La loi martiale justifiée par l’émeute au lieu du virus? L’étrange retournement libertarien et conspirationniste, passé de la dénonciation à l’apologie de l’État policier, condamnant toute forme de traçage et de dénonciation dans le combat contre le virus tout en incitant à dénoncer aux autorités des présumés antifas. Les antifas désignés comme bouc émissaires des émeutes par les idiots utiles disciples de Trump et QAnon, pour légitimer l’État policier qu’ils dénonçaient il y a quelques semaines à peine, et pour faire oublier le problème de la militarisation des corps policiers entraînés par des prétendus « experts antiterroristes » israéliens, experts en rien d’autre qu’en ultra-violence et en déshumanisation de l’Ennemi.

Une preuve de plus que le mouvement conspirationniste a fini par devenir un chien-chien bien dressé au service de Trump, grâce à l’influence débilitante des QAnon, Infowars et autres relais plus ou moins avoués dans différentes langues (EetR, etc.), dont la mission évidente est de produire du délire et du mensonge conspirationniste en masse servant à justifier tout ce que fait Trump. Concentrer le blâme sur des jeunes antifas financés par Soros étant le plus évident de ces mensonges. Lorsque la crise du virus battait son plein, Trump condamnait la Chine et l’OMS, ainsi ses sectateurs conspirationnistes condamnaient l’État policier imposé par les mesures d’urgence anti-pandémie. Maintenant que Trump s’attaque aux émeutiers en pointant du doigt les antifas, ses disciples cautionnent l’État policier le plus brutal qui soit, tout en participant activement à dénoncer des gens à la police. Tout cela sans avoir le moindrement conscience du niveau de dissonnance cognitive que cela démontre incontestablement.

Laleh Khalili @LalehKhalili · 27 juin It is not that the Israelis « originated » some particularly violent form of restraint. It is that they are a totally pivotal and central part of a network of global security practices which requires violence against civilian populations that are racialised, (…)

MODERATE REBELS: Linking US imperialism and police violence: Killer cop got start at dictator-training military base

Moderate Rebels: US-Israeli police militarization

The knee-on-neck, long a staple of Israel’s occupation of Palestine

UK Labour education spokeswoman fired for sharing antisemitic conspiracy

Senior UK lawmaker praises article tying George Floyd killing to Israel

NGO links George Floyd death to ‘racist’ training by Israeli military – The Jewish Chronicle

Palestinian Americans draw stark comparisons of US and Israeli uses of force | Middle East Eye

Pro-Palestinian Group: Israel Trains U.S. Police to Be Racist

It is time for the US to end its deadly exchange programmes with Israel – Middle East Monitor

“Deadly Exchange”: America’s Racist Policing Has Roots in Israel – Miko Peled

Minnesota cops ‘trained by Israeli forces in restraint techniques’ | Morning Star

‘The US is the World’s worst abuser of human rights’ | Activist Margaret Kimberley to RT

Black Lives Don’t Matter to Corporations, ‘Cancellations’ and the History of Policing w/Eugene Puryear – Media Roots Radio

Alex Jones’ Infowars Truck Gets DESTROYED By George Floyd Protesters!

It’s tempting to laugh off O’Keefe, but he is a genuinely dangerous figure who has infiltrated protest groups and fed information to the police. In the trial of the J20 protesters, Project Veritas’s videos were key pieces of evidence for the prosecution.

Corporate Regulations Halted During Pandemic and Apple CEO Tim Cook Blocks FBI Terrorism Investigation

COVID-19: Hazard Pay & Why Amazon and Others Are Ending It

Robbie Martin: « the whitehouse posts the brick thing like clockwork, partly designed to sow doubt/ divide the black community that ‘white anarchists’ are causing all the chaos, it’s actually a smart strategy I wonder if people saw Trump employing it down the road »

Robbie Martin: « this asshole thinks we’re stupid enough to not know this was blatantly done to hide cop’s identities/badge numbers » | Commissioner Shea @NYPDShea  New Yorkers may begin to see our officers with black mourning bands across their shields—and across their hearts. We wear these in quiet commemoration of our 27 brothers and sisters we’ve lost to #COVID. Another way we honor our vow to #NeverForget.

Robbie Martin: « I just witnessed a debate between two people arguing about who planted the bricks at the protests, either bill gates or george soros. I don’t know who won the debate »

Robbie Martin: « almost nobody posting those ‘planted brick pallet’ videos are characterizing them as bait placed by police and military to create escalations and instead we’re back in this horseshit MAGA chud framing of it being a ‘globalist plot’ again absolving domestic forces or Trumps admin »
Robbie Martin: « I’m so scared of looting that I’m hoping the army comes in and cleans it all up » is not the reaction I was honestly expecting out of Libertarians, paleo conservatives or ‘Patriot movement’ types who talked for decades about how they were worried about feds and martial law

Robbie Martin: « even if what you were saying wasn’t insecure victim mentality bullshit you’ve been collaborating with one of the most vicious mobs on the planet, PNAC by running interference for PNAC neocons Bolton, Abrams, Khalilzad. you Paul Joseph Watson fuck off you absolute fraud »

Robbie Martin: « If you’ve let your fear accept national guard or active military on the streets to ‘stop the violence’ you crossed the rubicon psychologically in the same way someone would want the patriot act passed to ‘stop terrorism’. »

White Nationalists CAUGHT Posing As ANTIFA Online

White Supremacists Caught Posing As Antifa To Recruit Looters And Rioters

Like war movies? | Military vehicles on DC streets amid PEACEFUL Floyd protest

Leaked Audio Reveals Trump’s Horrifying Plans For Protestors JOHN KIRIAKOU: Trump and US ‘Insurrection’


Bill Barr Personally Ordered Attack On Protesters Outside The White House

« A Declaration of War Against Americans »: Trump Threatens to Deploy Military to Quell Protests

Videos of US lynchings deal blow to US soft power – Galloway

Isn’t that nice….someone STAGED a PILE OF BRICKS in Dallas for the rioters to use! TLAV: « And suddenly few are talking about one of the largest hoaxes in history. But don’t worry, keep watching race war theatre, and taking their bait, because soon enough they will have mandatory vaccines and tracing bracelets, for your protection, because we all got distracted. »

The Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity : Protesters, Rioters, Looters, and Revolutionaries, Be Aware There Are Government Agents Among You

US On The Brink Of Martial Law As Officials Implement Contact Tracing Methods To Track Rioters

Twitter Warns Trump Tweet Glorifies Violence as He Signs Executive Order to Weaken Social Media

Whitney Webb: « This tweet is for all the people who said « contact tracing » was just for the virus. In the US, law enforcement’s ability to track and surveil without a warrant is the worst it’s ever been and the FBI has a new precrime program. It’s not about keeping you safe and it never was. | NBC News @NBCNews · 30 may Minnesota Public Safety Commissioner John Harrington says they’ve begun contact tracing arrestees. « Who are they associated with? What platforms are they advocating for? … Is this organized crime? … We are in the process right now of building that information network. »

If you thought PNAC neocon Frank Gaffney wasn’t insane enough take a look at his pal @JMichaelWaller

Robbie Martin: « should be 0 doubt at this point that the President of the United States is fully aware of what #Qanon is or he is directly a part of it, yes Trump is directly egging on a controlled opposition boomer satanic panic conspiracy cult during mass civil unrest »

Robbie Martin: « you thought the president might have been ‘trolling the libs’ he wasn’t and now watch conservative twitter sharing sceenshots of and outing anybody professing support for antifa causes. » | BREAKING: DOJ orders the 56 regional Joint Terrorism Task Forces to identify and apprehend ANTIFA leaders, as well as their connected groups

Robbie Martin: « A reminder of why it was worth it to have a dishonest hit piece written on me by Caitlin Johnstone, she regularly promoted people like Jack Posobiec as someone who would help fight the ‘deep state’. »

Robbie Martin: « this is not a joke anymore, the same fake conservative leaning people who talk about the constitution all the time will either remain silent (libertarians who hate sjws and antifa) or become brownshirt stasi (magas) to report anybody they suspect as antifa to feds »

Robbie Martin: « He’s on a roll » | J Michael Waller @JMichaelWaller · « Any NATO ally under attack by Antifa will soon be able to invoke Article 5 for mutual defense, permitting unified military attack on any Antifa member or backer anywhere on Earth. @realDonaldTrump’s expected designation of Antifa as a terrorist organization is a game-changer.

Robbie Martin: « Really unfortunate this neocon monster survived Afghanistan » | Tom Cotton @TomCottonAR US Senate candidate, AR · 6h And, if necessary, the 10th Mountain, 82nd Airborne, 1st Cav, 3rd Infantry—whatever it takes to restore order. No quarter for insurrectionists, anarchists, rioters, and looters.…

As Trillions Stolen Under a Guise Of COVID-19 They Aim To Pit Us Against Each Other – Don’t Let Them

TLAV: « And another one. This is not by mistake. » | The American Independent @AmerIndependent · 10h GOP @SenTomCotton: « If local politicians will not do their most basic job to protect our citizens, let’s see how these anarchists respond when the 101st Airborne is on the other side of the street. »

« This shouldn’t be a straight up color issue (both Left and Right are trying to spin it along color, partisan lines), rather, it’s a universal issue. Their is a runaway fascist police state and it’s out of control now… » | Matt Walsh @MattWalshBlog · 30 mai Tony Timpa was suffocated by police during an arrest. He screamed “you’re going to kill me.” And they did. As he lay dead, they cracked jokes. There were no riots. Little coverage. You’ve never heard his name…

US Military Using New Data Collection System Designed For War in Pandemic Response – News From

Minneapolis Police and Nation Guard FIRE Paint Canister At Residents INSIDE THEIR HOMES!

Esper (SecDef) pledged Pentagon support to help « dominate the battlespace » while discussing the mass protests. There are looters and rioters, but by and large, these are protesters and yet they see it as a « battlespace. »

A New Right-Wing Conspiracy Theory Claims COVID Contact Tracers Are Stealing Children – Mother Jones

Tom Cotton Suggests Dropping AIRBORN Troopers To Take Out Protestors

Tom Cotton Just Exposed Who He Really Is

Robbie Martin: « let me take a wild guess, Alex Jones figured out a way to rationalize Trump doing martial law again right? « 

Robbie Martin: « thought this would all happen because of covid19 but looks like it’s going to happen anyways for other reasons » | Robbie Martin @FluorescentGrey · 20 mars -martial law is coming -massive merger between Silicon Valley data mining companies and US government coming -patriot act II style draconian legislation that will never be reversed is coming -Trump delaying the general election technically making him ‘dictator’ is coming

« unknown if the ATF, FBI, or other federal law enforcement agencies have been granted the same authority » | @BuzzFeedNews · 18h EXCLUSIVE: The DEA has been granted sweeping authority to “conduct covert surveillance” on people protesting over George Floyd’s death

Robbie Martin: « This guy works with neocon Scooter ‘Germ Boy’ Libby at the Hudson Institute and I guess people still want to get on his show, weird shit » | Saagar Enjeti @esaagar · 2 juin 58% of Americans support sending the military in to supplement police force to quell riots

White supremacists pose as Antifa online, call for violence – CNN

FBI found « no intelligence indicating Antifa involvement » in May 31 violence, per FBI report leaked to me. That was the same day that Trump vowed to designate Antifa a terrorist organization.

Robbie Martin: « totally expect all the MAGA chud bootlickers to love police especially when the protestors are ‘libs’ but did not expect so many of the fence sitters or people who don’t have clear ideologies to instantly act scared of the rioting but not the police, fascinating stuff »

Manufacturing a Race War To Hide The COVID Deception and It’s Budding Technocratic Control Structure – YouTube

MSM Is Creating A Race War To Hide The Revolution, As « COVID » Control Measures Forced In Everywhere.

Trump RAGES At Fox As Campaign Spins Out Of Control

Max Blumenthal: ‘Cancel Culture’ hypocrites cancel open debate and foreign countries

NBC Caught Faking COVID Case, Immunity Passports Are Here and Trump Now Say He’s ‘All For Masks’ – YouTube

As COVID-19 Cases Spike, Right-Wing Activists Plan National Rallies to Combat ‘Radical Leftists’

US drug overdoses jump 42% in May

TIME BOMB: 32% Of Households Missed July Payments

How The ‘Great Reset’ Is Targeting Our Children & Plans To ‘Reimagine’ Humanity

Nancy Pelosi: Deep State Enabler – Shahid Buttar Interview

Trump Goes Full Racist As His Presidency Crumbles

Florida Cops Treat Streets Like Call Of Duty

Mainstream media misses damning evidence in Blueleaks police data dump

Shadow Police at War with BLM Protesters

Newly Released White House Documents Reveal Efforts To Surveil Americans Using Contact Tracing AppsFox News On Federal Crackdowns, Then Vs Now

Trump this morning quote-tweeted a QAnon account.

Dylan Wheeler, also known as the prolific Education4Libs account, made a very public « I’m done with QAnon » post on Aug 3. You can tell this one really hurt because other Anons are still in the character assassination phase of grief.

It was only a matter of time until Pizzagate and QAnon believers started to peddle a new sex trafficking conspiracy theory based on the Beirut explosion

We are now up to 13 current or former 2020 state legislative candidates who have endorsed or given credence to QAnon. The newest addition is running for the Maine House of Representatives; he won his primary by default & will be on the ballot in November.

UPDATE: At least a 17th QAnon-supporting congressional candidate has now secured a spot on the ballot in November. Ron Curtis of Hawaii’s 1st Congressional District has been declared the winner of the Republican primary in his district.

Susan Lynn just won the Republican primary in her district by default, running unopposed, and will be on the ballot in November. She is at least the 9th QAnon-supporting state legislative candidate (and 1 of 2 incumbents) to be on the ballot this fall.

Robbie Martin @FluorescentGrey · 8h Don’t know if I fully agree with this take but the long lasting psychological / neurological side effects of the same class of drug HCQ is in have been well documented A Gruesome War Crime Renews Concerns About a Malaria Drug’s Psychiatric Side Effects Early the morning of March 11, 2012, Army staff sergeant Robert Bales left his remote outpost in an impoverished region of Kandahar Province, Afghanistan and killed 16 people in two nearby villages….

Worth noting that this is not the first reported foreign entity to use QAnon on social media for possibly information warfare purposes. The Russian IRA & (possibly) the Chinese have also used it.

Travis View @travis_view · In 2018 QAnon messaging spread from the chans to mainstream social networks. In 2020, it’s spreading from social networks to the meatspace. There’s no indication that the virality of this kind of conspiratorial thinking is slowing down. We haven’t yet seen its full reach. || Liz Skalka @lizskalka · 8 Aug 2020 Spotted in downtown Toledo: “Pizzagate is real.”

Can The Q Crowd Prove Me Wrong? An Open Invitation AMA – Jason Bermas

Alex Orenstein @oren_sa · Easily the most cursed map i’ve ever made. All QAnon affiliated congressional candidates and their prospective constituencies. Sourced by @AlKapDC ‘s extensive work cataloging these folks.

QAA Podcast Rose @QanonAnonymous · Trump keeps retweeting accounts with « helmets » that are openly QAnon, by his own account. Guessing he means AVI.

QAnon Is The New Mainstream

United States of Conspiracy | S2020 E2 | FRONTLINE | PBS | Official Site

Robbie Martin: hi @PBS my Dms are open, next time pls consult with me before making a doc like this thanks! || FRONTLINE @frontlinepbs · “United States of Conspiracy” examines how three men — Alex Jones, Roger Stone and the president — helped to lay the foundation for conspiracy theories to take center stage in America’s national conversation. Tune in or stream 7/28:

Robbie Martin @FluorescentGrey · ‘deeply irresponsible’ more like totally intentionally validating Q (can barely call it a dog whistle at this point) and encouraging more people to follow it || Ben Collins @oneunderscore__ · Q has not “uncovered a lot of great stuff when it comes to Epstein and when it comes to the Deep State.” The Epstein reporting was by actual reporters at newspapers, bastardized by Q to fit a narrative about Satanic child cannibalism. Deeply irresponsible garbage by Fox News.…

Douglas Valentine @dougvalentine77 · A few folks have asked me to check out QAnon content, which I hadn’t done, so I did; my assesment is that having surfaced in October 2017 while Pompeo was CIA chief, it is a CIA psyop in support of Trumpeo. But what do I know about the CIA?

Robbie Martin @FluorescentGrey · En réponse à @dougvalentine77 et @Grabbler8 I agree with your take Doug, the simple answer to your question here is Steve Pieczinik, former CIA. the longer answer an be found in this podcast breakdown of QAnon including the chronology/evolution

Oxygen frequency @Grabbler8 · It’s believed by Q followers that ex-DIA chief General Flynn (& ex-NSA Adm Mike Rogers) are somehow affiliated with « Qanon; » Flynn has quietly been signalling his support for « Q » since 2017 (eg signing books « WWG1WGA ») & is doing so more explicitly now; Michael Flynn posts video featuring QAnon slogans In a video posted online over the weekend, President Donald Trump’s first national security adviser, Michael Flynn, is seen using phrases and slogans that are hallmarks of the baseless QAnon conspi…

James Calhoun @calmarten · Anyway, to understand Qanon you have to look at the foundation which really starts at 4chan with Anonymous and its offshoots. Which I tend to think were being heavily influenced by Intel organizations.

#FreeAssange #NoUSExtradition @soillodge · En réponse à @dougvalentine77 This was Assange’s opinion before he was silenced Citer le Tweet Defend Assange Campaign @DefendAssange · 3 march 2019 Disinformation account « EyeTheSpy », which targets « Qanon » followers (who are often current/former military) is laying the ground work to prevent a back lash in Trump’s base over Assange’s prosecution and extradition and to discourage submissions to WikiLeaks and other CIA goals.

(Part 2) #Free Assange #FreeAssange #NoUSExtradition @soillodge · || Defend Assange Campaign @DefendAssange · 8 june 2018 This wish-fulfillment fantasy is being spread through Trump’s base, reducing pressure on the White House to stop the US government persecution of @JulianAssange. It is an open question as to whether these #Qanon-derived theories are wholly organic in origin & amplification. Afficher cette discussion

Robbie Martin @FluorescentGrey · the @wikileaks official account also seemed to endorse the take in this article about a year before that too || Whitney Webb for Mintpressnews « Pro-Trump Conspiracy-Monger “QAnon” Calls for Regime Change in Iran The Pro-Trump conspiracy monger QAnon, who openly lauds Warhawk John Bolton as a swamp drainer, now openly calls for regime change in Iran.

Robbie Martin @FluorescentGrey · 19h this clip of Sebastian Gorka being asked about QAnon from a caller is absolutely ridiculous and needs to be seen. first he totally lies about Michael Flynn’s oath and then appears to give his genuine opinion about Q being a ‘cult’ and a ‘scam’ Constant QAnon Callers Driving Gorka Mad

Right Wing Round-Up: QAnon Is The New Mainstream

Right Wing Watch @RightWingWatch · 24 juil. Republican Senate nominee Jo Rae Perkins absurdly attempts not to mention QAnon while announcing that a QAnon author is coming to Oregon to do a fundraiser for her next month.

A photo taken with a known neo-Nazi leader, a history of racist comments and support for the QAnon conspiracy have cost a prominent candidate the support of establishment Republicans in Georgia’s 14th District.

QAA Podcast Rose @QanonAnonymous · 24 juil. Finally, Trump’s favorite outlet OAN (One America News) has openly defended QAnon, calling it “the new mainstream”. || Pro-Trump OAN attacks bans of « the new mainstream » QAnon: « The deep state appears to be fighting…

A convicted bank robber has reinvented himself as a major QAnon promoter, leading conspiracy theory mobs against celebrities and Wayfair.

Agent Margaritaville, a Canadian QAnon conspiracy theorist, who built a small following called « the Children’s Army. » Has been on the lam since May when he was charged with two counts of, essentially, intimidation.

DeAnna Lorraine Claims That Hillary Clinton Is Coming for Your Babies

Unregistered 91: Robbie Martin – YouTube

Robbie Martin @FluorescentGrey · I’m genuinely disturbed at how many took this letter at face value, it reminds me of the same brain worm virus that makes people to the left repost and promote Tucker Carlson clips, you fuckers really need to stop doing that Afficher cette discussion Robbie Martin @FluorescentGrey · 17 min Can we please cut the shit? If this Harpers letter has literal Bush neocons on it the whole thing is an obvious scam/op. Everyone going to the mat for this *specific* letter is either part of the op or has serious brain worms. If this is a serious issue to you pick another letter

The Rise Of Newt Gingrich – Julian Zelizer Interview

The Republican Party Has Become A Sick Cult

Trump Is Losing Because His Base No Longer Trusts Him

Tucker Carlson: « You will need a protector. That protector must be the Republican Party »

Robbie Martin @FluorescentGrey · 1h Tucker Carlson’s show is an op (limited hangout, mocking bird, neocon think tank pipeline) if you’d like to challenge me on this topic in a debate, let me know

Robbie Martin @FluorescentGrey · call me when neocons aren’t involved in the ‘hot take’ cancel culture debate sucking up all the goddam air right now and maybe I’ll take the debate seriously, you guys all got conned

Robbie Martin @FluorescentGrey · Yes I think it’s absolutely appropriate to cancel Noam Chomsky for being so fucking out of it that he signed a letter in solidarity with Iraq war criminal neocon David Frum

Roderic Day @RodericDay · 1 avr. Chomsky, 2012: Guantanamo is still open, but it’s unlikely that serious torture is going on at Guantanamo. There is just too much inspection. There are military lawyers present and evidence regularly coming out… An Interview With Noam Chomsky on Obama’s Human Rights Record – « Nothing Can Justify Torture » More (Some of Chomsky’s shit deserves outright cancellation)

Robbie Martin @FluorescentGrey · 7 min Cherry on top: listen to a right wing Hudson Institute shill (who works with Scooter ‘germ boy’ Libby) use Zaid as an interpreter for Noam Chomsky’s thoughts on cancel culture

Robbie Martin @FluorescentGrey · The biggest disinfo operation since pizzagate is apparently happening between this dumb crap and the Wayfair cabinet conspiracy because boomer dipshit QAnon can’t figure out what to post since July 2nd

Robbie Martin @FluorescentGrey · it cannot be understated that the same creepy propaganda newspaper you might have received on your doorstep, the Epoch Times literally bank-rolled, produced and spawned a pro #QAnon show called Edge of Wonder that has a huge social media following

Robbie Martin @FluorescentGrey · ‘Edge of Wonder’ (depending on which incoherent press release you read this show is or is not currently being funded and bankrolled by the Falun Gong cult/Epoch Times/NTD) co-host is spreading the Wayfair #QAnon child in cabinet hoax conspiracy

Robbie Martin @FluorescentGrey · worthwhile article exposing a series of toxic and fraudulent characters who helped push pizzagate and QAnon and ultimately poisoned the well of Wikileaks solidarity

Robbie Martin @FluorescentGrey · i hope some of you Tucker ball washers out there are actually watching what his China coverage has been like

Robbie Martin @FluorescentGrey · not sure who this person is but I completely agree with this tweet || Jason Stanley @jasonintrator · I have been following QAnon for years. William Barr and the President are trying to reverse engineer QAnon to make it seem plausible. It’s surreal and horrifying.…

Robbie Martin @FluorescentGrey · QAnon is an extension of pizzagate, I bet there were whispers at some of these elite journo cocktail parties about Podesta’s art at one point, that’s how big pizzagate got even before the comet pizza shooting. Journalists knew about QAnon for 2 years and chose not to cover it….

Robbie Martin @FluorescentGrey · ‘the press isn’t ready’ don’t know if that’s accurate, if Hillary Clinton knows what QAnon is I’m sure most of the DC beltway press and establishment journalist class does too, they’ve either just been in denial about it or unwilling to cover it || Parker Molloy @ParkerMolloy · My latest piece at @mmfa is about the fact that it’s a near certainty that QAnon followers will be elected to Congress in November… and my worries that the press isn’t ready.

Robbie Martin @FluorescentGrey · Just an example of how abysmal our Media is on this issue, reporters are still mapping out speculative situations where Trump becomes dictator and somehow still total omitting Trumps Brownshirt flash mob force QAnon, are they even paying attention??

The early QAnon narrative believed AG Sessions would prosecute the deep state. In fact, 2017-18 Q drops often said « Trust Sessions. » The « Sessions Activated » meme was popular in the QAnon community in 2018. Jeff Sessions is using a QAnon phrase and meme in his Senate campaign. Ah, 2017 and 2018. Such an innocent time for the QAnon community. They had such hope for Sessions.

