Conflit entre la Corée du Nord et Israël, et possible conflit nucléaire avec les USA de Trump: rappelons les menaces de l’ancien ambassadeur d’Israël aux Nations unies Dan Gillerman sur Fox News en 2013: « Si la Corée du Nord continue dans cette voie, elle devrait être rayée de la carte, ce serait un excellent message, très clair, au reste du monde et spécialement à l’endroit des Iraniens »

Poll: Americans Believe South Korea and Israel ‘Most Likely’ Allies To Embroil US in War

Pyongyang slams ‘Israel’ as ‘disturber of peace armed with illegal nukes under US patronage’

The Real Reason Behind Rare War Of Words Between Israel And North Korea

Iraq War Architect, Paul Wolfowitz, Is Becoming Optimistic On Trump

North Korea snarls at Israel after defense chief calls Pyongyang ‘crazy’

North Korea Threatening Israel after Liberman Calls them ‘Crazy’

North Korea threatens Israel with ‘merciless, thousand-fold punishment’

North Korea threatens Israel with ‘merciless’ punishment

N. Korea threatens Israel after Liberman calls Kim a madman

Pyongyang slams Israel as ‘disturber of peace armed with illegal nukes under US patronage’

La Corée du Nord met en garde Israël suite aux propos du ministre de la Défense

Le Hamas remercie la Corée du nord pour son soutien “contre l’occupation israélienne”

Hamas thanks N. Korea for its support against ‘Israeli occupation’

Israeli politicians pan Liberman for provoking North Korea

Le briefing de la Maison Blanche signale une escalade des préparatifs de guerre contre la Corée du Nord

Video: U.S. Crimes of Genocide against Korea: “We Killed Off – What – 20% of the Population. We Burned Down every Town in North Korea…”

Claude Lanzmann’s Napalm Recalls Affair In North Korea – The Forward

The Existential Question of Whom to Trust: “The Looming Threat of World War III”

Trump lance une menace de « conflit majeur » avec la Corée du Nord

What The Corporate Media Never Tells You About North Korea

CIA chief in South Korea for ‘internal visit’

Dem Rep. Calls For Non-Interventionist, Progressive Foreign Policy

Chomsky: Like Obama, Trump Is Radically Increasing the Danger of Nuclear War

Chomsky on the GOP: Has Any Organization Ever Been So Committed to Destruction of Life on Earth?

Chomsky on North Korea and Iran: Historical Record Shows U.S. Favors Violence Over Diplomacy

Democratic Rep. Peter Welch Condemns Trump’s « Reckless » Threats Toward North Korea

Why Does North Korea Want Nukes?

Democrat Has A Really Stupid Take On N Korea

Trump: ‘Major Conflict with North Korea absolutely possible’

Guerre de Corée : après les tapis de bombes, les mensonges

Tillerson Threatens North Korea

Ministers, politicians pan Liberman for spat with N. Korea

Les États-Unis préparent-ils une guerre contre la Corée du Nord ?

From Syria to Korea: The American Empire’s Rush to Crush Multipolarism

Andrew Bacevich: Trump’s Handling of N. Korea, His First National Security Crisis, is Very Troubling

North Korea: Killer Sanctions Imposed by the Foremost Institution of Peace and Justice, The UN Security Council

Lindsey Graham Seems To Think War With North Korea Is Inevitable

Trump says warning to North Korea maybe ‘wasn’t tough enough’

The curious tale of Israel’s short-lived courtship of North Korea

N.Korea outlines plan to launch missiles at US Pacific territory‏

Ignore The Crazy Man In The White House, Government Tells North Korea

Trump’s clash with North Korea: Good for Putin, bad for Netanyahu – U.S. News –

Monster Trump Doubles Down On Genocidal Nuclear Threats

Trump Improvises Speech, Escalates Situation With North Korea With ‘Fire and Fury’ Threat

Trump On ‘Meet the Press’ In 1999: North Korea’s Nuclear Capabilities Must Be Preemptively Destroyed

Rex Tillerson: Trump Doesn’t Think N. Korea Understands Diplomacy, So He Had To Threaten Them

BREAKING: North Korea Planning Guam Attack

Trump’s Psychopathy and Moral Insanity Threatens the Stability of the US and the World

Wilkerson: Trump and Kim Jong-un Sound the Same

Why Is U.S. Threatening War with North Korea Instead of Pushing for Negotiations?

