Les réseaux impliqués dans quelques-unes des principales opérations secrètes de notre temps

Exemples des tableaux explicatifs fort utiles créés par Jon Swinn de theworldneedsthisman.blogspot.com et Exposetheenemy.com
Avec ses diagrammes détaillés portant sur des thèmes très pertinents tels que les réseaux criminels d’Epstein, les opérations secrètes de la famille Mercer et Erik Prince (incluant Project Veritas), de la purge du général McMaster, des néocons, de l’affaire Iran-Contra, de Woodrow Wilson et ses fauteurs de guerres, etc., ce blog et ce nouveau site web sont une belle trouvaille, qui tombe à point pour donner une vue d’ensemble de ces réseaux peu connus du grand public mais d’autant plus puissants qu’ils se tiennent dans la pénombre, dans le monde interlope reliant entre eux les médias, la politique, les lobbys et les think tanks.



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Whitney Webb @_whitneywebb · 20 aug One of the Biden/Harris’ top advisors set for a major role on their transition team is Avril Haines, deputy CIA director under Obama who loves Haspel. Risen and Cole’s « prediction » is a desperate attenpt to make it look like a Biden win will « reform » the CIA, fat chance!

Senate committee made criminal referral of Trump Jr., Bannon, Kushner, [Erik Prince and Sam Clovis] to federal prosecutors

Douglas Valentine @dougvalentine77 · 22 juil. Recently asked about Erik Prince and DHS Corbett Report | Douglas Valentine on the Resurrection of the Phoenix Program A longish video that is well worth listening to/watching. riseuptimes.org

Mercenary for Hire: The Key Role of Erik Prince in all things R̶u̶s̶s̶i̶a̶ Israel Gate

The GOP and Israelis running honey traps? (Wayne Madsen 2008)

Betsy DeVos (Erik Prince’s sister) Says Pandemic Has Actually Been Great For Public Schools

Whitney Webb: From the Ghosts of Dark Winters Past to the Threats of Darkest Winters Incoming

Whitney Webb @_whitneywebb · 21h A group of “bipartisan” DC insiders have been “simulating” multiple catastrophic scenarios for the 2020 election, and they have big plans after election day if Trump is re-elected. My latest for Unlimited Hangout: “Bipartisan” Washington Insiders Reveal Their Plan for Chaos if Trump Wins the Election A group of “bipartisan” neoconservative Republicans and establishment Democrats have been “simulating” multiple catastrophic scenarios for the 2020 election, including a simulation where a clear… unlimitedhangout.com

Whitney Webb @_whitneywebb · 21h What’s the end game of this pre-planned election chaos? Here’s one idea:

NXIVM Update! We Need Dershowitz!

Whitney Webb | The CTI League, The Maxwell Sisters, & Israeli Intelligence • The Higherside Chats

How Covid-19 myths are merging with the QAnon conspiracy theory – BBC News

The CNP, Dominionism, and the False Hope of #QAnon: A discussion with John Brisson

The Deep State Roots of Western Right Wing « Populism » (Episode 10)

David Duke and the Alt Right Disinfo Campaign

Will The Real QAnon Please Stand Up? And Why We Say NO to Kavanaugh

Deep State misappropriation and the cryptocratic clique behind Trump™

“Bipartisan” Washington Insiders Reveal Their Plan for Chaos if Trump Wins the Election – unlimitedhangout.com

Strategy of Tension and the Partisan Weaponizing of Conspiracies, From John Birch to Jerome Corsi

JBS, Soros, Bogeymen and False Paradigms (Episode 33)

Right Wing Watch @RightWingWatch · Right-wing military analyst Robert Maginnis says that Satan « has either directly or indirectly recruited » George Soros to serve as one of his top proxies on Earth.

Who Does Jerome Corsi Represent?

Jerome Corsi Indictment?, Alex Jones vs QAnon, and Infowars Rewriting History

The Truth About the « Satanic Panic » with Author John Brisson – YouTube

The Council For National Policy Exposed

The Council For National Policy Exposed

QAnon: Trust the Plan, Trust the Scam, or Israeli ConOps Coup?

SND Live w/Whitney Webb – YouTube

Reaganland – Rich Perlstein Interview

Robbie Martin @FluorescentGrey · We need to be talking more about COINTELPRO and fed infiltration and how easy it would be for the FBI or another federal agency to egg on a violent lunatic or to actually plant a fake one in the movement, sorry!

DPP #23: QAnon is a US Intel Psyop

Q Anon and The « Patriots » – YouTube

The Problem with #QAnon, David Wilcock, Alex Jones #2 – YouTube

New York Times Opinion @nytopinion · By the time Facebook conducted an internal audit of QAnon content on its platform, the conspiracy theory had already been circulating for nearly three years. Now, it may be too late for tech companies to stop the movement.

Robbie Martin @FluorescentGrey · this collects more connections between Trump/Giuliani/Pecker/Anthrax here Donald Trump, David Pecker, AMI, Rudy Giuliani, And the 2001 Anthrax Attack There are interesting connections between Donald Trump, AMI CEO David Pecker, Rudy Giuliani, and the 2001 anthrax attack that occurred at the AMI offices in Florida. scribd.com

The Atlantic is the Atlantic Council, and the Atlantic Council is NATO. Is it making sense now? « Yes, Yes, I Know, I Started the Iraq War »

Abby Martin @AbbyMartin · If Trump hates war profiteers so much, why did he appoint the top three to the most powerful positions on Pentagon policy?

Bill Barr Finishes Turning DOJ Into Trump’s Personal Law Firm

Ashton Kutcher’s NGO Supplies Police with ‘Free’ CIA-linked Surveillance Tool to ‘Protect Kids’ – unlimitedhangout.com

Whitney Webb @_whitneywebb · Also, the current head of NSA’s cybersecurity directorate is married to an AIPAC board member and her parents were rescued by Netanyahu’s brother. Her family is among the richest families in the country https://haaretz.com/us-news/orthodox-jewish-woman-to-head-nsa-s-new-cybersecurity-directorate-1.7574119 https://forward.com/news/obituaries/339660/michael-karfunkel-the-orthodox-billionaire-no-one-heard-of-dies-at-72/ Orthodox Jewish woman to head NSA’s new Cybersecurity Directorate *** haaretz.com

Ex-NSA employees criticize Mike Rogers’ role with Israeli venture firm – CyberScoop

Whitney Webb @_whitneywebb · THREAD: Alexander’s cybersecurity company, IronNet, is responsible for « protecting » key parts of the US power grid and, thanks to Covid, US hospitals (which they « protect for free »). They also claim Iran will imminently attack THESE SAME SERVICES. Former NSA chief Keith Alexander has joined Amazon’s board of directors A surveillance-friendly choice theverge.com

Right Wing Watch @RightWingWatch · Michele Bachmann says that antifa and BLM are trying to overthrow the U.S. government and hoping to use Joe Biden to collapse the economy and impose a one-world communist regime on the U.S. https://bit.ly/2GyzRHs

Michele Bachmann Claims Biden Will Collapse the U.S. Economy and Impose Communism | Right Wing Watch

Whistleblower: Trump Forced Intelligence Community To Lie About Antifa

Whistleblower: DHS Hyped ‘Antifa,’ Soft-Pedaled White Supremacist Threat

Fox News Host Brian Kilmeade Says We Need to ‘Interrogate’ Antifa Like We Did to Al Qaeda

Staffers Altered Intelligence Data To Suit Trump’s Agenda

Will Trump Try A Military Coup?

Whitney Webb @_whitneywebb · Why does the Israel/AIPAC angle matter? Israel and the US Israel lobby wants the US to go to war with Iran, ideally before the 2020 November election. Israel keeps blowing up military targets in Iran, hoping to force a confrontation before Trump can… Iran has suffered a series of bombings and fires at major military facilities in recent weeks. businessinsider.com

A federal ID system looms as people like former Google and Alphabet CEO Eric Schmidt try to implement an AI-driven mass surveillance apparatus.. Patriot Act Coauthor Michael Chertoff Touts More Election Security as Federal ID System Looms.. Calls for a federal ID system with AI-driven tracking and surveillance are intensifying under the guise of 2020 election security. mintpressnews.com

Robbie Martin @FluorescentGrey · the Steve Bannon show hosts Bernard Kerik, who went to jail for taking bribes after working for Kroll’s Paul Bremer in Iraq & Rudy Giuliani who made millions of dollars off the 2001 anthrax attacks with his sketchy as hell company BioOne || War Room: Pandemic biohazard symbol @WarRoomPandemic · Ep 382- Pandemic: 9/11 Heroism, Sacrifice, and Lessons Learned Pt.2 (w/ Scott Neil, Sam Faddis, Bo Dietl, Maureen Bannon, and Evi #WarRoomPandemic http://pandemic.warroom.org/2020/09/11/ep-

Glenn Beck warns that left-wing activists have put all the pieces in place to start a civil war in November.

Department of Homeland Security exaggerated ‘antifa’ to downplay white supremacy: whistleblower
Whitney Webb @_whitneywebb · Also, the current acting director of national intelligence (DNI), the head of the ENTIRE US intelligence community, has no intel experience but is a major operative for the US Israel lobby and an outspoken Iran hawk https://thehill.com/opinion/national-security/512829-why-would-our-allies-allow-an-enemy-like-iran-to-rearm https://mintpressnews.com/richard-grenel

Robbie Martin @FluorescentGrey · Project for the New American Century neocon father & son combo, Don & Fred Kagan advocate for the US military occupation of Palestine to ‘clean it out’ as a response to the 9/11 attacks on a 9/12/01 radio appearance. Don also ‘predicts’ the anthrax attacks Neocons Fred & Don Kagan want US military invasion of Palestine

FLASHBACK: Robbie Martin @FluorescentGrey · 30 mai 2017 #neverforget Obama administration appointee launched a literal psyops campaign into the 9/11 truth community Obama staffer wants ‘cognitive infiltration’ of 9/11 conspiracy groups In a 2008 academic paper, President Barack Obama’s appointee to head the Office of Information and…

BOMBSHELL! Epstein Cover-Up Crew Cleaning Up More Filthy Truth!

Epstein attorney dated prosecutor in trial where he got sweetheart deal

DOJ report: Lawyer Alan Dershowitz threatened Palm Beach state attorney handling Jeffrey Epstein case: “Don’t go to court because we are going to destroy those girls.”

NEW: FBI wanted to arrest Epstein in early 2007, fearing he was actively preying on minors. Two senior federal prosecutors in Miami overruled them. FBI wanted to arrest Epstein while he was judging a beauty pageant. The plan was overruled A Justice Department look-back report into its abortive 2008 prosecution of Jeffrey Epstein found that the Federal Bureau of Investigation had planned to arrest Jeffrey Epstein in May 2007, but… miamiherald.com

Breaking: Justice Department says former Miami US Attorney Alex Acosta exercised “poor judgment” but didn’t do anything wrong in giving Sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein federal immunity. || Tom Winter @Tom_Winter · NBC News: Justice Department probe ends with no action against prosecutors who oversaw Jeffrey Epstein deal. Story w/ @S_Fitzpatrick & @PeteWilliamsNBC https://nbcnews.com/politics/justice-department/justice-department-probe-ends-no-action-against-prosecutors-who-oversaw-n1247566

NBC News: The FBI wanted to arrest Jeffrey Epstein 7 months before he struck his non-prosecution agreement. In the Virgin Islands. While he was judging a beauty contest. More from DOJ’s internal review of the case w/ @S_Fitzpatrick https://nbcnews.com/politics/justi

The magic trick they performed with social media platforms like these was the privatization of free speech, so that that its expression falls under the jurisdiction of company bylaws instead of the U.S. constitution or any civil rights recognized by nation states

Just days before 9/11 and the anthrax attacks, Joe Biden announced his Senate Foreign Relations Committee would focus heavily on « the threat from anonymously-delivered biological weapons. » What did Joe know!? (h/t @josh_tandler )

Trump’s Bay of Pigs @FluorescentGrey · i’m so conspiratorial that i’ve actually entertained the theory that Russiagate & Mueller’s involvement was just a giant rope-a-dope psyop so that there would be so much Mueller Russiagate hatred that it would be virtually impossible to penetrate below to his 2001 anthrax coverup

Robbie Martin @FluorescentGrey · You look forward to the guy who destroyed the 9/11 crime scene and had a sketchy anthrax cleanup company called BioOne spearhead your legal effort, Good luck dude Citer le Tweet Donald J. Trump @realDonaldTrump · I look forward to Mayor Giuliani spearheading the legal effort to defend OUR RIGHT to FREE and FAIR ELECTIONS! Rudy Giuliani, Joseph diGenova, Victoria Toensing, Sidney Powell, and Jenna Ellis, a truly great team, added to our other wonderful lawyers and representatives!

One Third of Biden’s Pentagon Transition Team Hails From Organizations Financed by the Weapons Industry – In These Times

Whitney Webb @_whitneywebb · Hey remember all the MSM takes that Pfizer was super altruistic and wasn’t motivated by profit regarding its covid19 mRNA vaccine? || New York Post @nypost · Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla sold millions in stock on same day of vaccine reveal https://trib.al/JzBi7nr

Whitney Webb @_whitneywebb · A document co-written by CIA InQTel Luciana Borio, recently appointed to Biden’s Covid-19 taskforce, recommends linking Covid-19 vaccination with food security and rent assistance. Want to not be homeless or feed your family? Guess you’ll have to get an experimental vaccine

Whitney Webb @_whitneywebb · Using state intelligence agencies to wage cyber war against sites that investigate Big Pharma corruption is not only troubling for the future of journalism but it suggests that the UK is now openly using its state powers to treat enemies of corporations as enemies of the state.

Dark Trace, Cyber Reason, and Dark Winter | The Conscious Resistance Network

The Good The Bad And The Utterly TERRIFYING! Warp Speed Watchalong Whitney Webb @_whitneywebb · Given that these US-UK « cyber tools » were developed for use in the War on Terror and/or by neocons involved in the occupation of Iraq, it is very chilling that this will now be used to deplatform and target news websites that criticize any aspect of an experimental Covid vaccine.

Whitney Webb @_whitneywebb · The US military and the UK’s GCHQ have declared « cyber war » against sites that publish what they deem to be « anti-vaccine propaganda » or « suspected » disinfo re: Covid-19 or a Covid vaccine candidate. US – UK Intel Agencies Declare Cyber War on Independent Media British and American state intelligence agencies are “weaponizing truth” to quash vaccine hesitancy as both nations prepare for mass inoculations,

Michael Osterholm, who’s now been appointed to Biden’s COVID-19 team, was a consultant to the Bush administration’s « investigation » into the 2001 anthrax attacks who helped downplay the possibility that the attacks were conducted by a government insider. http://ph.ucla.edu/epi/bioter/per

[Biden’s pick for Defense chief] Flournoy signed a letter with PNAC in 2005 that called for more troops in Iraq, founded the neocon think tank CNAS in 2007, and co-authored a paper in 2016 with Robert Kagan that called for escalations just about everywhere.

#226 – Whitney Webb on Election Chaos | The Tim Dillon Show – YouTube

Michele Bachmann Releases Bizarre Video Begging God To Undo The Election

Trump’s Authoritarian Lineage w/ Ruth Ben-Ghiat – MR Live – 11/12/20

Religious Lunatics Influencing US Leaders

Josh Bernstein Urges Trump to Take ‘Drastic Action’ to Stop Democrats From Allegedly Stealing the Election

Pence to Speak to Secretive Council for National Policy Friday; CNP Members Involved in Saturday’s ‘Stop the Steal’ Rally | Right Wing Watch

Dudes Talking Episode 85 – Flynn Rides Again With The Antedote

What Everyone is Forgetting About Election Fraud – Dominion Voting Systems – Diebold Blues – YouTube

Misinformation by a thousand cuts: Varied rigged election claims circulate

Trump’s Election Ballot Sting Operation? – Steve Pieczenik Predicts President Jared Kushner

A false conspiracy theory (for ex. Steve Pieczenik) about « watermarked » ballots that came from QAnon supporters is spreading elsewhere in the far-right, with Infowars, Gab’s CEO, and 4chan users in a big thread pushing it.