Robbie Martin @FluorescentGrey · On June 30th, #QAnon posted another very cheeseball song filled with orchestra sampling library chops for boomers getting hyped up over drops: a song called ‘The Lone Warrior Donald Trump’ by Israeli composer Sharon Gabrieli (this is the url #QAnon posted ) (…) is the posting of this song a potential clue to who #QAnon is or who was posting on that particular day?

The Venn diagram of people who were ready to take up arms in rebellion two weeks ago over stay-home orders and people who are arguing “Obey the curfew or the cops get to beat you, that’s the law” is a single overlapping circle

People who love QAnon are sniveling cowards. They fantasize about cop retribution, military retribution. They’ve never confronted power. Instead they pray for it to strike down their personal enemies. Just the dying fantasies of fascists with dementia.

These Infowars stickers claiming to be Q were just spotted in DC near the protests.

In some corners of QAnon world, George Floyd joins JFK Jr. in the « Faked Their Death For Some Reason And Is Now Secretly Alive » club.

W.Webb: « We were told that a few months ago that we needed CoG martial law for « covid-19 » and now people are apparently begging for martial law bc « riots ». How convenient for those who wanted to install a police state all along. Manufacturing consent works »

Sweatshop Worker Devastated To Hear Jacket She Worked So Hard On Looted (The Onion)

Democrats Can’t Even Pretend To Feel Your Pain

Police Are Arresting Protesters Over Facebook Posts—And It’s Just The Beginning Age of Reparations Big companies denounce racism at home but not exploitation abroad – YouTube

Abby Martin @AbbyMartin · 1 July 2020 The president is inciting fascist vigilantes to commit violence against protesters. || Rational Disconnect @RationalDis · 27 june Trump just posted a wall of “wanted” posters for people who vandalized statues of confederate soldiers, slave owners, and racists who helped ethnicity cleanse America.

Trump Retweets Video With Supporter Saying « White Power »

Trump Deletes « White Power » Tweet After Officials Get Destroyed On Sunday Shows

Robbie Martin: « So what exactly explains this level of police brutality we are witnessing? Did all the cops become Qanon followers who are convinced all the protestors are child molester elites? »

Robbie Martin: « maybe it has something to do with corrupt law enforcement like your co-host Bernard Kerik who served prison time for taking bribes ? » | John Cardillo @johncardillo · NYPD source tells me on average six cops a day are resigning, and that number is expected to rise.

Robbie Martin:  » ‘did you see how scary that social credit system is in China? they kill political prisoners there’ 10 days later… ‘lol look at that antifa commie old man bleeding from his ears, fuckin libtard’ « 

Robbie Martin: « can you imagine how craven and cynical you’d have to be to pretend to care about Chinese ‘totalitarianism’ but be continually apologizing for the US police right how? »

Robbie Martin: RE: Tom Cotton: « I’m more curious about how the Kristol family is doing tonight, Bill’s son @JoeKristol , he still works for you as a staffer right? Is anything super awkward between you and @BillKristol or was this all part of the plan? »

Robbie Martin: « Rudy Giuliani inexplicably had an ‘anthrax cleanup’ company ready to go after the 2001 anthrax attacks (anthrax that actually came from a us government lab) and tried to purchase the AMI building where Robert Stevens was infected »

America’s Deep State – David Rohde Interview Part 1

Bill Barr’s Ham-Fisted Authoritarianism – David Rohde Interview Part 2

THIS Is How Dumb Tucker Carlson Is – YouTube

Robbie Martin @FluorescentGrey · 26 JUNE 2020 Still have to admit I’m blown away by how many self labeled leftists and progressives not just Greenwald still apologize for this psychotic piece of shit || nikki mccann ramírez @NikkiMcR · 26 JUNE 2020 Tucker says the leaders of Antifa need to be « rounded-up, » put in shackles, then authorities should « frog march them in front of cameras like MS-13 » and charge them with terrorism.

If I were a CEO my plan to destroy socialism would be to look at how incredibly white the socialist movement currently is and convince the dumbest people adjacent to it that any talk of black liberation is an op.

Roseanne Barr returns with a new Trump conspiracy theory

Robbie Martin @FluorescentGrey · 27 JUNE 2020 anyone notice the oddness of the mainstream media actually touching Qanon less as it exponentially becomes more popular? they did a bunch of stories about it last year but seem totally disinterested in the topic now, why?

Robbie Martin @FluorescentGrey · 27 june 2020 This article is odd, not only do they treat Cernovich as a legit filmmaker in same realm as Gibney and Moore, they actually publish his entire speculative reasoning for why his crappy documentary was pulled. The normalization of Cernovich is very very sus.

This punctures the ‘Evil China started this’ narrative just a little doesn’t it. RE: « Spanish virologists have found traces of the novel coronavirus in a sample of Barcelona waste water collected in March 2019, nine months before the COVID-19 disease was identified in China… »

Robbie Martin @FluorescentGrey · i’m much more a subscriber of the idea of the deep state wanting Trump to win the 2016 election than the idea that the deep state tried to stop his victory and failed lol… and even if you see the deep state as a monolithic Democrat dominated force it would almost make more sense if they let Trump win just so the whole country would be begging the people in the deep state to save us (i don’t believe this but I’m surprised this isn’t explored more)

The CoVid « Rentpocalypse » Is Coming

L’organisation raciste pro-israélienne ADL essaie de récupérer Black Lives Matter L’Anti-Defamation League (ADL) tente de se présenter comme une alliée de Black Lives Matter, alors qu’elle protège Israël des critiques en raison de ses violations des droits palestiniens. […]

Danny Haiphong @SpiritofHo · This cancel culture stuff is exposing how deeply rightwing politics have become. Chomsky felt comfortable sharing his name next to Bush speechwriter David Frum and pro-Apartheid Fareed Zakaria. If you are on the “left” you may want to pay attention who your bedfellows are . . .

Right Wing Round-Up: Trump Loves Cancel Culture

Dennis Prager Claims That So-Called Cancel Culture ‘Dwarfs McCarthyism’

Right-wingers Using Cars To Attack Peaceful Protesters

Robbie Martin @FluorescentGrey · 6 july Remember when you cancelled Saddam Hussein because you thought he did the 2001 anthrax attacks || newtgingrich @newtgingrich · 6 juil. Jason Miller was right: “The reality is that most folks in the Washington, D.C., corridor are incapable of grasping the growing backlash against the ‘cancel culture’ movement. People do not like to wake up every day and be told that they should be ashamed of who they are.”

As Companies Like Microsoft, Google and Walmart Make Record Profits, Americans Cannot Pay Their Bills

Amazon Meet The Sheep Herder!

Faran Balanced: Pandemic Profiteers Exposed

Cybereason Announces New Plans to “Accelerate” Access to US Govt Networks Ahead of 2020 Election

Whitney Webb @_whitneywebb · Cybereason was founded by alums of Israel’s Unit 8200 and then went on to work for Amdocs and Verint (prev Comverse), which have a documented history of espionage targeting the USG. Their CEO calls his work at Cybereason a « continuation » of his service to Unit 8200.

Whitney Webb @_whitneywebb · Cybereason has hired former senior adviser to IARPA and former Pentagon general counsel Andrew Borene to lead its newly launched « US public sector » biz. Their US election simulations all ended w the cancellation of the election & declaration of martial law

William Barr: Black People Are More Dangerous Than Cops

William Barr’s Surprising Take on Trump’s Pardon of Roger Stone

Rep. Pramila Jayapal @RepJayapal · Bill Barr is aggressive towards Black Lives Matter protests but not armed right-wing extremists threatening to lynch a Governor. Why? Because white men with swastikas storming a Capitol are part of Trump’s agenda while people of color protesting injustice are seen as terrorists.

Donald Barr is being accused of being Donald Trump’s « fixer ». Remember Barr was the fixer for: PROMIS Iran Contra BCCI Danny Casolaro (death) Jeffrey Epstein (death) PS No tagging Trump and no Trump defending. This is about Bill Barr’s position in the White House as a FIXER.

Douglas Valentine @dougvalentine77 · In 2008, CT USA John Durham began to investigate the destruction of CIA videotapes taken of detainee interrogations. In 2010, he closed the investigation without recommending that any criminal charges be filed. His report remains secret. Now he works for Barr & Trump.

It Has Been FAKE FOR A LONG TIME! Let’s Stop PRETENDING Otherwise! – YouTube

Counterinsurgency against Black liberation movement and weaponization of anti-semitism allegations

My take on #HarpersLetter in this week’s @blkagendareport . Now that it has fallen completely out of the conversation, it is time to expose frauds for who they really are, and this letter for what it is: American exceptionalism on steroids.

Robbie Martin @FluorescentGrey · Huh almost feels like a total op that these ‘cancel culture’ things keep having prominent neocon psychopaths on them

Fox Host: Why Not Arrest Trump’s Opponents?

Conspiracy Theorist K.W. Miller, Florida Congressional Candidate, Has a Sordid Record

Ted Cruz Claimed He’s Never Met a Proud Boy. That’s Not True.

Oh look at that. The Umbrella Man cited as the instigator of the worst post-Floyd violence in Minnesota is a white supremacist biker from a gang called the Aryan Cowboys. No charges…yet.

Right-Wing Host (« Trunews ») Calls For Mass Murder Of Protesters

Just how anti-Semitic is QAnon?

Opinion columnist attacks Soros, loses high-profile perch in Chicago Tribune

‘Out of Shadows’ Is a QAnon Film Going Viral

From Covid to Riots: A Gladio-C Coup in Effect

Why White Evangelicals Worship at the Altar of Donald Trump Madonna censored for sharing coronavirus conspiracy video on Instagram The video was the same one that got US President Donald Trump’s son Donald Trump Jr. temporarily suspended from Twitter.

mkULTRAWOKE @MkUltrawoke1917 · @FluorescentGrey this is an article which describes the connections between the alt right, 4chan, Reddit and the intelligence services. Did you know the “most Reddit addicted” city on earth is Eglin Air Force Base, Florida? The Truth About The Alt Right: A Destruction by Facts and Logic

Robbie Martin @FluorescentGrey · Donald Jr’s ‘truth’= don’t wear masks, they don’t do anything. Also don’t worry about dying or getting sick from covid19 since there is a cure for it. Pretty wild the presidents own son is retweeting this, but not that wild when you realize the whole press conference was a stunt

What do you think the explanation is for Greenwald, Tracey and Taibbi sleeping on/not commenting on extremely dangerous escalations from the US with China? These are their most recent tweets on China

Robbie Martin @FluorescentGrey · the wording of American Psycho Jr’s tweet implies some kind of memo went out on how to detach team-Trump messaging from any specific conspiracy theory that absolves or helps Trump similar to what they’ve been doing with Q.

Robbie Martin @FluorescentGrey · we have received a memo just like every other government branch telling us to ramp up cold war 3.0 rhetoric on China, it’s pretty cool, we’re going to keep doing it even more going into the election || WA St Dept of Agr @WSDAgov · 24 juil. We have received reports of people receiving seeds from China that they did not order. If you receive them – don’t plant them. Report to @USDA_APHIS at

New documents can prove Canada plotted with FBI – Wangzhou Lawyers

Robbie Martin @FluorescentGrey · Trump’s greatest legacy will be starting a war with China according to Steve a Bannon. Maybe we should start taking seriously what these war mongering psychopaths are saying? || Squawk Box @SquawkCNBC · « The United States has a coherent and comprehensive strategy with taking on, not just containing, but taking on the Chinese Communist Party, » says former White House strategist Steve Bannon on where negotiations stand. « It’s going to be President Trump’s greatest legacy. »

Robbie Martin @FluorescentGrey · This is a lie and Bannon knows it, Trump can sign an emergency order at anytime circumventing the FDA to approve Hydroxychloroquine for non hospitalized use. How long will they use Trumps own people as scapegoats? || War Room: Pandemic Symbole danger biologique @WarRoomPandemic · Bannon: If the #FDA head @SteveFDA won’t make the decision on #hydroxychloroquine, @realDonaldTrump ought to get a new interim FDA head. The trigger ought to be pulled on Emergency Use Authorization. It’s time for action. #WarRoomPandemic #WarRoom2020 #CCPVirus

Robbie Martin @FluorescentGrey · if there’s an active psyop going on to make everybody super confused about covid19 it’s totally working

LastAmericanVagabond @TLAVagabond – Gee, who could have predicted this? Only #Event201, #Cybereason, #MSM, #AnyonePayingAttention.. but nothing to see here, it’s all for your protection, now get back inside, and wear your life-saving masks, googles and gloves, until we say otherwise.. [Breaking News] Trump calls for delay to 2020 US election US President Trump calls for delaying 2020 election, citing possible mail-in voting fraud despite little evidence

If you need a vivid representation of tiktok going QAnon, this young poster has you covered. She staged a dialogue between her former pro-BLM protestor self and her new, unmasked « awakened » self.

QAA Podcast Rose @QanonAnonymous · This is QAnon promoter Joe M evading his ban and posting about “satanic panic” as if it were a cool project we need to finish sometime (it ends in deaths of course) || Todd Burgun @ToddBurgun · There will be a new Satanic Panic. This time it will be saturated globally. Instead of being squashed by the media and folks humiliated into silence, it will snowball into ubiquity. These unfathomable beasts who’ve been quietly feasting on humanity will be hunted down and purged.

@BlackTowerRadio broke this last year, no offense to Media Matters but you guys are often a year late to the punch on Q || Eric Hananoki @ehananoki · Tony Shaffer advises the Trump campaign, visits the White House, and consults for law enforcement. Yesterday he expressed support for the QAnon conspiracy theory, claiming that it « has some really good inside information » and « there’s something there. »

Travis View @travis_view · A QAnon follower admits « things seem a little bleak » in part because « we’re not seeing the mass arrests we’re all hoping for » and « the sealed indictments haven’t come out yet. » He advises struggling QAnon followers that « now is the moment of faith » in the face of disappointment.

Q wrote a novel just after midnight. Virus is a bio attack! Flynn was going to expose Obama’s crimes! McMaster-Coats-Wray-Bolton! C19 insurance plans! The Democratic plan to purposely crash the economy! Masks are a test to see who is a sheep! It’s got everything in there!

Rick Wiles No Longer Believes COVID-19 Is an End Times Plague, But Rather a Democratic/Communist Conspiracy

Canadian veterans suing government over anti-malarial drug’s adverse effects

Robbie Martin @FluorescentGrey · Many doctors have theorized that part of why PTSD after Vietnam was so bad is because of the anti-malarial drugs US soldiers were forced to take for long periods of time during deployment that can cause sometimes permanent neurological and psychological side effects

Shady Billionaires Are Funding The Republican War On Voting Rights

James Robison Says COVID-19 Is Satan Going ‘Ballistic’ to Stop Trump’s Reelection Sweden Complete Garbage And The NYC Councilman (Jason Bermas) – YouTube

The Coronavirus Crisis System Update: Coronavirus Strengthens Ruling Class Grip on the U.S. Lee Fang , System Update

Whitney Webb @_whitneywebb · Can someone make a petition to Western Michigan U to have this freak removed from his « bioethics » post, look what else he wrote. Not OK! (PDF) Compulsory Moral Bioenhancement Should be Covert PDF | Some theorists argue that moral bioenhancement ought to be compulsory. I take this

Whitney Webb @_whitneywebb · This shit article claims that the « solution » to covid19 is to medicate people with psychoactive drugs so they are more obedient to govt mandates. This isn’t about public health, this is about control.

Denmark Says ‘No Benefit’ To Masks, Lockdowns Don’t Work, COVID Tracking & Israeli/US Foreign Policy

Robbie Martin @FluorescentGrey · Kinda hard to deny at this point that @Twitter is acting as an arm of the US government || Betsy Woodruff Swan @woodruffbets · Aug 6 Twitter spox said they won’t label Voice of America or RFE/RL as « state-affiliated. » The new labels are only going on outlets connected to the governments of permanent members of the UN Security Council, though that may expand in the future

Yet again, the Trump administration is fighting a culture war that is out of touch with reality || Trump Tells Conservative Catholics That Democrats Want to Shut Churches Down

Coronavirus cui bono || Sven Henrich @NorthmanTrader · 17 aug Congratulations @federalreserve
Underfunded USPS Threatens 2020 Election Results

Religious-Right Radio Hosts Say God Allowed Louie Gohmert to Get COVID-19 to Show the Effectiveness of Hydroxychloroquine

An InfoWars reporter raised $170K after her mysterious arrest, with supporters saying she was a victim of the deep state. But cops say she just tackled and robbed her own mom.

Has Alex Jones Left Millie Weaver For Roger Stone?

Millie Weaver And Meme Culture With Q And The Gang!

Millie Weaver was arrested and charged with felonies after cops say she robbed her own mother. Fans gave her $170k+ to fight in court, but she claims she lost her work relationship to Alex Jones after the incident. Now, she tweets a QAnon slogan.

Alex Jones and DeAnna Lorraine Say Michelle Obama Is a Man and Bill Gates Is an Alien

Robbie Martin @FluorescentGrey · Interestingly pizzagate also stopped even Internet sleuths from continuing to dig into potential Clinton foundation crimes from the DNC email leaks || Michael (Noble Continuation) @OmanReagan · Right-wing conspiracy theories shouldn’t obscure the fact that in 2015 there was a lot of very good, trustworthy, media coverage about Clinton Foundation corruption. All of that coverage stopped when Hillary started campaigning.


« I understand they like me very much, which I appreciate » – President Donald Trump on QAnon
Trump when asked about QAnon: « I don’t know much about the movement other than I understand they like me very much, which I appreciate. » That’s the Trump Doctrine: if you praise Trump, he will defend you no matter how insane or evil you are. If you cross him, watch your back.

REPORTER: QAnon believes you are secretly saving the world from this cult of pedophiles and cannibals. Are you behind that? TRUMP: Is that supposed to be a bad thing? We are actually. We are saving the world. Afficher cette discussion

Trump Backs Violent QAnon Cultists at White House

When asked about the central premise of QAnon, Trump didn’t question the validity of the movement. Instead he offered his help. Me and ⁦@kevinroose ⁩ on the consequences of that: At a news conference on Wednesday, President Trump embraced proponents of the QAnon conspiracy theory. Trump Says QAnon Followers Are People Who ‘Love Our Country’ When asked, the president did not question the truth behind the claims of the QAnon conspiracy movement. Instead, he offered his help.

Trump on QAnon conspiracy believers: ‘They love our country’ – YouTube

Here’s Why Trump’s Praise of QAnon Is So Dangerous

Trump on QAnon Followers: ‘These Are People That Love Our Country’ – The New York Times

Trump’s UNBELIEVABLE Response to QAnon Conspiracy Question

Biden campaign: Trump « giving voice to violence » by praising QAnon supporters

Trump Praises Conspiracy Group During Press Briefing

Trump QAnon praise was years in making, likely to further radicalize – Business Insider

qanon went from being a weird fringe phenomenon just a few months ago, to a mainstream mess where the president is getting asked questions about it during press briefings. i wrote about how we got here

Trump Embraces QAnon And Says They’re Right About Him

We are now up to 𝟕𝟕 current or former 2020 congressional candidates who have endorsed or given credence to QAnon. The newest addition is a candidate running in Delaware.

What Is QAnon, the Viral Pro-Trump Conspiracy Theory? – The New York Times

The Republican Embrace of QAnon Goes Far Beyond Trump – The New York Times

Travis View @travis_view · Damn, I guess Trump’s praise isn’t good enough for some QAnon followers. They still want the arrests they were promised.

Jared Holt @jaredlholt · It’s unsurprising, but QAnon believers are claiming our well sourced story—former friends, police records, local news reports—is a « false flag. » As we noted in the @QanonAnonymous livestream, « Where We Go One We Go All » ends when someone becomes a PR problem for the movement.

Ah yes, [Marjorie Taylor Greene] “denounced” it not because it was bananas pudding insane, not because of the anti-Semitism or the CHILD CANNIBALISM, but because Q predicted that the 2018 midterms were safe for Republicans.

Marianne Williamson @marwilliamson · Q Anon is a “dark psychic force,” by the way.

Travis View @travis_view · 1h This dismissal from Pence won’t move the needle for most QAnon followers. Many even consider Pence to be part of the cabal. Some QAnon followers even thought JFK Jr. would replace Pence as Trump’s 2020 running mate. || POLITICO @politico · Speaking with CNN’s John Berman this morning, Pence claimed not to know much about the QAnon conspiracy theory, saying he had little time to focus on conspiracy theories while heading the White House’s coronavirus task force

Episode 105: QAnon Abducts Children feat Will Sommer par QAnon Anonymous | Écoute gratuite sur SoundCloud @willsommer for joining us as we explored a network of QAnon figures assisting fugitives, one of which planned a « raid » to abduct her own child from a foster home.

The Summer QAnon Went Mainstream – Mother Jones

Cecilia Fulbright is unrepentant about her attack, a former roommate and a former friend told @julianfeeld . She believed she did a good thing and that the police officers who arrested her had validated her.

Texas QAnon Supporter Used Car to Attack Strangers She Believed Were ‘Pedophiles’ | Right Wing Watch

The fact that Q people connect their cult to the Christchurch & El Paso shootings is so disgusting. They really believe the « Deep State » killed 70+ people to **momentarily** stop Q drops. No lie is too big to preserve the image of their savior’s messenger, Jim Watkins (8chan creator).

FBI: The deranged QAnon conspiracy theory poses a potential domestic terrorism threat Combating Terrorism Center at West Point: it’s a public security threat & potential domestic terror threat Trump: « these are people that love our country. »

Why conspiracy theories are gaining ground in the pandemic

When judging the speed of the response of social media companies to QAnon, I think it’s useful to remember that the first QAnon inspired terrorist incident happened in June 2018 and Reddit understood that QAnon was enough of a problem to purge QAnon subreddits in September 2018.

Very simplistic visual example of how conspiracy theories can become transnational: Top half local context, Bottom half mainstream conspiracy narrative. Merge them together and magic happens (from anti-mask/reopen/protests with a QAnon Quebec presence)

QAnon Is a Fake, Decoy Imitation of a Healthy Revolutionary Impulse

I liked this approach from @willsommer as a way to provide accountability to elites who elevate QAnon rather than mainstreaming it or amplifying its claims || Will Sommer @willsommer · How should the media handle QAnon? I talked with @pbump and some other very smart Q-watchers, including @jaredlholt @BrandyZadrozny and @oneunderscore__, about the state of the Qnion.

How to talk — and ask — about QAnon – The Washington Post

People Tell Us How QAnon Destroyed Their Relationships

Get Ready for Anti-Anti-QAnon – The Bulwark

Dave Hayes, who has built an entire career out of being a leading « QAnon researcher » under the online moniker Praying Medic, insists that he’s not a conspiracy theorist.

The definitive guide to Fox News’ treatment of the QAnon conspiracy theory | Media Matters for America

Right-wing media defend and deflect Trump’s endorsement of QAnon | Media Matters for America

Everyone in QAnon is beholden to Jim Watkins. Jim owns 8chan. Q posts all drops on 8chan, by dogma. (Q513) He controls what is and isn’t a Q drop. All we’re arguing about is the extent to which he exerts his power. That he has the power to exert is incontrovertible, undeniable.

QAnon looms behind nationwide rallies and viral #SavetheChildren hashtags

What Is QAnon? A Deep Look Inside The Nutso Conspiracy Theory Infecting Our Politics

Trump’s Cloud of Gossip Has Poisoned America | The New Republic

Robbie Martin @FluorescentGrey · In the same way that Trump ‘takes the mask off’ and reveals the ugliness and obviousness of US empire and oligarchy. Laura Loomers victory takes the ‘mask off’ the concept of congressional candidates being totally marionettes of ruling class power factions, shes a blatant cutout

JT Lewis, who is a member of @TeamTrump and can often be found in the president’s replies praising him and attacking his enemies, is against POTUS support of Laura Loomer. JT’s brother was killed at Sandy Hook

Lunatic Laura Loomer WINS Republican Primary Election In Florida!

Will Sommer @willsommer · 19 août Twitter won’t unban Laura Loomer, even after she won a GOP primary last night. Twitter statement: « We do not plan to reverse that enforcement action. »

Laura Loomer declares that her opponent, Democrat Rep. Lois Frankel, is « the epitome of a self-hating Jew » and « a traitor to her own people » who « doesn’t even have enough principles to stay loyal to her own kind. »

Folks, we are now up to 𝟕𝟓 current or former 2020 congressional candidates who have endorsed or given credence to QAnon. New additions are candidates in Arizona & Georgia, both of whom will be on the ballot in November.

