intent on destroying ties with US’ after ministry compares historic accord to pre-WWII Munich Agreement.
PMO calls US envoy to clarify opposition to Iran deal, play down Liberman critique After Obama’s assertion that Israeli security officials now back accord, PM stresses Israel still rejects it, Defense Ministry compares it to Munich agreement
RWW News: Glenn Beck Says Payment To Iran Is ‘Much Worse’ Than The Iran-Contra Scandal
Defense Ministry slams Obama, likens Iran deal to Munich
Netanyahu said blindsided by Liberman’s Iran-Munich deal comparison
Lieberman Compares Iran to Nazis, Iran Deal to Munich Pact…Again
Defense Ministry compares Iran nuclear deal to Munich Agreement After US president said Israeli officials consider accord a ‘game changer,’ Liberman’s ministry likens it to 1938 capitulation to Nazis
Defense Ministry Statement on Iran Deal Caught Netanyahu by Surprise, Aide Tells U.S. Envoy A senior aide to Netanyahu told U.S. Ambassador Dan Shapiro that the statement, which criticized President Obama, was not coordinated with prime minister, Haaretz has learned.
Israeli Defense Ministry Slams Obama: Iran Deal as Harmful as Munich Agreement With Hitler Netanyahu distances himself from the statement, stressing that ‘Israel has no ally as important as the U.S.’
Iran nuclear deal is not Munich 1938
Defense Ministry slams Obama statement, compares Iran deal to Munich pact
Israeli Defense Ministry Slams Obama: Iran Deal as Harmful as Munich Agreement With Hitler
Obama: Israel Acknowledges Iran Has Abided by Nuclear Deal 
Obama challenges Israel to rethink opposition to Iran deal
Obama: Even Israel now says we were right on Iran nuke deal
Between the Iran Nuclear Deal and Pharaoh’s Dream In Genesis, the ruler of Egypt dreams of seven cows and ears of corn, but both times they are followed by seven ugly, emaciated ones. The nuclear agreement with Iran contains a similar divide.
Pro-Israel Dems who backed Iran deal feel the heat in 2016 races Prominent supporters of Jewish state are being attacked for not ‘standing with Israel,’ while some in Jewish community warn against using the deal as a litmus test

Les Etats-Unis vont fournir à Israël la plus grosse aide militaire de son histoire en compensation de l’accord nucléaire avec l’Iran

Ex Mossad chief: Israel’s biggest threat is potential civil war, not Iran

Israeli think tank: Don’t destroy ISIS; it’s a “useful tool” against Iran, Hezbollah, Syria



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