No, Vote-By-Mail is NOT an Elaborate “Sting” by Trump

Groundbreaking Claim! Trump Set Up Democrats In Sophisticated Sting Operation – Caught Stealing Election Red-Handed

Steve Pieczenik claims ballots watermarked in massive sting op – Israel National News

Robbie Martin @FluorescentGrey · Alex Jones brings back on disinfo peddler and Tom Clancy advisor @StevePieczenik even after Infowars employee @libertytarian aka David Knight said Steve was a ‘CIA shill’ who is ‘trying to trap us’ — Trump is Purging the Deep State Says Dr. Steve Pieczenik. Dr. Steve Pieczenik joins The Alex Jones Show to break down Trump’s actions against the out of control…

Robbie Martin sur Twitter : « this event put a huge strain on Italy/US relations in the late 90s because the US military covered it up, but you know what also put a strain on Italy/US relations? when Steve Pieczenik was accused by Italy of assassinating Aldo Moro https://t.co/znmWpqagYj » / Twitter

FLASHBACK: Steve Pieczenik on Infowars about Sandy Hook March 2013… | Facebook

Trump just retweeted that deranged Jon Voight video that accuses Democrats of being in league with Satan, claims we’re in our worst crisis since the Civil War, and calls on Americans to “fight like it is our last fight on Earth.”

Seven Days in November Part 1: Nukes, Cyber, and Cohen Watnick and his Tata at the Pentagon
The leader of Facebook’s largest and most dangerous anti-vaxx Facebook group has gone full QAnon this year. He posts less about vaccines, but constantly about guns and getting ready « for what’s coming. » Now, vibing off the President, he tells his 200,000 members « Shoot them all. »

Beattie went on Frank Gaffney’s tv show, still finding him having his own show crazy, to explain his election color revolution theory

Trump’s False Prophet Mark Taylor Reacts To Election Loss

Karl Rove: Leave Trump’s Lackeys Alone!

Half OF Top Facebook Posts Have Been Spreading Conspiracies About Election Results

Trump tweeted voter fraud lies about Dominion, a company that provides hardware and software for ballot counting, driven by false reporting from OANN The President Tweeted Something Bad Again It was in all caps!

Trump Is Inspiring Right Wing Violence By Undermining Election Results

A Staten Island Trump supporter with an interest in the militia movement was arrested on Tuesday, after calling for crowds of New Yorkers to be gunned down in the streets while celebrating the election results.

Man Arrested Over Threat to Schumer and Vow to ‘Blow Up’ F.B.I. – The New York Times

Far-Right Extremists Heading to Washington Amid Talk of Trump “Coup.”
Trump this morning quote-tweeted attorney Lin Wood, who has the QAnon slogan right in his profile.

Here is Arizona GOP Chair @kelliwardaz retweeting Ron Watkins, the one-time administrator of 8chan/8kun, a website known for hosting loads of child pornography while under his control. The site is also home of QAnon.

Before Trump tweeted this OAN segment, Ron Watkins, the son of 8kun owner Jim Watkins & a now-former 8kun administrator, claimed that Chanel Rion had reach out to him to push this baseless conspiracy theory.

OAN ran an interview about voter fraud with the son of the owner of 8kun/8chan, who also ran 8kun/8chan until Election Day. OAN describes him as a « technical analyst. » || Alex Kaplan @AlKapDC · 14 nov. And now OAN has aired an interview Chanel Rion did with Ron Watkins to push the false Dominion conspiracy theory. Rion only described Watkins as a « technical analyst » and did not disclose his ties to 8chan/8kun.

Robbie Martin @FluorescentGrey · The same UK government funded anti-terror neocon (Project Veritas’ James O’Keefe) who used to bash 9/11 truthers is now dipping fully into QAnon and right wing chud click bait conspiracy world

Episode 116: QAnon VS President-Elect Joe Biden

Mike Sington sur Twitter : « Deutsche Bank insiders: Investigation of Trump “escalating significantly” by Manhattan District Attorney, and a pardon won’t save him. Trump is being investigated for: • Scheme to defraud • Falsification of business records • Insurance fraud • Criminal tax fraud https://t.co/TvFcaJOXxA » / Twitter

Robbie Martin @FluorescentGrey · there is no actual video, audio or official transcript to my knowledge of what took place at the CFR meeting Tulsi Gabbard hosted in 2016 but here is her official schedule showing it PHOTOS: Rep. Tulsi Gabbard Hosts Council on Foreign Relations Briefing in Honolulu Honolulu, HI – This morning at the East-West Center in Mānoa, Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard (HI-02), a member of the House Committee on Foreign Affairs, hosted a Council on Foreign Relations (CFR)… gabbard.house.gov

Steve Bannon, Guo Wengui, & the World’s Most Expensive Selfie Evidence exists indicating the company that made Steve Bannon’s business partner Guo Wengui a billionaire was involved in the the second biggest drug bust in American history.

Israel’s ex-UN envoy hopes Biden is more Clinton than Obama on Mideast

Robbie Martin @FluorescentGrey · « alright Saagar what’s on your radar » Saagar: vomits Scooter Libby’s 20 year old PNAC paper onto the table Saagar Enjeti: CCP Member CAUGHT REVEALING How China Will Use Wall… Saagar Enjeti shares his concerns about how Joe Biden’s administration will deal with China.

CIA Assassinations, Anticommunism & the Phoenix Program w/ Douglas Valentine

Cyber War Declared in U.S. and UK to Quash Vaccine Hesitancy as Nations Prepare for Mass Inoculations • Whitney Webb

AnteDote Live (12-9-20): Greg’s C-SPAN call & Jeremy’s Lighthizer question

Dudes Talking Episode 90 – Your Thoughts Are Not Always Your Own With Neil Sanders – YouTube

Dudes Talking Episode 89 – Cybernetic Messiah: Building the Antichrist System With Wayne McRoy

Looking Forward AND Backwards – The Antedote

Right Wing Watch sur Twitter : « Right-wing conspiracy theorist Jerome Corsi is urging people to participate in a « Jericho March » in DC and state capitals as a form of « spiritual battle » because « God and Jesus Christ are not going to let this election be stolen. » https://t.co/rDUldrb0Zt » / Twitter

Quote by @dougvalentine77 : “…these symbols like the word ‘deep state’ evoke things from our collective unconscious […] Phoenix represented the dark side of the [N.] American psyche […] Trump has appealed to the deep state in all of us; the dark side of our own psychology.”

Trump asks for someone out there to have ‘the courage’ to overturn the election.

Right Wing Watch @RightWingWatch · Televangelist Jim Bakker claims that God told him that failure to reelect Trump would result in the Antichrist taking over America.

Right Wing Watch @RightWingWatch · 8 dec. 2020 Former congresswoman Michele Bachmann is « highly offended, insulted, angry » that her « vote was stolen » … apparently by Satan. https://bit.ly/2JMJYub

Michael Flynn Goes Full Qanon In His Post-Pardon Media Tour Trump’s national security adviser is speaking out more and more. And it’s predictably weird. thedailybeast.com

In two of his post-pardon media appearances, Michael Flynn made references to QAnon and flattered Lin Wood and Sidney Powell, both of whom often spread QAnon. He said he believes Trump will be inaugurated in January, thanks to « American patriots. » After his pardon, Michael Flynn appears to be deepening his ties to the QAnon conspiracy theory Michael Flynn appears to be capitalizing on attention from the QAnon community and aligning himself with the movement’s figureheads. insider.com

Republicans Call For Civil War Following Trump’s Defeat

Crazed Trump Supporters Vow To Destroy The GOP

Trump’s Far-Right Endorses Suspending The Constitution

Trump unleashes an army of sore losers – POLITICO
How QAnon and Trumpism Have Revealed a Deep Church Schism Among Catholics Catholicism’s increasingly powerful political right reflects fringe America, fueled by paranoia, conspiracy, racism, and the threat of apocalypse. vanityfair.com

Trump has now amplified QAnon-promoting Twitter accounts 200 times since the coronavirus pandemic began in the United States. || Alex Kaplan @AlKapDC · Trump today also amplified major QAnon account Major Patriot & QAnon-supporting attorney Lin Wood each 3 times, along with amplifying Tracy Beanz (also known as Tracy Diaz), who reportedly helped popularize QAnon, & QAnon-supporting cartoonist Ben Garrison.

Kyle Rittenhouse, Kenosha, and the New Far-Right Battleground | Right Wing Watch

Macroaggressions – #81: The Hidden Hand of DC Politics | John Brisson

History of US imperialism in Latin America: From settler colonialism to Pink Tide

The Maxwells: Mossad’s First Family of Spies | Freepress.org

The Targeted Campaign to Topple Jeremy Corbyn

Europe’s Most Provocative Far-right Politician Is Looking to Israel for Answers

In Germany, a Witch Hunt Rages Against Israel Critics. Many Have Had Enough In Germany, a Witch Hunt Is Raging Against Critics of Israel. Cultural Leaders Have Had Enough

Israeli nukes – YouTube Playlist

Robbie Martin @FluorescentGrey · Super curious about why and how James O Keefe was given an exclusive phone call of Assange communicating with the US state dept. if anybody has any idea how this happened and what purpose you think it serves please put in replies

CIA-Backed Afghan Death Squads Massacred Children Inside Religious Schools in Campaign of Terror

TPC #284: Douglas Valentine (The CIA As Organized Crime) – YouTube

We’ve Read The Documents @weve_read · 16 dec. 2020 Polyethylene glycol is an ingredient for the liposome sphere that encapsulates the vaccine mRNA to encode the COVID-19 spike protein is a known allergen. Health worker in Alaska had serious allergic reaction after Pfizer’s vaccine – NYT A health worker in Alaska had a serious allergic reaction after getting Pfizer Inc’s coronavirus vaccine, the New York Times reported on Wednesday, citing three people familiar with reports of the… reuters.com

Robbie Martin @FluorescentGrey · Tucker is really determined to make Chinagate the new Russiagate, sadly it will work on a lot of easily influenced people out there Tucker: Biden accelerated America’s bend to communist China Tucker Carlson explains why the mainstream media will do anything to protect the Bidens and China. #FoxNews #TuckerSubscribe to Fox News! https://bit.ly/2vBU… youtube.com

Robbie Martin @FluorescentGrey · 18 dec. 2020 Feel like not enough people are talking about the dangerous amount of anti-China neocon propaganda spilling out of Tucker Carlson’s show for the past 6 months, are people afraid to bash Carlson who are fans of Carlson’s left booking rotating cast?

Stephen Miller Has A New Plan To Help Trump Steal The Election

Robbie Martin @FluorescentGrey · .@libertytarian , who is considered the most well respected Infowars host (even the people who think Alex is a shill still tune in for David) was just fired from his hosting slot by Alex Jones

David Knight @libertytarian · 18 dec. 2020 If you believe my firing was financial #INFOWARS is PAYING someone to do THIS: A Parler follower sent me this sequence of screenshots There was nothing hateful or obscene Not only was the comment removed the commenter was BLOCKED from further comments on the site

Fox News loses Trump lovers to OAN, Newsmax

Mario Murillo asserts that “Trump should never concede” because the entire election is “illegitimate.”

Helen Kennedy sur Twitter : « Rudy Giuliani’s crazy witness in the Michigan election “hearing” was just off probation for harassing her boyfriend’s ex by sending her graphic videos of them having sex. https://t.co/CaXniG9UPu https://t.co/lCSdKMf7p7 » / Twitter

Trump campaign told to preserve all documents related to Sidney Powell and Dominion Voting Systems President Donald Trump’s campaign legal team sent a memo to dozens of staffers Saturday instructing them to preserve all documents related to Dominion Voting Systems and Sidney Powell in anticipation… cnn.com

Proud Boys run wild while police stand by (again)

Robbie Martin @FluorescentGrey · wait so the ‘CCP’ is making us think Trump is going to do a military coup but the real way to save the country is from ‘martial law’, lol what’s the difference?

We’ve Read The Documents @weve_read · I was always taught by conspiracy inc it would be the UN blue helmets sending us to the camps, not our own divided nation. Alex Jones the pied piper to the FEMA camps. Thank you Nancy and God bless.

One America News Network’s Chanel Rion has now not only pushed the 4chan hoax on air (which she called « reports »), but she asked Rudy Giuliani, Trump’s personal lawyer, about it. Giuliani in response to the 4chan hoax called for John Roberts to resign.

Brenden Dilley vows not to pay taxes or obey laws if Biden becomes president: “I’m not fucking living under an illegitimate presidency.”

Right-Wing Epoch Times Urges Trump to Take ‘Decisive Emergency Actions’ to Deter ‘Attack’ on Election

Oath Keepers’ Stewart Rhodes Repeats Demand That Trump Declare Martial Law to Avoid Militia-Led Civil War

State of the Union: Dark Winter w/ John Brisson, Mark Kulacz & Recluse

Le «Mein Kampf» de Donald Trump – World Socialist Web Site

Robbie Martin @FluorescentGrey · 18 dec. 2020 As someone who has become obsessed with tracking the anti-China propaganda/disinfo pipelines I feel like we need to figure out what the hell is going on over at the Japanese language 2chan message board also run by Jim & Rom Watkins

QAA Podcast @QanonAnonymous · 15 dec 2020. our incredible president has now retweeted ron watkins, son of jim watkins, heir to the 8kun throne

Robbie Martin @FluorescentGrey · ICYMI mainstream Republicans are now going ‘full Epoch Times’ this cartoon is an old Epoch classic. Oh also Epoch Times has gone full QAnon in the past several months

Robbie Martin @FluorescentGrey · The circle is complete now Flynn just has to start the civil war || QAA Podcast @QanonAnonymous · our incredible president has now retweeted ron watkins, son of jim watkins, heir to the 8kun throne


Alex Jones Launches NEW Battle Against…Elections!?

The Darkest Winter – John Brisson on The Farm

Trump’s Thugs Are Causing Violence Across America

Right-wing media and Trump tout Michigan “audit” by group with QAnon links.

The New Age of Jericho (March) – The Beast and The Harlot Part 4 – YouTube

‘We Prayed Him Out of There’: Dave Daubenmire Rewrites the History of His Meeting With Bill Barr

The QAnon General: Tracing the Rise, Fall, and Rebirth of Michael Flynn

Robbie Martin @FluorescentGrey · neocon war criminal General Michael Flynn is ‘not calling’ for martial law, he’s just musing about why we should do it to give the election to Donald Trump [VIDEO]

Lawyers Condemn Michael Flynn and Lin Wood’s ‘Breathtakingly Morally Treasonous’ Call for Trump to Declare Martial Law and Hold New Election

Robbie Martin @FluorescentGrey · Martial law is ‘needed ASAP’ says a freedom loving patriot || KenGriffeyJr HOF Player/Person @CostaRicanSurf · 14 dec. 2020 En réponse à @realDonaldTrump et @BrianKempGA It needs to be a bad day soon for Brian Kemp & Doug Ducey. Martial Law is needed ASAP & they need to be arrested/prosecuted via Military Tribunals because we no longer have system of Justice in America.