Republicans Panic As 15 QAnon Republicans Make It On The November Ballot

Google blocks shopping searches for QAnon conspiracy theory’

Episode 104: QAnon Cops par QAnon Anonymous | Écoute gratuite sur SoundCloud

Episode 103: Attending The #SaveTheChildren QAnon Rally in LA par QAnon Anonymous

As we discussed in the last @QanonAnonymous , #SaveTheChildren is a rebrand of QAnon designed for people who are narcissistic or confused enough to think trending hashtags helps anything but their own social media engagement. Which is why it’s trending now

So @BrandyZadrozny ‘s report about how large Facebook’s QAnon conspiracy community has been able to grow reminded me of this video of mine. Here’s how Insta’s recommendation algorithm takes you from wellness influencer to antivax to Qanon in just a few taps

New from me: In June I reported that the top QAnon groups, pages and accounts on Facebook and Instagram had an aggregate following of 3 million users. As of this week, the following of those same accounts has grown 34% to more than 4 million

Save The Children, the 100-year-old humanitarian aid organization, has issued a statement distancing itself from #SaveTheChildren hashtag campaigns on social media.

Travis View @travis_view · In June 2020, a QAnon follower used Facebook live to plead for help from Q while leading police on a high speed chase with his five children in vehicle. I bet there’s a correlation between that incident Facebook’s newfound interest in QAnon.

Travis View @travis_view · The first QAnon-insipired act of terrorism happened in June 2018. But Facebook didn’t get around to studying QAnon until June 2020. This company absolutely does not give a fuck. || Julia Carrie Wong @juliacarriew · « Facebook has been studying the QAnon movement since at least June. »

you might be seeing a lot of talk about « saving our children », pedophiles & hollywood. this « movement » is in america, it’s in new zealand, it’s everywhere. irl, and online. to be clear: this movement has NOTHING to do with saving children from human trafficking

Revealed: QAnon Facebook groups are growing at a rapid pace around the world | QAnon | The Guardian

EXCLUSIVE: Documents from an internal Facebook investigation into Qanon show, for the first time, the massive scale of the conspiracy theory’s community on the platform. We’re talking thousands of groups, millions of members. From me and @ArijitDSen

This guy does great QAnon debunks on Tik Tok. Worth a follow if you use that platform. Driven progressive on TikTok

Craig Silverman @CraigSilverman · The issues we documented with Facebook groups in this 2018 story are still prevalent, and in some ways have gotten worse. QAnon folks in particular use groups as powerful engines of radicalization. || Jesse Lehrich @JesseLehrich · .@CraigSilverman @JaneLytv & @lamthuyvo 2.5 years ago: How Facebook Groups Are Being Exploited To Spread Misinformation, Plan Harassment, And Radicalize People Afficher cette discussion

Since Twitter imposed some restrictions on well-known QAnon phrases and hashtags appearing in trends, the conspiracy’s followers have started using new ones to circumvent the ban. #SavetheChildren is one of them, which has been tweeted over 200,000 times since Friday
Candidate embracing #Qanon conspiracy theories: Republicans called her videos ‘appalling’ and ‘disgusting.’ But they’re doing little to stop her. via @politico
Facebook actively funnels people into QAnon more aggressively than any individual QAnon promoter. || Adrienne LaFrance @AdrienneLaF · So Facebook says it is cracking down on QAnon groups. And yet Facebook keeps emailing me to suggest I join these QAnon groups…

FB Groups & the recommendation engine radicalizing people into belief in conspiracy theories at massive scale. 2nd exhibit from within the company. Flagged as significant potential issue 5 years ago. || Brandy Zadrozny @BrandyZadrozny · EXCLUSIVE: Documents from an internal Facebook investigation into Qanon show, for the first time, the massive scale of the conspiracy theory’s community on the platform. We’re talking thousands of groups, millions of members. From me and @ArijitDSen

QAnon and Child Trafficking: Is ‘Save the Children’ a Conspiracy?

One wonders how many parents relentlessly trending #SaveOurChildren are doing so at the expense of time and energy they could be putting into their own children.

Now that the QAnon label is toxic, they push false QAnon claims with #SaveTheChildren. e.g. They push the false claim that a woman named Rachel Chandler was involved with Epstein and they post an incorrect list of people who flew with Epstein. This misinformation came from QAnon

The last image in this post really highlights the core of the problem here. The issue with Qanon is not that a bunch of « nuts » have all found a new conspiracy of the week. It is that the present realities of our society and world are damaging people’s brains.

Why The PCR Test Is The Key To The Illusion Of COVID Data

NIH Studies Find Negative Health Effects Of Wearing A Mask – Low Blood Oxygen Level, Headaches, etc.

The #2 most-engaged post on Facebook today is a Breitbart video of a group of doctors claiming that hydroxychloroquine is « a cure for Covid » and « you don’t need a mask. » 14 million views in 6 hours. (For scale, Plandemic got ~8 million in a few days.)

CIA denies my FOIA request regarding Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro’s visit to CIA headquarters in March of last year

Robbie Martin @FluorescentGrey ·  ‘No different from the tea party’ ‘Not crazier than Russiagaters’ || Benghazi Ain’t Going Away @lib_crusher · 5 juil. Not worried about QAnon gaining steam with the GOP. Name me one time in history an extreme-right quasi-cult, obsessed with purifying the world by exterminating its enemies, won power in a deeply troubled democracy facing endless crises

Robbie Martin @FluorescentGrey · 1h It’s a sad these dipshits think Chomsky is some kind of shining beacon of solid leftist or anti imperialist thought, guy had some terrible ideas in some areas and even once revealed he had no memory of the 2001 anthrax attacks in a Q&A

Robbie Martin @FluorescentGrey · 1h Here is Chomsky revealing that he fundamentally misunderstands how important the 2001 anthrax attacks were to grease the skids for the imaginary 3-way connection between Saddam, Al Qaeda and 9/11. the level of ahistorical ignorance here is a bit shocking Chomsky Confronts 9/11 Conspiracy Theorists

Robbie Martin @FluorescentGrey · it’s fascinating to me to see many career oriented platformed journalists who would have never touched alternative theories about 9/11 or anthrax have gone total tin foil hat on Ghislaine Maxwell and Epstein

Robbie Martin @FluorescentGrey · sus ‘ex’ spook Robert David Steele was writing articles as early as 2010 laying out a pizzagate/QAnon style ‘crowd source intelligence’ way of waging information war

Robbie Martin @FluorescentGrey ·  Haha what!! David Frum signed that letter too? Obvious fucking op 100%

Robbie Martin @FluorescentGrey · Every single person I’m seeing alarmed at China ‘stealing our data’ is a fucking clown show

Robbie Martin @FluorescentGrey · Difficult capturing screenshot when the QAnon flag was fully visible but here’s one attempt

Robbie Martin @FluorescentGrey · Guy who organized some redneck boat @realDonaldTrump bootlicking session (that trump just promoted on his twitter) has giant QAnon / American flag flying behind him

Robbie Martin @FluorescentGrey · Feel that you can’t talk about the neocons as one unanimous entity anymore, there was even a neocon split on Iran during Obama’s presidency, to say all the neocons jumped ship to the Democratic Party after Trump is just an inaccurate and reductive statement. (…) If that was the case you’d have to disingenuously say that all the PNAC neocons who remained pro-Trump like Frank Gaffney, Michael Ledeen, William Bennett, James Woolsey, Elliott Abrams etc ‘aren’t real neocons’ to make this framing stay intact

Robbie Martin @FluorescentGrey ·  « I’m surprised more people aren’t talking about this » I would have said 3 months ago before I realized Tucker Carlson’s program was a 100% op that was also designed to buy loyalty among a specific sector of the left || NBC News @NBCNews · 19h NEW: US sanctions a top member of China’s Communist Party, 3 other senior officials and a Chinese entity involved in systematic human rights abuses of Muslim minorities and ethnic Kazakhs in China’s western province of Xinjiang.

Robbie Martin @FluorescentGrey · ok i know this sounds pretty conspiratorial but has anyone explored the angle that large corporations are intentionally boosting things like QAnon via their algorithms instead of just accidentally?

Q Tards Disregards Boulevards with Robbie Martin

Maybe Q Killed Epstein with Robbie Martin and Ed Opperman

Robbie Martin on QAnon Phenomenon

The Poundcast #198: Robbie Martin – YouTube

TrueAnon Pod @TrueAnonPod · Posobeic is my absolute enemy—for a few reasons—but pay close attention to the Stone connections here and think about who the Pizzagate disinformation was channeled through || Michael Edison Hayden @MichaelEHayden · 8 juil. Jack Posobiec, fast-approaching 1,000,000 followers, is Trump’s go-to #MAGA hype man. Posobiec’s rise is tied to the white supremacist movement.

Longtime Trump Ally Roger Stone: ‘I Certainly Hope Q is Real’

Criminal corp PG&E again doing ‘rolling blackouts’ to avoid fire liability but this time during a global pandemic where people still don’t want to go to the grocery store, cool! Currently 200k bay area residents haven’t had power for 48hours

An Unprecedented Wave Of Evictions Is Heading For America

Fox News Goes Into Billionaire Protection Mode

RWW News: Rick Wiles Says COVID-19 Is A Democratic/Communist Conspiracy
Robbie Martin @FluorescentGrey · Imagine if an Obama national security advisor was on a group DM chat with someone who made a viral conspiracy documentary, would you be stupid enough to think that documentary was something other than a limited hangout disinfo op? Millie Weaver / Richard Grenell The antifa crackdown is the new Red Scare

Ben Swann: The Truth Is Being Systematically Erased

You Won’t Believe How Many Americans Would Refuse A Covid Vaccine

Here we go again. Plandemic part 2 is coming out tomorrow. Part 1 was one of the most viral examples of Covid-19 misinformation throughout the pandemic and caught all social media platforms by surprise David Atkins @DavidOAtkins · The GOP can’t control the #QAnon cult because it has already depended on conspiracy theories and alternate reality bubbles for years. Now there’s nothing they can do to stop it, and all of us are paying the price. My latest at the @monthly : donald trump supporters || Why the GOP Can’t Control QAnon: The Party Was Already Becoming a Conspiracy Cult At long last, mainstream reporters are starting to take the QAnon conspiracy cult seriously. With at least one QAnon devotee about to be elected to Congress, millions of online followers and several…

We are now up to 𝟕𝟔 current or former 2020 congressional candidates who have endorsed or given credence to QAnon. The newest addition is a candidate running in Louisiana.

Alex Kaplan @AlKapDC · Just want to note for the upcoming Florida congressional Republican primaries on Tuesday: there are 𝐟𝐨𝐮𝐫 districts with QAnon-connected candidates on the ballot (7 candidates in total); all of the districts are in South Florida. Here are the QAnon supporters running for Congress in 2020

Trump amplified another account that’s promoted QAnon content, along with James Woods again, making it at least 7 QAnon-connected amplifications for the day.

Trump’s refusal to disavow QAnon on Friday, along with his constant nod-and-wink to QAnon, & the embrace he & other party leaders have given to Marjorie Taylor Greene, and the large number of QAnon candidates are all signs that QAnon is the GOP future.

one thing i tried to link is how the tech platforms allowing the QAnon movement to grow at scale with its infrastructure has also led craven politicians to seek it out and endorse it. It’s a cheat code for engagement/exposure as @AlKapDC explains

QAA Podcast 🌹 @QanonAnonymous · This Waco, Texas woman got in her car and gave chase to imaginary child traffickers while drunk. She rammed into one of the two cars she pursued. Her allegations don’t seem to connect with reality.

QAA Podcast 🌹 @QanonAnonymous · This reporter finally « asked the question » QAnon followers have been claiming the press is refusing to ask. Trump dodged it of course, but we expect beliefs will only deepen once this non-response has been « baked » by the Q literati until it signifies the opposite.

QAA Podcast 🌹 sur Twitter : « Episode out this evening: Kony 2012 deconstructed by @travis_view as an antecedent to the #SaveTheChildren « campaign ». It’s so much worse than we remember it.″ / Twitter


Opinion | Is QAnon the shape of the Republican backlash to come? – The Washington Post

QAnon Candidates Keep Winning Primaries and Top Republicans Keep Welcoming Them In – Mother Jones

Trump dodges question about whether he backs GOP candidate’s belief in QAnon | TheHill

RWW News: Roger Stone Says He Hopes QAnon is Real

Controversial GOP Georgia candidate attempts to distance from QAnon | TheHill

RWW News: Dave Hayes Says QAnon Is ‘Going to Prove to be the End of All Conspiracies’

QAnon Incited Her to Kidnap Her Son and Then Hid Her From the Law

Ben Collins sur Twitter : « Here’s why all of the dumbest people you went to high school with — some of whom didn’t even like Donald Trump a few weeks ago — suddenly believe the president is Saving The Children on Facebook. » / Twitter

Exclusive: A clandestine network of organized QAnon believers has inspired child abductions and other crimes across the country. QAnon Promotes Pedo-Ring Conspiracy Theories. Now They’re Stealing Kids. The far-right fringe group infamous for promoting nutjob conspiracy theories about pedophile rings has moved on to criminally meddling in child custody cases.
Opinion | The Week QAnon Went Mainstream – The New York Times

What to Do About the QAnon and Those Ensnared in It? Interview with Travis View – YouTube

QAnon Conspiracy Theorists Have Become a Potent Political Force

QAnon Conspiracy Theorist Mark Taylor Knows Why Trump Dodged the Question About QAnon

SHOCK: Georgia Elects Lunatic QAnon Conspiracy Theorist Marjorie Taylor Greene To Office!

Right Wing Watch @RightWingWatch · QAnon conspiracy theorist and so-called « firefighter prophet » Mark Taylor says Trump dodged the question about QAnon because he knows the « deep state » is trying to trap him before it carries out a « false flag » attack to delegitimize the movement.

QAnon conspiracy theorist DeAnna Lorraine insists that Trump didn’t dodge the question when he was asked about QAnon last week.

QAnon Promotes Pedo-Ring Conspiracy Theories. Now They’re Stealing Kids.

How QAnon Became Obsessed With ‘Adrenochrome,’ an Imaginary Drug Hollywood Is Harvesting from Kids

An ex-SEAL who posted Soros conspiracy theories is accused of throwing IEDs at protesters. Other ex-SEALs share QAnon content with threats to act on it. What happens when violent theories reach special forces?

How Instagram Aesthetics Repackage QAnon – The Atlantic

What Happens When Ex-Navy SEALS Go Full QAnon?

In Florida, Democrats focus on coronavirus, Republicans on Israel

Oops! Ayn Rand Group Caught Taking Taxpayer Bailouts

Our Hidden History @OurHiddenHistry ·  Interesting history of the Q psyop. How its ideas have spread into the public, police departments, national politics and beyond. Especially interesting is how it gets a nod from ppl in the Trump admin, it’s long held fear of antifa, and how it pushes for martial law.

Is Wayfair Selling More Than Furniture? – YouTube (Pushed by the Q crowd) Jason Bermas interview with Robbie Martin

Ed Opperman @oppermanreport · Yea. @FluorescentGrey Especially when you consider Flynn’s involvement with George Nader. Convicted child rapist on his way to Mar Lago with child porn on his phone. || Robbie Martin @FluorescentGrey · 5 juil. Question: would Michael Flynn be regularly promoting #QAnon if #QAnon was a random larper? In theory #QAnon could say Flynn is a pedo tomorrow, so why take the risk and regularly promote something you have zero control over?

I don’t think it’s overdramatic to be concerned about the possibility of an increase in stochastic acts of violence–especially now that Q, who has previously encouraged followers to « wait and see » has now asked them to « take an oath » and join in the fight.

The Year of the GQP While this explicitly is an oath for « digital soldiers, » presumably for peacibly fighting mainstream media narratives by posting memes, the imperative by Q has gone from « trust the plan and eat your popcorn » to « you have a duty to your country to fulfill a mission. »

Q-Anon Karen Attacks Target Face Mask Display SND Live w/ Whitney Webb – YouTube

Whitney Webb: Bioterror War Games, DARPA, Technocracy and COVID-1984 – YouTube

Bio-Terror Careerist Robert Kadlec and The Darkest Winter w/ Whitney Webb par Media Roots Radio | Écoute gratuite sur SoundCloud

Censoring The Death Rate Reality and « No One Has Died From The Coronavirus »

Trump Loses His Mind In Desperate Attempt To Pretend Coronavirus Doesn’t Exist

Who’s Backing Trump—And Will They Yield to Protests… or Hijack Them? | Crescent International | Monthly News Magazine from ICIT

MSM Caught Pretending To Have COVID-19 and Digital Passports Are Here, Starting With Kids In Africa

Reality Check | Coronavirus Cases Surging but Deaths are Not, Here’s Why

NHL Begins Using Orwellian 5 Second Distancing Bracelets

Social Distancing Bracelets! Transhumanist Fun For EVERYONE AMA!!!

PART 2 Social Distancing Bracelets! Transhumanist Fun For EVERYONE AMA Wrap Up!!!

Vaccine Bait and Switch: As Millions Pulled From WHO, Trump Gives Billions To Gates-Founded GAVI

As Millions Pulled From WHO, Trump Admin Commits Billions To Gates-Founded Vaccine Alliance – YouTube

Bill Gates Donald Trump And BILLIONS OF DOLLARS!

« …Trust Stamp’s digital identity platform integrated into the GAVI-Mastercard “Wellness Pass,” a digital vaccination record and identity system that is also linked to Mastercard’s click-to-play system that powered by its AI… » by @hijodelcuervo

#OperationWarpSpeed handing U.S. #COVIDー19 vaccine funds to firms contracting with the same biotech that held a decades-long monopoly on the anthrax vaccine and close business ties to the man who controls the Strategic National Stockpile, ASPR Robert Kadlec

Shady Gates Is Nothing New! Whitney Webb @_whitneywebb · 6 juil. I hope I live to see the day when Elon Musk fulfills his dream and merges with a toaster to « stay relevant » Elon Musk: Humans must merge with machines or become irrelevant in AI age

In Defense of My Gates-Trump Article – YouTube As Millions Pulled From WHO, Trump Admin Commits Billions To Gates-Founded Vaccine Alliance

Aren R. LeBrun @proustmalone · Never in my lifetime will I forget that, on the eve of a pandemic that was to plunge our economy into ruin and kill hundreds of thousands of people, Democratic candidates spent 20 minutes during a nationally televised debate complaining that Bernie Bros were rude to them online.

Secret Police Snatching People Into Unmarked Vans

“When you see these black-baggings… the government just snatching people into the night, like in V for Vendetta or whatever… well, when it happened in real life, I always figured it’d be the bad guys doing it” – Tim Pool, a liberal, not a fascist

Reality Check | Why Face Masks Don’t Work, According To Science

The Face Mask Lie Exposed, The Two-Party Push For Vaccines & US-Led Saudi Coalition Kills 7 Children

UK Scientists Expose ‘Over-Exaggeration’ Of Covid-19 Deaths & Immunity Passports Begin In Miami

CDC & NIH Studies From 2015-2020 ALL Show That « The Science » Clearly Finds Masks DON’T Work

Jeff Sessions is posting QAnon memes and hashtags. « Trust Sessions » used to be a big QAnon hashtag.

QAnon is nearing its third birthday. Somehow the intelligence agencies still haven’t publicly identified Q.

I asked @travis_view of the @QanonAnonymous podcast about this:: « The question isn’t whether QAnon-connected murder, terrorism, and law enforcement scrutiny will cause the mainstream press to take QAnon as a serious extremist threat. We’re past that point. The question is now how much QAnon-connected crime and death are required for the press to understand the dangers associated with QAnon. »

QANON FAIL: The Gatekeeper Files: The Beginning of the End (Page 1) – jimmysllama

Parallax Views w/ J.G. Michael (Podcast) @ViewsParallax · Blows my mind how Team #QAnon/#QArmy can #TrustThePlan » when they have intel spooks like Michael Scheuer and ex-State Department Steve Pieczenik running in or adjacent to their ranks. You’d think they’d be more paranoid about that.

Alex Kaplan: For reasons that are unclear, The New York Times does not mention or cite my QAnon candidates piece at all here, even though they seem to be citing material from my piece. Marjorie Taylor Greene, left, a Republican House candidate in Georgia who has expressed support for QAnon, talked with attendees at her watch party in Rome, Ga., last month. The QAnon Candidates Are Here. Trump Has Paved Their Way.

Just had a great chat with @timheidecker — maybe it’ll be part of this week’s 100th episode exposing pro-QAnon candidate KW Miller @kwcongressional (aka mr.nobody). And yes, we also do a segment on the #Wayfair child trafficking conspiracy theory.

Constant QAnon Callers Driving Gorka Mad

Right Wing Round-Up: QAnon Kook At The White House

Michael Flynn Pledges Allegiance To QAnon

What’s the QAnon angle on Iran? Glad you asked. There’s a QAnon-alinged Iranian opposition movement, called « Restart. » It’s led by Seyed Mohammad Hosseini, an exiled Iranian game show host who lives near Disneyland and promotes vandalism in Iran through the app Telegram.

Hello @buffer — this guy is using your social media campaign tools to pump 100 tweets like this out a day. Nice! || KW Miller For Congress (FL-18) @KwCongressional · The Marxist/Democrats and their BLM Antifa spawn are the anti-Christ.

‘God Sent Me’ Claims QAnon-Promoting Congressional Candidate Angela Stanton-King

Porn Star Accused of Child Rape Was Gamergater Obsessed With Calling People ‘Pedophiles’ Cas de projection par une personne psychotique. Semble être le cas d’un grand nombre de fans de Qanon…

FLASHBACK: Mercedes Carrera @TheMercedesXXX · (13 nov. 2015) @Cernovich I love you. You are such a wonderful inspiration and leader for men worldwide. Thanks for being amazing. (Mike Cernovich est un proxy d’Alan Dershowitz, avocat dangereux apôtre de la torture, qui a défendu des criminels notoires.)

Robbie Martin interview, QAnon and the Evolution of Conspiracy Culture, AoT#277

before Eugene said this I didn’t fully realize how strong the parallels were to Irving Kristol’s ‘mugged by reality’ POV to the ‘anti woke’ academics and writers feeling threatened right now by the resurgence of BLM and ‘cancel culture’ || Robbie Martin @FluorescentGrey · « it reminds me of the nature of the neoconservative movement, intellectuals who were uncomfortable with the radical turn of the black liberation movement post 1965 » – @EugenePuryear discussing the Harper’s ‘cancel culture’ letter from the upcoming @MediaRootsNews Radio

Robbie Martin @FluorescentGrey · En réponse à @FluorescentGrey or ‘wow what happened to Noam Chomsky signing a letter with zionist shill Bari Weiss who literally tried to get people fired from their jobs for expressing Palestinian solidarity’, you’re a smart guy Dave, don’t play dumb

Robbie Martin @FluorescentGrey · [KW Miller For Congress FL-18] guy must do nothing but consume cuckold pornography 24/7, I thought the Manafort/Stone cuckolding was the clearest example of the psychological projections of the right crazies, but this horny repressed dude takes the fucking cake

Robbie Martin @FluorescentGrey · you surprised this sus as hell Peter Thiel plant is friends with Bari Weiss? oh I forgot some people thought the ‘Intellectual Dark Web’ stunt wasn’t an op lol Eric Weinstein @EricRWeinstein · Bari Weiss has now resigned from the @nytimes. And that is not even “The Story”. I‘ve just spoken to Bari & learned that I‘m finally free to tweet. Her letter hints at the real News: the *loss* of the News is now *the* News, and the News cannot cover it.