Rex Tillerson Defends Trump’s Genocidal North Korea Rhetoric

US warns N. Korea that nuclear drive could spell regime’s destruction

North Korea-Trump nuclear crisis: Good news for Iran, bad news for the Mideast – Opinion – Israel News |

Wilkerson: Trump is Clueless on North Korea

Forget Russia. Is Provoking a Nuclear War with North Korea Grounds for Impeachment?

Trump Warns North Korea: Our Nuclear Arsenal Is Stronger Than Ever

Is Trump Too Mentally Unstable To Solve The North Korea Issue?

Has Trump Threatened Nuclear War on North Korea?

Trump warns N.Korea will be met with ‘fire and fury’ if threatens US‏

Trump Threatens North Korea With ‘Fire And Fury’

BREAKING: North Korea Threatens Guam In Response To Trump’s ‘Fire And Fury’ Threat

American student released from North Korea was active in Hillel… Hillel rabbi, participants, say Otto Warmbier led a seder, went on Birthright, ‘loved life,’ and is a ‘beloved member’ of their community.

Student in coma released by N. Korea was active in his campus Jewish community

Otto Warmbier, American student released from North Korea, was active in Hillel

Otto Frederick Warmbier US student freed from North Korea was active in campus Jewish community

L’étudiant américain libéré par Pyongyang est décédé

Otto Warmbier’s family kept his Jewishness under wraps while North Korea held him hostage

Warmbier’s family hid his Jewishness during North Korea talks JTA , 4:58 PM

Family declines autopsy for jewish student released by North Korea

Was Otto Warmbier an American Student or an Israeli Spy?

La famille d’Otto Warmbier avait caché sa judéité pendant sa détention en Corée du Nord

US student, Otto Warmbier, who returned from North Korea in coma has died

Why Have Jewish Organizations Been Silent About Otto Warmbier’s Death?

Otto Warmbier’s family hid his Jewishness to aid negotiations with North Korea

Otto Warmbier Recalled By Hillel Rabbi As ‘One Of The Most Intellectually Curious People’

North Korea denies torturing Otto Warmbier

Here’s what you need to know about the Otto Warmbier controversy – TheBlaze

Fred & Cindy Warmbier, Otto Warmbier’s Parents: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Otto Warmbier Dead: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

U of Delaware lecturer loses job for saying Otto Warmbier ‘got what he deserved’ Lecturer canned for saying student ‘got what he deserved’ in North Korea Lecturer fired for saying Otto Warmbier ‘got what he deserved’

Professor Fired For Otto Warmbier Comments

Will Trump Seek Talks with North Korea or Counter Missile Test with More U.S. Military Aggression?

Trump is as ignorant about North Korea as he is about the Jews – U.S. News –

Blame North Korea’s Actions On the Guy We Used To Think Was the Dumbest Possible President (GW Bush)

Even a US ‘Surgical Strike’ Against North Korea Could Lead to Full-Scale War

Nikki Haley: U.S. prepared to use « full range » of capabilities to defend against N. Korea

Is The US Seeking Regíme Change In N Kóréa?

Trump Warns ‘Something Will Have To Be Done’ About North Korea Missile Threat

Trump’s erratic ways cast doubt on his ability to meet North Korea’s ICBM challenge – U.S. News –

Jesse Watters’ DEMENTED North Korea Analysis: ‘Only Legitimate Option Is Assassination Or Coup’

Fox News Keeps Calling For All Out War With N Kóréa

In Brief: A Jew blames the United States for the death of Otto Warmbier

Ministry of Foreign Affairs Bluntly Warns Israelis: Don’t Travel to North Korea

NATO and Anti-NATO: Two Sides of the Same Coin?

North Korea or Iran…Where Will President Trump Attack First?

La Corée du Nord ou l’Iran … Lequel le président Trump attaquera-t-il en premier?