VISUP: Fort Bragg: Strange Deaths and Stranger Moves There have been some interesting developments concerning US special operations forces of late. As I recently noted, Trump has made some incredible moves during his (presumptive) final months in office. They included making a veteran special operator the acting Secretary of Defense; placing one of General Michael T. Flynn’s cronies in charge of all special operators and military intelligence; and effectively elevating the US Special Operations Command (USSOCOM) into it’s own branch of the Armed Forces.

AnteDote Live (12-9-20): Greg’s C-SPAN call & Jeremy’s Lighthizer question

Episode #81 – The Hidden Hand of DC Politics | John Brisson – YouTube

How a QAnon-Backing Hormone Doctor Financed 2020’s Craziest, Scariest Election Conspiracy

We’ve Read The Documents @weve_read · « President Donald J. Trump Announces Intent to Appoint Individuals to Key Administration Posts » (Full of CNP members.)

Is the QAnon Fantasy Unravelling? | Right Wing Watch

Within the past hour, Arizona GOP Chair @kelliwardaz has promoted more QAnon nonsense. The video embedded in the tweet is blatant QAnon propaganda. The account that posted it is named « 17time, » with Q being the 17th letter of the English alphabet.

Robbie Martin @FluorescentGrey · thought the Ron Watkins Parler tweet about his dad Jim posting as Q sometimes was the smoking gun we were looking for, but was it just more misdirection? and if it is misdirection, what purpose does it serve to falsely try and ‘prove’ Jim Watkins=Q?

Right Wing Watch @RightWingWatch · QAnon conspiracy theorist Mark Taylor claims that talk of a promising COVID-19 vaccine is really code for Trump’s plan to arrest « the cabal. » Amazingly, that is not even the craziest thing said in this clip. https://bit.ly/3lFowoW

Here’s how it works: • QAnon spreads #Dominion conspiracy theory • Former 8kun admin Ron Watkins contacts Rudy Giuliani about the story • Pro-Trump network OAN contacts Watkins • OAN runs the story • Trump tweets out the conspiracy — repeatedly

The WORST Name on Joe Biden’s Cabinet List

Biden’s Cabinet A Who’s Who Of Corrupt Corporate Lobbyists

Trump FAKE Withdrawing From Iraq & Afghanistan

Inside the Organized Crime Syndicate known as the CIA: an Interview with Douglas Valentine – CovertAction Magazine

Listing of Doug Valentine’s MKULTRA FOIA Files

The CIA As Organized Crime – YouTube

The CIA As Organized Crime – Part 2 – YouTube

The CIA – 70 years in Ukraine – YouTube

Has the CIA’s Phoenix Program Taken Hold of U.S. Cities? with Special Guest Douglas Valentine – YouTube

Inside a Gun-Smuggling Neo-Nazi Cabal Tied to Marines. The evidence includes a sickening video of live-fire weapons training that ended with the masked participants giving “Heil Hitler” salutes. thedailybeast.com

Les agences de renseignement américaines et britanniques déclarent la cyberguerre contre les médias indépendants

When the US security and scientific apparatuses waged war on people downwind. Source: https://makingmaps.files.wordpress.com/2011/03/nuclearsplat_title.jpg || Colleen Moore @cmoo11_ · 14 nov. Shook by this map of the effects of nuclear testing across the United States. « Nuclear testing did not prevent nuclear war, it was a nuclear war. » – Mary Dickson, downwinder activist on #WomenTransformingOurNuclearLegacy

The Phoenix Program: America’s Use of Terror in Vietnam

CIA Partners with Google, Amazon and IBM in Latest Big Tech Procurement Drive

Whitney Webb On Warp Speed And Our Warped Reality!

SND Live w/Whitney Webb 26 nov 2020 – YouTube

COVID-19 Vaccine Safety Trials Are ‘Designed To Succeed’, Meaning Safety Is Not The Objective

Whitney Webb @_whitneywebb · It’s not « anti-vaccine » to oppose the military, DHS, the NSA, the FBI, Palantir and Google leading and managing the US’ COVID-19 vaccine effort under extreme secrecy. They shouldn’t be the ones leading this, period.

Whitney Webb @_whitneywebb · Told you. Enemies of corporations (in this case Big Pharma) are soon to be enemies of the State Met counter-terror boss calls for action on Covid-19 anti-vaxxers Britain’s top counter-terrorism officer today called for a nationwide debate on the introduction of new laws to punish people who spread anti-vaccination conspiracy theories. standard.co.uk

Whitney Webb & PARASCRIPT, Biden’s SOS Big Tech Warhawk, Establishment Coup & more! – YouTube

Knock knock who is there it’s a truck full of soldiers here to elevate a few stock prices || Theycantsuicideusall @cantsuicideus · 18 nov. Hey Trump supporters, explain this? He just said ‘ALL OF AMERICA’. This is happening under Trumps watch, and this was HIS ‘Operation Warpspeed.’

Biden transition team openly calling leftists terrorists for saying they do not want chemical giants running the EPA

Robbie Martin @FluorescentGrey · Part of the reason I’ve never bought into the idea of a monolithic deep state being VS Trump is because Trump’s own campaign transition team had several people suspiciously connected to the inside job 2001 anthrax attacks Trump Promised to ‘Drain the Swamp,’ but He’s Filling It With Neocons A clique of Bush-era neoconservative outliers whipped Americans into a frenzied state of fear and anxiety after 9/11. Now they’re back. mintpressnews.com

Robbie Martin @FluorescentGrey · “At least he didn’t start any new wars” is the positive optics talking point of a fully defeated, beaten down empire baby who has become almost totally paralyzed and acquiescent in the face of a locked in expansionist post 9/11 US empire endless war state

Robbie Martin @FluorescentGrey · More people need to look back on the last 12 years and acknowledge the strong similarities between Trump & Obama, they both wanted to optically solidify their legacies as ‘peace makers’ without the legwork, both had powerful rhetoric but bts did the opposite of what they proposed

Robbie Martin @FluorescentGrey · 25 nov. Trump just pardoned a neocon war criminal who co-wrote a book with PNAC neocon psychopath Michael Ledeen but you may not know that because several influential left figures have manipulated the narrative to make it appear Flynn is a good guy battling the deep state

Michael Flynn’s lies to FBI included one about Israel By RON KAMPEAS/JTA

Actress: Me Voting For Socialism Like Jews Voting For Hitler

New York State EXPANDS Criminal Investigation Into Donald Trump’s Tax Write Offs!

Tucker Carlson EXPOSED For Giving High Paid Private Speeches At Wall Street Banks!

7 Days in November Part 2: Pinpointing the Triumvirate of Treason – YouTube

You’re a Great American Oliver North! – Tucker Carlson 2.5 – YouTube

Robbie Martin sur Twitter : « Absolutely insane and probably deserved more coverage than the Benghazi-fied Fast & Furious GOP hill obsession The Great Gumbino @gumby4christ · 27 nov. « One of the most feared and brutal drug cartels, Los Zetas, were trained by a Special Forces group at Ft. Bragg, North Carolina. » https://isreview.org/issue/90/polit

Mike Pence’s Remarks to the Council for National Policy – 11/14/2020

Nick Spero – CNP ,. Alt-Media CamWhores,. “OutLaw Country”

American Fascist Christian Right – YouTube

Judeo-Christian Neocon QAnon PsyOp Exposed – YouTube

The Newsmax CONservative Deception – CNP, Clinton Foundation, Kissinger, and More! – YouTube

It’s Real: Trump TV To Declare War On Fox News!

In his latest livestream Mike Cernovich explains that he’s calling out Trump for failing to put « bounties » on people « attacking » supporters.

Conspiracy Pilling the Left & Deep State Arm of Capital w/ TrueAnon’s Brace Belden and Liz Franczak par Media Roots Radio | Écoute gratuite sur SoundCloud

Right Wing Watch @RightWingWatch · 20 nov. End Times broadcaster Rick Wiles says America is facing a Satanic communist takeover that will crush the church and so Christians must prepare themselves to be gunned down in the streets as they resist.

Biden « chief propagandist » opposes free press

Rudy Reichstadt : « Le “chef du monde libre”, c’est aussi le complotiste en chef aujourd’hui » | Conspiracy Watch | L’Observatoire du conspirationnisme

Tear gas for BLM, red carpet for MAGA marchers

Wacky Georgia GOPer Thinks Trump Won Her State…Just Because

Jon Voight: Leftists Are Satan & Biden Stole The Election

Le trolling de Donald Trump sur Twitter serait une stratégie de diversion selon une étude

The Storm Recedes? QAnon Post-POTUS & the Chan Board Origin Story of Q w/ Fredrick Brennan par Media Roots Radio | Écoute gratuite sur SoundCloud

When not spewing conspiracy theories, Trump Legal Strike Force member Lin Wood thinks lunar eclipses are signs of the End Times.

Trump’s QAnon Lawyer Inspired Even More George Soros Disinformation Trump’s allies aren’t just boosting already existing disinformation, they’re inspiring the creation of new narratives to poison the public discourse. vice.com

Sidney Powell, Mike Flynn’s lawyer now working for Trump, says the election was rigged by « communist money » and a scheme devised by the late Hugo Chavez, President of Venezuala. Vidéo intégrée 1:32 1,7 M vues This claim about election fraud is disputed (AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!)

Congressman Denver Riggleman @RepRiggleman · “If you look at the Giulianis or the Sidney Powells of the world, they’re making money off the grift…in a mythological quest of things that can’t be proven. I saw it with Bigfoot. I’m seeing it with QAnon. It’s about money. And sometimes crazy and money live in the same space.”

Sidney Powell is a beacon of hope to sad Qanon supporters A few weeks before the election I went to a meeting of QAnon fanatics in Scottsdale, Arizona. cnn.com

Can The Republican Party Survive Trump’s Coup Attempt?

Brazil: Trump Ally Bolsonaro Refuses to Acknowledge Biden Win & Downplays COVID as Death Toll Mount

Rick Wiles Warns Left-Wing Activists to Flee Florida Because ‘We’re Coming After You’

‘Million MAGA March’ Draws Thousands in Gathering of Pro-Trump Conspiracy Theorists

Arizona’s secretary of state says she’s received increased « threats of violence » and says Trump and other elected officials are « perpetrating misinformation » about the election « in a manner that violates the oath of office they took. » « It is well past time that they stop. » || Secretary Katie Hobbs @SecretaryHobbs · Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs released this statement in response to ongoing and escalating threats of violence directed at her family and her office.

‘Stop the steal’ | Alex Jones leads pro-Trump rally in Atlanta

OAN in a segment shared and cited the former congressional candidate’s tweet with the QAnon Twitter’s account’s wording. OAN indirectly cited a QAnon account to push a false election claim.

Here president Trump is promoting an OAN segment you may have heard on the latest @QanonAnonymous episode.

Trump just tweeted out an interview with Ron Watkins, the one-time admin of 8chan/8kun, a website which hosted pedophile forums, images of child sexual abuse and which also is also the home of QAnon. The interview referred to Watkins as a « cyber analyst » but didn’t mention 8kun.

Seems weird that the President is retweeting OANN videos with the QAnon guy rather than just, well, you know, unsealing the supposed indictments, and holding the military tribunals, and ushering in The Storm, and all the rest, no?

To advance his baseless election fraud claims, Trump is relying on Ron Watkins: 8kun admin and possible author of some Q drops Sidney Powell: who has appeared on QAnon livestreams and retweets Q promoters and L. Lin Wood: who has repeatedly tweeted the QAnon slogan « WWG1WGA » || Alex Kaplan @AlKapDC · Trump has again tweeted video from OAN featuring Ron Watkins pushing the Dominion conspiracy theory, this time from an OAN special about the conspiracy theory. And again it does not appear that OAN disclosed Ron Watkins’ ties to 8chan/8kun.

President Trump just gave more attention to Ron Watkins, the guy whose (former?) website is home to QAnon, forums for pedophiles, and images of child sexual abuse. || Donald J. Trump @realDonaldTrump · Vidéo intégrée 9:58 “Dominion-izing the Vote” Part One via @OANN @ChanelRion

Trump Cites QAnon Hub 8kun Admin Ron Watkins as Election Expert

Sinclair is about to air Steve Bannon peddling a discredited voting fraud theory to millions of local TV viewers

Trump’s coup depends on the right-wing information bubble | Media Matters for America

Trump’s Lawyer Sidney Powell Is Hardcore QAnon Her performance at Thursday’s press conference was virtually a recitation of QAnon’s greatest hits. vice.com

Old screenshots of Sidney Powell sharing QAnon content

Trump Lawyer Sidney Powell Joins Insane Giuliani Presser Claiming Conspiracy Between Communists, Antifa, Soros, Clinton and Hugo Chavez.

One year ago today Sidney Powell appeared on a QAnon livestream. Today she’s on Trump’s legal team.

Joe Warmington, Pal of Toronto Mayor Rob Ford, Fueled Sidney Powell’s Latest Trump Conspiracy
If you watch a press conference where someone says they have irrefutable evidence & then those people go into court and admit they don’t have evidence, it should make you think about how they can be punished for lying to the court but cannot be punished for lying to YOU. || Feminist Proper Gander @dappergander · 10 nov. Alex Jones in court: None of this is true, I made it all up Alex Jones on the courthouse steps: It’s all real, I was lying in there Alex Jones in court the next day: I swear I wasn’t lying to you, your honor, please don’t fine me, again I stress I made it all up rinse, repeat twitter.com/JamesOKeefeIII…

This is the basis for the conspiracy theory about Dominion voting systems and Venezuela that Sidney Powell was talking about: an anonymous, typo filled declaration.

As @BradHeath notes, Rudy here appears to still be peddling what was entered into a Georgia court as « Exhibit Q. » The affidavit’s data confused Minnesota precincts with Michigan ones. The failed case was filed by a QAnon-slogan spouting lawyer. https://lawandcrime.com/2020-election/

QAnon Lies Are Taking Over Election Conversations Online One in 20 tweets about the election now comes from a QAnon account. vice.com

Sidney Powell retweet alleges that the CIA helped steal election on behalf of radical left-wing populist Hugo Chavez

« #RogerStone Reveals the Mass Manipulator of the 2020 vote: It’s @Bill Gates. » It was only a matter of time before Bill Gates was also dragged into voter fraud claims as one of the main culprits. Not sure what took them so long.


Think it’s worth noting as the Trump campaign now tries distancing itself from QAnon promoter Sidney Powell how big the « release the Kraken » line from Powell regarding false voter fraud claims had been in the past week among the far-right online. They have shared many memes hyping it.

Right Wing Watch @RightWingWatch · 21 nov. Because @TuckerCarlson dared to criticize Sidney Powell, radical right-wing conspiracy theorist Rick Wiles is now pizzagating him.

Jared Holt @jaredlholt · Sidney Powell, one of the lawyers in the Trump campaign’s failing legal effort to flip the election results, went on a retweet binge of a leading QAnon conspiracy theory content creator. Only the best for Trump!

I don’t think anyone could have predicted that the admin of 8kun (Ron Watkins) would effectively become the puppetmaster of the Republican Party of Arizona. New surprises every day.

Pompeo’s grotesque farewell party in Israel shows that the Trump team knows it’s over. While Donald Trump has barricaded himself in the White House, refusing to concede the election and leading President-elect Joe Biden to call for donations to …

Apple TV, Roku, and Amazon Fire are allowing QAnon channels on their streaming platforms — mostly thanks to one video hosting service | Media Matters for America

What’s the QAnon angle on Iran? Glad you asked. There’s a QAnon-alinged Iranian opposition movement, called « Restart. » It’s led by Seyed Mohammad Hosseini, an exiled Iranian game show host who lives near Disneyland and promotes vandalism in Iran through the app Telegram.