Robbie Martin @FluorescentGrey · Another controlled opposition ‘ex’ spook to add to the list of controlled opposition ‘ex’ spooks pushing QAnon, this time psycho controlled operator Michael Scheuer goes full blown QAnon after writing a series of editorials warning about civil war

Robbie Martin @FluorescentGrey · when you hear of someone getting ‘red pilled’ now it means they’ve taken the QAnon bait in some form, this is how people like Posobiec, Fairbanks and Cernovich are still able to slyly promote QAnon adjacent stuff without taking accountability for actually promoting QAnon (…) the term ‘red pilled’ is completely inseparable from being susceptible to deliberately planted and artificially boosted controlled opposition conspiracy theories

Robbie Martin @FluorescentGrey · What @EugenePuryear touched on in the new Media Roots Radio abt ‘cancel culture’got me thinking about the formation of the neoconservative movement and how much of it was a fearful reaction to black radicalism. Here’s something by @schwarz about Don Kagan

Robbie Martin @FluorescentGrey · « it reminds me of the nature of the neoconservative movement.. intellectuals who were uncomfortable with the radical turn of the black liberation movement post 1965 » – @EugenePuryear discussing the Harpers ‘cancel culture’ letter on @MediaRootsNews Radio

Robbie Martin @FluorescentGrey · If u call falling for a pedophilia obsessed neocon psyop and being groomed into wanting martial law being a winner then yeah you’re a real fucking winner my dude. I expose Q here you’re part of an obvious grift/con

Robbie Martin @FluorescentGrey · Is it just me or it beginning to become extremely clear which formerly admirable left wing writers are actually having a ‘mugged by reality’ moment becoming seduced by the fake manufactured paradigm of ‘right populism’? Makes me really sad to see them go full Irving Kristol

Robbie Martin @FluorescentGrey · if it wasn’t for QAnon and Alex Jones a significant sector of the right especially militia groups would be outraged over this right now || Ken Klippenstein @kenklippenstein · As unmarked feds snatch protesters off the streets in Portland, memo leaked to me shows they’ll be deployed indefinitely and in undisclosed locations, with drones « on standby to assist as needed »: Afficher cette discussion

Robbie Martin @FluorescentGrey · i read the wrong QAnon post in the episode (the post in response to Wikileaks RT of @_whitneywebb ‘s article for @MintPressNews ) the actual post is honestly creepier

Robbie Martin @FluorescentGrey · some corrections from my QAnon 2-part episode I needed to talk about -it wasn’t Jon Podesta who asked for a ‘spirit cooking’ dinner it was Tony, his brother -the ‘spirit cooking’ article posted on Drudge on Nov 4th was from the Gateway Pundit

Robbie Martin @FluorescentGrey · if these people are crazy enough to put it on display think about how many high profile people who are QAnon supporters who aren’t crazy enough to put it on display || Timothy Burke @bubbaprog · New York police union boss just appeared on Fox News with a Qanon mug

Robbie Martin @FluorescentGrey · is it organic for a random QAnon psychopath to accumulate almost 300k twitter followers in only 2 years? No it’s not at all, a lot of this QAnon crap appears to be artificially boosted, click farms likely being pumped with money + social media algos Robbie Martin @FluorescentGrey – If you’re a journalist who cares about fair uses of the legal justice system and you’re spending more ink on the ‘unfair’ prosecution of Stone and Flynn more than the regular people who get unfairly prosecuted all the time, you deserve to be slapped across the fucking face

Nathaniel Foley @NathanielKFoley · I thought it was bizarre that @ggreenwald wasn’t included. Now we know why: Harper’s didn’t want him (but they had no problem including people like Frum and Weiss). Turns out, that letter basically amounted to nothing more than liberal elite virtue-signalling. Gross. || @zei_squirrel · HAHAHAHAHAHA here’s thomas chatterton williams, the main drafter of the harper’s letter, saying he didn’t have glenn greenwald sign it because he was « outvoted on that ». HAHAHAHA they « cancelled » glenn in the anti-« cancel culture » letter. LMAO you really can’t make this shit up (…)

Jonathan Cook @Jonathan_K_Cook · Excellent thread by Justin Podur explaining how liberals – faced with the problem that a new generation is discovering Chomsky’s anti-imperialist writings on the web – have devised sophisticated ways to contain his message and repurpose it to advance their imperialist agenda || Justin Podur @justinpodur · There is a good piece by Jonathan Cook about how focusing on Chomsky’s signature misses the point. But I am going to focus only on Chomsky here.

Black Lives Don’t Matter to Corporations, ‘Cancellations’ & the History of Policing w/Eugene Puryear par Media Roots Radio | Écoute gratuite sur SoundCloud

Glenn Beck: Anarchists & Islamists Are Working Together To Destroy The Economy!

The Harper’s Letter Is Really A Case Against Open Debate

Trump Teases Martial Law!?

Whitney Webb @_whitneywebb · It doesn’t matter if you dislike the people protesting in Portland, this is how the US government responds to any protest. Many of the most savage military dictatorships were built by the US natsec state. Having perfected it abroad, it is now being deployed at home

Podcast Whitney Webb on the Rise of a Biotech Industrial Complex Under COVID 19 – YouTube
Cody Johnston @drmistercody · I’m just a classical liberal who thinks federal agents using unmarked vans to snatch people up in the dark of night is good.

Merging of US, Israel National Security States Accelerates Amid COVID-19

Une entreprise meurtrière par Whitney Webb

We Are Witnessing A Nightmarish Technocratic Reengineering Of Our Lives Under The Guise Of COVID-19

« Pandemic II » Is Here and SURPRISE It’s YOUR Fault, Mask Hysteria, GM Mosquitoes, BIOMILQ and Bill Gates – YouTube

LastAmericanVagabond @TLAVagabond · 25 june 2020 All that is happening to us today under the guise of #COVID19 would not have been possible without 9/11, and the #AnthraxFalseFlag Food for thought. #ProblemReactionSolution

Robbie Martin: « hi @TuckerCarlson , I’d like to speak with you about your family history of being an arm of the deep state/CIA/US state dept, DM me » (RE: Richard Warner Carlson)

Tucker Carlson’s ‘Law And Order’ Speech Didn’t Go As Planned…

Tucker Carlson Blames Trump’s Failures On Kushner

Robbie Martin: « I’m still not pleased that even the non trump loyalists in conspiracy world have switched to focusing on ‘globalist’ conspiracies to destroy America rather than America actually being really fucking evil in and of itself »

THIS IS REVOLUTION>podcast Ep. 50: Conspiracy Theories w/ Robbie Martin

Emergency Office Hours with Robbie Martin (Ep 119 7/20/2020) – YouTube

Robbie Martin @FluorescentGrey · some of the most desperate coordinated self-gas lighting crap I’ve seen from this group of Trump plant morons in a while. have fun hyping up the neocon Carlson family @cernovich

Robbie Martin @FluorescentGrey · @ 7:00-8:00 Roger Stones reveals the fairly clever but potentially violent gaslighting the Trump campaign will do at polling places, create fear of ‘left mobs’ stopping voting by calling in rightwing militias to polling places to ‘protect them’, ugly shit

Robbie Martin @FluorescentGrey · even if u agree with de-platforming in general, banning Alex Jones/Infowars from Youtube made it much more difficult and time consuming for an investigative journalist to consistently pull up archived videos of his show and go back into his past work, this is about to happen with Q

Robbie Martin @FluorescentGrey · 19h the hammer is going down hard, this is bad strategy that will only embolden a dangerous cult, but a predictable strategy by a silicon valley company. || Twitter Safety @TwitterSafety · 20h We’ve been clear that we will take strong enforcement action on behavior that has the potential to lead to offline harm. In line with this approach, this week we are taking further action on so-called ‘QAnon’ activity across the service.

Robbie Martin @FluorescentGrey · 17h another dynamic on display, the graphic Q posts ‘remember they’re not after me, they’re after you’ was posted by Trump a few weeks ago, it reveals that the MAGA movement as well as the QAnon movement have been grooming followers to believe any attack on Trump is personal on them

Robbie Martin @FluorescentGrey · 12 min Q’s newest posting is saying ‘more act of violence frame-ups’ will happen as a result of Twitter censors, essentially when Q does this it’s to create a preemptive strike to absolve the movement of any consequences, any violence is automatically a ‘false flag’ clever spin? i guess

Neocon Update : Bari Weiss & « Woke » Bill Kristol (Note: Bari Weiss sous son vrai jour aux côté des néocons. Le rejet du trotskisme par les néoconservateurs vient de leur inquiétude face au mouvement des droits civiques des années 60 qui devenait trop radical (!) selon eux)

YouTube made money from videos promoting the baseless Wayfair conspiracy theory

The Conspiracy Singularity Has Arrived

Let’s DESTROY Q Then Defend It! He Wishes Her Well!

The Rise of QAnon Among Congressional Candidates | Embedded Player : NPR

Qanon Anonymous Podcast – Episode 14: Q Comeback Midterm Spectacular

QAA Episode 99: QAnon Goes To Congress feat Alex Kaplan

Tiktok is taking QAnon conspiracy theories (Linkin Park singer Chester Bennington is John Podesta’s biological son) and making them even more vague and weird.

Twitter Just Banned QAnon Accounts. QAnon Is Thrilled – Rolling Stone

QAA Podcast Rose @QanonAnonymous · 16h Praise be to « Travis View, who has been researching QAnon for the past two years ». It has become undeniable. QAnon is a force in the culture. @USATODAY What is QAnon and where did it come from? What to know about the far-right

John Whitehouse, Alex Kaplan & Madeline Peltz @ Media Matters: Fox Nation’s newest show is hosted by a QAnon supporter.

A QAnon app banned by Google relaunched using Amazon

Trump Campaign Staffer’s History as Far-Right Blogger, Examined

A debunked conspiracy theory about Black Lives Matter, ActBlue, and Democrats can be traced to far-right message boards

Qanon Anonymous Podcast – Episode 16: Soros Rent Boys Destroy Neon Revolt

Trump quote-tweeted a QAnon account that is linked to a far-right militia group

Qanon anonymous: Episode 1: Introduction to QAnon

The Qanon Anonymous Podcast – Episode 13: Human Trafficking feat. Will Sommer

Ben Collins @oneunderscore · More harm of QAnon conspiracy theorists: They’re siphoning resources from people who are trying to fight actual, non-fantastical human trafficking.

Episode 85: Sex, Lies, and QAnon (teaser) par TrueAnon | True Anon | Écoute gratuite sur SoundCloud

QAA Episode 100: Mr. Nobody feat Tim Heidecker

Kim Zetter @KimZetter · 21 juil. I hadn’t heard of QAnon podcast when they asked to speak w/ me about Iran and our recent CIA story ( ) but we had a really good discussion. The guys are a little unhinged but in good way; their podcast is subversively anti-QAnon not pro. Intrvw begins 24:35

Trump CIA speech transcript – CBS News

Episode 101: Trump & the CIA feat Kim Zetter

QAnon promoters would have you believe that Trump is locked in battle with the CIA, but his statements and actions communicate the opposite. Our guest @KimZetter helps us explore the recent secret Trump order granting them more powers to launch cyberattacks.

Episode 85: Sex, Lies, and QAnon | TrueAnon Podcast on Patreon

Eric Andre and KW Miller on Office Hours Live (Ep 117 7/9/2020)

QAA podcast | best moment from yesterdays stream @QanonAnonymous @travis_view

Mark the QAnonner Reveals the Facts about Coronavirus, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton

QAnon conspiracy theorist DeAnna Lorraine has started voicing doubts as she struggles to « trust the plan » because when she looks around, « it doesn’t look like patriots are in control and winning here. »

Ted Cruz Snidely Mocks Unemployed Americans

Woman With Covid Evicted

Direct Action Against Eviction Apocalypse

Jared Kushner And Kanye West Team Up To Apparently Break Election Laws

CNN Host Catches Santorum In A Lie

Rick Wiles Accuses Democrats of Trying to Kill the President After Shots Were Fired Near the White House

Nikki Haley Post Office Sabotage Backfires

Trump Admits He’s SABOTAGING The Election
UPRISING: Immunity for Police Under Attack by Federal Judge

Ben Shapiro: Pelosi & Biden Are Controlled By The Far Left

Joe Biden Accused Of « Enforcing Sharia Law »

Aide to Kamala Harris accused of helping mysterious ‘Masonic’ police force:

Prison stocks went up right after kamala harris was confirmed as vp

Trump: Kamala Is Dangerous

Remember when Kamala Harris’ aide got arrested for illegally running a masonic police department in Santa Clarita?

Remember when Kamala Harris suggested that “Russian bots” were behind “the heat that ended up around the bend the knee and Colin Kaepernick” last year?

Robbie Martin @FluorescentGrey · .@esaagar is absolutely right, as leftists we should start taking rhetorical recommendations from people who work alongside Scooter ‘Germ Boy’ Libby at the Hudson Institute think-tank || Saagar Enjeti @esaagar · 22h The Kamala is a cop thing is amusing but as a real attack is incredibly dumb assuming the right is serious about standing up for law enforcement against the Defund The Police crowd

QAA Podcast @QanonAnonymous · Emergency stream at 4pm PST / 7pm EST with @travis_view @julianfeeld as polls close in Georgia’s 14th & we find out if Marjorie Taylor Greene is the GOP nominee & presumptive congresswoman. She has ties to ex-KKK members & militias.

Trump just went full spygate on OAN’s Chanel Rion. He mused about « treason » by the Obama admin. He finished by saying it was « the political crime of the century and they’ve been caught ».

Clown TERRORIZES Texas Lifeguard

Tim Heidecker @timheidecker · 1h shit man, i may move to austin just to have random Alex Jones encounters. || Scott Cobb @scottcobb · 10 aug Bully who believes Coronavirus is a hoax harasses city of Austin lifeguards working as park monitors. Afficher cette discussion

Alex Jones INFOWARS: « Law enforcement: Antifa planning Mass Shootings Terror » (what season of on cinema is this from? )

Robbie Martin @FluorescentGrey · are you aware of any videos of conservative pundits or politicians acting really upset about the knocking down of the Albert Pike statue in DC? I’ve already found Tucker but there’s gotta be more. if you can help please DM thank you #mahabone

Nightmare thread of tiktok users threatening to hunt people. || Travis View @travis_view · 8 aug Tik Tok: a place for fun dances, silly skits, and QAnon followers brandishing firearms while threatening to hunt humans in the style of « The Most Dangerous Game » because a chan anon has convinced them that Tom Hanks is a child abuser without evidence. Afficher cette discussion

Our first QAnon member of Congress. And now that it’s proven that promoting QAnon doesn’t sink a candidate’s electoral viability, it’s reasonable expect more in the 2022 midterm elections. || Elections Daily @Elections_Daily · 1h Elections Daily Projection- 8:26 PM: We can now project that Marjorie Greene, the outsider and Q-aligned candidate has beaten John Cowan in the GOP runoff to replace Tom Graves.

Adrenochrome google search 2017-2020

Social Media Sites Forced To Pull More Trump Content For Spreading Misinformation

8chan is fucking garbage ancient technology that makes 2015-era Twitter feel innovative. Its board software turned ten years old at the beginning of this year. My fork turned seven. Seven! It’s so little changed that they still credit me as copyright holder. || QAA Podcast Rose @QanonAnonymous · 18h En réponse à @HW_BEAT_THAT @isitwetyet et 6 autres Old tech. The movement is way beyond its bakers now. Even the word QAnon feels ancient. #savethechildren

Marc-André Argentino @_MAArgentino · Got to talk to @kevinroose about QAnon’s latest SocMed strategy. « QAnon Followers Are Hijacking the « SaveTheChildren » Movement » A woman holding up a hat with a Q on it, denoting QAnon, at a 2018 rally for President Trump. QAnon Followers Are Hijacking the #SaveTheChildren Movement

QAnon Followers Are Hijacking the #SaveTheChildren Movement – The New York Times
Good read from @samthielman about QAnon as religion || CJR @CJR · 3h QAnon, premillennial dispensationalism, and when the news becomes religion:

Adam Kinzinger is now the first member of Congress to explicitly denounce QAnon. || Adam Kinzinger @RepKinzinger · Qanon is a fabrication. This “insider” has predicted so much incorrectly (but people don’t remember PAST predictions) so now has switched to vague generalities. Could be Russian propaganda or a basement dweller. Regardless, no place in Congress for these conspiracies.
L.A. Weekly @LAWeekly · 8 may 2015 Even the Masons Are Baffled by Kamala Harris Staffer’s Fake Masonic Police Force: Even the Masons Are Baffled by Kamala Harris Staffer’s Fake Masonic Police

If you think Marianne Williamson is crazy for talking about the Moon and praising love, I invite you to check out Kamala’s secret 3000 year old Masonic police force XO

Trump Praises QAnon-Promoting Congressional Candidate Denounced by GOP Leaders For Bigoted Videos

The Trump Campaign is telling Republicans to ease up on condemning QAnon. || Matt Wolking (Text TRUMP to 88022) @MattWolking · When will @RepKinzinger condemn the Steele Dossier fabrications and conspiracy theories pushed by Democrats? That actually WAS Russian propaganda.…

Marjorie Taylor Greene, a QAnon Supporter, Wins House Primary in Georgia – The New York Times
Travis View @travis_view · I first got into QAnon by fact checking bogus human trafficking arrest statistics that came from a chart first posted on Reddit. That was back in July of 2018, and the erroneous chart is making the rounds on social media again. || PolitiFact @PolitiFact · 2h A chart, created on a QAnon Reddit page, says human trafficking arrests have increased dramatically under Trump. They haven’t.

Marjorie Taylor Greene, candidate who supports QAnon, wins Republican primary runoff in Georgia – The Washington Post

Travis View @travis_view · When GOP leaders are asked about QAnon, they typically don’t respond or respond with variations of « No comment and fuck you for asking. » || DJ Judd @DJJudd · 5h Asked by @ryanobles about Trump’s endorsement of Marjorie Taylor Greene, a QAnon candidate out of GA , Rep. Stefanik dodged, saying, « That’s a typical question from CNN…what Americans across this country are focused on is how far left and radical Kamala Harris’s record is. » Afficher cette discussion

Is this cancel culture || Marjorie Taylor Greene For Congress Drapeau des États-Unis @mtgreenee · We kicked out several Fake News reporters tonight. If you would have shown up, you’d have been gone, too. Tell your « reporter » buddies not to waste time calling me, since I won’t be taking their calls. Truly the enemy of the people. #gapol #ga14 #sass…

Birtherism 2.0: Right-Wing Lawyer John Eastman Questions Kamala Harris Eligibility for Vice Presidency

QAA Podcast Rose @QanonAnonymous · Here it is. Trump endorsing Marjorie Taylor Greene, the first person to have embraced QAnon publicly and carved out a path to Congress. || Donald J. Trump @realDonaldTrump · Congratulations to future Republican Star Marjorie Taylor Greene on a big Congressional primary win in Georgia against a very tough and smart opponent. Marjorie is strong on everything and never gives up – a real WINNER!

What is happening in Georgia??? “Rep. Buddy Carter attends human trafficking rally with QAnon ties.” ⁦@ajconwashington ⁩ Rep. Buddy Carter attends human trafficking rally with QAnon ties
New from me: QAnon’s followers number into the millions. They will be entering Congress. They have committed acts of violence. From Reddit to the Moonies — are there ways to free its followers from Q’s dangerous influence? QAnon Destroys Lives. Now It’s Coming for Congress. It’s hard—but possible—to save people from the conspiracy theory’s grip.

Amazon, Walmart, Etsy sellers listing hundreds of QAnon items for sale – Business Insider

« Facebook is definitely the largest piece of the QAnon infrastructure » is some quote QAnon groups have millions of members on Facebook, documents show The preliminary results of an investigation by Facebook shed new light on the scope of activity and content from the QAnon community on the platform.

“I tried explaining the phenomenon to him as best I could, and told [Trump] it would be wise to stay the hell away from it, » said a source who’d briefly spoken to Trump about QAnon. No dice. Now Team Trump is openly promoting QAnon kooks. Team Trump Isn’t Even Hiding Its Support for QAnon Kooks Anymore The Trump campaign went after a lone GOP lawmaker criticizing the conspiracy theory labeled a potential domestic terrorism threat by the FBI.

Wrote a primer of qanon going mainstream because that’s where we’re at QAnon hits the mainstream and Trump is on board It here’s to stay.

This Total Loon Just Won A Republican Primary And Is Probably Headed to Congress

DeAnna Lorraine Dropped From Alex Jones Show: Technical Issue or Conspiracy?

Religious-Right QAnon Candidate Angela Stanton-King Unleashes Bigoted Attack on Kamala Harris

Right Wing Round-Up: QAnon Has No Place in Congress? | Right Wing Watch

Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Deep Dive Down the Well of Red Pills | Right Wing Watch

Team Trump Isn’t Hiding Support for QAnon Kooks Anymore After Marjorie Taylor Greene’s Win in Georgia Primary

Robbie Martin @FluorescentGrey · to compare what foreign policy differences there would be between Trump/Pence and Biden/Harris is a bit difficult. For starters Harris adds more Israeli allegiance to the ticket but Trump/Pence Israel policy is still more Zionist and hardcore. (cont)
Robbie Martin @FluorescentGrey · Biden is trying to ‘out hawk’ Trump on China rhetorically but is it real? It seems with either presidency we’ll get a Cold War or actual hot war with either China or Russia (if Biden wins). So I guess take your pick on which pathway to World War 3 you’re most comfortable with?

Robbie Martin @FluorescentGrey · While Biden has also acted like a hawk on Venezuela, I see Trumps admin as more focused on the nationalist/neocon hybrid of Monroe Doctrine hemisphere imperialism, Coup-making and regime change in South America will be worse in a Trump 2nd term.

Robbie Martin @FluorescentGrey · My prediction is a Trump admin would continue to be aggressive towards Iran, China and Venezuela in ways that a Biden presidency would not, but on the flip side Biden would be aggressive towards Russia and Syria in ways Trump is not. Obama era people still want to overthrow Assad

NEW: A child kidnapping case against a QAnon conspiracy theorist in Denver’s suburbs will proceed after a judge ruled today there is sufficient evidence Cynthia Abcug plotted with other QAnon followers to carry out an armed raid. #9NEWS

Case will proceed in case against mom accused in kidnapping plot with QAnon

I joke about QAnon but it is actually incredibly troubling and dangerous that the president is at the head of a mass conspiratorial cult of personality

The president accused his predecessor of fabricating a US birth certificate and his top 2016 primary rival’s father of assassinating JFK || Josh Kraushaar @HotlineJosh · “The [QAnon] internet conspiracy theory’s spread shows that the Trump-era GOP has weakened antibodies against kookery.”

Carter Page, who was investigated in Robert Mueller’s Russia probe, tweeted the QAnon slogan. It comes following other people investigated in the Russia probe, Michael Flynn and Roger Stone, coming out in support of QAnon & giving it credence, respectively.

What is QAnon? How the conspiracy theory gained traction in 2020 campaign | PBS NewsHour
Think QAnon Is on the Fringe? So Was the Tea Party – The New York Times

Trump Kisses QAnon Right on Its Big Wet Mouth

Aaron Rupar sur Twitter : « Trump refuses to answer a question about whether he embraces the lunatic QAnon conspiracy theory » / Twitter

The Cult of QAnon – Travis View | The Open Mind – YouTube

Republicans react as QAnon conspiracy theory continues to gain mainstream ground – Chicago Tribune

Marjorie Taylor Greene: The GOP just took another step toward QAnon – CNNPolitics

QANON CULT MEMBERS: Just wait until the media asks Trump about Q, then he’ll acknowledge us! [Trump ignores question about QAnon] QANON CULT MEMBERS: Of course Trump didn’t acknowledge us! He’s still rounding up the pedos in secret!

Some Republicans Finally Denounced QAnon. That’s Great, But It’s Too Little Too Late

How QAnon rode the pandemic to new heights — and fueled the viral anti-mask phenomenon

NEW: Asked about his praise of QAnon-embracing candidate who won GOP runoff in Georgia, Pres. Trump says Marjorie Taylor Greene « did very well in the election » and « had a tremendous victory, » but does not comment on the fringe conspiracy theory.

It’s also pretty wild that another Pizzagate sleuth named Mike Cernovich also has a history of being pals with literal child rapists like Mercedes Carrera and The Dersh. It’s almost like these people have no morals and only use ‘pedogate’ as a weapon to attack politics opponents

QAnon conspiracy theorist Francine Fosdick warns that infrared thermometers are a tool for mind control and possibly the Mark of the Beast.

Well, I found QAnon-supporting congressional candidate Marjorie Taylor Greene’s old blog. In 59 posts, Greene praised QAnon, suggested Hillary Clinton murdered political enemies, and wondered whether mass shootings were orchestrated to take guns.

The National Review published its second piece in the series « Impotently Begging the GOP To Reject QAnon. » QAnon in the GOP bloodstream now. The window for rejecting it has closed.

Remember when Cass Sunstein proposed injecting government agents into online circles that purvey « conspiracy theories » to disrupt them with a program of « cognitive infiltration »? Jeez, you think that ever happened???

Trump’s public embrace of QAnon was the culmination of years of waiting, and will likely drive the conspiracy movement to new extremes | Business Insider

Trump this morning (22 Aug) retweeted a QAnon account.

Jo Rae Perkins: The US Senate candidate who took a QAnon pledge – CNNPolitics

Fox guest declared QAnon a « winner » of the week due to Republican’s failure to condemn the conspiracy.

An astonishing amount of willful denial and pivoting in Vice President Pence’s response to a question about QAnon. (1/2)(2/2)

QAnon Cultists, Emboldened By Trump, Rally In Hollywood To Spread Dangerous Conspiracies | HuffPost Canada

One more time…for those who believe QAnon is “no big deal,” here’s West Point’s Counterterrorism Center saying: It’s a threat, it’s deadly, and it is growing rapidly .