Lindsey Graham Wants To ‘Destroy North Korea,’ Reminds All of Us That He’s Insane

Trump’s Mixed Signals on North Korea

Negotiations, Not War: Green Party’s Jill Stein Warns About U.S. Escalating Tension with N. Korea

North Korea Knows We’ll Overthrow Them If They Give Up Nukes

North Korea Would Hold Talks if South Korea Supports Peace Treaty with US

Lindsey Graham: ‘Destroy N. Korea’ Even If ‘Thousands Die’

North Korea and the “Axis of Evil”

Clownerie : Soral fait l’apologie de la Corée du Nord… après le dithyrambe hâtif de Super Trump ! | Le Libre Penseur

Sen. Graham: Trump Says Destroying North Korea Is ‘Good Military Option’

S’éprendre de la guerre perpétuelle

Dems Add Neocons to Anti-Trump ‘Resistance’

Pentagon: US Empire ‘Collapsing,’ So Give Us More Money

Trump’s ‘Fantasy’ Military Budget Hides the Real Cost

Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Let’s Hope Trump Is No Samson | Right Wing Watch

Journalist Diane Johnstone on the New Cold War, the insanity of the War Party, and Macron’s geopolitical maneuvers

Remember Hiroshima: “Collateral Damage” and The “Pre-emptive” First Strike Use of Nuclear Weapons

Dems, GOP Join Hands for Sanctions

Trump signs Russia sanctions bill, but slams it as ‘flawed’

Trump Signs Russia Sanctions Bill, Slams It As « Flawed » | Zero Hedge

Trump signs Russia sanctions, calls them ‘flawed’ Despite campaign calls for better relations with Moscow, Trump reluctantly signs into law sanctions against Russia, while slamming legislation’s ‘clearly unconstitutional’ elements.

Trump signs ‘flawed’ bill putting sanctions on Russia, Iran

U.S. Army Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson: « U.S. Republic Sinking Under Weight of Interminable Global War for Empire »

Wilkerson: Trump Admin’s Iran Talk Sounds Like Bush’s Pre-Iraq War

Iran Talk Sounds Like Bush’s Pre-Iraq War

Behind Trump’s Anti-Iran Tough Talk

U.S. Threatens Nuclear Deal it Admits Iran Respects – How Will Tehran Respond?

Les néoconservateurs veulent pousser Trump à attaquer l’Iran

Why isn’t Netanyahu highlighting the assessment that the hackers are funded by Iran?

Israel strikes Iran-supplied arms depot near Damascus airport

Israeli minister–Strikes near Damascus ‘in line with Israel policy to stop Iran arms transfers’

Les bombardements américains en Syrie et en Afghanistan : Une nouvelle étape dans la répudiation du droit international

Netanyahu’s constant search for enemies is beyond pathetic ‏

Des experts du nucléaire abordent les dangers d’une guerre entre les États-Unis et la Russie

Trump financé par la Russie et la Chine va lancer la guerre mondiale contre la Russie et la Chine: la mascarade des élites américo-sino-russes dans les villes riches qui planifient une guerre mondiale pour éliminer les pauvres dans les banlieues

Video: President Al-Assad Interview: The West and Israel are Supporting the Terrorists

Le New York Times conseille Trump de soutenir Daech

It’s out in the open now–Israeli general openly discusses the entente between Israel IS and Al-Nusra Front

Daesh s’est excusé d’avoir attaqué Tsahal, assure l’ancien ministre israélien de la Défense

«Daech s’est excusé devant Tsahal», affirme Ya’alon

Ex-Israeli defense minister says ISIS ‘apologized’ to Israel for November clash

Is Trump Visiting Israel To Praise Bibi — Or To Bury Him?

Team Trump Lines Up with Israel

The New Jewish Elite of the Trump Age: ultra-Orthodox and pro-Israel Hawks

Freed to travel to U.S., BDS founder accuses Israel of being ‘drunk with power since Trump’s election’

Is Israel ‘Drunk With Power’ Over Trump?




« The North Koreans have developed a nuclear weapon, tested nuclear weapons (…) If North Korea continues on this course, it should be wiped off the face of the map. It would be an excellent message and a very clear one to the rest of the world and especially to the Iranians… »

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