Trump has announced that he intends to nominate Scott O’Grady to be an assistant secretary of defense. O’Grady is a Trump adviser who has retweeted QAnon accounts, pushed right-wing conspiracy theories, and promoted other toxic rhetoric.

Marianne Williamson: New Age Spiritual Types Getting Sucked In To QAnon

This is my Rep, Ken Buck, at a campaign rally today with Cory Gardner and a soon to be QAnon member of congress, Lauren Boebert. In what world is it appropriate for a sitting US Congressman to wear this shirt? When people are being killed in the streets? This isn’t leadership.

The attorney for Kenosha shooter Kyle Rittenhouse appears to be a QAnon believer L. Lin Wood, the attorney representing Kyle Rittenhouse, the teen charged in the Kenosha shooting, appears to believe in the QAnon conspiracy theory. insider.com

Right Wing Watch @RightWingWatch · End Times conspiracy theorist Rick Wiles hopes that Donald Trump and Bill Barr will line Democrats, the news media, leftists, scientists, and professors up against a wall and shoot them « because that’s what they deserve. »

Opinion | Trump Fades, but the Culture War Doomloop Is Eternal – The New York Times

The MAGA Coalition Rallying Behind Trump’s Post-Election Mischief Is Already Cracking The Million MAGA March was supposed to be a sign of strength for the defeated president. But leaders quickly began feuding over direction and credit. thedailybeast.com

Trump Now Baselessly Suggests FBI Rigged Election Against Him in First Post-Election Interview.
More Trump Goons Push For Martial Law Declaration

It’s getting harder to rule out General Flynn’s involvement in Q, now that he quote tweets Ron. I wonder if he and Jim have some kind of NDA/contract. Someone of his stature would want assurances about Q drops, right?

« Flynn follows several Japanese QAnon accounts » is a thing I started trying to point out back in 2018/early 2019, even! It’s a SUPER solid entry level piece imo. QAnon’s Rise in Japan Shows Its Global Spread The conspiracy theory’s foothold in Japan — home to one of its most active networks outside the U.S. — demonstrates how the movement can be made palatable in a range of countries as it gains… bloomberg.com

Robbie Martin @FluorescentGrey · Michael Flynn has been with his wife since she was 13 years old, feel like Q needs to get on the case and figure out what the hell is going on

Include the ‘adversarial’ ‘left’ press that keeps implying neocon war criminal Flynn is a deep state fighting badass || Mondoweiss @Mondoweiss · Israeli interference in U.S. policy has been more effective than Russian interference, but the press leaves out Mike Flynn’s work for Israel now that he’s pardoned. https://bit.ly/3li9S5Q #FlynnPardon #Israel

Trump is now closing in on and isn’t that far off from reaching 200 amplifications of QAnon-promoting Twitter accounts since the coronavirus pandemic began in the United States. || Alex Kaplan @AlKapDC · Trump this afternoon retweeted a tweet that quote-tweeted a QAnon account.

Trump this morning quote-tweeted Shiva Ayyadurai, a former Senate candidate who has pushed QAnon.

The GOP’s QAnon Faction Is Waging War on Republicans

QAnon sympathizer elected to Congress failed to disclose fundraising ties to Sen. Ted Cruz, FEC says.

Siege the Day: QAnon, Trumpist Blockages, and the Logistics of Spiritual Warfare – CounterPunch.org

Police Training Group Calls BLM Terrorists

« The Mercer family—who have given tens of millions to anti-Muslim hate groups—have been revealed to be patrons of Parler, a right-wing Twitter alternative where white nationalism and hate run rampant. https://t.co/RmRPKBFBlG » / Twitter

MAGA Turns Against Trump’s Attorney General

MAGA Ripping Apart Over Georgia Special Election

Tea Party Founder LOSES IT on CNBC

Fox News ABANDONED Hunter Laptop Story After Election

DOJ Investigates Cash For Pardon Scheme

Trump Modeled After America’s Worst Mayor

Tucker Interviews Oliver North (12-1-2020) – Tucker Carlson 2.51 – YouTube

The Great Reset and The Great Awakening Are One In the Same – The Beast and The Harlot Part 3 – YouTube

Has the CIA’s Phoenix Program Taken Hold of U.S. Cities? with Special Guest Douglas Valentine – YouTube

Robbie Martin @FluorescentGrey · 16h It is true that many people died from inhaling anthrax that Rudy later got paid to ‘clean up’

Douglas Valentine @dougvalentine77 · 2 nov. the essence of the fascist Phoenix program here at home: special ops mercenaries targetting leftists Private Security Firms Ramp Up for Potential Election Unrest in Minneapolis Private security firms are fielding armed special operations veterans to do guard work around Election Day.

Its amazing that Rudy Giuliani can continue to command so much media by wrapping himself in the flag despite his actual 9/11 WTC record when it comes to firefighters. @AddieStan @JohnFugelsang @pchowder @profwolff @MaraGay @ThisWooly @richard2380 Giuliani was always a fraud. Just ask the FDNY The FDNY struggled to get functional radios during Giuliani’s tenure. Many died on 9/11 because Giuliani ignored the warning signs

Whitney Webb @_whitneywebb · NEW – Untested AI software was used to verify mail-in ballot signatures in highly contested localities like Clark County, Nevada. The Silicon Valley firm behind it (called Parascript) boasts close ties to Lockheed Martin & Microsoft

One of the armed men busted in Philadelphia is a hardcore QAnon believer, buying into the conspiracy theory’s claims about JFK Jr. faking his death and a mystery substance called adrenochrome. ‘Backbone of the #MAGA Movement’: Armed Man Busted Near Philly Vote Center Is ‘Vets for Trump’… He was arrested with Antonio Lamotta, who mused online about killing people over the “fake ‘natural pandemic’ psyop crisis” and embraced

Misinformation 2020! Let The Chaos Commence, Or Will Trump Just Lay Down? – YouTube

Trump’s Cult Shows Up At Bill Barr’s House Demanding He Investigates Joe Biden

#AlexJones to President @realDonaldTrump : Don’t Concede

Right Wing Watch @RightWingWatch · Former congresswoman Michele Bachmann calls on God to « smash the delusion, Father, that Joe Biden is our president. He is not. »

Evangelicals stick with Trump, see upside even if he loses

HAMMER Time and SCORECARD – CNP/SCL/USIA Psychographical Warfare On US – Prince Charming Syndrome – YouTube

Right Wing Watch @RightWingWatch · Radical right-wing commentator Josh Bernstein urges Trump to declare martial law, use the military to arrest poll workers to stop the vote counting, and order a new election. https://bit.ly/35jqKod

Right Wing Watch @RightWingWatch · Among those in tow: far-right conspiracy theorist Alex Jones, Nick Fuentes’ white nationalist “groypers,” Bikers for Trump, followers of the far-right conspiracy QAnon movement, and “famous evangelical pastors.” Right-Wing Operative Ali Alexander Plans D.C. March With Far-Right Friends | Right Wing Watch With his host of far-right friends, right-wing operative Ali Alexander has planned a national march on Washington, D.C., this Saturday as part of his

Dave Daubenmire is now targeting Attorney General William Barr’s wife as part of his campaign to pressure Barr to arrest Joe Biden, Barack Obama, and Hillary Clinton.

Gingrich Pushes ‘Soros Stole the Election’ Conspiracy Theory on Fox News George Soros has donated billions of his personal wealth to liberal and anti-authoritarian causes around the world, making him a favored target among many on the right

They’re accusing Fox News of being Soros funded plants now || Omar Navarro @RealOmarNavarro · George Soros has taken over Fox News indirectly. The fact Newt Gingrich was censored from saying his name over a month ago. It’s clear now what happened.

The CEO of One America News network is absolutely dedicated to shielding his viewers from reality. || Robert Herring @RobHerring · With all the states that have been found to have illegal voting, it’s looking like not only will Biden NOT be elected as the AP claimed, but chances are GREAT @realDonaldTrump will be confirmed as President again. Save your fireworks!

Gab CEO Andrew Torba is very welcoming to the influx of QAnon Adherents on his platform as in his latest email blact he speaks of « The Great Awakening and The End of an Elitist Era »

Trump Jr. Calls For « Total War » As His Dad Loses More States

The US Has Been Moving Toward Fascism Since Goldwater

Trump Wanted Top Notch Re-Election Lawyers. He Got a MAGA Clown Show.

Steve Bannon and his co-host discuss beheading Dr. Anthony Fauci and FBI Director Christopher Wray.

Newt Gingrich Calls on Trump Justice Department to Jail Election Workers in Bonkers Rant Baselessly Alleging Stolen Election.

Code Red: Barr Seizes Internet Domains of Media Outlets – Accuracy.Org

Robbie Martin @FluorescentGrey · fascinating that this @HudsonInstitute lackey @DarrenJBeattie is using Infowars style talking points implying there is a ‘color revolution’ to oust Trump, this dude works at the same think-tank that Bush-era neocon psychopath Scooter Libby rakes in a $300k per year salary

Whitney Webb sur Twitter : « May be a good idea to review the « simulations » of the Transition Integrity Project, which has considerable ties to numerous « new organizations » and gamed out the creation of chaos for multiple election day scenarios: https://t.co/pfgsDr72Sk » / Twitter

Robbie Martin @FluorescentGrey · The MAGAs are going classic Brooks Brothers Riots (which Roger Stone took credit for) simultaneously with sketchy neocon laced think-tanks (Hudson, Claremont) promoting the idea online that a ‘color revolution’ coup of some sort unseated Trump. Very interesting tactics

Twitter has labelled this tweet by Marjorie Taylor Greene, who is now a Congresswoman, as misleading. She claims Joe Biden is involved in « voter fraud ».

Election Special Part 3: How The Bipartisan Swamp Is Engineering Election Chaos In Philadelphia – YouTube

Right Wing Watch @RightWingWatch · Why did Attorney General Bill Barr meet & pray with Dave Daubenmire, a deeply bigoted, anti-Semitic, anti-choice, anti-LGBTQ right-wing conspiracy theorist who has called interracial marriage “spiritual AIDS” and demanded that Hillary Clinton be executed?

Exclusive: Far-Right Creationists Are Setting Trump’s Virus Response | Right Wing Watch

Election Chaos Unfolding Exactly As P̶l̶a̶n̶n̶e̶d̶ Predicted & We’ve EVERY Reason To Question COVID – YouTube

We are now up to 𝟗𝟑 current or former 2020 congressional candidates who have endorsed or given credence to QAnon. The newest addition is a former Texas independent congressional candidate. (h/t @NinjaEsq ) https://mediamatters.org/qanon-conspira
Conner O’Malley Introduces DemAnon
QAA Podcast @QanonAnonymous · Details on the chan servers hosting CP while QAnon was acting on the chans as the white knight against CP
QAA Podcast @QanonAnonymous · « Operation Underground Railroad » is run by Tim Ballard. QAnon & MAGA love him. They’re even making a biopic with Jim Caviezel. Unfortunately, OUR is now under investigation in Utah. It appears they raised money by falsely claiming credit for rescues.
QAA Podcast @QanonAnonymous · Big news was broken today about the man closest to Q. @alibreland & @AJVicens write that Jim Watkins, owner of 8kun & QAnon promoter, ran multiple sites w/ URLs clearly referencing child pornography. No need for half-baked theories. Journalism is better.
Ed Martin is at least the 2nd Trump campaign advisory board member to tweet the QAnon slogan, the other being Stacey Dash. Another Trump campaign advisor, Tony Shaffer, has given credence to QAnon. https://mediamatters.org/twitter/fbi-calls-qanon-domestic-terror-threat-trump-has-amplified-qanon-supporters-twitter-more-20
Trump has spent the past four years in office explicitly pandering to QAnon believers. We put together a timeline of how his administration has been openly endorsing the conspiracy theory from the very beginning:
QAnon is supposed to be all about protecting kids. Its primary enabler appears to have hosted child porn domains.
QAnon Is Supposed to Be All About Protecting Kids. Its Primary Enabler Appears to Have Hosted Child Porn Domains.
UPDATE: Trump has now amplified QAnon-promoting Twitter accounts at least 265 times via at least 152 individual accounts. Since the pandemic started, he has amplified QAnon-promoting Twitter accounts at least 169 times via at least 90 individual accounts.
The congressional candidates who have engaged with the QAnon conspiracy theory Nearly two dozen Republicans across the country who have engaged with the QAnon conspiracy will also appear on the ballot this November in their congressional districts – or in two cases, statewide… cnn.com
This is what I mean: here’s the White House press secretary lauding Woods — who, again, is a QAnon supporter.
Of those 97 current or former congressional candidates, 27 of them will be on the general election ballot today. Citer le Tweet Alex Kaplan @AlKapDC · Here are the 48 known QAnon-connected congressional or state legislative candidates who are on the general election ballot today.
Deep State, Deep Church: How QAnon and Trumpism Have Infected the Catholic Church – Type Investigations
Sen. Kelly Loeffler (R-GA) donated $2,000 to QAnon congressional candidate Angela Stanton-King, an author and television personality who is very unlikely to win her race.
In light of QAnon bans, this pre-print suggests deplatforming decreases the ability of toxic communities to remain active and attract new members. But also suggests that those who do migrate to new platforms can become more toxic and ideologically radical. https://arxiv.org/abs/2010.10397
Episode 115: Pre-ElectAnon feat Dave Weigel
UPDATE: QAnon supporter Rob Chase has been elected to the Washington State House of Representatives.
The Onion @TheOnion · 7 min Newly Elected QAnon Congresswoman Worried She Selling Out By Working With Pedophile Cabal https://bit.ly/3k1jwZU
QAnon Congress Member: Marjorie Taylor Greene Wins In Georgia
UPDATE: QAnon supporter Mark Szuszkiewicz has been elected to the New York State Assembly. https://kingscountypolitics.com/coney-island-e
Robbie Martin @FluorescentGrey · Paul Joseph Twatson hasn’t tweeted since A) Biden called winner by msm B) David Knight, most well respected Infowars employee called out Alex Jones’ main long time ‘intelligence source’ Steve Piezcenik as being part of a CIA op to ‘trap’ Infowars audience Citer le Tweet Paul Joseph Watson @PrisonPlanet · 6 nov. « Bringing the country back together again. » twitter.com/Toure/status/1…
A false conspiracy theory (for ex. Steve Pieczenik) about « watermarked » ballots that came from QAnon supporters is spreading elsewhere in the far-right, with Infowars, Gab’s CEO, and 4chan users in a big thread pushing it.
Robbie Martin sur Twitter : « this event put a huge strain on Italy/US relations in the late 90s because the US military covered it up, but you know what also put a strain on Italy/US relations? when Steve Pieczenik was accused by Italy of assassinating Aldo Moro https://t.co/znmWpqagYj » / Twitter
Even after the call the QAnoners are still slurping up @StevePieczenik ’s controlled opposition fake narrative, amazing
Michael Flynn’s QAnon-friendly lawyer says « when the real votes are counted, Trump will win. He is in charge of this country. »
A reminder that Trump amplified this specific QAnon account when she pushed coronavirus misinformation & Anthony Fauci was then forced to rebut what she claimed. https://twitter.com/AlKapDC/status
The Onion @TheOnion · QAnon Followers Frustrated After Q Calls For Respecting Election Results, Uniting Behind Biden https://bit.ly/3k5oAMV
QAnon isn’t a fluke. It’s a combination of big tech and Republican politics
« The researchers identified a strong statistical correlation between state polls that underestimated Mr. Trump’s chances and a higher-than-average volume of QAnon activity in those states, including Wisconsin, Michigan and Ohio. » Research is finding a strong correlation between state polls that underestimated President Trump’s chances and a higher-than-average volume of QAnon activity in those states. Study Considers a Link Between QAnon and Polling Errors New research indicates that pollsters may not have captured the Trump support swirling around the online conspiracy theory.
En réponse à @QanonAnonymous Not his take. PurpleAnon posted this theory on 8chan in May 2019. Q is Kushner + Bibi https://archive.is/CUgtw http://archive.is/euf6T
Nikki Haley congratulates anti-Semitic blood libel (QAnon) conspiracy proponent || Nikki Haley @NikkiHaley · Congratulations @laurenboebert! We are excited to get you up to Washington to shake things up. Thank you Colorado!
A legal adviser for Trump’s campaign & multiple Fox News figures have shared a video from a QAnon account with a major following, helping the video get millions of views.
4chan’s evolution into an engine of bigotry and far-right content was driven in part by a secretive site administrator (with the charming handle of « RapeApe ») who pushed the moderator corps towards allowing more racist and toxic content. Me, @motherboard The Man Who Helped Turn 4chan Into the Internet’s Racist Engine 4chan moderators and leaked chat logs show that the infamous imageboard didn’t become the hateful site it’s known as by accident. A
Travis View @travis_view · A lot of people, myself included, have been speculating absout what the next evolution of QAnon will look like. I certainly didn’t guess « Steve Bannon connected, Billionaire-funded Chinese QAnon. » It’s so obvious in retrospect. || Justin Horowitz @justinhorowitz_ · New from me: GTV, the media platform operated by Steve Bannon’s billionaire benefactor Guo Wengui, has fully embraced QAnon. The platform is currently filled with videos promoting the outlandish conspiracy theory in Chinese.
That’s two QAnon supporters walking the halls of Congress next year. Boebert said the QAnon mov’t is “only motivating and encouraging and bringing people together, stronger—and if this is real, then it can be really great for our country.” lauren-boebert.png Diane Mitsch Bush concedes Colorado’s 3rd Congressional District race to Lauren Boebert Rifle restaurateur and Republican political newcomer Lauren Boebert will be Colorado’s next 3rd Congressional District congresswoman after her
A QAnon supporter, Logan Cunningham, was elected to the Beaufort County Council in South Carolina. https://islandpacket.com/news/politics-
QAnon state legislative candidates tally has been updated with the general election results. 23 candidates this cycle were known to have embraced QAnon at some level, 21 made it to the general election ballot, & 7 were apparently elected.
Robbie Martin @FluorescentGrey · did i predict the QAnon narrative fracturing and/or taking over the entire conspiracy movement in February 2017? you decide || Trump’s Bay of Pigs @FluorescentGrey · 23 févr. 2017 Pieczenik who started ‘deep state coup against Trump’ meme says there are many US gov insiders loyal to Alex Jones http://infowars.com/black-ops-comm
Mike Huckabee’s PAC has been giving money to QAnon candidates | Media Matters for America
Robbie Martin @FluorescentGrey · It really was Trump who was the satanic pedophile the whole time
The John and Lee Show – Jim Watkins Interviews Thomas Schoenberger – YouTube
Meet the Twitter-verified MAGA Influencers Spreading the QAnon Gospel
The video that Trump just pinned to his Twitter account, which edits together clips of Trump rallies, was made by QAnon promoter « Julian’s Rum. » Julian’s Rum first posted the video on wednesday.
Unopposed GOP House candidate Marjorie Taylor Greene won her congressional election. She is a QAnon and 9/11 conspiracy theorist who has promoted anti-Muslim and anti-Semitic remarks, among other vitriolic rhetoric:
Right Wing Watch @RightWingWatch · Why is it that *our* videos exposing Liz Crokin keep getting removed for violating YouTube’s guidelines, while Crokin’s own videos are not? As YouTube cracks down on QAnon content, it is removing our videos even while YouTube channel remains active.