Top Republican leaders initially dealt with QAnon with silence: neither denouncing nor encouraging. When that strategy became untenable, it seems their back up plan is playing dumb.

Mark Meadows dodges questions about Trump’s QAnon embrace: ‘We don’t even know what it is’

Should have seen this coming but it looks like QAnon groups have discovered Facebook’s “predator hunters” and are widely sharing their confrontation videos. I wrote about them in 2019, how they’ve grown, and how law enforcement officials wish they’d stop.

Just a respected newspaper describing a domestic terrorism rally as an event to “raise awareness about child sex trafficking” lord on a mountain we are so insanely fucked you have no earthly idea || Miami Herald @MiamiHerald · Supporters of the QAnon conspiracy theory were among the more than 100 people who marched in downtown Miami on Saturday as part of a series of rallies stretching across Florida ostensibly organized to raise awareness about child sex trafficking.

Jim Watkins owns QMAP_PUB. Its A record is pointing at, an IP owned by @LimTheNick through « OrcaTech », the same shell company that hosts 8chan and 8kun. It’s VanwaTech’s corporate identity. We’ve got em. Look! @Travis_view @nezumi_ningen || Fredrick Brennan @HW_BEAT_THAT · Before, when we thought @QMAP_PUB was a third party, they offered a check on Jim Watkins’ ability to post as Q. If that site’s owner ever became suspicious of Jim, he could stop sending Q drops to Q people’s phones (Q alerts app) and stop distributing them on his aggregator.…

Texas Republicans Say New Slogan Was Inspired by Poem, Not QAnon – The New York Times

Attention fellow TV news folks: On top of dual hurricanes, massive wildfires, COVID, and all manner of other calamities… …2020 also features “save the children” events that are actually about promoting a cabal-of-pedophiles-and-cannibals-runs-everything worldview. #PSA || Travis View @travis_view · The point of the « Save Our Children » demonstrations is to push QAnon propaganda while camouflaging their QAnon roots and accompanying extremist baggage. Judging by how local news outlets credulously covered the events without mentioning QAnon, it’s a very successful rebranding.

The Pro-Trump CIA Man: QAnon Madness and Upward Failure > The Deep State Blog

this guy is literally ready to kill and die for a 4chan shitpost he believed

“The intel on this wasn’t 100 percent.” The Prophecies of Q American conspiracy theories are entering a dangerous new phase.

« Right now, at this very moment, United States troops have been deployed underground where they’re busy « cleaning out » covert subterranean tunnels, « saving hundreds of children from satanic slaves, » and kicking out the « black hats. » »  » QAnon-sense: The conspiracy theory that’s devouring America Do millions of Americans really believe Donald Trump is saving children from underground demons? It seems that way

this is how the CIA’s Phoenix program operates, with plausible deniability, in America: What Happens When Ex-Navy SEALS Go Full QAnon?

Senator Rand Paul @RandPaul · 20 juil. We cannot give up liberty for security. Local law enforcement can and should be handling these situations in our cities but there is no place for federal troops or unidentified federal agents rounding people up at will. Reports: Camouflaged feds grabbing vandals — and protesters? — in Portland and carting them off… “It’s like stop and frisk meets Guantanamo Bay.”

Amazon: profit up 100% Walmart: profit up 80% Target: profit up 80% Lowe’s: profit up 74% Microsoft, Facebook, Apple, Google: stock at record high Small businesses: 21% closed; revenue for rest down 30% We’re seeing a monumental wealth transfer from mom & pops to conglomerates.

As COVID-1984 Accelerates Bill Gates Blames ‘Freedom’ For Spread of the Virus

COVID-1984 From A Two Week Lockdown To Mandatory Vaccination & Life In Prison

Major COVID Vaccine Manufacturer Exposed & Governments Know That Pandemics Create Authoritarianism

The company set to manufacture the Covid-19 vaccine for the US, Emergent Biosolutions, has been caught (again) marketing & selling faulty, untested and unsafe products, this time to the State Dept.

David Corn @DavidCornDC · 18 aug .@dfriedman33 and I have been reporting on this for a long time: The evidence is damn strong that Trump lied to Mueller about his conversations with Stone during the 2016 campaign re the Russia-WikiLeaks op. That’s why the pardon was a cover-up. || Bradley P. Moss @BradMossEsq · 18 aug Feu Feu this is the coup de grâce Even Senate Republicans believe Trump lied to Mueller.

The Grayzone’s Anya Parampil rips « criminal neocons » in Biden & Trump camps

Twitter labels tweet from President Trump for « making misleading health claims that could potentially dissuade people from participation in voting. »

I honestly can’t believe this is happening. || Marc E. Elias @marceelias · 14 aug It certainly appears that @USPS is targeting Democratic areas with near surgical precision for reductions of sorting capacity. This is as deeply concerning as the the other delays they have announced.

Whitney Webb @_whitneywebb · 20 aug One of the Biden/Harris’ top advisors set for a major role on their transition team is Avril Haines, deputy CIA director under Obama who loves Haspel. Risen and Cole’s « prediction » is a desperate attenpt to make it look like a Biden win will « reform » the CIA, fat chance!

Robbie Martin: A lot of these Johnny come lately conspiracy people seem to be more primed for just accepting a bad conspiracy documentary as long as it’s hyped enough and then censored offline, the reverse psychology fools them into thinking they should hype it up

Robbie Martin @FluorescentGrey · It’s fascinating to me that people keep getting conned over and over again by conspiracy documentaries that are textbook limited hangouts, blatantly partisan and absolve the current sitting administration of any wrong doing, like how much more obvious can this shit get?

YouTube has allowed uploads of the sequel to « Plandemic » to get well over 100,000 views in the past week, even though it had claimed it would take down copies of the film for violating its coronavirus misinformation rules.

I’ve been researching the producers behind Plandemic 1 & 2 and they are unmistakable QAnon grifters, one of them is a very shitty coke hippy burning man DJ to boot, the question I have is this is a well produced doc, who is funding this shit? Nobody is curious??

Robbie Martin @FluorescentGrey · Is there anything in Plandemic 2 that remotely places any blame whatsoever on the current administration or anybody Trump directly appointed? Doesn’t anybody think that is sus as shit? I find it kinda remarkable the people stanning it (who aren’t MAGAs) don’t find that odd

Married ex-Florida county tax collector is accused of child sex trafficking and 11 other charges | Daily Mail Online

Florida tax collector [and fan of Roger Stone!] is accused of child sex trafficking and ‘illegally using state’s DMV database to look up a minor and women. The charges were unveiled against Joel Greenberg, in a criminal indictment filed by the US Attorney’s office on Friday. Ex-Florida county tax collector is accused of child sex trafficking The charges were unveiled against Joel Greenberg, the former tax collector of Seminole County until his resignation in June, in an

Daddy, what did you do in the Meme War?

The rabbi who is neighbor to Mark and Patricia McCloskey speaks out: ‘They are bullies’

Right Wing Watch @RightWingWatch · Mark and Patricia McCloskey, the St. Louis couple who pointed guns at BLM protesters, declare that if Biden is elected, « no matter where you live, your family will not be safe in the radical Democrats’ America. »

‘White Grievance’ and Racial Dog Whistles on Day 1 of the Republican National Convention

In a safe Republican seat, who spent big to boost a QAnon supporter? – White House chief of staff and his wife – chairman of the board of the Heritage Foundation – the attorney who represented the “Covington kid” & fought Elon Musk over “pedo guy” tweet

Robbie Martin @FluorescentGrey · really glad (!) Wikileaks allowed one of their spokespeople to be someone who is saying that BLM is worse than ISIS right now

Stephen Strang asserts that Joe Biden is a socialist, while Kenneth Copeland declares that anyone who fails to vote for Trump « is guilty of murder. »

Robbie Martin @FluorescentGrey · call me when a BLM protestor drives a military grade hovercraft into an airport to stop police killings and I might agree with you that Qanon has competition

‘Mind-bogglingly irresponsible’: meet the Republican donors helping QAnon reach Congress | US elections 2020 | The Guardian

QAnon: Acting DHS chief says group not a ‘significant’ threat but condemns it – CNNPolitics

‘QAnon Anonymous’ Host On The Conspiracy Movement’s Growing Influence : NPR

QAnon giving America a scary look at what a ‘Biden resistance’ would look like in 2021 | Will Bunch
Why Facebook Can’t Quash QAnon | OneZero

Trump’s Campaign Was Run By A Bunch Of Criminals

Recent developments seem to be pointing to the fact that Jim Watkins, who owns 8chan / 8kun, is now also in control of the main aggregator for QAnon posts on the « clear » web.

Wave of extremist Republicans run for office, many with Trump’s blessing | US news | The Guardian

QAnon does not seek the truth. QAnon knows the truth is that everyone who opposes Donald Trump is a baby eating Satanist that hates America and needs to be executed. Their goal is to convince people of this truth. Everything else they say is window dressing.

Robbie Martin @FluorescentGrey · 1h even the new new neocons after being mugged by reality are also living in an alternate reality where a train conductor derailing his own train trying to crash it into a boat to ‘save the children’ is less crazy or abnormal to them than buildings being set on fire

GOP candidate Marjorie Taylor Greene spread conspiracies that Charlottesville was an ‘inside job’ and ‘Pizzagate’ was real – CNNPolitics

The Media’s Abject Failure On QAnon

Right Wing Watch @RightWingWatch · 3h Several RNC speakers told Republican viewers that Trump was a strongman leader protecting America and Western civilization at-large. This rhetoric is often used as a « dog-whistle » to avoid more inflammatory language on race, immigration, etc.

Right Wing Watch @RightWingWatch · 24 aug QAnon conspiracy theorist DeAnna Lorraine insists that she’s not anti-gay while declaring that the LGBTQ rights movement is a Marxist effort to destroy the family and turn people against God.


Robbie Martin @FluorescentGrey · The Jim Watkins revelations especially that he also hosts the main Q drop ‘decoding’ website as well as 8kun is pretty incriminating but it still doesn’t change my opinion that Trump’s own people and associates beyond Watkins are shaping/controlling the Q narrative

I keep seeing the same cycle. On 8chan, everybody was just trolling about white supremacist mass murder… until they weren’t. On Facebook, everybody was just cosplaying about being in a militia… until they weren’t. How about we take them seriously before the bodycount?

This is a big development because it would force members of Congress to put their support/opposition of QAnon on the record || Tom Malinowski @Malinowski US House candidate, NJ-7 · Today, I’m introducing a bipartisan resolution with @RepRiggleman condemning QAnon. Our aim is a fully bipartisan Congressional repudiation of this dangerous, anti-Semitic, conspiracy-mongering cult that the FBI says is radicalizing Americans to violence.

The House resolution that would condemn QAnon includes a long list of QAnon-related crimes

Key point from @kevinroose about QAnon that I’m not sure has gotten enough attention: besides QAnon’s extremism, its supporters repeatedly play major roles in misinformation campaigns on social media. Just to give a few recent examples: || Mathew Ingram @mathewi · From @kevinroose: « The thing I don’t think the social media companies understood is that the existence of QAnon on their platforms makes *all* of their anti-misinformation work harder, because these people are misinformation super-spreaders »

How to talk to people who believe in QAnon | Engadget

« Most people refer to QAnon as a fringe movement. But that no longer makes sense: Under Mr. Trump, it has become part of the Republican mainstream — and that has troubling implications for the party’s future. » @NiskanenCenter ‘s @RuleandRuin . Supporters of President Trump with phone screens referring to the QAnon conspiracy theory at a campaign rally in February. Opinion | Trump Has Failed the QAnon Test–Past Republican leaders knew better than to allow the pathogens of extreme conspiracy theories to infect the political bloodstream.

QAA Episode 106: QAnon Rally Worldwide: Our big fat episode is out: we attended three of the hundreds of worldwide rallies this weekend, including Los Angeles and London. We also address major recent developments in the mainstream political sphere. Quite a journey.

A new date has already been set for the next series of QAnon marches in the UK. Those who still think this is a fringe, US-centric movement need a great awakening of their own. QAnon now has a solid foothold in Britain; ignoring it won’t make it go away Woman says ‘Princess Diana dream’ confirmed controversial beliefs Psychic medium Lindsay Banks believes people in power are behind a child trafficking ring

Join the new crusade, kids. Christian extremism is cool again! || Séamus Malekafzali @Seamus_Malek · Pompeo just said that Qassem Soleimani was responsible for the murder and maiming of « thousands of Christians across the Middle East. » Where did this accusation spring out from? What thousands of Christians? Who is he referring to? Afficher cette discussion

QAnon Congress About To Get Weird

So Tucker’s dad Dick Carlson was appointed as VOA director by Reagan. He is also a longtime friend of Roger Stone.

In the Cult of Trump, His Rallies Are Church & He Is the Gospel w/ Jeff Sharlet – MR Live – 8/25/20

Evangelicals are looking for answers online. They’re finding QAnon instead. | MIT Technology Review

QAnon conspiracy theorist DeAnna Lorraine appears to have become a regular guest host on Infowars.

Right Wing Watch @RightWingWatch · 21h The Family Research Council has a 2020 election plan it says will stop “anti-biblical forces” from achieving their goal to “permanently transform America into a socialist, godless state »

Trump Speaks to Fanatical End Times Christian Group: The Council for National Policy

Republican Convention Turns Into Coke Fueled Fear Fest

Guilfoyle having a lovely signaling moment for our friends in QAnon. || Aaron Rupar @atrupar · « Human sex drug traffickers should not be allowed to cross our border » — Kimberly Guilfoyle #SexDrugTraffickers Afficher cette discussion

Kimberly Guilfoyle Goes Zero To Fascist REAL QUICK

Whitney Webb @_whitneywebb · Establishment parties busy promoting the « civil war » narrative seeded and manufactured by US intelligence agencies that they want to put into motion after the election. The real « domestic enemy » is « the State »! || Steve Guest @SteveGuest · 24 août UNHINGED: Nancy Pelosi labels Republicans « domestic enemies…enemies of the state »

« Interesting pedigree Steve Pieczenik… / Twitter

Is Alex Jones a Government Agent?

Alex Jones Confesses to WikiLeaks Collusion

Gareth Porter @GarethPorter · 24 aug Pompeo will address the Republican convention from Jerusalem, because he needs Christian Zionists and Rapturists to propel his political career beyond this election. And Trump needs the cash from Adelson et al for his campaign.

Right Wing Watch @RightWingWatch · 25 aug Pompeo has a long record of working with anti-Muslim activists and aligning himself with a pastor who was criticized for delivering a prayer in the Kansas legislature criticizing the US for having “worshipped other gods and called it multiculturalism.”

Right Wing Watch @RightWingWatch · 25 aug Pompeo has also opened doors in other countries so right-wing Bible study leader Ralph Drollinger can teach high-level officials that the Bible requires them to support right-wing social, economic, environmental, and criminal justice policies.

Right Wing Watch @RightWingWatch · 25 aug Pompeo, a religious-right favorite, has told conservative pastors that he uses his official travels as an opportunity to evangelize Mike Pompeo Says Unalienable Rights Commission Will Return Human Rights Policy to ‘Judeo-Christian… U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo joined a conference call with conservative pastors hosted by the Family Research Council’s Tony Perkins

Right Wing Watch @RightWingWatch · 25 aug Pompeo has alarmed human rights advocates by bypassing State Dept’s human rights infrastructure and creating a conservative-packed commission to narrow the scope of U.S. human rights policy and elevate religious liberty above other US commitments

Right Wing Watch @RightWingWatch · 25 aug Pompeo also shares Trump’s fondness for anti-democratic strongmen like Brazil’s Jair Bolsonaro, who Pompeo hugged while attending his inauguration.

Right Wing Watch @RightWingWatch · 25 aug Pompeo has other things in common with Trump, like contempt for the free press. He kicked an NPR reporter out of a traveling press pool after she ran a critical story about him.

US Military Robots on Fast Track to Leadership Role

Government Bails Out Billion Dollar Industries As Small Businesses Go Under

Criminal Presidents are « a Protected Minority »!

Reaganland: America’s Turn to the Right w/ Rick Perlstein – MR Live – 9/1/20

Fusillade aux USA: un ex-soldat spécialisé dans la guerre psychologique

William Barr Ordered Fox News To Muzzle Trump Critic On Their Network

Convicted Felon Roger Stone Led a Political Rally at a Hate-Pastor’s Church | Hemant Mehta | Friendly Atheist | Patheos

Past Studies Found Pandemics Create Perfect Storm For Controlling Populations & Creating Conformity

Cyber Command Gets New Surveillance Powers Under Guise of Battling Election Meddling

Demanding Tucker Carlson Be Fired And Cancelling The NY POST

Right-wing political operatives Jack Burkman and Jacob Wohl have targeted Black voters in at least two states with robocalls chock full of disinformation in an apparent effort to dissuade Black voters from voting by mail.

DNC Republican Pandering, RNC Fascist Reality Show & Bannon Indicted For Fraud | Media Roots Radio

We are now up to 𝟕𝟖 current or former 2020 congressional candidates who have endorsed or given credence to QAnon. The newest addition is this former congressional candidate in Washington.

« Coddling QAnon is enormously irresponsible. Any rational politician would have condemned it long ago. But not our president. » (via @latimesopinion ) FILE – In this Aug. 2, 2018, file photo, David Reinert holding a Q sign waits in line with others to enter a campaign rally with President Donald Trump in Wilkes-Barre, Pa. A far-right conspiracy theory forged in a dark corner of the internet is creeping into the mainstream political arena. It’s called QAnon, and it centers on the baseless belief that President Donald Trump is waging a secret campaign against… Column: President Trump is playing a dangerous game embracing QAnon

FLASHBACK: Evangelicals are flocking to QAnon, you say? That’s crazy. If only there were signs. || Travis View @travis_view · (16 july 2018) Hey Pastors of America: I don’t want to tell you how to do your job. BUT it appears that your congregations are a recruiting ground for a deranged cyber cult. Maybe your flocks needs guidance, or a sense of belonging, or stronger doctrine. Just steer them away from this shit.

QAnon crimes: US allegations linked to conspiracy theory and followers – Insider

A reminder as we focus on QAnon’s spread: its central figure, « Q, » has been based on 8chan — the same message board site Brenton Tarrant allegedly posted a manifesto on before carrying out his mass shooting (8chan has since been relaunched as 8kun). || Rowaida Abdelaziz @Rowaida_Abdel · 17h JUST IN: Brenton Tarrant, the white supremacist who live-streamed his massacre of 51 people at two New Zealand mosques last year, was sentenced to life in prison without parole for carrying out the worst atrocity in the country’s modern history.

QAnon misdirects our attention away from the real threats to children – The Washington Post

“QAnon Is Batshit Crazy”: Lindsey Graham Talks TikTok, Online Conspiracies, and Why He’s Sticking With Trump | Vanity Fair

Convention speaker Burgess Owens: 1) went on a QAnon program to get support (; 2) helped raise money for Steve Bannon’s allegedly fraudulent group (; 3) and plagiarized numerous passages in his book (

MSNBC Confronts Trump Spox Tim Murtaugh: You Canceled an RNC Speech Over QAnon Tweet, but Won’t Condemn QAnon?

The Daily Show sur Twitter : « What is QAnon? If you don’t know, now you know: » / Twitter

Tristan Mendès France @tristanmf · 21 août Russia Today relaye l’idée que le mouvement QAnon serait en fait une opération psychologique « psyop », un projet de propagande, visant à canaliser le mécontentement populaire. RT nous fait du complotisme anti-complotiste.

How You Can Be 100% Certain That QAnon Is Bullshit | by Caitlin Johnstone | Medium

Q Had Me At Hello

Mark Zuckerberg’s claim that QAnon is *just now* evolving from misinformation to violence is patently false. An armed QAnon supporter blocked traffic at the Hoover Dam bridge in June 2018. The FBI called it a domestic terror threat in May 2019.

Spotted at the White House: Georgia’s QAnon candidate Marjorie Taylor Greene

FLASHBACK: Robbie Martin @FluorescentGrey · (13 july) Every single journalist who apologizes for the Hill Rising, and doesn’t mention that it’s an obvious Hudson Institute cut out is complicit in helping keep this particular neocon pipeline going imo || Hudson Institute @HudsonInstitute · 7 juil. NOW LIVE: @FBI Director Christopher Wray and Hudson’s @wrmead discuss China’s threat to the United States and ways to counter the CCP’s attempts to influence American institutions

FLASHBACK: Robbie Martin @FluorescentGrey · (2 june) This guy works with neocon Scooter ‘Germ Boy’ Libby at the Hudson Institute and I guess people still want to get on his show, weird shit || Saagar Enjeti @esaagar · (2 june) 58% of Americans support sending the military in to supplement police force to quell riots Compare that to the twitter discourse lmao…

Inside QAnon’s Bizarre Hollywood Invasion — and the Civil War Brewing Within Conspiracy-Land

Mark the QAnonner Reveals the Facts about Coronavirus, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton – YouTube

Why Veterans Believe in QAnon Conspiracies | Connecting Vets

It’s not surprising that QAnon is popular is Germany. One of the first foreign /qresearch/ boards on 8chan was for Germans, as I noted in 2018. This is the product of years of buildup that is only now unavoidably visible.

Lindsey Graham Wants To ‘Sue QAnon’ For Inciting Violence

Trump this evening retweeted a QAnon account.

Robbie Martin @FluorescentGrey · 28 aug i feel like both the CIA and Trump are benefitting immensely from the false perception that the CIA is in some kind of war VS Trump. My guess would be that Roger Stone’s experience with the JFK conspiracy movement helped shape this op but who the fuck knows

‘Kyle Rittenhouse Is a Product of the Republican Martyr Machine’ « This is what happens when you have a party that commends armed vigilantism »

Kenosha Cop BLAMES Protesters For Being Shot

Robbie Martin @FluorescentGrey · 1 sept 2020 So @RandPaul is just a part of Trumps disinformation campaign now? What kind of sad bullshit is this? Your Dad is either super mortified right now over your behavior or he’s been Trump cucked too

Robbie Martin @FluorescentGrey · 1 sept 2020 The Paul family has lost their Goddam minds in the Trump era, Rand was already a fake ass sell-out loser but now things have gone totally over the top || Chuck Callesto @ChuckCallesto · BREAKING REPORT: Rand Paul has called to SUBPOENA ANTIFA plane records, hotel records, all travel records & all funding….

Trump Defends Kenosha Shooter

Qanon conspiracy theorist and so-called « firefighter prophet » Mark Taylor claims that protesters are victims of mind control who are being controlled by « handlers » carrying umbrellas.

The Dawning Of The Apocalypse – Gerald Horne Interview

Cops ARREST Shooter From Jacob Blake Protest After Collaborating With Him

Mark Taylor Says Protesters Are Mind Control Victims Doing the Bidding of People With Umbrellas | Right Wing Watch

guy wearing Kyle Rittenhouse=patriot shirt says that a PEDOPHILE attacked him so he had to shoot him, if you thought QAnon was still just a fringey internet thing and it hasn’t infected the entire MAGA movement like a virus, you’re dead wrong

Republicans are flooding the internet with deceptive videos and Big Tech isn’t keeping up – CNN

Robbie Martin @FluorescentGrey · 31 aug 2020 every single era of the 9/11 truth movement is defined by a figurehead or series of conspiracy grifters vying for power and authority and pumping the movement full of toxic hyperbolic disinformation along the way

Robbie Martin @FluorescentGrey · 1 sept 2020 also while i’m on a roll with the Paul family you know what else is fucked up? clearly 100% Roger Stone/Trump re-used the Ron Paul/Alex Jones truther dog-whistling model, I’ve talked about this before but oddly nobody else has pointed out this clear lift

Robbie Martin @FluorescentGrey · 31 aug 2020 makes perfect sense why Sandy Hook stuff was able to explode the way it did, grifters like Alex Jones had groomed millions of people to see any major event as a ‘false flag’ regardless of what it was, turning amateurs everywhere into arm-chair all knowing narcissists

Robbie Martin @FluorescentGrey · 31 aug 2020 exhibit b: spiked story by deep state neocon Erik Prince implying he had ‘NYPD’ sources of a Clinton sex trafficking ring (proto QAnon tactics) Erik Prince: NYPD Ready to Make Arrests in Anthony Weiner Case Erik Prince said that according to one of his sources, the NYPD was ready to announce « the warrants and the additional arrests they were making » in the Anthony Weiner investigation, but received…

Robbie Martin @FluorescentGrey · 1 sept 2020 exhibit c: ‘former’ CIA spook, Alex Jones and No Agenda Radio pal Steve Pieczenick inexplicably gets ‘Patriot counter coup’ video boosted to top of @DRUDGE website, this video is the earliest iteration of the Qanon narrative

Robbie Martin @FluorescentGrey Replying to Donald J. Trump · 1 sept 2020 but you’re lying about Drudge not supporting you in 2016, @DRUDGE went full pizzagate and full QAnon special just for your dumb ass in November of 2016 to spike the Wikileaks dumps with pedophilia and satanic panic || Donald J. Trump @realDonaldTrump · Drudge didn’t support me in 2016, and I hear he doesn’t support me now. Maybe that’s why he is doing poorly. His Fake News report on Mini-Strokes is incorrect. Possibly thinking about himself, or the other party’s “candidate”.…

I personally think it’s what gave Trump the election in 2016. Mobilized the millions of listeners of Alex’s show who don’t ever vote into a bloc for trump. Stone making them believe trump was one of them.

Trump has now amplified the Twitter accounts of 5 QAnon-connected current or former 2020 congressional candidates: Buzz Patterson, DeAnna Lorraine Tesoriero, Angela Stanton-King, Antoine Tucker, & Marjorie Taylor Greene.

Conscience du peuple: L’Opération Qanon

États-Unis : une campagne très Q – Regarder le documentaire complet | ARTE

UPDATE: At least a 21st QAnon-supporting congressional candidate has now secured a spot on the ballot in November. Tracy Lovvorn of Massachusetts’ 2nd Congressional District has been declared the winner of the Republican primary by default.

ELECTION 2020: The Rise of the Council for National Policy and Who is Behind It

Council for National Policy – SourceWatch

Trump Spreads: ‘Dark Shadows’ Conspiracy Theory

Travis View @travis_view · 1 sept 2020 He’s a hairsbreadth away from just pushing Illuminati, Freemasonry, and Rothschild conspiracy theories. || Jason Campbell @JasonSCampbell · Donald Trump says « people that are in the dark shadows » and « people you haven’t heard of » are ‘pulling the strings’ for Joe Biden

What Is QAnon and Why Is It Considered to Be So Dangerous?

Trump retweeted two tweets featuring an egregious false claim about Covid data. One was from a supporter of the QAnon idiocy; now been deleted. The other was from campaign advisor Jenna Ellis, who linked to a piece by conspiracy site Gateway Pundit, which cited the QAnon tweet.

A pivotal part of this story is that there’s been no reporting showing the president actually uses Facebook. The reality is worse: a poisoned information pipeline from viral rumor to blogs to the president that consistently supersedes real intelligence. Trump’s ‘plane loaded with thugs’ rumor matches months-old Facebook conspiracy theory Evidence-free social media posts about groups of people coming to terrorize suburbs have thrived in recent months, inspiring some people to arm themselves.

Travis View @travis_view · 2 sept 2020 Facebook continues to provide free marketing to QAnon even after claiming they would no longer recommend QAnon pages. It’s not that they can’t stop giving QAnon free marketing, it’s just that they don’t want to. || The Godfather of 1690 @ThatsFare · I thought all this shit was supposed to be gone? This just came up on my FB. It’s like pulling a weed but not getting the root. @willsommer @travis_view

Texas GOP changed their motto to « We are the storm. » They claim it has no relation to « The Storm », an event QAnon believers will involve military tribunals for those they dislike, alongside executions at Guantanamo. Former U.S. Congressman and retired U.S. Army Lt. Col. Allen West gives remarks during TPPR’s Policy Orientation on February 9, 2018. The Texas GOP’s new slogan echoes a conspiracy group. Its chair say… The slogan — « We are the storm » — uses language commonly used by QAnon adherents. State GOP Chair Allen West says it’s taken from a

Loomer is a self-described “Islamophobe” and conspiracy theorist who has rejoiced about innocent migrants drowning and been banned from social media, Uber, and Lyft because of her toxic bigotry. Open-armed welcome for her from the Trump campaign —

Timothy Holmseth is bat-shit insane. He is a very distilled version of QAnon.

Right Wing Watch @RightWingWatch · Family Research Council president Tony Perkins alleges without proof that a « criminal conspiracy » seeking to swing the 2020 election is behind the civil unrest in cities across the United States

New issue of the conservative evangelical newsmagazine World has a critical cover story on Q, with a focus on how evangelicals are attracted to the movement and how churches have been slow to respond.

Tom Cotton Is a Right-Wing Wild Card | Right Wing Watch

FLASHBACK: Rick Wiles declares that “Right Wing Watch is part of the communist revolution.”

Jackman Radio: An Interview with Robbie Martin – YouTube

Meet the IDF-Linked Cybersecurity Group “Protecting” US Hospitals ‘Pro Bono’

Douglas Valentine @dougvalentine77 · 22 juil. Recently asked about Erik Prince and DHS Corbett Report | Douglas Valentine on the Resurrection of the Phoenix Program A longish video that is well worth listening to/watching.

Trump LOVES Calling On OAN Reporters

Trump Campaign Is Obsessed With Boaters

The Real Reason Why Blackstone is Courting the Pentagon

How does one become “a danger to public health?” – YouTube

The New BioSecurity State Is Quietly Taking Control Of Everything and The Psychological COVID Aspect

Whitney Webb Interview – 2020 Election Chaos Being Used To Set Stage For The Final Technocratic Push

The Technocratic Takeover Of America Is Happening In Plain View and Being Justified By COVID-19

SND Live w/Whitney Webb – YouTube

Reaganland – Rich Perlstein Interview

Robbie Martin @FluorescentGrey · fascinating series of reveals by Tulsi Gabbard’s former media strategist about why Tulsi bent over backwards to defend Joe Biden and what might have motivated her Kamala attack during the debates (from a Blaze TV broadcast) cc @AbbyMartin @DecampDave
DHS draft document: White supremacists are greatest terror threat – POLITICO

Marshalls Kill Man Who Shot Trump Supporter in Portland, Michael Forest Reinoehl

Armed Pro-Trump Extremists Arrested on Their Way to Kenosha To « Loot » and « Shoot »

Right-wing media calls attention to anti-Semitic posts by Jacob Blake’s father

Robbie Martin @FluorescentGrey · if the Trump campaign is smart they are already paying people to pose as protestors doing things that will turn off 99% of the population

Robbie Martin @FluorescentGrey · We need to be talking more about COINTELPRO and fed infiltration and how easy it would be for the FBI or another federal agency to egg on a violent lunatic or to actually plant a fake one in the movement, sorry!

DPP #23: QAnon is a US Intel Psyop

Q Anon and The « Patriots » – YouTube

The Problem with #QAnon, David Wilcock, Alex Jones #2 – YouTube

Zombie Joe Reflects On Q…Sort Of And The False Media Push Of Anti-Something Or Other

Robbie Martin @FluorescentGrey · if any Tim Pool fans still follow me on Twitter please stop claiming he’s a Trump adversary or ever was, how many indie journalists get invited to the Whitehouse who aren’t either Trump surrogates or loyalists? use your fucking heads people

Former National Security Adviser Mike Flynn posing for a picture with someone wearing QAnon shirt and hat(?) Senator Ted Cruz just quote tweeted one of the most predatorial QAnon promoters — an old-school Pentecostalist fraudster who has been instrumental in the spread of QAnon. He claims to have healing powers because he’s able to channel God.

Lunatic QAnon Congressional Candidate Threatens AOC & The Squad

Both Osama bin Laden’s niece and the former head of the CIA’s Osama bin Laden tracking unit are QAnon supporters.

Wellness Influencers Are Spreading QAnon Conspiracies About the Coronavirus – Mother Jones

Q-Tips: Measuring the Mainstreaming of QAnon During the Pandemic

In a shocking twist, the QAnon-supporting Mayor continues to support QAnon

Ted Cruz shared a meme from the self-proclaimed prophet and QAnon promoter « Praying Medic. » So that’s just super.

Amanda Rivkin @amandarivkin · Bin Laden does have many nieces (I graduated with a different one). This one says she is Carmen bin Laden’s daughter. Her website is weird and the “resources” section links to a bunch of known disinfo. As for Scheuer, he was my professor and he’s gone completely off the rails.

Lara Trump campaigns with Jewish Congressional candidate who’s a ‘proud Islamophobe’

After anti-Semitic content, GOP candidate has post removed for inciting violence

One of the QAnon newsletters I get implores followers not to embrace vigilantism and trust Q and Trump to get rid of the bad people. The question of what to do when Q and Trump don’t get rid of the bad people isn’t asked.

The family friend of Prime Minister Scott Morrison who @GuardianAus reported was behind a QAnon account BurnedSpy34, Tim Stewart, has been suspended from Twitter.

Is Ben Shapiro Okay?

Today it seems to never stop. This Denver man who said he would be “Antifa hunting” in downtown Denver… is of course also a QAnon believer.

Antifa conspiracy: Trump was right after all (LOL)

Big Karen Bill Barr Demands To See The Manager Of Antifa

FBI: No Antifa Link To Protests

Federal Agencies Cast Doubt on Right-Wing’s ‘Antifa’ Catch-All

As someone who cannot figure out how to turn the flashlight off on my iPhone, I am deeply flattered that Fox News thinks I have the ability to Dethrone God.(The Weather Underground’s strategy)

@The New York Times Runs Op-Ed from a Fascist

Fox Host Invents Dangerously Insane Conspiracy About George Floyd

Civil Unrest Sweeps America

Trump Threatens ‘Black Lives Matter’ on Juneteenth

Facebook FINALLY Censors Trump After He Uses Nazi Symbols

Newsflash: They are. || RE: Viv Maier @MaierViv · 18 juin “If White Nationalists were Zionists they would probably blame Black people for bringing slavery on themselves…” ~ @GiladAtzmon (RE: « What bothers me most is not tht Arabs kill our children, but that they force us to kill theirs. »)

TLAV: « I don’t want this to be the case, but I truly feel that this is all part of the ploy, Trump’s rally, the MSM rhetoric, and the « second wave. » I feel that Trump is playing his role. »

‘Prophetic’ Frank Amedia Claims God Is Planning September Surprise to Stop Trump Slump

TruNews or FakeNews? Joel [Redacted]

A UFC ‘cutman’ appears to have worn embroidered QAnon messaging ringside.

Robbie Martin: « Trump’s mood tonight and why he had his son promote Qanon on the eve of the rally and started having people arrested who had actual tickets for the rally who may be disruptors »

Robbie Martin @FluorescentGrey · 22 JUNE 2020 (Re:@NJCH90) « So because corporations who have already been on an increasing fake ‘woke’ trajectory are acting like they have solidarity in a tokenistic fashion means it’s a color revolution? Sorry that’s not good logic »

Robbie Martin @FluorescentGrey · 22 JUNE 2020 « The same idiots saying the BLM movement is a color revolution to destabilize the United States would have also said the same thing about the civil rights era and Vietnam war protest movements »

Robbie Martin on QAnon Phenomenon | The Opperman Report’s tracks

Robbie Martin and Jake Fox explore the ‘Q’ phenomenon – A Very Heavy Agenda Live

Robbie Martin @FluorescentGrey · 29 JUNE 2020 i feel like people really didn’t analyze closely enough why Alex Jones was so enamored with two alleged pedophiles: Charlie Sheen and Anthony Cumia The Turd Blossom Karl Rove Returns To « Save » Republicans

Abby Martin @AbbyMartin · 1 July 2020 The president is inciting fascist vigilantes to commit violence against protesters. || Rational Disconnect @RationalDis · 27 juin Trump just posted a wall of “wanted” posters for people who vandalized statues of confederate soldiers, slave owners, & racists who helped ethnicity cleanse America.

Media Roots: Check out @FluorescentGrey ‘s new epic episode of Media Roots breaking down #QAnon. Part 2 will be available to our Patreon subscribers The Origins of #QAnon, Follow the White Rabbit Into a Deeper Layer of the #MAGA cult Pt 1 of 2

The Origins of #QAnon, Follow the White Rabbit Into a Deeper Layer of the #MAGA Cult Pt 1 of 2 par Media Roots Radio | Écoute gratuite sur SoundCloud

WWG1WGA Along with a Psyop, QAnon’s Grasp on the ‘Woke’ Empire Baby Mind & Weaponizing Satanic Panic Pt 2 of 2 par Media Roots Radio

Robbie Martin @FluorescentGrey · 1 July 2020 as much as that Lancet journal retraction is a pretty big deal I’d argue QAnon propelling discussions about Hydroxychloriquine is equally as big of a deal and is absolutely moving the needle in political discourse

Robbie Martin @FluorescentGrey · 1 July 2020 if you want to partly understand why Hydroxychloriquine became such a political topic and subject of conspiracy theory? The answer is fairly simple: QAnon has been all over hyping up Hydroxychloriquine like horse shit.

Robbie Martin @FluorescentGrey · 1 July 2020 It’s worse than I described on the recent @MediaRootsNews Radio #QAnon episode, much worse. Neocon PNACer Michael Ledeen’s good friend is a hardcore QAnoner || Will Sommer @willsommer · QAnon believers are obsessed with Michael Flynn. Now Flynn is returning the love, embracing a QAnon hashtag and writing a regular column filled with QAnon themes.

The Pizzagate Files E01 w/ Daniel Wright and Robbie Martin

QAnon conspiracy theory enters politics: What to know | Fox News

Fox News Operates Like an Intelligence Agency

LastAmericanVagabond @TLAVagabond · 20 JUNE 2020: « And whether or not this psyop was something they were involved in creating, anyone can see the very clear one sided benefits of having a cult like following that will never question your actions and always viciously defend your stance. So of course they are leaning into this. » || Robbie Martin @FluorescentGrey · 20 JUNE 2020: « still think trump and his family don’t know what Qanon is and aren’t using it with the intention of riling up a deeper layer of their own cult? »

Douglas Valentine @dougvalentine77 · 2 nov. the essence of the fascist Phoenix program here at home: special ops mercenaries targetting leftists Private Security Firms Ramp Up for Potential Election Unrest in Minneapolis Private security firms are fielding armed special operations veterans to do guard work around Election Day.

Its amazing that Rudy Giuliani can continue to command so much media by wrapping himself in the flag despite his actual 9/11 WTC record when it comes to firefighters. @AddieStan @JohnFugelsang @pchowder @profwolff @MaraGay @ThisWooly @richard2380 Giuliani was always a fraud. Just ask the FDNY The FDNY struggled to get functional radios during Giuliani’s tenure. Many died on 9/11 because Giuliani ignored the warning signs

Whitney Webb @_whitneywebb · NEW – Untested AI software was used to verify mail-in ballot signatures in highly contested localities like Clark County, Nevada. The Silicon Valley firm behind it (called Parascript) boasts close ties to Lockheed Martin & Microsoft

One of the armed men busted in Philadelphia is a hardcore QAnon believer, buying into the conspiracy theory’s claims about JFK Jr. faking his death and a mystery substance called adrenochrome. ‘Backbone of the #MAGA Movement’: Armed Man Busted Near Philly Vote Center Is ‘Vets for Trump’… He was arrested with Antonio Lamotta, who mused online about killing people over the “fake ‘natural pandemic’ psyop crisis” and embraced

Misinformation 2020! Let The Chaos Commence, Or Will Trump Just Lay Down? – YouTube

Trump’s Cult Shows Up At Bill Barr’s House Demanding He Investigates Joe Biden

#AlexJones to President @realDonaldTrump : Don’t Concede

Right Wing Watch @RightWingWatch · Former congresswoman Michele Bachmann calls on God to « smash the delusion, Father, that Joe Biden is our president. He is not. »

Evangelicals stick with Trump, see upside even if he loses

HAMMER Time and SCORECARD – CNP/SCL/USIA Psychographical Warfare On US – Prince Charming Syndrome – YouTube

Right Wing Watch @RightWingWatch · Radical right-wing commentator Josh Bernstein urges Trump to declare martial law, use the military to arrest poll workers to stop the vote counting, and order a new election.

Right Wing Watch @RightWingWatch · Among those in tow: far-right conspiracy theorist Alex Jones, Nick Fuentes’ white nationalist “groypers,” Bikers for Trump, followers of the far-right conspiracy QAnon movement, and “famous evangelical pastors.” Right-Wing Operative Ali Alexander Plans D.C. March With Far-Right Friends | Right Wing Watch With his host of far-right friends, right-wing operative Ali Alexander has planned a national march on Washington, D.C., this Saturday as part of his

Dave Daubenmire is now targeting Attorney General William Barr’s wife as part of his campaign to pressure Barr to arrest Joe Biden, Barack Obama, and Hillary Clinton.

Gingrich Pushes ‘Soros Stole the Election’ Conspiracy Theory on Fox News George Soros has donated billions of his personal wealth to liberal and anti-authoritarian causes around the world, making him a favored target among many on the right

They’re accusing Fox News of being Soros funded plants now || Omar Navarro @RealOmarNavarro · George Soros has taken over Fox News indirectly. The fact Newt Gingrich was censored from saying his name over a month ago. It’s clear now what happened.

The CEO of One America News network is absolutely dedicated to shielding his viewers from reality. || Robert Herring @RobHerring · With all the states that have been found to have illegal voting, it’s looking like not only will Biden NOT be elected as the AP claimed, but chances are GREAT @realDonaldTrump will be confirmed as President again. Save your fireworks!

Gab CEO Andrew Torba is very welcoming to the influx of QAnon Adherents on his platform as in his latest email blact he speaks of « The Great Awakening and The End of an Elitist Era »

Trump Jr. Calls For « Total War » As His Dad Loses More States

The US Has Been Moving Toward Fascism Since Goldwater

Trump Wanted Top Notch Re-Election Lawyers. He Got a MAGA Clown Show.

Steve Bannon and his co-host discuss beheading Dr. Anthony Fauci and FBI Director Christopher Wray.

Newt Gingrich Calls on Trump Justice Department to Jail Election Workers in Bonkers Rant Baselessly Alleging Stolen Election.

Code Red: Barr Seizes Internet Domains of Media Outlets – Accuracy.Org

Robbie Martin @FluorescentGrey · fascinating that this @HudsonInstitute lackey @DarrenJBeattie is using Infowars style talking points implying there is a ‘color revolution’ to oust Trump, this dude works at the same think-tank that Bush-era neocon psychopath Scooter Libby rakes in a $300k per year salary

Whitney Webb sur Twitter : « May be a good idea to review the « simulations » of the Transition Integrity Project, which has considerable ties to numerous « new organizations » and gamed out the creation of chaos for multiple election day scenarios: » / Twitter

Robbie Martin @FluorescentGrey · The MAGAs are going classic Brooks Brothers Riots (which Roger Stone took credit for) simultaneously with sketchy neocon laced think-tanks (Hudson, Claremont) promoting the idea online that a ‘color revolution’ coup of some sort unseated Trump. Very interesting tactics

Twitter has labelled this tweet by Marjorie Taylor Greene, who is now a Congresswoman, as misleading. She claims Joe Biden is involved in « voter fraud ».

Election Special Part 3: How The Bipartisan Swamp Is Engineering Election Chaos In Philadelphia – YouTube

Right Wing Watch @RightWingWatch · Why did Attorney General Bill Barr meet & pray with Dave Daubenmire, a deeply bigoted, anti-Semitic, anti-choice, anti-LGBTQ right-wing conspiracy theorist who has called interracial marriage “spiritual AIDS” and demanded that Hillary Clinton be executed?

Exclusive: Far-Right Creationists Are Setting Trump’s Virus Response | Right Wing Watch

Election Chaos Unfolding Exactly As P̶l̶a̶n̶n̶e̶d̶ Predicted & We’ve EVERY Reason To Question COVID – YouTube

We are now up to 𝟗𝟑 current or former 2020 congressional candidates who have endorsed or given credence to QAnon. The newest addition is a former Texas independent congressional candidate. (h/t @NinjaEsq )
Conner O’Malley Introduces DemAnon
QAA Podcast @QanonAnonymous · Details on the chan servers hosting CP while QAnon was acting on the chans as the white knight against CP
QAA Podcast @QanonAnonymous · « Operation Underground Railroad » is run by Tim Ballard. QAnon & MAGA love him. They’re even making a biopic with Jim Caviezel. Unfortunately, OUR is now under investigation in Utah. It appears they raised money by falsely claiming credit for rescues.
QAA Podcast @QanonAnonymous · Big news was broken today about the man closest to Q. @alibreland & @AJVicens write that Jim Watkins, owner of 8kun & QAnon promoter, ran multiple sites w/ URLs clearly referencing child pornography. No need for half-baked theories. Journalism is better.
Ed Martin is at least the 2nd Trump campaign advisory board member to tweet the QAnon slogan, the other being Stacey Dash. Another Trump campaign advisor, Tony Shaffer, has given credence to QAnon.
Trump has spent the past four years in office explicitly pandering to QAnon believers. We put together a timeline of how his administration has been openly endorsing the conspiracy theory from the very beginning:
QAnon is supposed to be all about protecting kids. Its primary enabler appears to have hosted child porn domains.
QAnon Is Supposed to Be All About Protecting Kids. Its Primary Enabler Appears to Have Hosted Child Porn Domains.
UPDATE: Trump has now amplified QAnon-promoting Twitter accounts at least 265 times via at least 152 individual accounts. Since the pandemic started, he has amplified QAnon-promoting Twitter accounts at least 169 times via at least 90 individual accounts.
The congressional candidates who have engaged with the QAnon conspiracy theory Nearly two dozen Republicans across the country who have engaged with the QAnon conspiracy will also appear on the ballot this November in their congressional districts – or in two cases, statewide…
This is what I mean: here’s the White House press secretary lauding Woods — who, again, is a QAnon supporter.
Of those 97 current or former congressional candidates, 27 of them will be on the general election ballot today. Citer le Tweet Alex Kaplan @AlKapDC · Here are the 48 known QAnon-connected congressional or state legislative candidates who are on the general election ballot today.
Deep State, Deep Church: How QAnon and Trumpism Have Infected the Catholic Church – Type Investigations
Sen. Kelly Loeffler (R-GA) donated $2,000 to QAnon congressional candidate Angela Stanton-King, an author and television personality who is very unlikely to win her race.
In light of QAnon bans, this pre-print suggests deplatforming decreases the ability of toxic communities to remain active and attract new members. But also suggests that those who do migrate to new platforms can become more toxic and ideologically radical.
Episode 115: Pre-ElectAnon feat Dave Weigel
UPDATE: QAnon supporter Rob Chase has been elected to the Washington State House of Representatives.
The Onion @TheOnion · 7 min Newly Elected QAnon Congresswoman Worried She Selling Out By Working With Pedophile Cabal
QAnon Congress Member: Marjorie Taylor Greene Wins In Georgia
UPDATE: QAnon supporter Mark Szuszkiewicz has been elected to the New York State Assembly.
Robbie Martin @FluorescentGrey · Paul Joseph Twatson hasn’t tweeted since A) Biden called winner by msm B) David Knight, most well respected Infowars employee called out Alex Jones’ main long time ‘intelligence source’ Steve Piezcenik as being part of a CIA op to ‘trap’ Infowars audience Citer le Tweet Paul Joseph Watson @PrisonPlanet · 6 nov. « Bringing the country back together again. »…
A false conspiracy theory (for ex. Steve Pieczenik) about « watermarked » ballots that came from QAnon supporters is spreading elsewhere in the far-right, with Infowars, Gab’s CEO, and 4chan users in a big thread pushing it.
Robbie Martin sur Twitter : « this event put a huge strain on Italy/US relations in the late 90s because the US military covered it up, but you know what also put a strain on Italy/US relations? when Steve Pieczenik was accused by Italy of assassinating Aldo Moro » / Twitter
Even after the call the QAnoners are still slurping up @StevePieczenik ’s controlled opposition fake narrative, amazing
Michael Flynn’s QAnon-friendly lawyer says « when the real votes are counted, Trump will win. He is in charge of this country. »
A reminder that Trump amplified this specific QAnon account when she pushed coronavirus misinformation & Anthony Fauci was then forced to rebut what she claimed.
The Onion @TheOnion · QAnon Followers Frustrated After Q Calls For Respecting Election Results, Uniting Behind Biden
QAnon isn’t a fluke. It’s a combination of big tech and Republican politics
« The researchers identified a strong statistical correlation between state polls that underestimated Mr. Trump’s chances and a higher-than-average volume of QAnon activity in those states, including Wisconsin, Michigan and Ohio. » Research is finding a strong correlation between state polls that underestimated President Trump’s chances and a higher-than-average volume of QAnon activity in those states. Study Considers a Link Between QAnon and Polling Errors New research indicates that pollsters may not have captured the Trump support swirling around the online conspiracy theory.
En réponse à @QanonAnonymous Not his take. PurpleAnon posted this theory on 8chan in May 2019. Q is Kushner + Bibi
Nikki Haley congratulates anti-Semitic blood libel (QAnon) conspiracy proponent || Nikki Haley @NikkiHaley · Congratulations @laurenboebert! We are excited to get you up to Washington to shake things up. Thank you Colorado!
A legal adviser for Trump’s campaign & multiple Fox News figures have shared a video from a QAnon account with a major following, helping the video get millions of views.
4chan’s evolution into an engine of bigotry and far-right content was driven in part by a secretive site administrator (with the charming handle of « RapeApe ») who pushed the moderator corps towards allowing more racist and toxic content. Me, @motherboard The Man Who Helped Turn 4chan Into the Internet’s Racist Engine 4chan moderators and leaked chat logs show that the infamous imageboard didn’t become the hateful site it’s known as by accident. A
Travis View @travis_view · A lot of people, myself included, have been speculating absout what the next evolution of QAnon will look like. I certainly didn’t guess « Steve Bannon connected, Billionaire-funded Chinese QAnon. » It’s so obvious in retrospect. || Justin Horowitz @justinhorowitz_ · New from me: GTV, the media platform operated by Steve Bannon’s billionaire benefactor Guo Wengui, has fully embraced QAnon. The platform is currently filled with videos promoting the outlandish conspiracy theory in Chinese.
That’s two QAnon supporters walking the halls of Congress next year. Boebert said the QAnon mov’t is “only motivating and encouraging and bringing people together, stronger—and if this is real, then it can be really great for our country.” lauren-boebert.png Diane Mitsch Bush concedes Colorado’s 3rd Congressional District race to Lauren Boebert Rifle restaurateur and Republican political newcomer Lauren Boebert will be Colorado’s next 3rd Congressional District congresswoman after her
A QAnon supporter, Logan Cunningham, was elected to the Beaufort County Council in South Carolina.
QAnon state legislative candidates tally has been updated with the general election results. 23 candidates this cycle were known to have embraced QAnon at some level, 21 made it to the general election ballot, & 7 were apparently elected.
Robbie Martin @FluorescentGrey · did i predict the QAnon narrative fracturing and/or taking over the entire conspiracy movement in February 2017? you decide || Trump’s Bay of Pigs @FluorescentGrey · 23 févr. 2017 Pieczenik who started ‘deep state coup against Trump’ meme says there are many US gov insiders loyal to Alex Jones
Mike Huckabee’s PAC has been giving money to QAnon candidates | Media Matters for America
Robbie Martin @FluorescentGrey · It really was Trump who was the satanic pedophile the whole time
The John and Lee Show – Jim Watkins Interviews Thomas Schoenberger – YouTube
Meet the Twitter-verified MAGA Influencers Spreading the QAnon Gospel
The video that Trump just pinned to his Twitter account, which edits together clips of Trump rallies, was made by QAnon promoter « Julian’s Rum. » Julian’s Rum first posted the video on wednesday.
Unopposed GOP House candidate Marjorie Taylor Greene won her congressional election. She is a QAnon and 9/11 conspiracy theorist who has promoted anti-Muslim and anti-Semitic remarks, among other vitriolic rhetoric:
Right Wing Watch @RightWingWatch · Why is it that *our* videos exposing Liz Crokin keep getting removed for violating YouTube’s guidelines, while Crokin’s own videos are not? As YouTube cracks down on QAnon content, it is removing our videos even while YouTube channel remains active.