Right Wing Watch @RightWingWatch · During his election night coverage, Glenn Beck floated the possibility that people may have a duty to take up arms and overthrow the government to prevent Democrats from stealing the election and destroying the Constitution.

Fake Person Discovered Behind Alleged Hunter Biden Documents

The idea that the Dem Party is ‘connected to US intel’ while Trump has been in power for 4 years and somehow the GOP is not linked with US intel or CIA is one of the most bizarrely ignorant, naive, reductive watered down narratives I’ve ever seen. It’s also just fucking dumb

Pro-Trump Caravans Disrupting Election Traffic Have Ties to QAnon | Right Wing Watch

Roger Stone: If Trump wins, Rod Rosenstein and other “coup” plotters “must be hung by the neck until dead.”

Election 2020 Special w/ Whitney Webb & Robbie Martin – YouTube

Douglas Valentine @dougvalentine77 · 12h FOX News as a CIA psyop: The Reagan admin pulled right wing media execs Murdoch and Scaife into a CIA-organized “perception management” op which aimed Cold War-style propaganda at the American people in the 1980s Murdoch, Scaife and CIA Propaganda Special Report: The rapid expansion of America’s right-wing media began in the 1980s as the Reagan administration coordinated foreign

NCSC sur Twitter : « New alert from @CISAgov & @FBI: Iranian Advanced Persistent Threat Actor Identified Obtaining Voter Registration Data. See: https://t.co/qHmugvXs2B https://t.co/CVbDwCZYpt » / Twitter

A widely circulated video showed Jews being harassed at Black Lives Matter protest. The attacker is part of a fringe group.But at least one of the Jewish men involved has shared content from far-right activists and believes the entire Black Lives Matter movement is anti-Semitic.

Right Wing Watch @RightWingWatch · Attorney General Bill Barr met with radical right-wing activist Dave Daubenmire and others who protested outside his home yesterday demanding the arrest of Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, and Barack Obama.

Dem House Leader sur Twitter : « Raw footage of mailroom in post office here in Miami Dade. Source revealed “mail in ballots are within these piled up in bins on the floor. Mail has been sitting for over week!.” @AmandiOnAir @PeterSchorschFL @MarcACaputo @GlennaWPLG @CNNPolitics @NewsbySmiley @realDonaldTrump https://t.co/DO8jx1VUnz » / Twitter

Anti-Trump ‘Lincoln Project’ Neocons Becoming A Media Operation

Article from 2000 talking about how Roger Stone led the ‘Brooks Brothers Riots’ in Miami that effectively helped stop the Florida recount in the Bush VS Gore presidential election

Douglas Valentine @dougvalentine77 · 13 oct. more on Trump’s faith based mercenary goon squad Company supplying former special ops forces to Minnesota for ‘election security’ is linked to a… The company, Atlas Aegis, works closely with another Tennessee company that provides military-like training to faith-based groups

Reminder that Stephen Harper leads an international fascist organisation that no one talks about. || Barbetta @barbetta1 · 27 oct. Wow. Canadian far right extremists, while in power in Canada, had funneled taxpayers money through a Republican NGO.. to Ukraine. This from five years ago. It’s a no-brainer.. no doubt, this is a far right payment, quid pro quo, for foreign election help. https://boingboing.net/2015/10/09/can

Right Wing Watch @RightWingWatch · While @YouTube suspends our account for posting plainly educational videos on what extreme right-wingers are actually saying, they allow Alex Jones three hours days before the election, courtesy of @joerogan

Robbie Martin @FluorescentGrey · This wasn’t deployed by a ‘credible’ leaking organization like Wikileaks or a trust worthy figure. These leaks have been exclusively distributed to insane hard right media figures and psychopathic neocons like Rudy Giuliani and Jack Posobiec, they’re steering the narrative

Far-Right and White Supremacist Groups Are Training for Violence in the US | Right Wing

Watch Earlier this week, Buzzfeed reported that Patriot Front, a three-year-old a white supremacist group labeled “one of the most active hate groups in the United States,” is actively training in prepar… rightwingwatch.org

Patriotwave’s Boogaloo: Engineering an Aesthetic of Violence – UNICORN RIOT Leaked Discord chats from the Boogaloo group ‘Patriotwave’ show the group has deep ties to the US military and embraces racist, fascist ideology. unicornriot.ninja

Fox News And Facebook Have Ruined Boomers’ Brains

Is COVID-19 the antidote to Trump-style populism in Canada? | The Star

Douglas Valentine @dougvalentine77 · 22 oct. domestic Phoenix program || 7News Boston WHDH @7News · 22 oct. White supremacist group talked about paramilitary training in secret vetting calls

Trump Inciting Right-Wing Terrorism in Michigan

Trump Causes Election Chaos With New Claim

Robbie Martin @FluorescentGrey · 8h If you watched CIA recruit Tucker Carlson’s segment last night you probably saw the Hudson Institute biatch talking about how what’s happening is a ‘color revolution’ this is a scripted and deployed talking point by literal PNAC associates
if you’ve been curious about who is organizing the « stop the steal » rallies to undermine the election, i did a round-up of the former tea party organizers and suicide squad of disgraced right-wing internet trolls running a bunch of them Meet the right-wing trolls behind « Stop The Steal » Just who is pushing the ballot count protests on Trump’s behalf?

Right Wing Watch @RightWingWatch · Hey, @Facebook , why are you suspending us for reporting on the bad actors spreading COVID disinfo while allowing Alex Jones back on your platform?

Top Iranian Nuclear Scientist Murdered By Israel And/ Or US

Robbie Martin @FluorescentGrey · .@robert_spalding if you’re so sure this pandemic was ‘intentionally spread’ you might want to look into the 2001 anthrax attacks, where they came from and how your co-workers like Scooter ‘germ boy’ Libby acted suspicious as fuck during the event || crossroads @crossroads_josh · “It was intentional to spread the pandemic…I am absolutely certain it was deliberately done.” –@robert_spalding @JoshJPhilipp has more in this FULL INTERVIEW: https://ept.ms/2Vsc9AW

Robbie Martin @FluorescentGrey · even the wikipedia article on it’s face makes Rudy Giuliani look like a sick fuck on 9/11 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rudy_Giul

FLASHBACK: Trump pardons Scooter Libby, says he was ‘treated unfairly’ WASHINGTON (AP) — President Donald Trump issued a pardon Friday to I. Lewis « Scooter » Libby, suggesting the former top aide to Vice President Dick Cheney had been « treated unfairly » by a special… apnews.com

FLASHBACK: Trump pardons Bernard Kerik: Why the former N.Y. police commissioner spent time in prison

Ex-CIA Chief: Israel Helped Kill Bin Laden, Netanyahu Is Not an Ethical Man

US-backed Guaido claims Venezuela elections are rigged

FLASHBACK 24 juil. 2017 Robbie Martin @FluorescentGrey · 24 juil. 2017 ICYMI: Rudy Giuliani dirty criminal mother fucker thread 1) His lawfirm represented CIA asset Manuel Noriega : « Lauder Advertisement Seeks To Link Giuliani and Noriega » (Published 1989) nytimes.com

“Operation Condor”: The CIA’s Secret Global War Against Latin America’s Left

A Trap? Why Assassination of Top Iranian Nuclear Scientist Could Tie Biden’s Hands in Future Talks
Empire Update: Did Trump Order Iran Assassination? – YouTube

Red Lines Live: US & Israel pushing Iran to brink of war

Israeli filmmakers put AIPAC and U.S. evangelicals under the spotlight – and are alarmed at what they find – U.S. News – Haaretz.com

Former AIPAC Insiders Condemn Lobby in New Israeli Documentary – Music and Arts – WRMEA

Why the Pro-Israel Lobby Made ‘a Deal With the Devil’ and Embraced Trump

Analyst expects ‘friction’ between Israel, Biden administration – YouTube

« Le bon flic » : Joe Biden et Israël pendant les années Obama

Barack Obama REVEALS AIPAC & Pro-Israeli Lobby Is Very Powerful, Says Dems FEAR AIPAC In New Book!

Barack Obama opens up on AIPAC influence during his presidency

Obama says disagreements with Israel carried ‘domestic political cost’: Report | Middle East Eye

Obama follows in Jimmy Carter’s footsteps and speaks out against Israel and AIPAC – Middle East Monitor

Obama suggests bullying campaign by pro-Israel lobby in new memoir

Obama: Netanyahu paints himself as ‘chief defender’ of Jews to justify political moves

Jonathan Cook sur Twitter : « Corbyn, it seems, has found an unlikely ally in former US President Obama. In his new autobiography, he writes of the Israel lobby’s power: ‘Those who criticized Israeli policy too loudly risked being tagged as « anti-Israel » (and possibly anti-Semitic)’

Obama’s true sentiments are relevant to the next US administration

J’ai lu… Les mémoires de Barack Obama – Partie 5/5 : Obama et Israël – YouTube

Obama reveals challenging relationship with Israel and Netanyahu – YouTube

Whitney Webb @_whitneywebb · Palantir was shaped, not just by Peter Thiel and Alex Karp, but the very 2 figures behind Total Information Awareness (TIA) and the former business partner of Christine Maxwell (Ghislaine’s sister) at Chiliad. There is a clear link leading us from PROMIS > Chiliad/TIA > Palantir

The Eugenicist Mindset Propelling Operation Warp Speed w/ Whitney Webb

Palantir’s Tiberius, Race, and the Public Health Panopticon – unlimitedhangout.com
The Social Media Dilemma w/ Fringe Files – YouTube

Billionaire Betsy Calls Debt Free College A « Socialist Takeover »

The New Goldman Sachs? BlackRock Sees Clout Growing as Biden Taps Two Execs to Top Economic Posts

How Pompeo bullied Sudan into Israel normalization

Pompeo: US to recognize BDS movement as antisemitic

‘It’s a cancer’: Pompeo says US will brand BDS ‘anti-Semitic,’ crack down on it

Israel R&D team said likely behind Apple’s ‘revolutionary’ chip for laptops

Les liens de Goldnadel avec l’auteur de la Fatwa contre Samuel Paty, Abdelhakim Sefrioui

L’anti-sionisme est-il devenu un super antisémitisme ? Par FX ROCHETTE [RIVAROL]

Goldnadel, chef d’orchestre de la secte des mythomanes, par F.X. Rochette [RIVAROL]

Frédéric Encel in « Les pompiers pyromanes: Ces experts qui alimentent l’antisémitisme et la haine »… – Pascal Boniface – Google Livres

Il n’y a pas de lézards mais il y a bien des capitalistes : comment anti-complotistes et conspirationnistes empêchent la critique des élites 

How QAnon and Trumpism Have Revealed a Deep Church Schism Among Catholics Catholicism’s increasingly powerful political right reflects fringe America, fueled by paranoia, conspiracy, racism, and the threat of apocalypse. vanityfair.com

Trump has now amplified QAnon-promoting Twitter accounts 200 times since the coronavirus pandemic began in the United States. || Alex Kaplan @AlKapDC · Trump today also amplified major QAnon account Major Patriot & QAnon-supporting attorney Lin Wood each 3 times, along with amplifying Tracy Beanz (also known as Tracy Diaz), who reportedly helped popularize QAnon, & QAnon-supporting cartoonist Ben Garrison.

Kyle Rittenhouse, Kenosha, and the New Far-Right Battleground | Right Wing Watch

Macroaggressions – #81: The Hidden Hand of DC Politics | John Brisson

Stephen Miller Has A New Plan To Help Trump Steal The Election

Fox News loses Trump lovers to OAN, Newsmax

Mario Murillo asserts that “Trump should never concede” because the entire election is “illegitimate.”