Right Wing Watch @RightWingWatch · During his election night coverage, Glenn Beck floated the possibility that people may have a duty to take up arms and overthrow the government to prevent Democrats from stealing the election and destroying the Constitution.

Fake Person Discovered Behind Alleged Hunter Biden Documents

The idea that the Dem Party is ‘connected to US intel’ while Trump has been in power for 4 years and somehow the GOP is not linked with US intel or CIA is one of the most bizarrely ignorant, naive, reductive watered down narratives I’ve ever seen. It’s also just fucking dumb

Pro-Trump Caravans Disrupting Election Traffic Have Ties to QAnon | Right Wing Watch

Roger Stone: If Trump wins, Rod Rosenstein and other “coup” plotters “must be hung by the neck until dead.”

Election 2020 Special w/ Whitney Webb & Robbie Martin – YouTube

Douglas Valentine @dougvalentine77 · 12h FOX News as a CIA psyop: The Reagan admin pulled right wing media execs Murdoch and Scaife into a CIA-organized “perception management” op which aimed Cold War-style propaganda at the American people in the 1980s Murdoch, Scaife and CIA Propaganda Special Report: The rapid expansion of America’s right-wing media began in the 1980s as the Reagan administration coordinated foreign

NCSC sur Twitter : « New alert from @CISAgov & @FBI: Iranian Advanced Persistent Threat Actor Identified Obtaining Voter Registration Data. See: » / Twitter

A widely circulated video showed Jews being harassed at Black Lives Matter protest. The attacker is part of a fringe group.But at least one of the Jewish men involved has shared content from far-right activists and believes the entire Black Lives Matter movement is anti-Semitic.

Right Wing Watch @RightWingWatch · Attorney General Bill Barr met with radical right-wing activist Dave Daubenmire and others who protested outside his home yesterday demanding the arrest of Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, and Barack Obama.

Dem House Leader sur Twitter : « Raw footage of mailroom in post office here in Miami Dade. Source revealed “mail in ballots are within these piled up in bins on the floor. Mail has been sitting for over week!.” @AmandiOnAir @PeterSchorschFL @MarcACaputo @GlennaWPLG @CNNPolitics @NewsbySmiley @realDonaldTrump » / Twitter

Anti-Trump ‘Lincoln Project’ Neocons Becoming A Media Operation

Article from 2000 talking about how Roger Stone led the ‘Brooks Brothers Riots’ in Miami that effectively helped stop the Florida recount in the Bush VS Gore presidential election

Douglas Valentine @dougvalentine77 · 13 oct. more on Trump’s faith based mercenary goon squad Company supplying former special ops forces to Minnesota for ‘election security’ is linked to a… The company, Atlas Aegis, works closely with another Tennessee company that provides military-like training to faith-based groups

Reminder that Stephen Harper leads an international fascist organisation that no one talks about. || Barbetta @barbetta1 · 27 oct. Wow. Canadian far right extremists, while in power in Canada, had funneled taxpayers money through a Republican NGO.. to Ukraine. This from five years ago. It’s a no-brainer.. no doubt, this is a far right payment, quid pro quo, for foreign election help.

Right Wing Watch @RightWingWatch · While @YouTube suspends our account for posting plainly educational videos on what extreme right-wingers are actually saying, they allow Alex Jones three hours days before the election, courtesy of @joerogan

Robbie Martin @FluorescentGrey · This wasn’t deployed by a ‘credible’ leaking organization like Wikileaks or a trust worthy figure. These leaks have been exclusively distributed to insane hard right media figures and psychopathic neocons like Rudy Giuliani and Jack Posobiec, they’re steering the narrative

Far-Right and White Supremacist Groups Are Training for Violence in the US | Right Wing

Watch Earlier this week, Buzzfeed reported that Patriot Front, a three-year-old a white supremacist group labeled “one of the most active hate groups in the United States,” is actively training in prepar…

Patriotwave’s Boogaloo: Engineering an Aesthetic of Violence – UNICORN RIOT Leaked Discord chats from the Boogaloo group ‘Patriotwave’ show the group has deep ties to the US military and embraces racist, fascist ideology.

Fox News And Facebook Have Ruined Boomers’ Brains

Is COVID-19 the antidote to Trump-style populism in Canada? | The Star

Douglas Valentine @dougvalentine77 · 22 oct. domestic Phoenix program || 7News Boston WHDH @7News · 22 oct. White supremacist group talked about paramilitary training in secret vetting calls

Trump Inciting Right-Wing Terrorism in Michigan

Trump Causes Election Chaos With New Claim

Robbie Martin @FluorescentGrey · 8h If you watched CIA recruit Tucker Carlson’s segment last night you probably saw the Hudson Institute biatch talking about how what’s happening is a ‘color revolution’ this is a scripted and deployed talking point by literal PNAC associates
if you’ve been curious about who is organizing the « stop the steal » rallies to undermine the election, i did a round-up of the former tea party organizers and suicide squad of disgraced right-wing internet trolls running a bunch of them Meet the right-wing trolls behind « Stop The Steal » Just who is pushing the ballot count protests on Trump’s behalf?

Right Wing Watch @RightWingWatch · Hey, @Facebook , why are you suspending us for reporting on the bad actors spreading COVID disinfo while allowing Alex Jones back on your platform?

#ID2020 Defector Speaks On “Techno-Solutionism » With Immunity Passports and The Vaccine Deception

Whitney Webb @_whitneywebb · 21 JUNE 2020 « Nothing like one of the US’ main papers « looking forward » to the technocratic enslavement of humanity. » (…)

The Big Plantation, The “Digital Billionaires”, the Militarization of Law Enforcement, the Surveillance State

Crazed Cops Fire At Security Guard Filming Them – YouTube

Pentagon To Use US Tax Dollars To Bail Out Weapons Manufacturers While American Medical Bills Soar

In the 1950s, the CIA trained Tibetan paramilitaries in Colorado, supplied them with lethal aid and parachuted them into the Himalayas to fight the Chinese. As part of the Tibet program, for nearly two decades, the CIA also paid the Dalai Lama $15,000/mo.

obviously this a very truncated Wiki entry but still interesting, apparently Berkeley police went plain clothes and wore Halloween pig masks to attack protestors after Reagan had already called in 2,700 National Guard troops

Albuquerque police are now launching tear gas at the protesters, minutes after standing by as a heavily armed far right militia probably shot someone

Glenn Beck Somehow Blames George Soros For George Floyd Protests

Trump embarks on racial violence celebration tour:

Tom Cotton: The Next Trump Or The Next Jeb Bush?

Robbie Martin : « cia media vanderbilt and swanson bois »

little jack (posobiec) talks about his time when he ‘was’ a spook

Robbie Martin @FluorescentGrey · 8 JUNE 2020 « I think the last time I got an anon account this upset is when I discovered ‘Urban Achiever’ snarky neocon twitter anon was actually a George W Bush employee, forgot to delete his tweets after the ‘reveal’ and had written two bizarre sexually charged tweets about my own sister »

US Billionaires Make Half A TRILLION As Unemployment & Poverty Soars

Kushner Called Out; Another Rat Abandons Ship; McEnany’s HILARIOUS Trump Defense & More

Jared Kushner IN TROUBLE, Trump is Done With His « Woke S*** »

Sickened Retails Spells Boon for Bezos

INSANE Conspiracy Theorist Wins Colorado Election

Keiser Report | End The Fed: Woodrow Wilson Was Racist | E1561

Cecil Rhodes Is Cancelled But The Culture He Created Is More Powerful Than Ever!

European Union BANS United States

Has Andrew Cuomo Lost His Mind?

The Untold History of Mount Rushmore: A KKK Sympathizer Built Monument on Sacred Lakota Land

Why Is Tucker Carlson the Way He Is?

Gregory Fegel @GregoryFegel · 1 july En réponse à @FluorescentGrey @_whitneywebb et @MediaRootsNews Perhaps DARPA has a sub-program called LARPA that created QAnon to leave a trail of breadcrumbs that leads its followers into a cul-de-sac or over a cliff. If QAnon has created a cult of fanatics who can be triggered to act, it could justify a crackdown on ‘conspiracy theorists’.

Trump Says China Is To Blame For All His Failures

Unmasking The Ways NYPD Is Shielded From Accountability

Put: Liberation Front @libertyuprising · En réponse à @FluorescentGrey et @MediaRootsNews what was the timeline of jones getting deplatformed? wondering if q was an alt for him initially and after seeing its effectiveness his handlers took it over and ran with it.

Robbie Martin @FluorescentGrey · 24 feb 2017 En réponse à @FluorescentGrey alleged rapist and Epstein lawyer Alan Dershowitz himself appears in @Cernovich ‘s film ‘Silenced’ and is portrayed as a heroic underdog

Robbie Martin @FluorescentGrey · 19 août 2019 .@cernovich was labeled by a court a ‘Dershowitz proxy’ and is very close with Alan Dershowitz. Mention this to Cernovich you get the insta-block, try it out. Cernovich also deleted all his praise and social media interactions with accused child rapist Mercedes Carrera

Prominent Conservative Thinks Republicans Will Be ‘Hunted’ Under Biden

Robbie Martin @FluorescentGrey · I wish Mike Cernovich hadn’t blocked me so I could see what his twitter feed looks like right now, Mike Cernovich is friends with Epstein lawyer and child rapist the Dersh and even featured him alongside of Kurt Metzger in a documentary about unfair cancel culture lol

Robbie Martin @FluorescentGrey · or more frustratingly (for me) watching several key figures who spent 2-3 years pushing back against Russia hysteria and Russiagate actually playing into China scaremongering like Greenwald

Robbie Martin @FluorescentGrey · 1 juil. this guy ordered the murder of Iraqis for fun working under Kroll’s Paul Bremer, imagine taking anything this psychotic neocon piece of shit has to say seriously on any issue || Bernard B. Kerik @BernardKerik · 1 juil. This is the New York City that @NYCMayor @BilldeBlasio, @NYCCouncil @NYCSpeakerCoJo have created, and @NYGovCuomo has done nothing but allowed it to happen.

Robbie Martin @FluorescentGrey · Font looks like shit but go get em Bill and keep cashing those Moonie paychecks || Bill Gertz @BillGertz · 3 sept. 2019 Twenty years ago I wrote The China Threat. Now I’ve written Deceiving the Sky: Inside Communist China’s Drive for Global Supremacy. The most important book you can read on the threat posed by China. Now on sale at

Robbie Martin @FluorescentGrey ·  Another dude trying to run for Congress who is an open QAnoner. Still don’t understand how QAnoners think Trump’s relationship with Epstein was clean.

Robbie Martin @FluorescentGrey ·  Lol Bannon almost misspoke and made it too revealing Jack Posobiec is a straight up plant, listen from the jump

Robbie Martin @FluorescentGrey · add to the list of more people being pied pipered into committing real violence by a dangerous megalomaniacal conspiracy grifter on 8kun who may or may not be connected to the president of the united states || VICE Canada @vicecanada · 14h SCOOP: The armed man who allegedly stormed Trudeau’s residence appears to have posted QAnon content.

Robbie Martin @FluorescentGrey – Live feed of press conference (about to happen) with Washington State highway patrol about the I-5 hit and run on protestors that sent two people to the hospital one in critical condition around 2:30AM this morning

Robbie Martin @FluorescentGrey · I’m seriously confused, like for years I totally resisted the idea that anti identity politics left people would get baited by fascism but on a daily basis this premise gets harder and harder to resist because I keep fucking seeing it

Robbie Martin @FluorescentGrey · Ian Miles Chong is putting out disinfo right now claiming Seattle protestors hit by a speeding car were ‘blocking the freeway’ they weren’t, the police blocked the freeway, this is deliberate disinformation there is no way he didn’t already know this when he tweeted it

Robbie Martin @FluorescentGrey · En réponse à @BeldamLascar et @AlKapDC I didn’t have a chance to tell this story on the QAnon podcast I did (thanks for sharing btw) but incidentally a Media Matters staffer reached out to me a year ago asking what proof I had Trump might be involved in this

Robbie Martin @FluorescentGrey · Question: would Michael Flynn be regularly promoting #QAnon if #QAnon was a random larper? In theory #QAnon could say Flynn is a pedo tomorrow, so why take the risk and regularly promote something you have zero control over?

Robbie Martin @FluorescentGrey · Clarification: @robert_spalding is not in the admin but works closely with people from the Committee on the Present Danger: China think tank which appears to have a huge influence over Trump’s China rhetoric and policy. Members also include Bannon, Gaffney

Robbie Martin @FluorescentGrey ·  Peter Navarro wore a #QAnon pin during a media appearance, General Spalding tweeted out the #QAnon oath and later claimed it was a mistake Now they are both ramping up fake hysterical rhetoric about China again
So I found the social media accounts of the woman in the video (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) and she claims that she is the Global Press Secretary of QAnon.

There are now NINE Republican QAnon supporting congressional candidates who be on ballots in November: ➞ CO: Lauren Boebert ➞ CA: Mike Cargile, Erin Cruz, Alison Hayden, Buzz Patterson ➞ OR: Jo Rae Perkins ➞ GA: Angela Stanton-King ➞ OH: Ron Weber ➞ TX: Johnny Teague

Alex Kaplan @AlKapDC · 9h This is the most QAnon amplifications Trump has made in one day since December 27, when he amplified QAnon-promoting accounts about 20 times.

Q Infiltrates The UFC!

Inside the ‘Q Group,’ the Directorate Hunting Down Edward Snowden

The Great Gumbino @gumby4christ · 22 juil. 2019 Chelsea Clinton was « close » to Ghislaine Maxwell. The two vacationed together, Chelsea brought her around the family, & Ghislaine ofc attended Chelsea’s wedding. Ghislaine is the one who introduced Bill to Epstein. No wonder @ChelseaClinton ‘s gone silent.

Gloria ONeil @SangrealGlow · 22h En réponse à @FluorescentGrey et @MediaRootsNews Great job, agree with 98% of this. Q is an insider, no doubt, and they work together with president trump to ‘Q’ up the followers. Some truth, then some crap mixed in, like the ‘ankle bracelets’ Oprah is wearing, Hillary is wearing, etc. Is it Steven Miller?

The Great Gumbino @gumby4christ · 2h In this 1997 New Yorker profile of Donald Trump, the author takes a trip down to Mar-a-Lago on Trump’s private jet on which Ghislaine Maxwell was also « bumming a ride »

Most Republicans Deny Reality And Think Worst Of Coronavirus Has Passed

COVID-19 Cases Spiked Because We Ran The Country Like A Business

Big Pharma Price Gouging US Patients With Covid Medicine Price

Donald Trump Partners with the Gates-Funded Global Vaccine Alliance

Trump DESPERATE To Get Less People Tested

So here we have an « ex »-CIA guy totally losing his shit on national television.

Changing their tune | Partisan US media virus-shames BLM protesters

Barr’s Clear Out Order | Talking Points Memo

NYPD Police Cars RUN INTO CROWD and RUNS PEOPLE OVER During George Floyd Protest In New York!

Doug Valentine: « coming for Trump, Cotton and Gaetz next? » | RE: Madison Underwood @MadisonU · Protesters set fire to the Thomas Jefferson statue in Linn Park.

Pentagon Official Resigns Over Trump’s Abuse of Power

US police state faces revolt as Trump expands it at home and abroad

Alex Jones urges Infowars supporters to carry guns to counter police brutality protesters

Mayors Know Cops Can Kill Them And Get Away With It

« If You Do Not Move You Will Be Dead »

Pelosi Fine With Badge-Covering Secret Police

BREAKING: law enforcement officials have seized thousands of cloth masks that were mailed to four different cities to protect Black Lives Matter protesters from COVID-19

Mysterious Secret Police Invade Washington DC To Stop Protests

Military Descends on Protesters and; Groups Call For UN To Address Human Rights Crisis In US – YouTube

Trump began his term promising to build a wall to protect America from the world. He ends it building a wall to protect himself from Americans.(PHOTO)

Why Do These Cops Have Bricks?

Trump Supporters RUN OVER Protester In California George Floyd Protest!

Pandemic and Riot-Riddled Media: What’s Up Abroad?

US Spending MUCH More On Law Enforcement Than Social Welfare

The Dangers of Reactionary Covid-19 Anti Knowledge, and more Strange Global Collusion Bedfellows

Betsy DeVos Says Pandemic Has Actually Been Great For Public Schools

DARPA Meets Diagnosis And The Authoritarian Isolation Nation!

Whitney Webb: From the Ghosts of Dark Winters Past to the Threats of Darkest Winters Incoming

Whitney Webb @_whitneywebb · 21h A group of “bipartisan” DC insiders have been “simulating” multiple catastrophic scenarios for the 2020 election, and they have big plans after election day if Trump is re-elected. My latest for Unlimited Hangout: “Bipartisan” Washington Insiders Reveal Their Plan for Chaos if Trump Wins the Election A group of “bipartisan” neoconservative Republicans and establishment Democrats have been “simulating” multiple catastrophic scenarios for the 2020 election, including a simulation where a clear…

Whitney Webb @_whitneywebb · 21h What’s the end game of this pre-planned election chaos? Here’s one idea:

“Bipartisan” Washington Insiders Reveal Their Plan for Chaos if Trump Wins the Election –

Majority Report EXPOSES Secret Antifa Comms Devices! (MDR!)

Mercenary for Hire: The Key Role of Erik Prince in all things R̶u̶s̶s̶i̶a̶ Israel Gate

How Covid-19 myths are merging with the QAnon conspiracy theory – BBC News

The CNP, Dominionism, and the False Hope of #QAnon: A discussion with John Brisson

The Deep State Roots of Western Right Wing « Populism » (Episode 10)

David Duke and the Alt Right Disinfo Campaign

Will The Real QAnon Please Stand Up? And Why We Say NO to Kavanaugh

Deep State misappropriation and the cryptocratic clique behind Trump™

Strategy of Tension and the Partisan Weaponizing of Conspiracies, From John Birch to Jerome Corsi

JBS, Soros, Bogeymen and False Paradigms (Episode 33)

Right Wing Watch @RightWingWatch · Right-wing military analyst Robert Maginnis says that Satan « has either directly or indirectly recruited » George Soros to serve as one of his top proxies on Earth.

Who Does Jerome Corsi Represent?

Jerome Corsi Indictment?, Alex Jones vs QAnon, and Infowars Rewriting History

The Truth About the « Satanic Panic » with Author John Brisson – YouTube

The Council For National Policy Exposed

QAnon: Trust the Plan, Trust the Scam, or Israeli ConOps Coup?

9/11 Truth, QAnon, and how Pre-Scripting Is Used to Discredit Movements

This piece by @ElaheIzadi nicely captures the challenges facing journalists covering QAnon. How to avoid amplifying them? It’s easy to dismiss as a fringe group, but if you’ve got a Qanon believer headed for Congress, you cannot ignore it. 1/5 The QAnon problem facing local journalism this election season As candidates affiliated with a murky but dangerous belief system run for office, reporters grapple with how to cover them.

Robbie Martin @FluorescentGrey · This Trump official was on a private group DM with Millie Weaver, before promoting heavily viral conspiracy docs you should probably make sure they aren’t connected to the current administration first Homme haussant les épaules || CSPAN @cspan · Richard Grenell: « I’m just going to talk about Kosovo-Serbia. I don’t know if you can find it on a map…you might be too young…maybe it’s too complicated an issue for you all. » @jeffmason1: « I don’t think any of us came here for a lecture about our questioning. »

Texas assistant attorney general Nick Moutos is a QAnon conspiracy theorist who tweets out violent threats and bigoted remarks | Media Matters for America

It appears that a Colombian politician has come out in support of QAnon.

Nick Moutos, an assistant attorney general for Texas, has been using Twitter to: 1) push QAnon and Pizzagate conspiracy theories; 2) send violent threats; and 3) encourage people to shoot Black Lives Matter protesters. (w/ research from @KailaPhilo )

BBC World Service – The Real Story, Why is QAnon going global?

Interesting development: Q posted a laundry list of sex crimes by U.S. politicians yesterday in four long, separate posts. It was copied + pasted, 100% plagiarized. Where did that list first appear? The most recent website for Russia’s troll farm, the Internet Research Agency.