Helen Kennedy sur Twitter : « Rudy Giuliani’s crazy witness in the Michigan election “hearing” was just off probation for harassing her boyfriend’s ex by sending her graphic videos of them having sex. https://t.co/CaXniG9UPu https://t.co/lCSdKMf7p7 » / Twitter

Trump campaign told to preserve all documents related to Sidney Powell and Dominion Voting Systems President Donald Trump’s campaign legal team sent a memo to dozens of staffers Saturday instructing them to preserve all documents related to Dominion Voting Systems and Sidney Powell in anticipation… cnn.com

Proud Boys run wild while police stand by (again)

Robbie Martin @FluorescentGrey · wait so the ‘CCP’ is making us think Trump is going to do a military coup but the real way to save the country is from ‘martial law’, lol what’s the difference?

One America News Network’s Chanel Rion has now not only pushed the 4chan hoax on air (which she called « reports »), but she asked Rudy Giuliani, Trump’s personal lawyer, about it. Giuliani in response to the 4chan hoax called for John Roberts to resign.

Brenden Dilley vows not to pay taxes or obey laws if Biden becomes president: “I’m not fucking living under an illegitimate presidency.” Le «Mein Kampf» de Donald Trump – World Socialist Web Site

Robbie Martin @FluorescentGrey · 18 dec. 2020 As someone who has become obsessed with tracking the anti-China propaganda/disinfo pipelines I feel like we need to figure out what the hell is going on over at the Japanese language 2chan message board also run by Jim & Rom Watkins

QAA Podcast @QanonAnonymous · 15 dec 2020. our incredible president has now retweeted ron watkins, son of jim watkins, heir to the 8kun throne

Robbie Martin @FluorescentGrey · ICYMI mainstream Republicans are now going ‘full Epoch Times’ this cartoon is an old Epoch classic. Oh also Epoch Times has gone full QAnon in the past several months


Alex Jones Launches NEW Battle Against…Elections!?

Trump’s Thugs Are Causing Violence Across America

Right-wing media and Trump tout Michigan “audit” by group with QAnon links.

‘We Prayed Him Out of There’: Dave Daubenmire Rewrites the History of His Meeting With Bill Barr

How a QAnon-Backing Hormone Doctor Financed 2020’s Craziest, Scariest Election Conspiracy

AnteDote Live (1/8/21) – The Eye of the Shitstorm: From the Fraud of Law & Order to the Reality of C – YouTube

Pro-Trump dark money groups organized the rally that led to deadly Capitol Hill riot

Biden: Capitol marauders are ‘thugs, insurrectionists and anti-Semites’ who should be prosecutedNeo-Nazis, QAnon and Camp Auschwitz: A guide to the hate symbols and signs on display at the Capitol riots

Biden: Capitol rioters, ‘insurrectionists and anti-Semites,’ must be prosecuted

‘Ready to Die’: Two Months of MAGA Mob Warning Signs.

Who Dies for Donald Trump? Ashli Babbitt’s loved ones didn’t know how extreme she was until they saw her storm the Capitol. nymag.com

Family: Trump Supporter Who Died Followed QAnon Conspiracy

Google Suspends Parler Social Networking App From Play Store; Apple Gives Warning Google Suspends Parler Social Networking App From Play Store; Apple Gives 24-hour Warning

Episode 124: The Jesus Q Connection (Vol 1) with Liv Posting

The U.S. Attorney’s office also arrested Jacob Anthony Chansley, a.k.a. « Jake Angeli, » Saturday. Investigators said he was the man seen in viral photos of the siege dressed in horns, a bearskin headdress, with red, white and blue face paint. https://abcn.ws/2L7NgJt

QAnon wasn’t just a disinfo pyschological operation, it was a honeytrap to set up useful idiot patsies as a pretext for the final takedown of American patriots. Now we have unprecedented censorship and domestic terrorism crackdown thanks to you all ‘trusting the plan’.

Right Wing Watch @RightWingWatch · jan. 2021 Even radical right-wing conspiracy theorist Rick Wiles says that Trump needs to immediately resign for instigating the MAGA insurrection at the Capitol.

The 65 days that led to chaos at the Capitol – BBC News

Robbie Martin @FluorescentGrey · jan. 2021 also are we just going to pretend that Roger Stone constantly going on Infowars leading up to the 2016 election wasn’t a deliberate part of the Trump campaign itself? of course it was, oh and Roger Stone also used to tell Infowars audience Trump was a secret 9/11 truther!

Robbie Martin @FluorescentGrey · jan., 2021 Ben is mostly correct here but Jones was crucial for originally kicking QAnon into the larger realm of the movement, Jerome Corsi of Infowars claims the Trump admin tasked him to ‘decode’ Q postings (could have been bullshit but still should be examined) || Ben Collins @oneunderscore__ · jan. 2021 Good example of the factionalization going on in the online right this week. Alex Jones isn’t a huge Q guy (he’s been on and off the bandwagon), but many who have been predicting Civil War for years, like InfoWars, are sick of QAnon’s magical thinking.

Robbie Martin @FluorescentGrey · jan. 2021 First decade being a really key phrase here, and also creepy seeing a neocon hawk who works at Committee on Present Danger China with 4 actual PNAC members retweeting Glenn’s war on terror posturing, pretty weird and disturbing

Jim Lobe @LobeLog · jan. 2021 Don Jr. is apparently getting his talking points from the Foundation for Defense of Democracies (FDD).

Robbie Martin @FluorescentGrey · jan. 2021 Wonder how much time Ben Rhodes chopped it up with our good buddy Cass Sunstein —> https://wbur.org/hereandnow/2014/04/02/sunstein-conspiracy-theories || LBC @LBC · jan. 2021 Former Obama Deputy National Security Adviser Ben Rhodes worries that the number one danger to the USA is ‘extremism’ facilitated by the Republican party during President Trump’s reign. @DavidLammy | @brhode

Robbie Martin @FluorescentGrey · jan. 2021 Understanding what’s happening yet? When Trump got purged now all the neocons including this slime ball mass murderer want to purge all Iranian and Chinese gov related accounts || Bernard B. Kerik @BernardKerik · jan. 2021 Is @Jack anti-Semitic or just anti-American? You allowed this terrorist to remain on your platform, but removed @realDonaldTrump for the following: “everyone here will soon be marching over to the Capitol building to peacefully and patriotically make your voices heard.”

Trump said considering Dershowitz, Giuliani for defense in possible impeachment

Groyper @_groyper · jan. 2021 Behind Cambridge Analytica. Behind General Flynn. Behind Steve Bannon. Etc. Etc. Mercers should be in jail. || Groyper @_groyper · 3h Mercers are behind Parler. Behind Rebel News. Behind StopThe Steal. Behind Breitbart. Behind Milo. Behind about 40% of the people in this photo: https://twitter.com/_groyper/statu

Whitney Webb Breaks Down The Capitol And The Ghosts Of DHS Past And Future! – YouTubeJohn Pilger @johnpilger · 9 jan. 2021 The made-for-media theatrics on Capitol Hill were not an attempted « coup ». Coups are what the CIA stages all over the world. Neither was « democracy » in peril. What democracy? And Trump is no more than a caricature of a system of which Biden, Obama, Bush etc are the embodiment.

Whitney Webb @_whitneywebb · 8 jan. 2021 If you think the coming CIA/DHS war on domestic terror is just for Trump’s base, keep in mind the longtime targets of those agencies. For the CIA, it’s leftists and for DHS, it’s people of color. People on both sides will be labeled « domestic terrorists » when convenient

Whitney Webb @_whitneywebb · 8 jan. 2021 Before Congress, Elissa worked for the CIA and the Pentagon and helped destabilize the Middle East during the Bush and Obama admins. What she says here is essentially an open announcement that the US has moved from the « War on [foreign] terror » to the « War on domestic terror » || Rep. Elissa Slotkin @RepSlotkin · 8 jan. 2021 The post 9/11 era is over. The single greatest national security threat right now is our internal division. The threat of domestic terrorism. The polarization that threatens our democracy. If we don’t reconnect our two Americas, the threats will not have to come from the outside.

We’ve Read The Documents @weve_read · jan. 2021 Paging Michael Flynn and Ezra Cohen Watnick, you need to pick up your operative at the jail cell. @Obi1unome @RyanOlah2 @AntedoteGreg @CAVDEF_George @JesseSpots @_groyper @HousatonicITS @hamiltonesqr @macroaggressio3 Trump supporters try to break through a police barrier, Wednesday, Jan. 6, 2021, at the Capitol in Washington. U.S. Army investigating officer who led group to D.C. Trump rally turned riot The Army is investigating a psychological operations officer who led a group of people from North Carolina to the rally in Washington that led up to the deadly riot in the U.S. Capitol by supporter… ktla.com

Infowars’ Alex Jones funded and fomented the mob | Media Matters for America

Episode 125: Coup Anon feat Elle Reeve & Eleanor Janega

Army investigates psyops officer for role in Washington on day of Capitol riot | US Capitol breach | The Guardian

New: The Army is investigating a psychological operations officer who led a group of people to the rally in Washington that led up to the deadly riot in the U.S. Capitol by supporters of President Donald Trump. W/ @JZBleiberg and @StorytellerSBM

The QAnon crowd believes there will be nationwide power and cell outages tomorrow, followed by POTUS invoking Insurrection Act, and then mass arrests before he stays in power. Impossible to overstate how unhinged and dangerous this conspiracy and its adherents are.POLL: How Unpopular Is The Failed Capitol Hill Insurrection?

We’ve Read The Documents @weve_read · jan. 2021 The storm has arrived! || Carl Willis @CarlWillisTV · 10 janv. Buses of National Guard troops still filing into the Capitol tonight. We’re seeing them stationed every few feet along new barricades installed around key buildings. @ABC7News

Robbie Martin @FluorescentGrey · jan, 2021 Seems like we have a pretty serious QAnon problem in law enforcement, maybe the FBI should look into that before ramping up a domestic terror watch list for regular QAnon supporters || Alex Thompson @AlexThomp · jan. 2021 .@PhillyInquirer reports that local Detective Jennifer Gugger was removed from her position in the police department’s Recruit Background Investigations Unit after Internal Affairs received tips she’s been at the Wed riot This was a recent FB post of hers https://inquirer.com/news/philadelphia/philly-detective-reassigned-trump-insurrection-capitol-20210111.html

President Trump Officially Declares State of Emergency In D.C. Through January 24, 2021

Fascism Scholar: Strongman Trump Radicalized His Supporters; Turning This Back Will Be Very Hard

One of QAnon’s Biggest Influencers Is a Failed Hollywood Screenwriter QAnon followers know him as « Neon Revolt. » In real life, he’s a failed screenwriter from New Jersey named Robert Cornero, Jr. vice.com

More indications that the disinformation networks that drove the spread of Covid-19 falsehoods are integrated with the networks spreading voter fraud disinformation and feeding the grievance-based violence that we saw on Jan 6: ‘I do regret being there’: Simone Gold, noted hydroxychloroquine advocate, was inside the Capitol… The physician, an outspoken critic of lockdowns and other government efforts to stop the spread of covid-19, said she followed a crowd in and did not realize it was illegal to enter the building. washingtonpost.co

Watch this video analysis of how Capitol attackers dragged police officers into the crowd, beating one with a stick that carried an American flag while the crowd chanted « U-S-A! » (Contrary to social media, the officer who died was not in this group)

‘QAnon Shaman’ Arrested for Storming the US Capitol Is a Navy Veteran | Military.com

Trump has repeatedly amplified QAnon Twitter accounts. The FBI has linked the conspiracy theory to domestic terror. | Media Matters for America

We’ve Read The Documents @weve_read · jan. 2021 Oh boy! Alex Jones: Trump is Helping Big Tech Take to Down Patriots – DC… Urgent Warning from Alex Jones: Do NOT return to Washington DC this week to protest & stay away from state capitols. Trump flipped & is helping the Deep Sta…

President Donald J. Trump Approves District of Columbia Emergency Declaration | The White House

One of my closest friends was radicalized by YouTube. It started a few years ago with « thought-provoking » and « contrarian » vids. But, thanks to the suggested videos algo, got darker and more violent, he lost his wife, kids, and friends, and none of us know where he is today. || Sacha Baron Cohen @SachaBaronCohen · jan. 2021 YouTube is the new Trump TV. Trump’s YouTube Channel shows +4,000 Trump videos, including « stop the steal » and calls « to fight! » Corporate America–WHY are you running your ads on You Tube Trump TV?! RT to tell @Google, @YouTube, @SusanWojcicki… #BanTrumpSaveDemocracy!

Welcome to The New Age – Catholicism Wow! – The Beast and the Harlot Part 6

Le « Grand Réveil » (Great Awakening, mouvement pro-Trump, QAnon) ou comment les élites sabotent les théories du complot de l’intérieur en plus de les attaquer de l’extérieur, pour pouvoir anéantir tout ce qui pourrait s’opposer à la soumission à l’autorité.

Un bon nombre d’individus perçoivent de mieux en mieux le caractère néfaste de la domination par les élites et croit de plus en plus qu’un monde nouveau doit être bâti sur cet ancien monde en perdition qui ne peut plus être sauvé et ne cherche plus qu’à étouffer toute impulsion nouvelle. L’humanité veut renouveler la société, elle voit un nouveau monde de liberté et d’autonomie de la vie spirituelle se profiler, mais l’ancien monde se braque contre lui. Les groupements divers tels que les religions, comme toute autre forme ancienne d’organisation de la société, n’ont aucun intérêt à laisser naître ce nouveau monde, ils cherchent à étouffer ce qui est en train de naître en prétendant que seul le maintien et la préservation de l’ancien monde peut assurer l’avenir de la civilisation.

Le véritable « grand réveil » est en cours depuis plus d’un siècle, il est global et mondial, mais il existe sur une base individuelle avant tout, il part d’une compréhension individuelle de la réalité de l’esprit, du danger du matérialisme et des formes anciennes d’organisation sociale (qui ont donné le féodalisme, l’aristocratie, la théocratie, etc.). Le véritable « grand réveil » appelle à grand renouvellement,  or  plusieurs le confondent avec le « nouvel ordre mondial » glorifié par l’élite dominante. Contrairement à l’impulsion pour un monde nouveau, le « nouvel ordre mondial » est un épouvantail fabriqué par la grande Réaction pour diaboliser l’idée même de la possibilité d’un nouveau monde venant remplacer l’ancien en perdition. On voit effectivement de nos jours l’individu se libérer progressivement des chaînes de la nation, de la race, mais pour la Grande Réaction il s’agit d’un grand « complot diabolique des sages de Sion responsables de tout le mal du monde ».

Le peuple est ainsi abusé par ses élites dominantes qui ont inventé le concept de nouvel ordre mondial pour diaboliser l’idée même de la possibilité d’un nouveau monde. Les élites dominantes parlent de « liberté égalité fraternité » seulement pour nous faire croire qu’ils sont les défenseurs de ce nouveau monde, alors qu’ils sont en réalité les défenseurs de l’Ancien monde. Le nouvel ordre mondial professé par l’élite dominante sert d’épouvantail pour amener les masses à se tourner vers la Grande Réaction comme source de réconfort et de protection, et en même temps les amener à lutter contre ce nouveau monde qui est en train de naître. La Grande Réaction n’est rien d’autre que l’élite dominante elle-même cachée derrière un autre masque. Le combat contre le nouvel ordre mondial est un piège pour amener le peuple à combattre aux côtés de la Grande Réaction au service de l’élite dominante contre tout ce qui peut ressembler de près ou de loin à l’idée de renouvellement du monde ou au socialisme.

Les courants de droite fondamentaliste ou conspirationnistes qui constituent la Grande réaction ne sont rien que différents masques de la lutte contre le socialisme. Un exemple de cette lutte au socialisme menée par la grande réaction : l’administration Trump a tenté de faire assassiner Maduro, de renverser son gouvernement en fomentant des coups d’État contre le gouvernement vénézuélien, maintenant les partisans de Trump dénoncent la prétendue interférence du gouvernement vénézuélien de feu Chavez dans les élections de 2020. Que de mensonge pour attaquer le socialisme…

Quand on croit que la folie ne pourrait pas aller plus loin, Trump nous surprend encore et dépasse toutes les limites. Il est clair que la raison d’être du président Trump est d’incarner un conspirationnisme débile, afin de discréditer une fois pour toute le conspirationnisme, en montrant à la face du monde le « danger » qu’il représente pour la santé mentale, l’entente sociale, la vie en commun et l’avenir de l’humanité. Bien sûr le bon conspirationnisme n’est pas le problème, c’est une partie de la solution, l’élite veut s’en débarrasser et le moyen qu’ils ont trouvé est de promouvoir un conspirationniste débile comme président des USA, de lui faire repousser les limites du conspirationnisme jusqu’à l’absurde, pour que la majorité de la population finisse par croire que les conspirationnistes sont un danger pour la démocratie, qu’il faut absolument les combattre, les faire taire, voire les enfermer pour les empêcher de mettre le pays « à feu et à sang ». (Exagération évidente mais qui sera crédible lorsque le peuple en aura finalement marre des conspirationnistes débiles et exigera que des mesures radicales soient prises pour éliminer le conspirationnisme définitivement.) En ce sens, les conspirationnistes pro-Trump sont les meilleurs amis des censeurs-ennemis des conspirationnistes.

L’ « impeachment » de Trump va fort probablement mettre le feu aux poudres et déclencher la furie des radicaux, à moins que ce soit une mise en scène, car nombreux sont ceux qui ont en effet l’impression de visionner un film, scripté de main de maître et en partie improvisé par des acteurs, comme la lutte professionnelle. (Les théories délirantes sur Sandy Hook, pour lesquelles Jones d’Infowars fut publiquement condamné et humilié, ont discrédité une fois pour toute l’idée que des acteurs payés peuvent être actifs pour influencer le public via les médias.) Que la procédure d’impeachment soit ou non couronnée de succès, le Gouvernement va tenter de s’en prendre à Trump, le traîner en cour et l’emprisonner. De son côté, il crie son innocence, se faisant passer pour le bouc émissaire alors qu’il n’assume même pas et nie la réalité de la radicalisation de ses fans par ses discours de propagande mensongère. C’est probablement ce qui va mettre le feu aux poudres et rendre crédible aux yeux du public une attaque terroriste de la part des « patriotes », attaque d’envergure qui convaincra le monde que les terroristes domestiques sont la nouvelle priorité, ex aequo avec le virus, puisque ce sont les mêmes conspis radicalisés pro-Trump qui généralement nient la dangerosité du virus et menacent de facto d’infecter tout le monde…

Alors que le dernier Patriot Act devait exacerber le sentiment patriotique contre un ennemi extérieur, le prochain Patriot Act qui vient aura pour objet de lutter contre ce même patriotisme exacerbé, cette fois-ci pour unir le pays contre un ennemi intérieur! Bonjour la cohérence. Le but est clairement de tenir en étau, enserrer et écraser des deux côtés, toute liberté de pensée et de parole, comme toute liberté tout court.

Ainsi donc, que l’on vous affuble de l’épithète d’ « anti-américain » par manque de soutien patriotique aux guerres impériales de l’Otan et du sionisme, ou que vous soyez convaincus de défendre patriotiquement la nation contre ses ennemis « anti-américains », peu importe, vous êtes tous fichés dans la même catégorie des fauteurs de troubles voire de potentiels « terroristes domestiques », bien que ces deux catégories s’opposent radicalement l’une à l’autre, tout en étant valorisées par un camp ou l’autre du vaste spectre d’idées politiques en vogue. L’objectif final est qu’il n’y ait plus de liberté, tout simplement, que rien ne puisse exister de manière autonome comme un juste milieu entre ces deux pôles diviseurs, que les idées radicales associées aux extrêmités politiques soient interdites, traitées du point de vue scientifique comme de la folie ou comme du sectarisme, puisque seul le centrisme et ses variantes, seule la soumission au centrisme peut être tolérée. Au nom de la défense de la tolérance, il n’y aura plus de tolérance; pour la défense de nos libertés, nos libertés seront confisquées.

Whitney Webb @_whitneywebb · 8 jan. 2021 Before Congress, Elissa worked for the CIA and the Pentagon and helped destabilize the Middle East during the Bush and Obama admins. What she says here is essentially an open announcement that the US has moved from the « War on [foreign] terror » to the « War on domestic terror » || Rep. Elissa Slotkin @RepSlotkin · 8 jan. 2021 « The post 9/11 era is over. The single greatest national security threat right now is our internal division. The threat of domestic terrorism. The polarization that threatens our democracy. If we don’t reconnect our two Americas, the threats will not have to come from the outside. »

Whitney Webb @_whitneywebb · 8 jan. 2021 If you think the coming CIA/DHS war on domestic terror is just for Trump’s base, keep in mind the longtime targets of those agencies. For the CIA, it’s leftists and for DHS, it’s people of color. People on both sides will be labeled « domestic terrorists » when convenient

Robbie Martin @FluorescentGrey · jan, 2021 Seems like we have a pretty serious QAnon problem in law enforcement, maybe the FBI should look into that before ramping up a domestic terror watch list for regular QAnon supporters || Alex Thompson @AlexThomp · jan. 2021 .@PhillyInquirer reports that local Detective Jennifer Gugger was removed from her position in the police department’s Recruit Background Investigations Unit after Internal Affairs received tips she’s been at the Wed riot This was a recent FB post of hers https://inquirer.com/news/philadelphia/philly-detective-reassigned-trump-insurrection-capitol-20210111.html

FLASHBACK: Douglas Valentine @dougvalentine77 · 18 août 2020 this is how the CIA’s Phoenix program operates, with plausible deniability, in America: What Happens When Ex-Navy SEALS Go Full QAnon? Former special forces soldiers are flirting with a wide array of conspiracy theories, including QAnon. They also seem to be uniquely suited to…

FLASHBACK: Douglas Valentine @dougvalentine77 · 22 oct. domestic Phoenix program || 7News Boston WHDH @7News · 22 oct. White supremacist group talked about paramilitary training in secret vetting calls

L’excellent Farron Cousins disait que ce qui s’est produit au Capitole le 6 janvier dernier a rappelé à plein de nations  travers le monde exactement ce que les États-Unis (la CIA) leur ont fait subir par le passé: ils ont reconnu une opération sous couverture, COVERT OP. Par opposition à une OVERT OP, comme l’assassinat d’Allende, par exemple. Mais les médias et le gouvenement répètent en choeur que c’était en fait un vaste complot de conspirationnistes radicalisés de part et d’autres de la population civile et des forces de l’ordre. Un complot de l’intérieur, « inside job » bref, un peu à la façon des terroristes à la fin du film « Fight Club » (du producteur et agent du Mossad Arnon Milchan).

On sera peut-être bientôt obligé d’être authentifié pour avoir accès à internet. Ça fait un bail que certains groupes font pression sur les gouvernements et que les médias en parlent. À l’ère du virus de la terreur omniprésente, on ne pourra avoir accès aux moyens de subsistance, d’achat ou de vente sans accès aux applications internet, étant donné que les commerces fermés au public, le couvre-feu et la distanciation l’exigent de plus en plus. Pour avoir accès aux applications d’achat et de vente ou de communication en général, il faudra être individuellement, personnellement authentifié. Peut-être pas biométriquement, pas pour l’instant, mais avec une sorte de carte d’identification permettant de débarrer internet pour nous pendant qu’on l’utilise. Bien sûr ce sera surtout le peuple qui sera sujet à ce genre de contrainte extrême.  On peut déjà entendre d’ici hurler les chrétiens fondamentalistes dénonçant la « marque de la bête » « 666 », sans laquelle l’Apocalypse de Jean dit qu’on ne pourra acheter ni vendre… Ce ne sera pas un joli spectacle à contempler lorsque la guerre civile sera à nos portes, dans les familles par exemple.

Le but semble être de conditionner le peuple, le dresser, comme toujours avec certains mots clés et images traumatisantes, à haïr les théories du complot et les complotistes, à voir en elles le « nouveau vecteur du nazisme et de l’antisémitisme ». Israël pourrait être appelé en renfort pour traquer et juger tout ce beau monde, puisque les USA ont reconnu, par la bouche de Pompeo, que l’antisémitisme est un crime de la pensée. Il suffisait ensuite de prouver que « le complotisme est un masque de l’antisémitisme et du nazisme », et cela les incidents du Capitole l’ont déjà amplement « démontré » à la face du monde. L’opération psychologique a atteint son but, maintenant nous en sommes à l’étape d’imposer des « solutions pratiques » pour lutter globalement, mondialement contre cette menace. Les pays arabes ne pourront servir de refuge à ces « antisémites », car la majorité des états arabes sont maintenant alliés à Israël, grâce au récent travail de lobbying de Pompeo.

Matt Drudge est de ceux qui ont le plus popularisé la vidéo du Dr Piezcenik qui a créé le récit du pizzagate juste avant l’élection de 2016, qui a donné plus tard le mouvement Qanon. Et maintenant Drudge s’est retourné et dit que « le Mur est pour nous garder en dedans » (sous-entendu: Trump nous emprisonne!). C’est assez hallucinant d’y penser, personne n’a pu voir ça venir, et c’est encore plus bizarre de lire un américain pro-Trump changer subtilement sa chanson pour finir par dire au contraire que Trump est le pire traître car il est celui qui a bâti les murs de notre camp de prisonniers…

Aujourd’hui, alors que Trump se vantait de bientôt finir son mur, il accusait ses censeurs, Big Tech, d’aller selon lui vers des conséquences « catastrophiques »… Ça fait penser que l’alerte est donnée déjà par les autorités concernant le risque d’attaques terroristes contre des infrastructures technologiques. Sans parler des compagnies de Silicon Valley, sauf que leur HQ se trouve maintenant en Israel, ce qui tombe drôlement bien, on croirait presque qu’ils avaient prévus que les USA allaient sombrer dans la violence et que même Israel serait plus « sécuritaire » en comparaison. Il est possible que certains événements soient télévisés, du genre 9/11, attribué peut-êre à l’Iran, la Russie ou la Chine, ou un de ces états désignés comme supporteur des terroristes domestiques, du daech américain des fanatiques pro-Trump. Une telle attaque, plongerait les USA et peut-être aussi l’Amérique du Nord dans les ténèbres. Facile de propager ensuite dans les médias que les Russes ou l’Iran ont aidé les terroristes domestiques pour attaquer le « Grand Satan » (selon l’Iran) ou « l’Amérique libérale décadente » (selon la Russie). La Chine pourrait être entraînée malgré elle dans une guerre qui suivrait, car cela démange les Pompeo et compagnie d’en déclencher une avant de quitter leur poste.

En suivant l’actualité géopolitique des dernières années, il apparaît de plus en plus probable que la Russie joue sur les deux tableaux dans la guerre froide Chine vs USA: elle pousse autant l’un contre l’autre et s’arrange pour se montrer militairement alliée avec la Chine, pour que l’Ouest ait peur autant de la Russie que de la Chine. Et de l’autre côté, la Russie fait exprès de pousser la Chine à se sentir menacée par l’Ouest pour qu’elle se sente obligée de s’allier à elle. Il y a lieu de se méfier davantage de la Russie que de la Chine. La menace chinoise est surtout une menace de tyrannie technologique, que l’Ouest voudrait bien en fait pouvoir imiter un peu, avec l’aide des grandes corporations américaines. Aussi, la menace d’une spiritualité anti-Occident (anti-libérale, anti-moderne) vient de l’Est: la Russie poutinienne tente en effet se passer pour le chevalier blanc, qui doit rétablir les valeurs chrétiennes et sauver le monde de la décadence occidentale. On dirait que les gens comme BHL font exprès de s’associer à la critique de la Russie poutinienne, pour que les lecteurs pensent le contraire, qu’ils aient envie de prendre parti « pour la Russie, étant donné que le con de BHL est contre ».

Récemment des tours de relais 5G ont été visées: il y a deux semaines environ un terroriste a fait péter une bombe à Nashville, visant des installations 5G. Les médias parlent de la peur des autorités qu’une mode soit lancée entaînant des destructions de tours de relais 5G, alors les médias font attention de ne pas trop en parler.  Avec le terrorisme contre les antennes 5G qui a cours actuellement, les théories du complot liant la 5G à toutes sortes de choses y compris le virus pourront être plus facilement combattues.  En ce moment, dans quelques pays germanophones, quantité d’antennes 5G sont détruites, en Allemagne surtout, cela n’est pas tellement mentionné dans nos médias, qui ne souhaitent probablement pas créer une nouvelle mode. L’attentat suicide des USA tombe à pic pour « sensibiliser » le public au fait qu’il va falloir réprimer et enfermer tous ces dangereux opposants à la 5G, devenus exponentiellement plus nombreux avec la crise du virus.    Explosion de maladie mentale dûe au confinement et aux mesures restrictives des libertés, tueries et attentats avec motivations délirantes et convictions conspirationnistes: c’est une occasion parfaite pour les autorités de justifier encore plus de surveillance des conspis, l’arrestation préventive des plus radicaux, ou la radicalisation par les réseaux sociaux des plus fêlés en les poussant à commettre des gestes antisociaux afin de justifier ensuite plus de contrôle.

Le conspirationnisme débile et excessif favorisé par les réseaux sociaux a permis de discréditer le jugement personnel et l’exercice du libre choix, pour que l’obéissance à l’autorité s’impose en définitive comme une nécessité. Il fallait que ce soit la population elle-même qui en vienne, poussée à bout, à réclamer des gouvernements l’abolition de la liberté de choix individuel notamment en matière de santé, d’information ou de vie privée, puisque les excès de libre-choix seront perçus comme un danger pour la survie de l’humanité. C’est la population elle-même qui va demander aux politiciens de mettre hors d’état de nuire ou du moins de tenir sous surveillance constante (en temps réel grâce à la 5G) ces individus « dangereux » qui ne croient pas à la dangerosité du virus ou qui croient à bon droit que l’élite dominante n’a pas les intérêts du peuple à cœur.

Les excès conspirationnistes de Trump auront permis de justifier un coup de massue de la censure contre le conspirationnisme sur toutes les plateformes.  Ces nouvelles mesures de contrôle sont là pour rester. L’héritage le plus significatif et durable de l’ère Trump sera la victoire des agents provocateurs, car ils ont réussi à mobiliser les foules et justifier une plus grande répression, des mesures de contrôle plus contraignantes de la part des autorités. C’est exactement, au niveau de la libre parole, ce dont la droite accuse les antifas, c’est-à-dire de provoquer les excès qui serviront à justifier la répression policière.

Vous vous méfiez du gouvernement, des élites dominantes, vous répandez la méfiance envers le gouvernement, vous croyez qu’il ment… cela signifie que vous êtes sûrement dans une secte, ou dans la nébuleuse d’un mouvement sectaire diffus. C’est la leçon que Qanon devait nous enseigner, une très laide fable morale avec à la fin une leçon bien claire pour l’édification du peuple. Pour l’amener à conclure de lui-même qu’il faut lancer une vaste chasse aux sorcières antiterroriste et antisecte aux trousses des radicaux politiques ou conspirationnistes.