Unfounded ‘QAnon’ conspiracy theory gains traction in politics | Nightline – YouTube

Trump Campaign’s Lara Trump Door Knocks for Bigoted Conspiracy Theorist Laura Loomer in Florida

Robbie Martin @FluorescentGrey · 3 sept 2020 Sorry to make anyone paranoid but people should be operating on the assumption that there are already a lot of feds and far right MAGA infiltrators inside the protest movement pretending to be supporters. I don’t think this is happening very much at all going the other direction. By fed this could just mean someone who has a pending warrant or charge who agrees to help the feds by becoming an informant, this is extremely common, people do desperate things when facing something like jail time

COVID Illusion Crumbles With Floyd Contradiction, Unemployment Lie and US Gov’s « New » Religious War – YouTube

Busting copaganda: the truth behind police « taking a knee » and « joining protests »

The Ripple Effect Podcast #235 (Ryan Cristián | The Last American Vagabond) – YouTube

The Great Reset Plan Revealed: How COVID Ushers In The New World Order

Treasury Secretary Mnuchin Keeping Corporate Bailout Recipients A Secret

TRILLIONS To Corporations Unaccounted For In Bailout Money

CNBC Host Admits Wall St Crime Is Worse Than Ever Right Now

The BlackRock Take Over Of America, Brought To You By COVID-19

The COVID Coup: The BlackRock Takeover Of American Interests

Amazon Unveils Augmented Reality to Enforce Social Distancing in New Norm for Corporate America

The casino is now open 24/7. Anything goes. Best of luck. | Bloomberg @business · 22 JUNE 2020 The U.S. Supreme Court limits the SEC’s power to recoup illegal profits from wrongdoers – one of the agency’s most potent legal weapons

Jamie Dimon’s bank was fined: $13B for mortgage fraud $614M for predatory lending practices $55M+ for discrimination $31M for illegally foreclosing on military families While getting a $416B bailout that allowed him to become a billionaire He’s America’s most dangerous looter

Speaking of looting, the US army is right now looting #Syria’s 50% oil and gas resources leaving a large portion of the population without heating and energy. The #USA empire is based on looting.

Self-Quarantine Orders Meet the Right-Wing Militia Movement

Trump is using the same kind of lies and deceptions used to justify wars and interventions elsewhere in the world to justify his military campaign against war protesters, thus turning the United States into a police state. | The FBI Finds ‘No Intel Indicating Antifa Involvement’ in Sunday’s Violence Trump wants to designate Antifa a terrorist organization despite lack of authority and evidence of wrongdoing.

Operation Mind Control: Top Constitutional Attorney Speaks Out Against Lockdowns and Martial Law – YouTube

John Whitehead (author of Battlefield America: The War on the American People) on Contact Tracing: The Big Snoop – YouTube

Cell Phone Tracking Data Shows Coronavirus Protestors Are Spreading The Virus

La Fondation Rockefeller préconise un contrôle militarisé de la population pour lutter contre le covid-19

PDF – John W. Whitehead – Battlefield America: The War on the American People

Douglas Valentine: The Phoenix Program (2011) – YouTube

John Whitehead – The War Against the American People – YouTube

John Whitehead, Battlefield America, Plus…07.27.17 – YouTube

‘Battlefield America The War on the American People’: John Whitehead at RPI Media and War Conference – YouTube

« Battlefield America:The War On The American People » – John W. Whitehead – YouTube

John Whitehead – A Government Of Wolves – YouTube

NEW: We are run by a money elite – John Whitehead, Herland Report – YouTube

The Secret War on ‘We the People’? – YouTube

John Whitehead Discusses ‘A Government of Wolves’ – YouTube

Resisting The Creeping Police State, With Special Guest John Whitehead – YouTube

John Whitehead on Contact Tracing: The Big Snoop – YouTube

Interview with Douglas Valentine: The CIA As Organized Crime

Le « Grand Réveil » (Great Awakening, mouvement pro-Trump, QAnon) ou comment les élites sabotent les théories du complot de l’intérieur en plus de les attaquer de l’extérieur, pour pouvoir anéantir tout ce qui pourrait s’opposer à la soumission à l’autorité.

Un bon nombre d’individus perçoivent de mieux en mieux le caractère néfaste de la domination par les élites et croit de plus en plus qu’un monde nouveau doit être bâti sur cet ancien monde en perdition qui ne peut plus être sauvé et ne cherche plus qu’à étouffer toute impulsion nouvelle. L’humanité veut renouveler la société, elle voit un nouveau monde de liberté et d’autonomie de la vie spirituelle se profiler, mais l’ancien monde se braque contre lui. Les groupements divers tels que les religions, comme toute autre forme ancienne d’organisation de la société, n’ont aucun intérêt à laisser naître ce nouveau monde, ils cherchent à étouffer ce qui est en train de naître en prétendant que seul le maintien et la préservation de l’ancien monde peut assurer l’avenir de la civilisation.

Le véritable « grand réveil » est en cours depuis plus d’un siècle, il est global et mondial, mais il existe sur une base individuelle avant tout, il part d’une compréhension individuelle de la réalité de l’esprit, du danger du matérialisme et des formes anciennes d’organisation sociale (qui ont donné le féodalisme, l’aristocratie, la théocratie, etc.). Le véritable « grand réveil » appelle à grand renouvellement,  or  plusieurs le confondent avec le « nouvel ordre mondial » glorifié par l’élite dominante. Contrairement à l’impulsion pour un monde nouveau, le « nouvel ordre mondial » est un épouvantail fabriqué par la grande Réaction pour diaboliser l’idée même de la possibilité d’un nouveau monde venant remplacer l’ancien en perdition. On voit effectivement de nos jours l’individu se libérer progressivement des chaînes de la nation, de la race, mais pour la Grande Réaction il s’agit d’un grand « complot diabolique des sages de Sion responsables de tout le mal du monde ».

Le peuple est ainsi abusé par ses élites dominantes qui ont inventé le concept de nouvel ordre mondial pour diaboliser l’idée même de la possibilité d’un nouveau monde. Les élites dominantes parlent de « liberté égalité fraternité » seulement pour nous faire croire qu’ils sont les défenseurs de ce nouveau monde, alors qu’ils sont en réalité les défenseurs de l’Ancien monde. Le nouvel ordre mondial professé par l’élite dominante sert d’épouvantail pour amener les masses à se tourner vers la Grande Réaction comme source de réconfort et de protection, et en même temps les amener à lutter contre ce nouveau monde qui est en train de naître. La Grande Réaction n’est rien d’autre que l’élite dominante elle-même cachée derrière un autre masque. Le combat contre le nouvel ordre mondial est un piège pour amener le peuple à combattre aux côtés de la Grande Réaction au service de l’élite dominante contre tout ce qui peut ressembler de près ou de loin à l’idée de renouvellement du monde ou au socialisme.

Les courants de droite fondamentaliste ou conspirationnistes qui constituent la Grande réaction ne sont rien que différents masques de la lutte contre le socialisme. Un exemple de cette lutte au socialisme menée par la grande réaction : l’administration Trump a tenté de faire assassiner Maduro, de renverser son gouvernement en fomentant des coups d’État contre le gouvernement vénézuélien, maintenant les partisans de Trump dénoncent la prétendue interférence du gouvernement vénézuélien de feu Chavez dans les élections de 2020. Que de mensonge pour attaquer le socialisme…

Quand on croit que la folie ne pourrait pas aller plus loin, Trump nous surprend encore et dépasse toutes les limites. Il est clair que la raison d’être du président Trump est d’incarner un conspirationnisme débile, afin de discréditer une fois pour toute le conspirationnisme, en montrant à la face du monde le « danger » qu’il représente pour la santé mentale, l’entente sociale, la vie en commun et l’avenir de l’humanité. Bien sûr le bon conspirationnisme n’est pas le problème, c’est une partie de la solution, l’élite veut s’en débarrasser et le moyen qu’ils ont trouvé est de promouvoir un conspirationniste débile comme président des USA, de lui faire repousser les limites du conspirationnisme jusqu’à l’absurde, pour que la majorité de la population finisse par croire que les conspirationnistes sont un danger pour la démocratie, qu’il faut absolument les combattre, les faire taire, voire les enfermer pour les empêcher de mettre le pays « à feu et à sang ». (Exagération évidente mais qui sera crédible lorsque le peuple en aura finalement marre des conspirationnistes débiles et exigera que des mesures radicales soient prises pour éliminer le conspirationnisme définitivement.) En ce sens, les conspirationnistes pro-Trump sont les meilleurs amis des censeurs-ennemis des conspirationnistes.

Le conspirationnisme débile et excessif favorisé par les réseaux sociaux a permis de discréditer le jugement personnel et l’exercice du libre choix, pour que l’obéissance à l’autorité s’impose en définitive comme une nécessité. Il fallait que ce soit la population elle-même qui en vienne, poussée à bout, à réclamer des gouvernements l’abolition de la liberté de choix individuel notamment en matière de santé, d’information ou de vie privée, puisque les excès de libre-choix seront perçus comme un danger pour la survie de l’humanité. C’est la population elle-même qui va demander aux politiciens de mettre hors d’état de nuire ou du moins de tenir sous surveillance constante (en temps réel grâce à la 5G) ces individus « dangereux » qui ne croient pas à la dangerosité du virus ou qui croient à bon droit que l’élite dominante n’a pas les intérêts du peuple à cœur.

Les excès conspirationnistes de Trump auront permis de justifier un coup de massue de la censure contre le conspirationnisme sur toutes les plateformes.  Ces nouvelles mesures de contrôle sont là pour rester. L’héritage le plus significatif et durable de l’ère Trump sera la victoire des agents provocateurs, car ils ont réussi à mobiliser les foules et justifier une plus grande répression, des mesures de contrôle plus contraignantes de la part des autorités. C’est exactement, au niveau de la libre parole, ce dont la droite accuse les antifas, c’est-à-dire de provoquer les excès qui serviront à justifier la répression policière.

Le complotisme concernant le virus est un leurre, une attrape, un piège, une trappe pour prendre les complotistes en souricière, parce qu’ils devenaient trop menaçants.

Le complot actuel le plus évident, l’opération psychologique actuelle la plus évidente semble être de répandre le plus d’informations contradictoires possible, de rendre le monde entier le plus confus possible concernant tout ce qui entoure le virus, sa source, sa réalité, sa nocivité, ce que recherche vraiment l’élite dominante dans toute cette affaire, etc.

Cette confusion crée des tensions et de la peur, le choc des visions conspirationnistes et anti-conspirationnistes, ou pro-vax et anti-vax, devient un argument en faveur d’un plus grand contrôle de l’information, et finalement un plus grand contrôle des individus, un recul de l’autonomie individuelle au profit des experts et des autorités. Puisque seuls les experts peuvent comprendre, la prise de décision doit appartenir non plus à l’individu mais aux autorités qui se basent sur les avis d’experts. Du fait qu’on a gobé et répandu n’importe quelle information en quantité industrielle sur les réseaux sociaux, il est maintenant facile de démontrer que cela ne fait que générer de la confusion et que la clarté doit venir d’un message clair et uniforme venant des experts censés être les seuls à savoir ce qui est bon pour nous.

L’individu ne doit plus compter dans la prise de décision, étant donné que le « bien collectif » prime. Il s’agit vraiment de faire reculer et anéantir les avancées récentes du monde moderne sur le plan de l’autonomie personnelle et du jugement individuel.

Tout au long de son mandat, Trump a sans cesse démontré qu’il tente de pousser à l’absurde le raisonnement isolationniste et patriotique semi-conspirationniste généralement associé au parti républicain, pour le discréditer et le détruire. Trump a forcé des membres importants du GOP à prendre parti en sa faveur (les vendus Ted Cruz et compagnie qui auraient pu reprendre le parti en main) ce qui les expose maintenant aux attaques virulentes des médias, attaques dont ils ne pourront probablement jamais se remettre. C’est pourquoi ça ressemble selon moi à une opération de sabotage, de connivence peut-être avec Bill et Hillary. (Encore des jésuitoïdes, puisque Bill est formé à l’université jésuite de Georgetown, pendant que Trump a passé deux ans dans une université jésuite, et que son Nemesis, Dr Fauci, est un fier élève des jésuites, porteur de leur projet de gouvernement éclairé par la lumière des experts faisant autorité.) Trump et les Clinton étaient amis « autrefois » et Trump est un comédien d’expérience (voir imdb) qui jouait le rôle d’un milliardaire télé, alors qu’il servait en réalité, lui et sa compagnie, de façade pour la CIA, et pour le blanchiment d’argent par le Mossad. (Lire Piper à ce sujet, qui prédisait sa campagne présidentielle, vers laquelle le poussait son mentor Roy Cohn. Impossible que Roy Cohn  ait pu être trompé par Trump, Cohn était un avocat d’un génie et d’une agressivité inimitables).

Quand Trump ou QAnon laisse flotter une idée, celle-ci n’est jamais uniquement vraie ou fausse. C’est toujours de l’influence, pour infléchir et (ré)orienter notre pensée, tout en nous faisant oublier qu’il fait du zigzag tout le temps, et qu’il ne faut jamais croire de ce que lui ou QAnon disent. Il ne faut jamais prendre au premier degré ce qui est dit par ce manipulateur et comédien d’expérience. Ses propos et ses incitations sont souvent des références voilées à autre chose auquel on n’aurait pas pensé. S’il doit y avoir des arrestations massives et des déportations à Guantanamo ou quelque autre endroit, ce sera l’arrestation du « daech américain » qu’est devenu l’alt-right trumpienne qanonienne et/ou antijuive. Et cette purge sera faite avec l’aide d’Israel, à qui Pompeo a donné le feu vert pour lancer sa grande purge finale contre ses ennemis internationaux, étiquetés comme « antisémites ». Il faut que le public soit préparé à ça, et les trumpiens qanoniens sont les parfaits idiots utiles de cette préparation des esprits. Cela reste hypothétique, car il reste à voir s’il y aura bien des arrestations massives internationales. À présent les seules arrestations massives envisageables sont celles des radicalisés pro-Trump qanoniens ou qui répandent de la « propagande antisémite » ou « conspirationniste ». Ces « antisémites » et « conspirationnistes » sont peut-être la vraie cible dans tout ça; le daech trumpien étant le prétexte pour justifier la purge.

Aujourd’hui, alors que Trump se vantait de bientôt finir son mur, il accusait ses censeurs, Big Tech, d’aller selon lui vers des conséquences « catastrophiques »… Ça fait penser que l’alerte est donnée déjà par les autorités concernant le risque d’attaques terroristes contre des infrastructures technologiques (sans parler des compagnies de Silicon Valley, sauf que leur HQ se trouve maintenant en Israel, ce qui tombe drôlement bien, on croirait presque qu’ils avaient prévus que les USA allaient sombrer dans la violence et que même Israel serait plus « sécuritaire » en comparaison.). Récemment des tours de relais 5G ont été visées: il y a deux semaines environ un terroriste a fait péter une bombe à Nashville, visant des installations 5G. Les médias parlent de la peur des autorités qu’une mode soit lancée entaînant des destructions de tours de relais 5G, alors les médias font attention de ne pas trop en parler.  Avec le terrorisme contre les antennes 5G qui a cours actuellement, les théories du complot liant la 5G à toutes sortes de choses y compris le virus pourront être plus facilement combattues.  En ce moment, dans quelques pays germanophones, quantité d’antennes 5G sont détruites, en Allemagne surtout, cela n’est pas tellement mentionné dans nos médias, qui ne souhaitent probablement pas créer une nouvelle mode. L’attentat suicide des USA tombe à pic pour « sensibiliser » le public au fait qu’il va falloir réprimer et enfermer tous ces dangereux opposants à la 5G, devenus exponentiellement plus nombreux avec la crise du virus.    Explosion de maladie mentale dûe au confinement et aux mesures restrictives des libertés, tueries et attentats avec motivations délirantes et convictions conspirationnistes: c’est une occasion parfaite pour les autorités de justifier encore plus de surveillance des conspis, l’arrestation préventive des plus radicaux, ou la radicalisation par les réseaux sociaux des plus fêlés en les poussant à commettre des gestes antisociaux afin de justifier ensuite plus de contrôle..

En ce qui concerne les événements du 6 janvier, il semble assez probable que les gens ont été crinqués, remontés par les sempiternels discours de terrorisme stochastique de Trump et de qanon, ce qui est plus probable qu’un « false flag » en tant que tel, même si des acteurs de crise et des provocateurs experts en opérations psychologiques devaient être de la partie, de toute évidence. Trump les a remontés pendant des années, tout en faisant attention de ne pas trop se mouiller, comme un bon provocateur, pour pouvoir à la fin se retirer. Mais c’est trop tard pour nous tous, le lapin Energizer avance et il va durer… L’étrange retrait de Trump suite à son rejet de la défaite électorale semble contredire ses convictions profondes. Son retrait s’explique du fait qu’il devait rester en retrait après avoir crinqué au maximum et donné des piles électriques neuves à ses lapins Energizer, qui vont durer longtemps. Ce retrait est comme un signal, un « cue », à l’attention de ses supporteurs à qui il avait dit, il y a quelques mois, « stand down and stand back ». Le signal de son retrait veut dire: le temps est venu maintenant d’agir pour sauver mon élection, je ne peux pas vaincre seul. Il s’avoue et se montre vaincu pour galvaniser leur rage.En ce qui concerne le moment d’instauration du confinement et du couvre-feu dans plein de pays, comme en réponse non-avouée aux événement sdu 6 janvier, il semble bien que les ordres viennent d’en haut, même si c’est de l’OMS (on sait que l’OMS est dans les griffes de lobbyistes, voir le reportage d’Arte). On parle trop souvent de la CIA pour parler de l’État profond : l’État profond ce sont des grandes compagnies privées, c’est plus opaque et ainsi plus salaud. La CIA doit encore, dans une certaine mesure, rendre des comptes au gouvernement, elle ne peut plus faire tout ce qu’elle veut, elle est plus restreinte et limitée dans ses pouvoirs, c’est pourquoi le privé a dû prendre le dessus, d’où l’alliance de Trump avec les Erik Prince et compagnie.

Il est question présentement au pays de l’Oncle Sam de lancer une nouvelle procédure d’ « impeachment », ce qui va sûrement mettre le feu aux poudres et déclencher la furie des radicaux, à moins que ce soit une mise en scène, car nombreux sont ceux qui ont en effet l’impression de visionner un film, scripté de main de maître et en partie improvisé par des acteurs, comme la lutte professionnelle. (Les théories délirantes sur Sandy Hook, pour lesquelles Jones d’Infowars fut publiquement condamné et humilié, ont discrédité une fois pour toute l’idée que des acteurs payés peuvent être actifs pour influencer le public via les médias.)

Avec la tension psychique qui s’accumule… cela va devoir se dissiper d’une manière ou d’une autre. Comme en magie, il y a appel de forces, formant un égrégore-comglomérat puissant, mais ensuite si ces forces ne sont pas correctement renvoyées aux éléments, on est pris avec un puissant conglomérat psychique hautement destructeur et incontrôlable. Whitney Webb a bcp parlé, écrit, et tweeté sur les origines du « Dark Winter » et des autres à part Biden qui ont emprunté l’expression depuis le début de la crise du virus. Toujours ce sombre, « dark », qui revient sans cesse. Signature d’Ahriman, dieu des ténèbres dans la mythologie iranienne. Marianne Williams, l’ex-candidate présidentielle de 2020 disait que QAnon est une « sombre force psychique » (dark psychic force). Mais ce que je trouve aussi très dark, c’est le conspirationnisme en général même celui qui s’élève contre QAnon (Alex Jones vire plus bcp fou que d’habitude en ce moment, à attaquer QAnon). Même la nouvel âge Marianne Williams fait penser à quelque chose de sombrement luciférien et aquarien, qui devient attirant grâce au repoussoir de QAnon-Trump. Le confinement total et le couvre-feu sont peut-être pour s’assurer qu’on suive de près le plus possible l’actualité extrêmement stressante, tendue et complètement psychotique des derniers jours. Il est possible que certains événements soient télévisés, du genre 9/11, attribué peut-êre à l’Iran, la Russie ou la Chine, ou un de ces états désignés comme supporteur des terroristes domestiques, du daech américain des fanatiques pro-Trump. L’élection de Trump a eu lieu un 9 novembre, donc 11/9, inversion symétrique de 9/11. Des conspirationistes pro-Trump l’avaient signalé, disant qu’il est un nouveau Cyrus, représentant Rome contre la Judée. Ce genre de chose raffermit la foi des croyants…

Presque tous ceux qui auraient été assez téméraires pour nous défendre dans les rues ont été abusés et captivés par QAnon et ses variantes, et c’était probablement le but: écarter et écraser ceux qui auraient pris le devant de la résistance. On peut nettement discerner une influence dans le sionisme chrétien évangélique visant à polluer le christianisme, en particulier son sens éthique et moral, pour l’éliminer. Pousser ainsi le christianisme à l’absurde le poussera à son autodestruction. Au profit des puissances qui se servent des scientifiques anti-éthique et amoraux. Les chrétiens de toutes les allégeances ont grandement protesté contre la guerre en Irak dès le début de la guerre. Ils se sont impliqués dans le mouvement anti-guerre, comme ces grands-mères conscientisées qu’on peut voir au début du film « Fahrenheit 911 » de Michael Moore. A cause de leur positionnement contre l’apartheid israélien, les églises chrétiennes américaines ont essuyé des attaques féroces, des accusations d’antisémitisme, etc.  Elles ont dû reculer. Maintenant avec la pourriture QAnon, elles risquent de se dissoudre définitivement. Qanon est aussi une référence à la « source Q » en théologie, une des sources anonymes de la Bible chrétienne. Les mouvements messianiques depuis le moyen âge sont souvent très problématiques, comme Sabbatai Zevi et Leo Frank, mais c’était bien moins dangereux à l’époque. Avec les moyens globaux d’aujourd’hui ça aurait un effet dévastateur sur la culture.

Il devient de plus en plus évident que trop de conspirationnisme tue non seulement le conspirationnisme mais aussi la raison, la santé psychoaffective et le courage. Ce qui nous rend aussi vulnérable à la manipulation que n’importe quelle personne ordinaire tant méprisée par les conspirationnistes. La présidence Trump visait probablement cela: tuer une fois pour toute le conspirationnisme en le faisant capoter, en le rendant véritablement dangereux pour le vivre ensemble et pour soi.

Il faut aussi ne pas oublier le fait, mentionné plus haut, que les récentes alliances d’Israël avec ses pays voisins font suite aux pressions et au lobbying de Pompeo, qui disait en même temps que l’antisémitisme est maintenant reconnu comme un crime par les USA. Autrement dit il est très  probable que les anti-Israel et les conspirationnistes les plus radicaux, peu importe leur alignement politique ou leur origine ethnique, seront bientôt systématiquement traqués, capturés pour être « jugés » comme les nazis d’autrefois, en Israel… L’inquisition qui recommence.

Trump affichant sa profession de foi anti-Antifa militairement protégée. Un autre signal de reconnaissance du « Messie » destiné à rassurer sa base conservatrice droitarde.

Rick Wiles Rejoices in Trump’s Staged Bible Photo-Op

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Découvrez le conspirationniste anti-islam débile choisi pour être conseiller en affaires étrangères du candidat présidentiel bushiste Ted Cruz. Il est l’inspirateur du projet de Trump de déporter les musulmans: non, ce n’est pas Boris Le Lay, c’est le néocon membre du PNAC Frank J. Gaffney Jr. L’équipe de Cruz rassemble aussi d’autres néoconservateurs comme Elliott Abrams et Michael Ledeen. Cruz croit en plusieurs théories du complot, particulièrement celles impliquant George Soros.

« Je ne suis pas Charlie » (Max Blumenthal & James Kleinfeld, 2015) sur la montée de la réaction philosémite, sioniste (BDS interdit, toute critique bâillonnée) et anti-islam en France. Un autre documentaire complètement ignoré par l’incompétente « Dissidence française », cette distraction par excellence qui prétend « faire le boulot » pour vous… Aucun des médias « dissidents » ne vous informe que Black Lives Matter de même que les Parti Vert canadien et québécois appuient BDS !

Pendant que Corbyn le socialiste pro-palestinien nouvellement élu à la tête du Parti Travailliste anglais se fait trucider dans les grands médias anti-antisémites néolibéraux bien-pensants, de plus en plus de dissidents nationalistes américains (même les antijuifs) tombent dans le piège de la nouvelle droite sioniste et deviennent leurs idiots utiles les plus efficaces: le pitre John Friend endosse Donald Trump et Ann Coulter, deux chèvres de Judas qui mènent le peuple américain à l’abattoir en s’attaquant en apparence à la rectitude politique antiraciste, alors qu’ils servent en fait à rendre Israël respectable.

La désinformation en marche: Pourquoi il faut rompre avec l’anticommunisme dépassé. (Aurait-on oublié que le concept de « nouvel ordre mondial » célèbre expressément la fin du communisme?) Contre le droitisme retardataire des milieux conspirationnistes.

Péril juif et propagande du renseignement militaire des États-Unis

Alors que le président des États-Unis claironne la théorie du complot, certains voient la propagation de cette théorie particulière comme étant en soi un complot, une vaste manipulation, résultat d’un brouillage de piste professionnel conçu par les criminels eux-mêmes

Le Nouveau Monde, Nouvel Israël? Sion en Amérique : la Maison blanche plus que jamais sous influence de la secte dominioniste. Ce puissant mouvement religieux et politique de droite voit en Trump le prophète devant accomplir le glorieux destin de l’exceptionnalisme états-unien

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