En ce qui concerne les mesures restrictives du gouvernement, des ONG (« build back better ») et des think tanks (« Great Reset »), les délires du « grand réveil » (« Great Awakening » de QAnon) et du trumpisme radical : l’idée derrière toute cette division tous azimuts est peut-être simplement de rendre le peuple de plus en plus fatigué, déprimé, irrité, frustré, de le pousser à décrocher mentalement et affectivement, sinon le provoquer (comme le font les agents provocateurs) jusqu’à ce qu’il explose de colère, afin de rendre le monde fou, furieux, ou les deux en même temps. Pousser le peuple à l’acte, à faire des conneries, pour pouvoir profiter du chaos généralisé. L’objectif semble être d’irriter au maximum et pousser le peuple au ressentiment, à vouloir la destruction des anciennes structures oppressantes, à demander enfin leur remplacement par un monde éclairé et scientifique.. c’est-à-dire par de parfaits robots, justement là où la Chine s’enligne déjà de toute façon, comme par hasard. Pendant que le monde du sport continue de plus belle à grand coup de financement gouvernemental et d’appui populaire, on laisse la culture crever en silence: il ne doit rester que l’être biologique de la science médicale et du sport: bref le gros matérialisme. En résumé, l’objectif pourrait être de provoquer le peuple, le pousser à la révolte, pour justifier une dictature militaire (qui existe déjà secrètement) ou, bien mieux encore, une révolution qui raserait enfin les derniers restes de l’ancien monde et de sa démocratie illusoire, pour faire place à un nouveau monde « éclairé et scientifique », qui sera en fait un véritable enfer sur terre… La révolte et le chaos provoqués peuvent être calculés : ils risquent fort d’être récupérés pour faire progresser ce plan.

Dans certains pays, le gouvernement a reculé face au grand nombre de citoyens en colère. Mais… C’était peut-être juste pour donner le coup d’envoi aux révoltes, pour montrer « voyez, ça fonctionne alors allez-y maintenant », ça ressemble à un piège des autorités déjà prêtes à remplir les manifs d’agents provocateurs formés pour qui prendre le contrôle avec une grande facilité, étant formés pour ça, car ce sont des professionnels. Le fait est que l’écrasante majorité s’oppose à ces révoltes, comme elle s’oppose à ce conspirationnisme débile lié au virus depuis mars 2020 (mais sans nécessairement jeter le bébé avec l’eau du bain, car certains appuient les révoltes des gilets jaunes et/ou le conspirationnisme rationnel, qui considère par exemple que les élites dominantes n’ont pas à coeur les intérêts du peuple). Ces révoltes ne rallieront jamais la majorité, encore moins des millions de gens, elles ne peuvent qu’accentuer les divisions et accroître la violence de celles-ci, de même que les mesures répression et de délation, jusque dans le milieu de travail, jusque dans les familles. De la même façon que les militants pro-vax (réellement contre l’éthique et le consentement éclairé) appellent à la vaccination forcée, de même les anti-conspirationnistes et les anti-révolte, convaincus que la menace du virus justifie absolument tout, vont exiger que des mesures drastiques soient prises de toute urgence contre ces fous révoltés et ces dangereux négligents qui « nous empêchent de vaincre le virus », qui empêchent de faire respecter les mesures restrictives, vacciner tout le monde et instaurer le Great Reset. Ce Great Reset qui prévoit des robots partout « pour assurer la sécurité et la santé de tous », « pour la stabilité de l’économie » (c’est-à-dire enrichir les milliardaires) s’imposera peut-être plus tôt qu’on croit, pour « gouverner mieux », de façon pratiquement infaillible par l’intelligence artificielle, et par la demande populaire et la nécessité d’agir vite, contre ces hommes et femmes en colère, « narcissiques », « victimes de fake news », « embrigadés dans une secte », qui « refusent de coopérer » et « empêchent de gagner cette guerre contre le virus et pour la survie de l’humanité ».

Comme les gouvernements sont en train de faire de la vaccination une affaire aussi futilement émotionnelle que la liberté de religion et la liberté d’opinion, alors qu’il est question d’éthique médicale, du droit au consentement éclairé et de ne pas être médicamenté de force, certains gouvernements jonglent ouvertement avec l’idée de contrôler les armes à feu aux États-Unis. Il ne sera probablement jamais possible de désarmer les Américains: il y a trop de gens avec trop d’armes, plus des caches secrètes que personne ne connaît à part des miliciens complètement déjantés. Mais l’idée circule d’un complot du gouvernement pour enlever au peuple ses armes, et ce fantasme alimente une paranoïa qui peut pousser des milliers à virer fous dangereux, convaincus que « mieux vaut s’enfuir se cacher avec ses armes dès maintenant avant que le gouvernement vienne nous les prendre » (ce qui ne risque pas d’arriver en fait, sauf peut-être à l’intérieur de certaines zones restreintes). Des tireurs fous et des tueurs en série étaient parfois des conspirationnistes. Certains y voient le programme Phénix de la CIA en action en sol américain… Les dominants récupèrent tout car ils savent prévoir, ils exploitent les failles de la psychologie humaine pour provoquer le chaos, qui peut ensuite servir à justifier des changements politiques radicaux contre la liberté de penser et d’expression sur internet et dans sa vie privée.

Se faire censurer sur internet et se faire dénoncer comme ennemi public, comme « danger pour la démocratie et nos précieuses institutions » en pousse plusieurs à croire qu’ils ont touché une corde sensible, et que « la vérité dérange », et ce même s’ils ont été censurés pour avoir dit en gros à peu près n’importe quoi… Pour semer la confusion et radicaliser les « diseurs de vérité » autoproclamés, rien de mieux que la censure.

S’il y a des attentats « patriotes » pro-Trump, s’agira-t-il vraiment d’individus lambdas radicalisés ou d’agents en mission pour mettre le feu aux poudres et déclencher le chaos final de la présidence Trump? Ça peut être un mélange des deux. Le diction dit que ceux qui rendent le changement impossible rendent la révolution inévitable, s’ils ne peuvent pas manifester leur mécontentement, ces radicalisés convaincus que l’élection a été volée e que leur héros est victime de la plus grande injustice de l’histoire, se tourneront en grand nombre vers les armes, c’est facile à prévoir. On dirait que tout est fait pour pousser les radicalisés à vouloir la révolution violente. Tout pour que le gouvernement puisse avoir ensuite une raison de rentrer dans le tas…

À comparer les manifestations de BLM et les manifestations qanoniennes et généralement pro-Trump, on constate immédiatement le deux poids deux mesures au niveau de la violence de la répression policière. En fait, les manifestations qanoniennes ont toujours été protégées par la police, ce qui devrait susciter quelque doute dans notre esprit, à l’effet que ce mouvement est probablement déjà sous contrôle policier. Les manifestations BLM sont au contraire remplies d’agents provocateurs dont le travail consiste à court-circuiter la manifestation, surtout si elle est pacifique et qu’elle risque d’obtenir l’appui populaire.La différence majeure entre les manifestations de gauche comme BLM et les récentes manifestations-émeutes droitières-patriotiques du Capitole, c’est que les agents infiltrés dans la récente émeute du Capitole étaient manifestement des coachs motivateurs et non des provocateurs voulant casser la manifestation. Mais le fait est que la vaste majorité des individus qui composaient ces émeutes ne sont que des manipulés crédules manipulés, des têtes brûlées qui gobent n’importe quelle théorie tant qu’elle est approuvée par Trump, de même que les manifestants gauchistes BLM sont généralement des gens « woke » et sincères. Quand on compare le traitement gentil des manifestants de droite avec le traitement ultra-violent réservé aux gauchistes de BLM, la différence apparaît claire et limpide. Les policiers sont toujours très gentils avec l’ultra droite, comme avec les manifestations Qanon et « Save the Children » : ils les protègent littéralement, tandis que les manifs BLM se faisaient littéralement écraser par des voitures et battre avec de l’équipement policier. Les morts du Capitole sont dûs au fait que la police n’était pas prête à refouler la foule, curieusement, alors que les morts des manifestations BLM sont dûs à la police et aux provocateurs.

Parce que le public est maintenant averti de l’existence de fausses manifestations, de la technique de l’ « astroturf » trop facile à détecter, l’opération psychologique QAnon avait besoin, pour avoir l’air « vraie », d’être fondée sur une base populaire réelle, « grassroots », lui donnant une certaine crédibilité permettant sa propagation dans l’ensemble de la population (y compris au sein du monde politique, du gouvernement, des forces de l’ordre, agences de sécurité, etc.). Des firmes privées comme Blackwater ont probablement fait le travail, avec de l’argent de la CIA et du budget noir, « black budget » dont nul ne connaît l’ampleur et la profondeur véritables.

La nouvelle «menace radicale » n’est pas qu’une fabrication des médias, c’est une construction qui s’est développée dans le temps par la manipulation des réseaux sociaux par les forces de l’État profond, qui ont permis de créer un mouvement ayant toutes les apparences d’un pur mouvement du peuple, « grassroots », alors qu’il s’agissait d’une opération de manipulation psychologique destinée à pousser le peuple à exiger que toute forme de conspirationnisme soit mis hors d’état de nuire.

Enfin, comme Trump devait servir à discréditer une fois pour toute les idées radicales populistes et conspirationnistes en poussant le peuple à demander l’interdiction de ces idées « rétrogrades, folles, sectaires et dangereuses », Biden a peut-être été choisi exprès pour discréditer la fonction de politicien avec ses signes avant-coureurs de démence, pour que le peuple en vienne à dire: assez de tous ces politiciens séniles et fous, soyons dirigés par des vrai pros, comme des robots et des scientifiques qui programment les robots! On se dirigera ainsi plus sûrement vers l’utopie d’un monde dirigé uniquement par des ingénieurs, scientifiques et médecins, ayant une vision du monde éclairée et scientifique. Puisque les médecins et ingénieurs au pouvoir risquent d’être corrompus, parce que le pouvoir corrompt, il faut avoir une surveillance constante et totale de tout le monde, dirigeants inclus, pour s’assurer qu’aucune corruption soit possible.

La nouvelle explication des conspirationnistes déçus de QAnon est qu’il s’agit d’une opération de type bolchévique appelée le Trust. Encore le complot communiste… Piper a fait la même analogie pour dénoncer la subversion de l’IHR par les forces ennemies. Mais le fait est que les bolchéviques ont tout emprunté à l’Occident, ce fut un pur produit de l’Ouest, de son matérialisme scientifique et de sa vision de l’existence basée sur l’économie. Rien de russe dans tout ça, pas même dans le Trust, type d’opération que les Anglais mènent depuis bien plus longtemps (dans leurs colonies d’abord et même après leur avoir rendu leur « indépendance »). Si l’Ouest s’est empressé de dénoncer la réalité des Trust soviétiques, c’est pour passer aux yeux du monde pour le défenseur de la liberté culturelle et des droits démocratiques.

Les qanoniens prédisent depuis longtemps des « arrestations massives » des criminels de la « cabale », plusieurs étaient au Capitole pour faire des prisonniers du côté d’AOC et compagnie, ces « traîtres », mais ce qui va probablement arriver c’est l’arrestation massive des radicalisés et de plein d’autres qui ont juste pris la mauvaise décision de suivre QAnon sur internet… Pour les chrétiens fondamentalistes, ça pourrait bien ressembler à ce qu’ils appellent les « tribulations », où les « chrétiens » seront « persécutés » sous le règne de l’antéchrist »….

Qanon est sûrement créé pour pouvoir réunir sous la même enseigne l’ensemble des conspirationnistes et s’attaquer à eux enfin en tant que « secte » déclarée. Mais pendant des années, Trump s’en est servi pour raffermir sa base, raviver l’espoir (hopium) de certains et garder les plus radicaux et les plus fêlés dans une certaine passivité, malgré leur agitation. Mais maintenant que les prophéties Qanoniennes sont tombées à l’eau, que croyez-vous que les fêlés vont faire? Que voudront-ils faire en voyant que le « plan » auquel ils faisaient confiance a raté? On dirait que tout est fait pour qu’ils aient une envie irrépressible de « prendre les choses en main », pour défendre la victoire électorale de leur héros et « arrêter la cabale » qui tente d’instituer un nouveau « président illégitime ». Comme disait Trump: « ce mouvement ne fait que commencer »… Excellent prétexte pour que l’administration Biden lance une commission d’enquête et des projets de lois sur la radicalisation et le terrorisme domestique aux USA, ce qui risque d’avoir des conséquences encore plus désastreuses pour la liberté d’expression (autocensure) que celles découlant du Patriot Act et de ses équivalents adoptés par les gouvernements occidentaux. Prétexte idéal pour casser le pouvoir populaire en développant les moyens d’y parvenir, comme un meilleur arsenal de télésurveillance, contrôle avec bracelet électronique, biométrie, puçage, 5G et intelligence artificielle pour gérer le troupeau humain.

Il apparaît de plus en plus sûr que la présidence Trump et son mouvement débile servaient à illustrer par l’exemple la dangerosité extrême des théories du complot, en tant que forme de « terrorisme stochastique », donc de terrorisme tout court, nécessitant une intervention drastique et globale des autorités. Le concept de terrorisme stochastique signifie que plus on répète un message de haine ou une théorie délirante poussant à la haine, plus la probabilité statistique devient certaine qu’un fou radicalisé entende le message et décide d’agir en conséquence, jusqu’à prendre les armes, et plus cette probabilité s’approche de 100%. La dimension stochastique consiste en la simple diffusion d’un message déstabilisant ou dérangeant, elle n’est pas liée à l’exercice d’une autorité hiérarchique. (C’est d’ailleurs, très certainement ce qui s’est produit dans l’assassinat du président israélien Yitzakh Rabin, assassiné par un juif radicalisé par la propagande haineuse de Netanyahou et son clan politique, qui répétaient sans cesse que sa poignée de main avec Arafat est la trahison ultime et que sa volonté de paix conduira Israel à la destruction. Rabin savait que cette poignée de main allait signer son arrêt de mort, Arafat le savait bien lui aussi.)

Le complotisme concernant le virus est un leurre, une attrape, un piège, une trappe pour prendre les complotistes en souricière, parce qu’ils devenaient trop menaçants.

Le complot actuel le plus évident, l’opération psychologique actuelle la plus évidente semble être de répandre le plus d’informations contradictoires possible, de rendre le monde entier le plus confus possible concernant tout ce qui entoure le virus, sa source, sa réalité, sa nocivité, ce que recherche vraiment l’élite dominante dans toute cette affaire, etc.

Cette confusion crée des tensions et de la peur, le choc des visions conspirationnistes et anti-conspirationnistes, ou pro-vax et anti-vax, devient un argument en faveur d’un plus grand contrôle de l’information, et finalement un plus grand contrôle des individus, un recul de l’autonomie individuelle au profit des experts et des autorités. Puisque seuls les experts peuvent comprendre, la prise de décision doit appartenir non plus à l’individu mais aux autorités qui se basent sur les avis d’experts. Du fait qu’on a gobé et répandu n’importe quelle information en quantité industrielle sur les réseaux sociaux, il est maintenant facile de démontrer que cela ne fait que générer de la confusion et que la clarté doit venir d’un message clair et uniforme venant des experts censés être les seuls à savoir ce qui est bon pour nous.

L’individu ne doit plus compter dans la prise de décision, étant donné que le « bien collectif » prime. Il s’agit vraiment de faire reculer et anéantir les avancées récentes du monde moderne sur le plan de l’autonomie personnelle et du jugement individuel.

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